A Moment to Wonder & Ponder #10

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hello and handily low saliva salam ala Rasulillah Baku Lin Nursey Hasina, and speak good to the people. My brothers and sisters speech is one of the main methods of communication between people.

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And Allah subhanaw taala is telling us how this form of communication should be conducted. Allah subhanaw taala used three words guru, Linda Z Husna. Guru came in El amor an order from Allah to speak to communicate with whom and Ness mankind, not the poor only not the rich, only, not the black, not the wide, not the people from your country only to all mankind communicate with them. How, how SNA the best of speech, the kindest of speech, stay away from anything that might harm others. This is the o'clock these are the manners of the Muslim. May Allah subhanaw taala just like He has perfected our creation perfect our manners. May Allah make us from the people who wander and

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ponder upon the Quran.