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Like many people from the Christian background, now they're stuck on Jesus. What do you like to tell Christians, and now they feel they have this real deep love of Jesus. And now they're stuck in between right there. He's the label of Jesus Islam as the way to follow Jesus. Jesus was a Muslim Muslims, one who surrenders to God he taught Islam Islam means peace through surrender to God. Jesus was a beautiful, modest, humble man. He never told the soul to worship him. He always told people to worship the God of the heavens in the earth. That was the path of Jesus. That was the path of Moses of Abraham. Islam is the universal monotheistic, pure religion. And frankly, if Islam isn't true,

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there is no True Religion and we know that religion is true, because the Holy Quran remains the only book that claims to be from God that was never changed, never corrupted doesn't have different versions. Every other book we know for a fact has been changed. So is the Quran is the only book claiming to be from God that's ever been changed? And what it what is its message by the fruits, you shall know it right? The message of the Quran is God is one, honor your Creator. Love all of his messengers. don't distinguish between that love Abraham, love Moses, love Jesus, love Muhammad, peace be upon them, we follow Mohammed, he was the last one. And his message was never changed. And

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frankly, it just reemphasize the message of the previous prophets, but love them all. Honor them all. follow Prophet Muhammad. So I sent him and honor the Creator by respecting his creation by being a source of mercy for His creation. It's the Pure Natural, universal faith. I can't tell you how many times I speak to both men and women, and they tell me they feel like they've been most of their whole life because it's so purely natural. It's not complicated. You can almost come to a conclusion of Islam just just living alone and on a desert island, you know, that all of this the heavens and the earth had to have a creator doesn't make sense that the Creator is more than one God

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is one. That's what Islam is. Simple. How do you think people should because okay, you hear Andrew talking about push ups and Koran. How should people approach maybe someone has gotten a hold of across one of these cross translate about Orientalist. Right? How should they approach when they come to the Koran The beautiful thing about Islam is that the Quran has been preserved purely in Arabic. And it's been preserved with knowledge from an unbroken chain of teachers that have studied from student to student back to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam peace be upon him. So my advice to everyone is don't try to learn Islam by studying some someone's translation of it, because

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you're just studying a human beings translation. And you don't have the whole history and the context behind the text. The best way study from qualified teachers study from great resources. There's great websites out there. Why is a great resource the Dean show, a brief Illustrated Guide to a stamp there's a lot that's the book that I recommend. Yes, I actually sent this to our agitate to Dylan This is free online you can get it it's the brief illustrated guide this is the one that turned that actually did it for me. It's a frustrated guide because it gets into all of the signs in the Quran the proofs and evidences very powerful I just gifted it up to

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someone and I always keep copies with me in the car give me a copy right there so people can see we're talking about these other the other book I would highly highly recommend is a book that really increased my faith is divine reality the divine reality by Hamza tortoise I would recommend that to everyone Muslim and non Muslim alike so you know, we can put up a picture people can see what a brief Illustrated Guide to slam looks like, but also get the divine reality read. I mean, this is the first command from Allah to humanity. And that's the beautiful thing about Islam. Islam is a religion that is not afraid of philosophy of logic of science of knowledge. The first command from

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the Lord of the heavens in the earth is to read to reflect you know, it's behind the Koran through that we can inshallah all Gropius Nila can get the PDF online for free to one you can order a copy for a couple dollars I recommend Listen, brothers sisters we got work to do I want everybody to go ahead find a credible source order dozens of these keep them in your car wherever you go give a copy out let people benefit from the knowledge and I read this when I first started practicing and I went through it and I said okay of one coincidence maybe problem Muhammad he guessed is and I went to the next one. So he was very smart man third fourth fifth I said is no way is no way that he could have

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came up with all of this is impossible.