The Value Of Good Speech In Islam March 6th 2012

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handed a lot of data means a lot of send them a lot of time Do you know how much

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how many of you would like to meet people with with a cheerful face?

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When you meet people, do you like to read the material face? Okay, how many of you would like to see people drunk the basis?

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Would you like to see the grumpy faces? No, I would like to see the face however,

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which is better for you to have someone meeting you with a grumpy face but with beautiful words or someone with a cheerful face, but with bad language

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which one is a man? Of course, there is no doubt with cheerful face good language is as the best there's nothing any of that.

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But if you would have a choice, perhaps you would say you know what, let them be grumpy, but speak nice to me

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smile my face and then the last big band

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in one simple he shows us the value of good speech. And remember no one I have a lot of data it says in this book, the book of good manners.

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Baba Baba Dibble, Cara Mottola.

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the excellence of meeting with a smiling, smiling face and provide speech, a lot of data off of general hackers and nobody wins for the believers. And the English language there is no such thing as expression like this, which means nobody wins. But that the meaning of it in the Arabic language, to humble yourself, to be humble, not to humiliate, but to humble yourself for the miracles and the last Parramatta says we're open to Padma volley the

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speaker to the profits of our salon. And have you been had you been severe and harsh court that they would have broken away from logic? If it was so hard for them so harsh? You know, in your heart, you know, treatment, your language number was down all the spirits away from you. Then he mentioned I even had them a tie on the collar

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it up tougher Now what should

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what should be done? He says all of a sudden guard yourself against the fire of hell even be only with a half dead fruit. This place comes very good for the fundraising.

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why don't we ship the tama guard yourself from the firewall, even if it was just half the things?

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Just not so simple. Because when you get you're not giving to people, you're giving it to the last panel,

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in a sense that Allah will multiply that award for you until the day of judgment. There is a lot of us Alan Thurman limited that he came into play. And if you cannot find it, then just will apply for a good one. If you couldn't, please say a good one. Someone comes back in you

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know, in the strange neighborhood in cars is give me and what would you say? They come to you when the auditor, you have to ask whether you get

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or What did you just say something that's nice to know, that's what the prophet SAW some suggesting to you just give them and then just didn't know if you don't have anything to do fabricating within a second lost power, data bliss

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or whatever word and this makes him feel good without insulting.

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So it's very crucial in certain circumstances like these. Just when you said you said that was just one of the a lot of time on a missile lesson Amazon will tell him to play Eva sada is also charity to author a good word. Yes, what even saying good words, is a church, whatever that comes to you to children, to your spouse, to everybody. If you're going to be speaking, speak out, which is

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the last part of the process Allah Sam says, I'm going to be

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honest with everyone who truly believes in and on the final day, it's a good word.

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They're a bit quiet and say, nonsense. Today is the opposite of

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people that cannot just stay quiet. They don't mean quiet. So they turn on TVs, radios and so on. They can stay quiet. And the progress has been a bit quiet than saying something about one or the other animals

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and had his Muslim enemies. And he said the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam said, Do not disdain a good deed, no matter how small it might look so none of these good deeds. He said even if it is your reading with your Muslim brother, with a cheerful face, even when you meet with them with a cheerful I mentioned that actually in many, many cases perhaps and this is what

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One of the one of the classes I teach for the purpose of SM smile, how the smile of the prophet SAW alive was it was like a trademark. trademark for what for him being positive, being cheerful, positive attitude.

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trustworthiness people, they would love to see the profits or loss and if

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so, the profits are awesome says that even even when you when you face people with a nice smile, you can actually reward for that because that's an active business. Today, it seems the culture has shifted and changed. Being with a flat face, and flat lips meaning no smiles, that's basically becomes like the example of being serious, being you know,

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confident and so forth. And it's basically gives the person a sense of dominance.

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Once one gives the sense of

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being so easy. And if the professor said there was anyone more confident anybody can magic you can think of,

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you know, a lot of women

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say and the full confidence in the last panel.

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So he says,

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What do you mean people sufficient that you can do all this being cheerful with images? one long and

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cheerful person