Daood Butt – 30 in 30 Day 19 – Daily Quran Tafseer – Ramadan 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The upcoming weekend of Easter is the 20th anniversary of Easter, with guidelines emphasizing the importance of following physical events and maintaining social boundaries. The speaker also discusses the importance of finding good character and family members in life, avoiding bliss and avoiding misunderstandings, and emphasizes the need to be aware of one's spiritual potential. The importance of learning about people's views on God and the negative impact of sin on people's lives is also emphasized. The speaker provides a recap of the history of Islam, emphasizing the importance of staying true to the Bible and not pretending to be the person they were.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa he was Salam. ala NaVi Hill Karim Allah He have an Asana to atomic tasleem rubbish roughly Saudi were Siddeley Emily wirkungen, aka the 10 milli Sani of Gabor Kohli. My brothers and my sisters SLM were aleikum wa rahmatullah. He will go to cattle.

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So today is Sunday, sorry, Saturday, May 1 2021. And it is the 19th day of Ramadan, which means tonight is the 20th native Ramadan. And I want to clarify something in sha Allah who to Allah. Every single year, we need to learn how to do a little bit of math, right? Every year, we've learned how to do some math. And what I mean by this is, we need to figure out when do the last 10 nights of Ramadan actually begin? Some people are under the impression that the last 10 nights begin tonight. But let's go back to the first night. So I'm Yvonne. Night number one. Number two, number three, number 45678 910. Okay, so that's the first 10 days and nights of Ramadan, then we have

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1112 1314 1516 1718 1920 see that 22 tonight is the 20th night of on Amazon, it is the last of the middle days of Ramadan. Right as in today's the 19th day, the 20th night, tomorrow's a 20th day. So tomorrow night as the 21st night begins the first of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, and then we will have 21st night 22nd 23rd 2420 520-627-2829 30 Make sense? hamdulillah I hope so, because

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a lot of people get very, very confused every single year. And I remember two years ago when it came to air tickets two to N three years ago. So not last year, but the year before that, and the year before that as well. Two and Three years ago. So kinda like in our mustard, you know, people were arguing, saying no, the last 10 nights of Ramadan begin tonight. And I was like, how does it begin tonight? Like let's do the math. So I did the exact same thing, right? We counted. And they're like, Well, why is that other Masjid starting? early? Why? Why are they starting tonight? How can we aren't decaf is starting over there. And it's not starting over here. And I said, well, that must

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did. And here. Hear me out. Okay, that mustard was using calculations, okay to decide on the beginning and the end of the month of Ramadan. And based on the calculations, they said, well, that Ramadan, there would only be 29 days and 29 nights, therefore the last 10

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of Ramadan, according to their calculation, because there's only going to be 29 nights and days, the last of the 10 nights would begin on the 20th. That was based on their calculation of it. Okay, so I just want us to be clear on this because we don't look at it from the last 10 nights. Because then what the first 10 nights there were only nine. So we have to look at it from the beginning of the month, Count 10 middle of the month Count 10 the last of the month, and there will be 10 there may be nine Alhamdulillah people say but I didn't do 10 days of arity calf. This is a question that people ask all the time. They're like if Ramadan ends on the 29th right, there's 29 nights and days

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of Ramadan. How do I make up that last day of erotica if you don't make up that last day of Arabic If there is no day to make up, Allah blessed you with only 29 days of Ramadan that year and so you would not need to make up for it. So anyone who's joining us and did not hear what I just finished saying at the end of today's session sometime later on, please go back and listen to the first what four and a half minutes so that you can familiarize yourself as to how we're supposed to calculate the 10 days of Ramadan. And just to let everyone know today is the 19th day of Ramadan here in the GTA in Toronto and Ontario. And tonight will be the 20th night of Ramadan. And the last of the 10

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nights begins tomorrow night from the 21st night. Okay from the 21st tonight is when you know the the last of the 10 would begin and that's when it's

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decaf would begin as well.

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I'm not aware of any mustard that is

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accommodating RT Caf here in Toronto, if there are 100 illa, Allah subhana wa to Allah make it easy for everyone.

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I know a lot of people thought that tonight is the beginning of the last 10 nights. However, if tonight was the beginning of the last 10 days, then you would have 11 nights. If the month went to 30 nights in 30 days, then the last 10 would be 11. And that would be chaotic. Because what are we going to do if there's 11 nights in the last 10 nights?

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We could consider it to be but aka

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we could consider it to be a discount. I could consider it to be a bonus from Allah subhanho wa Taala not a discount discount would be 19. Right? Or 29. Consider it a bonus. But my brothers and sisters the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala is easy. And a lot of the time we overcomplicate it our own selves. So, you know one, one thing is try and keep it simple. Secondly, you know Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah decree in quantum, let alone ask the people of knowledge, if you don't know. And that's important, because you'll notice, you know, today circulating in social media.

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In fact, it came to my knowledge yesterday morning of a

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what's the what's the word that they were using

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a proper read prayer or something like that? I have asked him how do we try to guide us all and guide those who are guiding who are misguided.

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That is something that is being organized by a group of people that are not even Muslim to my knowledge. And they are doing this intentionally to force people to see that the Muslims are going to break rules, or if any Muslims would go and break rules. And so we need to make sure that we maintain the guidelines that have been put in place for us here in our province, we need to make sure that we maintain the physical distancing, we maintain wearing masks, we maintain following the guidelines in terms of gatherings and what we're allowed to do, what we're not allowed to do. Our brothers and sisters, it's important for us as Muslims, to be an example for others in good in faith

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and not be an example in shutting in evil. Okay, so when we talk about being an example, we need to make sure that we are a good example following the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in doing what is right and what is encouraged and beneficial for the greater good of the society as well. And not to just go ahead and do something where we would end up putting ourselves in a position as as a Muslim community. Sad, very sad would be the condition of those who show up and try to support such a thing, just because and they want to prove something to who I don't know. We need to look after each other and that's what's important. So my brothers and sisters, those of you who

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may have received or seen that there is some sort of, you know, Arundale, Mississauga proper aid, prayer, being organized, disregarded, and follow what your local Masjid is doing. Ask the people of knowledge if you don't know and try to be careful and be aware of those who are trying to harm and D theme or put down or tarnish the image of Islam do not feed into their garbage really, that's what it is. It's garbage. Right don't feed into the garbage that other people are putting out there. as Muslims we should not let you know someone else take lead on something for us in our community, especially for something that has to do with an act of ariba an act of worship, worshiping Allah

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subhanho wa Tada.

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Alright, so let's continue in sha Allah to Allah today we're looking at sorta TL folk on the 19th Jews of the Quran. And I want to begin with verses number 2728 29 and 30. Allah subhanho wa Taala here says in verse number 27, of Swords often forgotten. And beware of the day the wrongdoer will bite his nails in regret and say, Oh, I wish I had followed the way along with the messenger. Beware of a day that those who disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala will be so scared and so nervous that they will be biting their nails right? There'll be

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what's going to be my, my outcome. How is it going to be? I don't know, right? They're going to be panicking, so much worried that, you know, they would receive a punishment or face some sort of punishment and be so sad and regret the fact that they did not follow the way of the message.

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That was sent to them. And then in verse number 28, Woe to me. I wish I had never taken so and so as a close friend, right? Yeah weigh in at night and 1130 fula and then Holly,

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Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, gives us an example of how some people will be on the Day of Judgment, worried so much about a punishment, and regretful for the fact that they had friends who misguided them friends who took them away from Allah subhana wa tada friends who did not really care about their assets. They cared about their dunya and they cared about wealth, they cared about status, they cared about fame, they cared about recognition and all the things of this dunya our brothers and sisters Be very careful of that right Allah subhana wa tada is letting us know that there will be people that are running around in regret in remorse very sad for themselves, having

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taken friends in this life, who distracted them from the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala now could have been Lenny and his Vicar better is any

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What can I say? What kind of shape on inszone Hello Allah Allah subhana wa tada Anna says, It was he who truly made me stray from the reminder, move away from the remembrance of Allah subhana wa tada after it had reached me. So those of us who believe and then are taken away, or those of us who receive guidance, those who understand that Allah subhana wa ohana is worthy of worship, and none other than Allah subhana wa Taala is worthy of being worshipped. It is he who truly made me stray from the reminder after it had reached me, so that person will be running around worried, very sad, very, you know, upset with themselves and upset with the fact that they followed and became friends

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with people who took them away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Hannah, what can I shave mine only insanely high dollar and Satan or shavon has always betrayed humanity. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes that as a statement, right? And then in verse number 30, we'll call Mr. Su, being in a coma.

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The messenger has cried, oh my lord, my people have indeed received this Quran with neglect. Right? My people have received this Quran with neglect. Similarly, we made enemies for every prophet from among the wicked, but sufficient is your Lord as a guide and a helper. So turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters, we need Allah subhanho wa Taala as our guide, we don't need friends that will take us away from the remembrance when it's time for Salah if someone is distracting you from it, then that is not a person to be maintaining a relationship with that will take you further and further away from Allah subhana wa Tada. Now when we talk about friends,

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we always like to consider the people around us as good people. But just because we interact with people on a regular basis doesn't necessarily mean that they are the right friends to have or the right people to stay close to the right people to always be in touch with my brothers and sisters.

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If someone is going to remind us of Allah subhanho wa Taala then that is good. So aspire to be with people who are more intelligent or more intellectual or more, God fearing more

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have a higher level of taqwa a higher level of emotion. They're more religious, they're more spiritual, they're more connected to Allah subhana wa tada aspire to be with people who are going to assist you to come closer to Allah. Sadly, very sadly, as human beings what we do is we like to validate ourselves by having friends who may be considered lower than us, or we may consider us to be an influence upon them. And I don't mean this in a disrespectful way. What I mean by this is, if you allow me to clarify,

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or to further explain, is that sometimes we feel that we need to be friends with certain people, because we have to help guide them. We have to help them become better. Yes, there should be from amongst us people who help others and assist them to come closer to Allah. Allah Subhana Allah says when tekun come to me adore Runa he nanoclay anyway up more

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Abby roofie in her own Ernie Cal, we've taken this verse at the very beginning of Ramadan, right? And sort of abakada learning about how we need to have from amongst us people who will help and assist others in guiding them towards what is right. And what is true. What does that mean come on man Tonia do Runa. In Ohio, they call people to goodness. But my brothers and sisters, that doesn't mean that every single one of us should have friends or be hanging out with people, or constantly interacting with people who, who we feel they need us. Because what happens is, you are one person, they are plentiful, there may be many of them, there may be one, or three or five or 10 of them. And

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you are the one person with 10 people around you constantly, who are not at a spiritual level or not even above a spiritual level than you are. And what happens is, is you start to absorb, you start to absorb some of their own personality traits, you start to absorb some of the ways that they have in their own lives, you start to absorb the types of, you know, mistakes that they make. And eventually, because you see so many people around you doing the same sort of thing, and you're the oddball you feel like you may be

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overpowered by them. You may be all on your own. And you don't have the ability to influence more than one person.

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So my brothers and sisters, strive to have friends who

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excel who want to achieve more, but make sure that you focus on spirituality. Why? Because when we look at things like marriage, what is marriage? marriages? a friendship, right? Marriage, a friendship.

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Marriage a friendship? Yes, you better say yes. Right. You want to focus on an example that that we see in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu. It was on a marriage. Marriage is like a friendship. It's a long term relationship. You're in it for some time in sha Allah who to add it right? Hopefully, right?

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She doesn't want to be in it for too long, maybe I don't know. You better not.

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Watch out.

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Whatever I say Alhamdulillah. Right. So marriage, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, he teaches us to look for certain things, when we are choosing a person to spend our life with the person that we want to, you know, live with and share our time with and share so much of our life with what do we look for? Well, when looking for, you know, a spouse who's You know, when a sister is looking for a bride groom, right and a sister is looking for a groom.

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the advice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is look for good character and look for Dean Okay, good character and Dean, when a brother is looking for a sister to get married to a bright, the prophets and along or it was sometimes advice is, you know, lineage, beauty, financial situation and Dean and he tells us to prioritize Deen prioritize religion prioritize their level of Islam, their connection to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why because everything else is secondary. And so when we use that as an example, if we're now going to apply it to our friends, we want to have friends that have good character, we want to have friends who are not focused solely on their finances, and

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those who are focused on finances, they're focusing on it from a halaal permissible angle and perspective, you want to have those who have good character in terms of the lineage and the families and you know, the family that they come from, and so on and so forth. Now, I don't want to just blend and merge the marriage, you know, characteristics that we look for, and just apply that to friendship. But using that as an example, the first thing that's more important in all of those categories is Dean right, having a

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good consciousness of you know, what is right and what is wrong and understanding what is pleasing Allah subhanaw taala is and what is displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala and trying to focus on doing what is right. So in these verses when we when we talk about friendship, and you put your phone on silent.

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When we talk about friendship and we talk about relationships, right? We have to make sure that we are going to focus on what is bringing us closer to a higher level in Africa and not what will keep us in this dunya what will make us happy in this world. What will make us satisfied with who we are what will validate our

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personality traits and our financial situation and then the fame and all that stuff, right? We don't need it. We need some of it. But that should not be the focus the focus should be

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our effort on the hereafter. Okay?

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Let's move on and shout along to Anna. Sorry my wife came into the room before and our phone I don't really like when I'm teaching and I'm here today till eternity every few seconds very distracting.

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hamdulillah Okay, let's move to number fifth D sort of folk on verse number 54.

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Allah Subhana Allah says, and he is the one who creates human beings from a humble liquid, okay, then establishes for them bonds of kinship and marriage for your Lord is most capable in verse number 55.

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Yet they worship besides Allah, what can neither benefit them nor harm them and the disbeliever always collaborates against their Lord.

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So again, Allah subhana wa tada is showing us that He created us he's our Creator and He created us from something that is so simple, right? We need to be people that understand the power and might have Allah subhana wa tada in bringing us into being who we are human beings right we are being from nothing from something that was very small now of course when we think of it, there was life within and this is why you know Allah subhana wa tada

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you know, gives us so many examples not only in the Quran, but in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as to who we are, where we came from, what we used to be and what we will become, okay, and so we need to make sure that we are focusing on the fact that Allah subhana wa tada brought it from nothing into something for a purpose for a reason. Why am I here? Why am I alive? Why am I living? Why do I work? Why do I have a family? Why do I have children? Why do I have a spouse? Why do I have neighbors? Why do I get to enjoy things? Why? Why am I allowed to enjoy vanilla cake with strawberries and whipped cream?

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Why do I get to enjoy? If you like brownies and chocolate? Right? Why do you get to enjoy the foods that we have if thought there's a purpose for it. And Allah Subhana Allah tells us, we learned this at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, specifically with regards to them. abon Allah Subhana Allah says that the believer is, you know, there's, there's a moment of joy for the one who's fasting and that moment of joy is when they break their fast, they're enjoying from the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is given to us. Imagine if we didn't have any, imagine if those blessings were taken away from us. Imagine if we didn't have much to eat and to share. Imagine if we

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didn't have air conditioning to keep us cool. Imagine if we didn't have clothing to cover ourselves up. Imagine if Imagine if Imagine if, right? And of course we're not supposed to say if I had this and if I could do that, and if no, but just to think back and be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala and for what we have, that's a blessing from Allah, as I hope that the sound is good on Facebook and YouTube today. I already see yesterday I went to check. And I had noticed after the live stream, that the sound was bad again, for some reason. And I think it may have been because of the weather yesterday, the weather wasn't so good. And the internet connection was not the greatest but

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hamdulillah it should be working good today. I haven't seen anyone say anything about the sound on Facebook or YouTube. So I hope that it's running fine and shut a lot.

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All right.

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I want to look at the last two pages of sword often forgotten.

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But I don't want to spend too much time on the first 123456 verses because I remember covering them.

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Joseph Camillo, Hayden and Ashraf and Norman for letting me know that the sound is good and the law. It should be really good. You know, I could bring it closer, I

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could make it more intense. There we go.

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So, I focused on verse number 63 to 68 last year, so I don't want to spend too much time on it. But it's important for us to go over it because I know that some of you were not here last year. And it's a reminder right? Well that good for in the current environment meaning Allah Subhana Allah says, And remember, right? Remember, use the Quran as a reminder

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For in the current environment meaning that this reminder of the Quran constantly revising it constantly refreshing our our memory constantly going over what we learned of the deen and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is important because it's something that will benefit us. Okay, so verse number 63, where are you bad on wash man in a lady named Shawn I heard and

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either call,

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call center.

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The true serve and Allah subhanho wa Taala have the most compassionate were a bird or man, those servants the worshipers of the most compassionate right, the Most Merciful and levena they are those who have shown that

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they are those who walk on this earth very humbly. We don't walk with arrogance, we don't walk showing off we don't walk boasting, we know very well that Allah subhanaw taala blessed us with Amen. And we want to convey that to others. So we don't walk around as though we are better. And we are, you know, superior. No, we walk around wishing to convey this message to others, and how are you going to convey the message to others? How are we going to convey this message to others? If when we walk around, they can recognize arrogance within us. No one wants to be like someone who's arrogant, except someone who has an issue with their hearts already. Right. And I'm not referring to

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the typical heart diseases that we know of. I'm referring to, you know, envy and pride, arrogance, you know,

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stuff like that right things that affect our heart.

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So Allah Subhana Allah says wherever the Roman lady named Shona Hillel, the homeowner, the true servants of the Most Compassionate are those who walk on this earth, humbly, what either hearth of the home Anja, he doing a call to Salama, and when they are called out, or when they are addressed by those who are foolish, right either Hata homology alone, when someone who's ignorant, calls out to the believers, the believer responds with peace. The believer responds in a way that is conveying goodness, spreading, clear,

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encouraging that person of ignorance, that person of evil, that person of foolishness to become better, that your standard is here, my friend, and you need to come higher, and I'm not going to be arrogant. In order for you to come from here to here. I'm going to be soft, I'm going to be calm for Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to encourage making dua for people to be guided, encouraged making do for people to be guided, right and check on yourself a man I know yesterday or the day before in his series that he's doing this year through European Institute on the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He was talking about that. Right? He was talking about that he was giving examples of it and I encourage all of you to go and watch the series, right and to support your theme as well. Right, an amazing organization Alhamdulillah an institute that does so much higher, so much goodness, in terms of clarifying things in terms of, you know, trying to put out messages that will encourage people to understand Islam a little bit more clearly. And it is a Registered Charity here within Canada as well. So for those that want to, you know, look into that then please do help out a good friend of mine, you know, is part of the team. You know, Ibrahim Hindi as well is with the Athene and so on

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and so forth. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to to bless all the brothers and sisters in their efforts towards goodness and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide us all towards what is right and what is true. And to help us to, to come towards you know, goodness from Allah azza wa jal found within the Quran and the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So as Muslims we respond with peace. Well, Lady nirb tune Anurag beams would judge Oh,

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who are these true servants of the Most Compassionate? Well, there are those who spend a good portion of the night prostrating themselves and standing before their Lord. So this month of Ramadan is a perfect time to train ourselves to be from amongst those who stand before Allah in the middle of the night and we cry and we ask and we beg and we recite from the Quran for Allah subhana wa

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hyla tells us beautifully in verse in the 29th, Jews surah, three Muzammil Rue de la mina shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Yeah, Moses minakami la isla de la Connie and Anissa who will cost me more Polly Isla Jose Danny he was teeny loco de la in San tRNA Coca

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Cola in energy attend Laney here I should do

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a movie in Ella caffeine. He said the four wheeler was good he smoked big or whatever. Then he lay heated at law and so on. So Allah subhana wa tada highlights the importance of being awake in the night and he says here from the characteristics of those who are worshipping of lachemann wherever the Rockman there are those who spend the night we're living in a Obi tuna. There'll be him so jeden work the Yama

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prostrating themselves to Allah Subhana Allah and standing before Allah in Salah. And they are those who and the characteristics continue when Larry and I are co owner of bernasconi fan Jehan in

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Allah subhana wa tada says, they are those who pray Our Lord as they ask in their dwara right, they say Our Lord, keep the punishment of * away from us, for its punishment is indeed unrelenting. So those who consistently or constantly would ask Allah subhanho wa Taala, to remove the punishment right to keep punishment away from them. This is important to my brothers and sisters, that we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to save us from punishment to protect us from from the the torments of jahannam. And I know we would think to ourselves, but we're believers, believers place and position in the athletic is in Jenna, yes, but if we make mistakes, and if we commit sins, and we all do, we

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all do. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam encouraged us to do is still fall to constantly be from amongst those who asked Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah for forgiveness. So to ask Allah to keep us away from the punishment of help Allah Mohammed limoux Hannah amin and now along the hadwin module and Amina not asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to forbid our faces as in to forbid ourselves from the fire have LIMU phenomenon not along the journey them in our hotel call you come in and not We ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah, please make us from amongst those who you've saved and protected from the fire. Right? We ask Allah to save us and protect us from Johanna.

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And this is the time this is the time throughout this month of Ramadan to train ourselves to do these things, but to also train ourselves to say, these types of Doha in

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Mustafa huamu calm Johanna jahannam that place where how, you know * is it is certainly an evil place to settle and reside. One lady in either

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FERPA Willem userinfo and me up to being Nico Kawa,

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Allah Subhana Allah says, they are those who spend it neither wastefully nor stingy, right, they're not going to be wasteful, and they're not going to be stingy. But they will moderately spend, they will moderately spend, ask yourself, are you from those who spend moderately? Look at your income, don't look at what other people have. Don't look at what other people are making don't look at what others are doing. Look at what you have, what is your income? Are you spending moderately based on your income? And are you giving in South Africa moderately based on what Allah has given to you? Or are you being a little too stingy? Or are we spending too much and we have nothing for our family?

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So we need to ask ourselves and we need to make sure that there's balance in that aspect of our lives. Then Allah Subhana Allah continues with these characteristics of the Rebbe the rock man, he says

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one lady in Allah do Runa Allah He Isla

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wala Jaco tune in seletti hamama Mago Illa bill hoppy wanna is no one

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foreign the Nikkei

00:34:56 --> 00:34:59

Allah Subhana. Allah says that they are those that are about

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

Rockman they are those who do not invoke any other God. besides Allah.

00:35:08 --> 00:35:51

As in there's nothing worthy of worship and they do not call upon anything other than Allah subhana wa noritake a human life that is made sacred by Allah subhanho wa Taala accept with rate, right except in certain cases due to a punishment or something that that person has committed. And of course that is left to those who are in charge and responsible from amongst you know, the the lawmakers and sought nor commit fornication. This is something that we don't do as believers, right we are true to Allah subhana wa What's our highlight in following his command, and whoever does any of this will face the penalty? Whoever does any of this of us man with Anna says will face a

00:35:51 --> 00:35:55

penalty. You will rfflow who will either

00:35:57 --> 00:35:58


00:35:59 --> 00:36:03

we are women with the mighty warrior luthy

00:36:05 --> 00:36:14

Allah subhana wa ohana says their punishment will be multiplied on the day of judgment and they will remain in it forever in disgrace.

00:36:15 --> 00:36:18

May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect and save us all.

00:36:20 --> 00:36:23

Then in verse number 70 illa

00:36:25 --> 00:36:29

except for who? In?

00:36:31 --> 00:36:31


00:36:35 --> 00:36:35


00:36:38 --> 00:36:43

you can you bet Dino who say he team has any

00:36:45 --> 00:36:45


00:36:48 --> 00:37:39

on lahi. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, accept or as for those who repent, right, they will not be receiving this punishment that Allah Subhana Allah just finished mentioning in the previous verse, that he will multiply right their punishment will be multiplied on the Day of Judgment, and they will remain in it as an engine forever in disgrace except for those who repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala and those who believe and they do good deeds, they are the ones whose evil deeds Allah will change into good deeds. But will you can you bet deal more who sejati him has an ad, right? Allah subhanho wa Taala will change their good their their bad deeds into good deeds, their sins into good

00:37:39 --> 00:37:40


00:37:41 --> 00:38:28

For Allah is all forgiving, Most Merciful what kind of love of a foreigner Rahim Allah Akbar, Allahu Allahu Akbar. Right Allah subhanho wa Taala will change the sins so the sinner knows, hey, but I have this in my account. Don't worry if you made Toba and you repented and you sought forgiveness from Allah and you begged from him and you changed yourself and you did not go back to it and you stop that sin and you you know clarified anything with someone that you may have wronged. Don't worry, Allah subhanho wa Taala will change those sins that are written there. He won't just erase them, he will change them and place them as good deeds. For those who repent and ask Allah subhanho

00:38:28 --> 00:38:31

wa Taala in Toba for forgiveness.

00:38:34 --> 00:38:34


00:38:37 --> 00:38:39

And we're on the nail salon he

00:38:40 --> 00:38:44

know who we are to butina law he met

00:38:45 --> 00:39:33

and whoever repents and does good has truly turned to Allah properly. Whoever repents and does good. remember Allah subhana wa tada says, As for those who repent and they believe so in the previous verse that we just finished explaining ilam and turbo termina wammie deciding what amela eminence it Allah subhana wa tada is expecting us to change ourselves for the better, that we committed a sin and we no longer do it. It was a mistake. It's gone. We ask Allah for forgiveness, and we move on. And we'd continue to follow up throughout the rest of our lives that sin, we follow it up with good deeds, because the good deeds that we do erase the sins of the past. So do more good deeds and Allah

00:39:33 --> 00:39:59

subhana wa tada will forgive us of the sins that we've made in the past. My brothers and sisters, we are all sinners. We all make mistakes. We've all made mistakes. We've all done things that we're probably really ashamed of. We have all done things that you know, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us, and it could be the most minor of things. Some people are so pure, some people are so pure that

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

You know, they they're so worried like,

00:40:04 --> 00:40:07

my mother asked me to do something one day and I didn't do it.

00:40:09 --> 00:40:28

And I'm like, Okay, did you argue back? No, I didn't argue back, I just didn't do it. So how Allah some people are so pure, you know, in the way that they that they operate that they function. So continue to follow up with good deeds and Allah subhanho wa Taala will remove those evil deeds and will place them as good deeds.

00:40:31 --> 00:40:50

And whoever repents and does good, has truly turned to Allah. One lady in LA as soon as Zoo what either not Ruby louima, lukianoff, Allah Subhana, Allah says they are those who do not bear false witness.

00:40:51 --> 00:40:57

And when they come across falsehood, they pass it by with dignity.

00:40:58 --> 00:41:06

So my brothers and sisters, the believer is one who, when they see something that is false,

00:41:07 --> 00:41:41

or they're not sure if it is false, they verify it, and they will only do what is good. And if they see something that is bad, they will pass by it, as in we will not indulge in it, we will leave it and we will disregard it. So there are those who do not bear false witness. And when they come across falsehood, they pass it by with dignity. Nope, I will not. For example, those of you who attend our Sunday night classes on fic, our essential thick classes, one of the things that we've learned

00:41:43 --> 00:42:25

has to do with interest and signing the contract, and how even the witnesses of the contract are people that are taking part in that act of sin, right that sin or sinful act, and people would think to themselves, okay, but I'm not the one who's taking the interest or paying the interest or dealing with it, right. I'm not the one who was involved in it. You know, and sometimes we will come and they say, okay, just be the witness. No, I'm not even going to witness it. I will not even witness it. I won't testify as a witness that you did this. I don't want to have this responsibility. I will leave it you know, that it's how long you know that it's not right, leave it move on live your life

00:42:25 --> 00:42:32

in a way that you can afford, within your means. And if you can't relocate out of the law, he was ci

00:42:33 --> 00:42:57

right to her g roofie. Go travel live wherever Allah Subhana. Allah has made it more affordable for us to live and to be. So here the believer, the rebel of Ramadan, the worshipers of the most compassionate, the Most Merciful, are not those who will, who will take part in anything that is hot on and not permitted.

00:43:00 --> 00:43:09

Verse number 73, one larina either through kn o vi D, Rob beam lamea Hello lamea Hidden Valley houssam.

00:43:12 --> 00:43:51

Allah Subhana Allah says there are those who when reminded of the revelation of their Lord, when reminded of the Quran and the revelation that has come from Allah subhana wa Tada. They do not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to it. So when we hear of something, Allah Subhana, Allah tells us Be careful of doing this, for it is wrong and there is a punishment. They listen to it, and they pay attention to it, and they establish it in their lives as something they will not go and do. They will stay away from it. remember Allah subhanho wa Taala says, When reminded of the revelation of the Lord, they do not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to it.

00:43:53 --> 00:44:02

As then they don't say, Oh, yeah, I know. I know. I know. I know about that. But I need to keep doing this in my life. I know we're not supposed to do this, but I'm weak.

00:44:03 --> 00:44:09

I you know, I'm not supposed to go there. I know. I'm not supposed to say this. I know I'm not supposed to behave this way with my parents, but

00:44:11 --> 00:44:41

it's okay. Sorry. One time is all right. No, they're not ones who put things off who pass it by as believers. The things that are false and untrue and no good and how long we leave them and the things that Allah subhana wa tada puts before us that are hello and right and true and good for us. We embrace it and we don't pretend like we are ignorant. Do not pretend like we are ignorant. Okay. Let me quickly finish up and show off to Allah.

00:44:42 --> 00:44:45

Allah Subhana Allah says in verse numbers 74

00:44:48 --> 00:44:58

when Lady nyako Luna of banner Hubbell and I mean as Gina was only Tina Kanata, our unit manager and nearly mustafina EMA

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

You can you deserve

00:45:02 --> 00:45:06

to have emails about Whoa, why you will occur when Effie

00:45:07 --> 00:45:08


00:45:09 --> 00:45:26

the rebel the rock man or those who pray, or they call out they ask Allah our lord bless us with pious spouses and offspring who will be the joy of our hearts and make us models for the righteous.

00:45:28 --> 00:45:42

It is they who will be rewarded with elevated mentions in Paradise, a lot of work about for their perseverance, and will be received with salutations and greetings of peace.

00:45:44 --> 00:45:56

Quality Dena Fie her hustle net Mr. condyloma comma, staying there forever in paradise. What an excellent place to settle and reside. Call Maria

00:45:59 --> 00:46:28

and lots of hanway to Allah says say to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may Yeah, but will become Robbie Lola who will come for cod cancer bitten for Sophia kulu lizama you all would not even matter to my Lord, were it not for your faith in him. But now you disbelievers have denied the truth. So the torment is bound to come

00:46:29 --> 00:47:11

look at how Allah subhana wa tada puts these beautiful characteristics and reminds those who disobeyed still you don't get this. So to recap this last part, those who say well lithonia bulunan Benner Hubble and I mean as far as you know whether the Yeti cooler to air union which are in early mustafina email, it's a powerful door how an amazing door how that every single one of us should know and memorize. And in fact, it's homework for today. Alright, this is a homework that you're going to begin the last 10 nights having memorized this. I'm benna Hubbell and I mean as word you know what? The Tina, era union Geron moto cleaner eema

00:47:14 --> 00:48:04

those who pray to Allah bless us with pious spouses and offspring Allahu Akbar, right we should be asking a lot of better habla Nam in as wodgina will react in a cold water or urine they will be the joy of our heart is in the coolness to our eyes. Right? It's an expression that we use in Arabic, that they are the coolness of our eyes. We are at ease when we see them when we're around them. We are happy We are pleased we feel comforted hamdulillah and nearly 13, EMA and make us models for the righteous make us from amongst those who are leaders of truth and goodness. That's all the time that we have for today. It is Akuma Lago Hagen roboticle locker feeco my brothers and sisters, as a very

00:48:04 --> 00:48:43

quick reminder, please do work as hard as you can throughout these next few days in sha Allah. There's 11 more days in sha Allah to Adda please also do remember that from tonight from tonight may 1 you will be able to come to the masjid not to the masjid you'll be able to go outside of the mustard some people yesterday were like oh you said we can come in and pray No, I never said you can come in and pray you'll be able to go to drive through the parking lot and to donate outside of the masjid. And also for those who want to begin returning your boxes. You can start returning your mobile and sprint boxes in sha Allah to Allah and please do remember to put your name and phone

00:48:43 --> 00:49:07

number and address on there so that we can issue or the mustard can issue a tax receipt for you in sha Allah Allah does aka malachite on roboticle local pecan for those of you that are asking which verses we were just reciting it is the last part or the last page and a half of sort often forgotten okay in the 19th Jews of the Quran, Baraka lo fi comm I'll see all of you tomorrow with cenomar alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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