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celerra hammer hammer hammer layerable alameen wa salatu salam ala signalman Amina Mohammed vida early he also had nine a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Brothers and sisters. Today we're going to talk about the descriptions of gender. Now if you ever wondered why, when people

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when people are looking at nature, so let's just say people look at people love, scientifically studies have been done, where people love the greenness of trees, trees and plants that kind of greenness. People love it. People love Meadows of flowers. People love to be where there's water. There's trees, there's a beach, there's beautiful scenery. Why is it that people have this? Why? Because and the Muslim answer the same concept with this is that our original home is Jenna, our Rena, homie, Jenna. And then secondary comes anything else right? Now a person where they have the original home, they always love that our original home was Jenna. And that's where other managers

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and our mother Hauer and SLM. Both of them were there in Ghana. And they lived there for a long time. And that's the original place for human beings to be.

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And they lived in Ghana, they enjoy Jana. And then because of they ate from the tree of Lazarus as well to send them to the world. And we're in the world right now. But and we don't like it here. Look, we're in this world. And if you like it here humbler, but there's always better places that you like, Why do you always like those wonderful islands or wonderful places where, you know, you can just just go away and escape and be in a wonderful trip? Why is it that people look forward to those kinds of places? Because Jana is within our system. And you know, once we return to Gemini inshallah that will be returning back home. So at the moment, we're not at home, where I were

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actually aliens over here, where we're in a foreign place, and we're not really we're not really old enjoying it, because there's problems here. When you go to journal, there's actually no problems. And that was our original place. I mean, imagine this, you've got no no pains, no grief, non xiety. Not even the need to clean your nose. Not even the need to do that. Because there's lots and lots of said, people who are in general, they will not have any necessity to blow anything out of the noses. Okay, no sneezing in Jannah. No spitting in general, because there's no sort of saliva to spit out in Jannah. In fact, our breathing in Jannah is going to be not like

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this is oxygen in the air that we're breathing inside. What how are we going to breathe in Jana, people who are in general they breathe, when they breathe, they breathe in the remembrance of Allah, they breathe in Subhana Allah, they breathe out another spear Or another way of remembering Allah Or another way of glorifying Allah. Now, we can't understand this right now. But that is going to be the way people breathe in general. In fact, there is no going to the toilet in general, there are no toilets. In general, there's nothing filthy in Jannah. Imagine there's no dust in janma. There's nothing to clean in JAMA, there's no cleaning thing. And there's nothing that gets dirty, dusty, you

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could wear the same clothes forever and forever, and they never get dirty.

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They never get dirty, you could have the same furniture around. And it never gets dirty. This is this is janma where there is nothing that can go wrong. In fact, in general, our people are, they will never have a day of being bought. And all people think right now. Well, if we have like that for such a long time, then are we not going to get bored? Well, no, there is no boredom in Jenna, you can never get bored. Why? Because what I mean, if you just think about it, allows them to gel. What he does is that he gives us an experience and what he can easily do, he can give us the experience over and over and over again, as if we're experiencing it the first time round.

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Right? Not that there's going to happen like that. Not that we're going to experience the same thing over and over and over again. But that allows the young now if you look at it, just as you look at, let's say, for example, faces on this earth, there's an kind of almost infinite amount of phases of last creating everyone who comes on this earth has a kind of a different design. Yes, he has made certain twins and certain triplets or quadruplets on the earth, even then there are differences between them. There is no such thing of an exact, exact, exact identical twin. But even then, why hasn't that done that Allah has done that to show that he can do that. But the norm is that there's

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always different phases. So each time you see a phase you're seeing another different phase in different phases of different phase, a different phase and

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If you look at the grains of sand on the earth, if you look at the snowflake that comes down from from the sky, every single one has a kind of a different design, right? Everything has a different design. The fingerprints have a different design, Ally's telling us that he can create an infinite amount of pleasure. So people in general, just as you have a different fingerprint design, you have a different face design allows you can create an infinite amount of experiences that people just love. And they they're just getting more and more excitement. So in general person comes inside and they see a fruit. Okay, they will eat the fruit and they'll say to the to the server, they'll say

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why you bought me a second set of fruit that looks exactly like the first set of fruit. Because the Quran says what will to be the shabbiha they've been given the same sort of look at the fruit that they had before. But then they'll be told to taste that fruit. And when they taste the fruit, the fruit will have different tastes in every state. And every single time they tasted, it tastes better. So Allah can do this. This is a lot. This is the infinite, the one and only infinite God that has the power to do whatever he wants. Now, what we know who are we to think of even boredom and a lot of jealousy is going to create just just it's going to be like a daytime there all the

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time. There's going to be no need to sleep, no need to rest. There's no fatigue in Jannah in general, according to Sora data last john has said lie around a Samsung, they won't see a sun in Jannah the earth and the sky will just be lit up with the light up supplied by Allah azza wa jal, this is going to be a wonderful life is never going to get too hot in Ghana, never going to get too cold engine and you know, when you found that perfect warmth in this earth, that's the perfect warmth or light gives a person is just perfect. That you know, when you relax in the park, in the garden on a beach or wherever you've been and you've relaxed, you've said you know what, I wish the

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temperature could just stay exactly like this. Well, that's how it's always going to be feeling in general. Now, getting to Janna and coming to the to the doors of Jana is going to be one of the biggest reliefs that people can can ever face or handle Allah May Allah Israel give all of us the ability to be from the first of the first go to Jenna. See, there's going to be 70,000 that go with the profits. And when we say 70,000 It doesn't mean exactly seven zero, triple zero, it means a very large number. And then the professor Lawson said that there's going to be another 70,000 agenda and there's going to be another 70,000 faculty, Jana and Allah zoodle will take a scoop of people from

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the day of judgment and just out of his messages, send them to Jonah. Okay, so if if we're lucky enough inshallah Bismillah will be part of them. Now. You're going to find ways to get into general you look in the Quran there are many ways to go to gentlemen right one of the best ways to go to Jana is to give a simple heart to keep a forgiving heart that is a person going to jhana well profitable, lots of them. He said in a hadith you know, he's just not in a gathering and he's talking Sahaba and he said do you want to see a man of genma and they said yes Mercy of Allah and he said that man was walking past that that is a matter of jhana say that earlier the Allahu he went

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straightaway to that person and he made an excuse to stay with him for three days he stayed in for stayed with him for three days alright stayed with him for three days and he didn't see anything different from the actions that the others or how about the alarm but minor doing he didn't see any difference in actions. And after three days he said he said also and so I came to stay with you to see what actions do you have that I don't have? And I haven't seen anything different whatever you're doing in terms of your actions. I'm pretty much doing the same thing. So why did the person say that you're from the people have done and then the man said Look, I don't have anything extra

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that I do except for one thing that before I go to sleep I forgive every individual, every individual I know not have known throughout the day, whoever I've met, whatever that might have happened to be I forgive every single individual right? That's a person I'm gonna you know to have a forgiving heart. A person I've done that is a very simple person. These are these gonna be the best people to go to China people who are poor don't have money. These are people to reach the dose of them at first, okay. People are the last people have sincerity look in the at the end of Soraka. You will find Allah says for mankind I overdo the RP phenomenon manansala what I used to do, either and

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in that in those is Allah talks about his loss. He talks about the sincerity he talks about how people are sincere in their actions and they don't include anyone in their actions. They keep going

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Action secret Allah says those are the people who are going to reach gentlemen for those that's one place in general law to perfect so what is for those for those is the highest of Jana Jana has eight major those within those doors there are several other journals several other journals so there's not just one Jana Jana in in its totality could be seen as one big Jana but within Jana there are many other genders are within that okay. And there are many levels are there are hundreds and hundreds and 1000s of levels within one gender and those who lost the last one spoken about how people will be at their at their place. And looking up like this kind of stars up there. That's the

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next station of the people who've done more actions than then imagine that you're looking at you're looking at stars, hundreds and 1000s millions of stars about and they can see those stars well those stars are the places of Jana within Jana that other people are residing in, and that's the difference between them and others because of other actions that they have done which these haven't done. Now what's fair to those with those is that is the peak of Jana

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is the best portion of gentlemen. And in that in that desperation, jealousy they feel those his roof is going to be the arch of the throne of the man Throne of the Most Merciful One. And from the this is a heritable Holloway's a woman who had to defend your unhearable Jana it says that from from the throne of Jana Four Rivers come immediately into Jana, they come straight into fit those first they feel through those first under the supply of those rivers go to the rest of the rest of them, I guess all slides. So the immediate first place is genital photos. And in general the for those that are you know, and in all the other places have done that, when those rivers come, they run

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underneath the policies that you have. And from those policies, what happens is there's fountains it's like taps that we have right now that you know the tap system that we have, you have a reservoir from the reservoirs, the pumping out water through the pipes, and those pipes are underneath our house and from those from those pipes straight into our taps comes the water. Okay, so imagine in general Four Rivers are flowing, and you got fountains all over the place to drink from these rivers. Right, so you've got the last set in Surah muhammadiyah Sophia and how we met in the highly acid there's going to be rivers okay rivers of water, and not just one river so that one

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was turned into many different rivers all over Ghana. And this river is of pure water right pure water never to be tasted different from its original source. What and how I don't mean leveling let me let me get the halo Parma Allah says that there's going to be rivers of milk that are never going to have the taste of it ever change that the way that milk is pure in its whiteness, in general that that milk when it comes No one's ever going to taste any difference in that so there's going to be no dead nothing to go off nothing to decompose nothing to be to have a sell by date and nothing has a sell by date. One how to make 100 leather t shirt I mean there's going to be rivers of wine. Now

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the wine in general will be so pure and so great people would drink a drink and drink but you know what the planner said like you sit down and what are your default? You need a suffer a headache? No Do you suffer any other thing you know of,

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of having fatigue or having some kind of feeling a bit dizzy? Or you know how people get drunk and they lose their awareness? There's none of that in general in general once you drink the wine you just drinking and drinking and don't forget there's no going to the toilet so people normally when they drink you know beer and wine and what what else in this world not gonna ever taste any of this? No, but you have tasted this. But you know, we see them that they go to that they have to go to the toilet again and again because they drank so much. But in general, there's none of that there's no going into the toilet. In Ghana, the fourth river river is going to be a honey assalamu Safa pure

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honey, that is going to be provided to the people. And you know what, if you want to, you can dive into one of these rivers, you want to dive into the river water, you can die because you can never drown in German. You can never drown in Jannah if you want to stay in a place of Jannah where it wouldn't be possible to stay in this world. And yes, of course you can. You can stay. And now for our young kids out there. Well listen to this you might think well, water is kind of okay. But you know,

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I prefer to have you know, chocolate greens are preferred to have other drinks one in general there's going to be all sorts of drinks

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If you wish to have a river of chocolate, then you have a river of chocolate. That's right. And you can drink as much as you want. And there's no going to the dentist that has no teeth. problems in general, there's none of that. People in general will always be happy. Yeah, and I'm on while I have asuna evident that the holly says that they will always be delightful, they will never find any day of distress ever. were inadequate and to sacrifice for lots of other than the holly says process, he says and then he says you're going to always be held to that never to become ill in general, ever. In fact, the ages of the people of Jamaica is there going to be between the Save of 16 to 33, some

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sort of setting just 33. Because 33 is that age where it's kind of a peak age, you're not too old, you're not too young. If a person lives the average age of let's say 60 to 70, the half of that half of that is going to be 33. So everyone's going to be the same kind of age. That means that your dad and your granddad and everyone and your great great grandma and grandpa among all of them are 33

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That's right. They have their own lives. You have your own life in the Yes, you had your mother you had your father, you will know who they are, and families will be grouped together but the families won't see each other unless they want to see each other unless they take them sheets and the gentleman's within Jana that gets that gets layered over layers, okay, because a lot of john has said in Surah Surah number 39 of the Quran surah Zuma, he said,

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he said what often folks who have forgotten the law said there's going to be rooms above that there's going to be other rooms, okay? There's going to be for example, we don't know one place where there's going to be a tent, there's going to be made of pearls. Okay, the height of one tent made of one big pearl. It's going to be one round pearl tent. The height of that is going to be 60 miles. professionalism said the height of that 60 miles within that person has family members, but they don't see each other had his own body, they don't see each other. So the agenda is very vast, very, very fast. In fact, there's going to be places where you go to shop around Yes, there's gonna

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be shopping malls in Gemini, you go to the shopping places and you want to buy something, guess what you buy, you buy a design of face. Yes, there's going to be no surgery in general you have to have a surgery done on your face or your body. I know people are crazy and having the Botox that allows you know what else they do? Look, you don't need to do any of that. Okay, your face is completely fine. Don't try and live up to those few faces, the point 0000 1% of faces in the world you want to be come back then don't go find out about in this world in general, there's going to be natural facelifts where you go to the marketplace and you kind of see designer faces and you think well, I

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would love my I would love to look like that. You might as well somebody who sees a person say wow if I if I look like that. So in general there's people who see those faces and guess what, automatically without any surgery without any pain or anything, the whole face changes to that. But how do you know is that person that you just knew it was a family member? Well, we don't recognize each other from the outer appearance we recognize each other from the room or from the soul that we are from within. So we recognize each other straightaway will recognize each other straightaway. So when these people go back to the family members the family will say you are more beautiful than what

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you left. And they're more in love with the family members than they were before. That's right. In general you have a trees imagine these trees, the roots of them are gold. Okay the roots of these trees are gold. The branches are low so low that arrived where you need them to be.

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And a person just wants to eat from all these fruits and he makes you wish the one of the things about them that is he had Mad puszta he he'll enforce whatever souls want and whatever they desire. They just gonna get it. So if you desire that fruit to come straight to you will come straight to you that are going to be many different sevens people having done a visa sevens have been created specifically for you in Ghana. They have no design anything else XML serving you. And the Quran Surah Taha has, you know a Surah insano so that they have 76 lives surah has talked about these these servants can look on the eyes if they're like scattered pearls all the way around, okay. All

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their thing is just to serve you so they bring dish after dish after dish Utah for LA Hindi cat sin. They bring for example they bring a whole drink of this this this water or this drink from from a fountain and there are gonna be many different flavorings of brings that they will get an agenda there's also co so don't forget the color

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something better than we should. So someone else will give us a drink. That will also be the engine as well. I'll also be as a drink given in general. So the person who has the drink the person who will have fruits, and then Allah said, Well, let me pay the minimum wage the one in general, there's going to be fruits of birds. How does this work out? Swan Lake magazine is in one Hadith, he says the person lying that down and they see the bird fly.

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So they desire to have that bird roasted as a meal, and lots of little tredway brings it down for them straightaway. And as it's coming down and gets roasted, automatically, this person eats it.

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And then the person throws the bones away when they throw the bond away the the bones turn into a bird again and flies away.

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beat that. And you've got places in Jannah where a person can just go and be there and be there as they will imagine that you can fly in general if you want to fly in general. All these things that are there in Jannah for person to enjoy as as as much as they want. And don't forget if you have family members that haven't reached up to your level, and according to sudo, pool sudo number 52. In the Quran, Allah says Allah Dena Amadou, what about on gulia to be in a V man, Allah says those who have believed and their progeny, you know, the highest one in the family that reaches a place in Jannah allows region says that your progeny they will reach that place in Jannah, they will reach a

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place in Ghana, because you reach that so imagine is one of your family members gets to feel those if they managed to do that. But when they get into fear those they save their to Allah is all our family members to be with me, and it's an automatic bump up, so you get bumped up. So you could have been in Gen two, or Gen two, or somewhere else. And you're one of your family members gets to fill those, then you get bumped up to fill those because of that one company.

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Allahu Akbar, this is this is phenomenal. Because Allah, Allah wants to give the best in Ghana. But once we get into genma, Allah said, One azana Matthew saluted him in the Gil, Allah will take away that thing inside us that makes us jealousy, or gives us rivalry between one another. So another thing when you want always something better, you see someone who's got better than you and you want to you want to sort of match them or you want to be better than that. I'm not taking that thing away, which means that every person wants to get into Jannah, they're going to be happy with whatever Allah, Allah has given them. Whatever was given, and there's going to be day, there'll be a

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day when allows us to bring who bring

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medical mode, the angel of death in front of Jana and Jana and Allah will call the people have done that and say all people have done and will get their attention. I will say all people of Hellfire and who get their attention and the laws

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and alijah law will change medical mode into Iran and an allowable sacrifice it in front of both the groups and they say that the people of Jannah will be so so grievous over that and so sad that if they experienced the same sadness in this world, and they would have died, and the people who've done that will be so happy that if they had experienced the same kind of happiness in this world, they would have died out of that happiness and love will announce to the people have done not live there forever. You're never going to die again. We're in the luck Manta Hill fella taboo to other professional awesomeness, told us in our society, that you're going to live there in general

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forever, you will never die in general. That comes a day. When Allah azza wa jal, he says to the people of the NIH says do you do you want more than what you've got? And people will be shocked? What is there more that they can receive from having such such a perfect life? What is it they can receive? So they'll say Allah Haven't you made our faces? Why haven't you? Haven't you saved us from Hellfire? Haven't you given all these gifts to us in Ghana? What else is there more for us to get in Ghana and that's what allows really says okay, or Hindu IRA couldn't be blenny Salah Allah says that I am going to now descend my permanent, my permanent happiness upon you. I'm going to I'm going to

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give you my permanent happiness. fella us hub is a Goomba who Aveda I will never become upset with you ever again. And these are last words once you learned from Allah, in Allah says enact in Allah Allah. Allah never goes against his, his his wish or whatever he said. He's never one of his promised. He's never going to go against that. So imagine this that Allah now

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That he's the he's happy with this is never going to be unhappy ever again with people agenda how happy happy have a moment that will be. Then another day allows God says to the people have done now he says, shall I give you more than this? And that shorter thing he will, what else can you give that is going to be better than what you've just given us.

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And Alonzo jelly. He says he then he then tell the angels to remove the veil between him and his servants. And this is going to be a wonderful moment I've done aware, every person is given a kind of a cushion. Let's talk about as many cushions and it's talking about brocades. And it's talked about fine lining and wonderful places to rest on. So against these cushions, but these are flying cushions is cushions raise you to the to the into the air, I want to raise them there, then you're at a certain point where all the other people are also raised in different different positions. So everyone gets a place to see, you know to watch. And that's when allows usually tells the angels to

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remove the veil and once they've removed the veil, that's when everyone sees Allah and this is one of the most pleasurable times in Ghana. anyone has ever experienced. Allah says in the Holy Quran, in the 11th Jews in Surah Yunus he says, Lila Lila Dena Arsenal, husana was the other. Allah says that the people who have done done well and they've excelled in their good deeds, there's going to be gender and there's going to be something more and what is that? What is that thing that is more or this is what's what's been said in the Quran. In terms of to see the more when Allah said he's going to give us wersja that's going to give us something more. This is the sight of Allah azza wa

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jal in general, everyone's going to be able to see a lot in general, once once people see a lion Jetta they will actually forget every other gift and blessing and delight that they've received in Jannah. With all the rivers the trees, the fruits, the gifts the houses, the house of gold and silver and diamonds and rubies and emeralds and all the treasures of Jana and the the people of Jana, the families in Jana the wonderful moments that have been Jana, all of that they will forget, because they've seen Eliza

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and that's going to be something that nobody has no one would have ever experienced anything greater than just seeing allows. That's the biggest thing that we look forward to now, don't forget in the Quran, it's been said in the Medina ama know where I'm a little sad to have again and again, Allah said those who believe and do good actions to get into general we have to do good actions and one of the Hadees in bohannan Muslim tells us that the pathway to agenda has been filled with all those things that people would normally dislike. Right? So things that we would like to do you know, it's hard to do, we'll do it's hard to keep your five daily prayers, it's hard to you know, have your

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good character it's hard to keep up with the with the instructions of Islam it's hard to obey your parents when they're telling you to do something which you shouldn't be doing and you don't listen to them. It's hard to you know, look after those people who I need but you know, you want to keep your money to yourself. It's hard to do all these things. They are all these things, what are the laws told us to do? We find difficult insiders, all those things have been placed in the pathway of gender when we do those things, we reach them by insha Allah. Now before I conclude with the DA I just want to say to you that in the description of this YouTube video, you'll see there's a there's

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fire or Allah save us from the fire or let's say it was in the fire.

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Allah give us the best of gender give us for those who are like give us the best portion of gender and make us be of those people who will be in general from the first of the first on the day of gentlemen. Um in Yoruba, I mean are some of the longtown Allah, Muhammad, Allah, Allah, us, Army. I mean, brothers and sisters, please before you do anything else, just look at the link below. Just click it 20 seconds to register. The team will do everything else for you. You can be part of the south of Algeria. This will be for yourself or for a loved one that you lost and it'll be wonderful thing that you can raise some some funds in Sharla in Ghana where the monies will go all of it that

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is there in the description trench in Sharla beenleigh you will be part of this and you will join us Zak Nevada Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.