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The Prophet's message on the use of heat to cure COVID-19 is specific and not general. The importance of calmting one's temperature to prevent infection is emphasized. narratives and their impact on people's health and behavior, including a person with a fever who was given medication to treat it, and another with a fever and was given medication to treat it, are discussed. The potential for healing is also highlighted.

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Hamdulillah bedarra means that Allah said I'm gonna kind of era Mohammed and my daddy or save yourself the Sleeman Kathira mama bad tonight inshallah Tada we have a very short Hadith that has a very unique subject. We haven't talked about this in a long time. And that is about the medical recommendation from the profits are a lot too low. So don't worry. I didn't number 1857 And I showed you a lot of Tirana and in the video SallAllahu wasallam McCall al Houma Minh say hey Johanna, for every do her bill ma l her mom and say hey, Johanna febrile do have Bill Maher hydro al Bukhari and Muslim. In this hurry the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam says, fever comes from the from a

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woman raging of hell like the heat wave of Jana. It comes from the use of Johanna so cool it would water coated with water. So the Prophet says I'm saying that the fever when someone gets fever, just like getting heat waves from jahannam. So therefore we call it down with some water. Now, there are multiple issues that we'll talk about number one, when the professor was talking about Alabama, and he gave treatment because fever is from the heatwave of Jana. First of all, what kind of heat what kind of fever we're talking about. Is that for everything is the Prophet SAW Selim qualified to give medical advice to Gemma definitely Rasul Allah is Allah wa Taala Sara Marie. So if he says

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something, it's Huck, and we'll come to medical treatment is comes in one of two things for us. Whether there is an actual specific recommendation of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he makes that recommendation from ye. such as for example, the Prophet saw some said Al Quran broker fee Shiva. He says the Quran has healing power. We believe in that because the prophets have said so So what Allah said Amani messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam says, treatment comes in one of three things fall short, but Rasul are short of the message them, okay, yeah, tuna. If you take a sip of honey, that's treatment, also using a hijama, which is basically covering, that's also part of it.

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And also called K XR, sometimes you didn't actually catherization sometimes it's also kind of treatment. So the Prophet mentioned that so there are so many a hadith where the prophet saw some give specific recommendations. And obviously, there's other aspects of medicine which is considered what the human experience. So experimentation lab, of course, you know, results and all that stuff and so forth. We believe in both.

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We live in both if the prophet saw some give a specific recommendation that is not necessarily as a way to say this is Shiva. Then it says recommendations on how to lower ceremony based on their experience of that time. So it doesn't have to be as effective as anything else that the Prophet says, this is the the healing for this. He Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he says, I'll hang Mammon for her Jahannam

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the fever of course comes with with high temperature. Some of the Allama they say when when the Prophet says Mumfie Johanna from the heatwave of Jana says literally it is from there. What does that mean? says this is what how Allah subhanho wa Taala send us reminders. So some of the heat actually that is taken from Johanna and put in some of these human experiences. Similar to that had is in the visa ceremony, it says God, Allah subhanho wa Taala and the health policy that Johanna complained to the Lord Subhana wa Tala Tala turabi, care about the Bala, my Lord, I'm consuming myself inside out and helped me out. So ALLAH SubhanA wa allow Jahannam to take two breaths

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and recite one he says in the summer one in the winter, called fidelity Dr. Matthews and I'm in harrow safe over the *ter this is basically what you suffer from the extreme heat which we're getting these days. And Allah says Jana was breathing after June right of alarm, Stan. So it's breathing is breathing so hot, and in the extreme weather in the winter as well to him. How do you understand this hadith as it is a contract with German authority with a standard the way the Prophet says and describe? How Allahu Taala Allah. That's one interpretation of the Hadith. The other meaning someone who Allah they say, the Prophet saw somebody speaking about the likeness of it, as

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if he's saying, You know what, this is just like Johanna

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the heat is just like the villa like Jana and just like Jahannam our fire eventually you

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extinguish that with with water. Similarly, you need to calm yourself down and calm that temperature, with water for every dua. Bill, man, there was another narration of Rambis or de la nuova he, he was sitting with one of his students, a Bujumbura and he says called a suburb near Hama. I was actually I got some fever, so I stopped

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Coming when I came back when Ibis inquire whatever you call it a sub Nahum, I had some fever. So what did you do with it?

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I mean, whatever he goes next time, if it ever happens, says what the professor says in MFF agenda, for every do have will match I told him, make sure to use somewhat of zamzam.

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Now, why did he go Command zamzam? Because they were in Mecca.

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Their incidents happen in Mecca, he goes use them, some of the Allama they say, is it only zamzam that has that, that healing power, which seems and has a special Of course, traits and qualities? Or is it generally anyone from this hadith the Prophet says, Sam says Bill Maher, which means anyone, so whatever that you have a handler should be fun. Okay, the prophet even he practiced that himself. So to allow ceremony, when the Prophet was on his deathbed, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He, he asked him, he says, Call to the Bema get me someone.

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So he took like a quick shower.

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And then he wants to go for Salah he couldn't solve them. So he fell, he collapsed. They brought him back into his bed.

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And then after he woke up, same thing is give me someone. So multiple times, trying to always call themselves Allah Salla muda Eduardo. In other narration when he was closer to the sort of Atilla ceremony, he used to suffer from the agonism even sort of lies.

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Even Rasul Allah was not spared the agonies of the sakura atonement. So he would feel the heat Salawa de la semana nyesha de la Anna, she cetera. So the Rasul Allah, Kala Jarrah Sorolla, and Nicola to agua con Shalida. Like when you suffer, you suffer so, so hard, when he goes sick, you could really really sick is that because you get double reward?

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He said, Yes, because I'm getting double the road.

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So the Prophet salallahu Salam, and one of those moments when he was feeling the heat, he was he would ask them to bring them some water and so they would have a like a ball of water next to him. And he would put his hand in it so Allah Salem and sprinkle some of that water on his face to call himself down. And there was a time when he would be covering his face with some sheet and then when he wants to breathe, he will just uncover that he goes La ilaha illallah in El Monte Sakharov that has agonist

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as fall over time you remember this hadith is your ma. If rasool Allah has Salah Salem, Accra Manasa, Allah azza wa jal, the most noble of all people to Allah subhanho wa Taala was not spared the agony of

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who are we

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to guarantee for ourself an easy passage of this dunya that's what we need to work for it. And that's fine, make it easy for all of us.

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There was another narration about this hadith, in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he entered the house of homosexuals.

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And she was going through some

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fever, so he came visiting Slava to Lhasa Carmela Chioma says,

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What's wrong with you? I'm a sub keep complaining and keep you to kind of a bumbling mumbling and complaining, but I'll hang ma la Baraka Lufia is the fever. Does Nancy are cursing at the fever basically.

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The professor said Don't say that. Don't say that. Because it is like L key. It just like the furnace that will will remove your sense. Like that heat is just like melt the sun's out for you. Like Allah subhanaw taala purifies us with some of from some of these sins in this dunya so that when you meet your Lord Subhana wa Tada hopefully you're completely pure.

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So next time blocked 100 This happens obviously make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala for for healing. Now, it doesn't mean that I'm not sure I'm not supposed to go to the doctor.

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Doctor is gonna go out of business with him. Wherever he goes, you know, get some fever just bring some more Bismillah al Takala. Now that doesn't mean that you don't go to see doctors but look for medication or any kind of you know, proper healing for that you should but the purpose of Allah Salaam is actually is helping us we're taking the ASVAB back in their days. The easiest as Bob is to get to the water. The easiest handler nowadays we have many many other things does that mean? Cause I don't have to use the word escape it goes straight to the medication. You could do that. But still you have an example from the Prophet Salah Salem use some water to bring the temperature down Allah

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subhanaw taala keep you all safe your environment protects you and your families will love that Adam and Eve question Gemma.

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