The Trial of Prophet Noah

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the emotional toll of the loss of family members during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the struggles of parenting and the importance of remaining in faith. The emotional toll is highlighted, including the struggles of loss of independence and the importance of being a good person for one's genre. The conversation also touches on the struggles of parenting and the need for flexibility and a sense of gratitude for blessings. The speakers emphasize the importance of small things, such as making friends, and emphasize the need to be patient and grateful for blessings. A proposal to allow the public to participate in a trial is also mentioned.
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because your homework cannot copy this

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enough that he stole my vest you know style, calling it his right now. He's trying to take my office and my parking spot. I'm not allowed to steal this style right now. He's not here. That's how I can speak freely Sheldon.

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Well, that was all honest and hamdulillah it's a beautiful, you know, kind of like a conversation we had together every single year, um, the love bombing. I know some people thought it was serious. But now it's not we're just joking with each other. And that's Halal joking Schelotto Baraka Wadala Bismillah. So, going into the topic of tonight insha Allah azza wa jal will be listening that he citation some solitude. Solitude, Allah subhanho wa Taala said, the prophesy some said about it can show you but he who didn't talk about like just the themes and the topics of solitude and the similar sources who just brought gray hair in my head, which means it just it's making me age faster

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and quicker. Why? Because of the themes, how severe they are panela and one of those topics will be listening to most of the resuscitation about the story of new Allahu Salam.

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Mother brothers and sister Allah subhanho wa taala. He tests whomever he wills in what in whichever he was subhanho wa Taala that way he was a no Hala. He said I'm one of those examples that we need to look into. If anyone deserves to be spared the trials and the pain and the hardships for the service they've done for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be summer like no holla is Salam. How long did not la CERAM serve his Lord? subhanho wa Taala in the field of Dawa, how many years

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950 years, a millennium. An entire 1000 year almost you could say this is just the hour.

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I mean for you, if someone speak to you for five minutes, it's like oh my god.

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He's been given power to his people for 1000 year almost day and night, day or night. And then Allah subhana wa told him what, don't worry about them. Because no one's gonna believe more than what those who believed already.

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Whatever you're gonna do no more is gonna believe that when Alison made that job, if that's the case, just finish them. Here regret Eduardo. But what was his trial, his biggest trial Subhanallah his biggest trial is a trial of many of the Ambia that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala mentioned in the Quran, which is something all of us here today with dread, we fear to be subjected to such a trial like this one. What is that trial? To be tested in what would what with whom?

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You family, those whom you love the most? Look at Prophet Muhammad has Salam. Allah subhana wa Taala mentioned to Ali salaam to be one of the top five auto last minute Rasul the best of the messenger Allah subhana sent to the world.

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But then, what did he say about his family? His wife was mentioned in the Quran as an example of what of kufr disbelief. Daughter of Allah who methylene Accuform Ratan was an example of Kufa, the wife of Nora and his son was mentioned solitude right now in this conversation in the last moment to the last moment. Can you imagine you could have given data to your family to your loved ones and you feel for them you know, fear about them, and then to the last minute they slip away from your hand. Here in this conversation, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, well, he allegedly can be a demotion, cultiva that the Ark is traveling on the sea surface of the water. And he described the surface he

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described the waves as mountains.

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I mean, I want you just to imagine that site, how scary that site could be. Wallah, it is so just thinking about it. That Ark is traveling between these mountains of water. It's so scary. And then he cites his son. He says call him collabo Yeah, When are your commander? My son? Come.

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Come. His son doesn't Thalassa we legitimately assume in Alma Dora about me, I'm fine. Alma, I'll climb the mountain. And I'll be okay. Tara are similiar and amarilla then nothing is going to save you today. Just jump with us. Come on us. Can you imagine the arrogance, his son, the audience he had to this moment he sees destruction. He sees water coming from all over the place. He sees that what they were laughing at his father about building the ark in the middle of nowhere. When there was no water nearby, they see that everything is not materializing in his own with his own eyes, and instead with his arrogance insists not to believe. And he says don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

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I'll be fine.

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How many parents today can relate to that?

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How many parents can relate to that? How many young ones can relate to that with their parents?

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Allah subhanaw taala guides whomever he was sometimes in the family find Marcia the parents or handler the righteous and they've been tried and tested.

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with a child who was disobedient, may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from the sort of Bananaman sometimes the kids who are mashallah well guided, and they will be tested with parents who will be disobedient, mocking them and laughing at them and all the stuff and so on. It's one of the most difficult tests to deal with.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala test you with those whom you love the most,

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no matter how much you try, if they don't want guidance, it's hard. It's difficult. And no hana Islam was tested with this. And then Allah subhanaw described the site as his son was climbing the mountains, God wahala but you know, human image,

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those big serves and big, you know, waves kind of separate between them for criminal McLaughlin, and he watched his son with his eyes, drowning.

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How painful could that be?

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The pain that no Halloween CERAM had to endure in a moment like this.

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When he knew that his son is not going to believe anyway because Allah said, so. Allah told him, No one's gonna believe after those who believed in you, so don't worry about him. It's over. But he still had hope to the last minute he's a father after all.

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He's a father, and had that compassion to the last minutes about his son Subhan Allah.

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It didn't last didn't end there. And Allah subhana spoke about how the water subside and disappeared and the ark you know, landed on the mountain and so on. And then Noah Hollis and the first thing he asked Allah azza wa jal is what?

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Darby, my lord, my lord, my son, in them name in early his my family, when no other called hug, you promise when your promises true that you will save my family? So he's my son, could you please bring him back to me? As if he's asked Allah Subhanallah boo, you know, where's my son? You promised me that he's going to be okay. Because he's my family. So even in that moment, seeing him drown in one of his eyes. He still thought that you know what? No, he's going to be okay.

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He's going to be okay because Allah promised. But then Allah subhana wa told no, he said, and he says cannibalism and Alec, don't count him of your family. No, he's not. Your family is the family of faith. That's what he's telling him. That's the priority, not the blood ties anymore. He's not it says, No, I'm gonna invade your Salah. He is not of the good deeds that you leave behind. He did not do well, which means don't count him as your family.

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As you can see, unfortunately, in a moment like this, what do parents have to say? When Allah subhanaw is telling you it's over? Don't ask me about him anymore. So know how they said I'm had to take it in and move on. One of the greatest difficult tests that you have to deal with and we'll deal with the loved ones.

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Look at the example of the Ibrahim Al Islam, by Mrs. Graham all his life, he wished through it.

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A child

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to have a child.

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And then Allah subhanho wa taala. He gave him that child in old age. The dilemma they said was in his 60s problem he had his first child is mine. So he got his job. So happy. So excited. Welcome next to Rahim, Allah is Salam, that child of yours that you love the most. I want you to take him and his mom and put them in the desert.

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Somewhere they're down in the south when there's nobody around them in a valley that is dead completely. What are the right man is that I'm saying that moment. Samana Wattana, no question asked. Because you trust Allah's judgment.

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He knows Allah subhanaw has a better judgment for them, and better situation for them. So he takes his son and his wife and I want you to imagine that journey. He's traveling from Philistine all the way down south into Mecca, in the desert on the back of a camel going all the way down there it takes how many days a month probably to travel there. Through that all that month, what is he what is going through his mind as your mom

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the separation that's gonna happen afterwards. So he had through all this month to be tortured, emotionally probably thinking about this moment when he's gonna leave his his child behind. So he's cherishing probably every moment he could on that journey. And when they arrived into the land of Maccha, he left his wife he loves his child and he's about to leave his wife is calling him he I brought him Where are you leaving us? Like what is this there's no nothing here no water, no food, no people nothing? Is that what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada asked you to leave us? He said Allahu Manam in the that's the place he told me to leave you. She said to him, go ahead, then Allah subhana wa Tada

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will take care of us.

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That's what you call through submission through Tawakkol and to dependence on Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah brought an entire nation to them and live around them to create the settlement of Makkah that we visit today and handle a lot of them for her genre. But the festival Rahim didn't didn't end there. He kept coming back and forth to check on her son.

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And today we'll handle it's easy for us to travel that distance is your man

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That's a few hours you're there. But back then he keeps going, you know those weeks and months,

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until his son as Allah described in the Quran, Bella Gama, who side became young mashallah and strong enough to hold the task of rebuilding the Kaaba. So they rebuilt the Kaaba.

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And after they finished the task that Allah subhanaw taala assigned for them. What did the assignment that came to him after the reward

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for finishing the task? What was for O'Brien? Malasana that sounds of your son of yours that you love the most. I wanted to sacrifice him for me.

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And Ibrahim is just lucky to have half of my test another test another test and now Allahu Akbar. This is the greatest test and that's what Allah caught in the Quran, Al Bella and Moby This is the greatest test.

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And Ibrahim Ali salam after three nights not think and not be able to realize if it's from Allah or otherwise, eventually he realized this is it. That's the test from Allah. So it comes to his son. Caller whether you're in the RF luminaria, net Buchalka, founder of Matera, look, I've been seeing in my dreams that I'm sacrificing you. What do we do? His son mashallah the tarbiyah of his mom to be witness to his father than ever you? I will Ambia the father of all the prophets. She said he said to God, I bet if Alma Tomer if that's from ALLAH, do it certainly do. Insha Allah Homina Saba, and I'll be patient.

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I'll take it.

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And then when they both came, as Allah discovered the Quran, fellow Muslim when they both submitted themselves to me, what Hola Hola jabian And he pulled his forehead for the sacrifice. That's when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala sent Ibraheem Alehissalaam the alternative and it says, This is it, but Dr. Roja, you you you believed, and you fulfilled the obligation, you pass the test. And that was the last test O'Brien had to go through.

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Look at your Uber lines, Sam, who was was most beloved to him in this life as your man, his son Yusuf where his test came from?

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The one he loved the most. So I just want you to understand, if you love something so dearly,

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be careful.

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This could be your test your biggest test. Sometimes you're not going to be tested, with something that you would regret or be maybe remorseful for or cry about. Rather, Allah will test you with this thing that you love the most. How much are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala from that, or are you grateful enough for the Nirma that Allah bestowed upon you of having a handle that your spouse with whom you have good relationship, children who are comfort to your eyes, and your hearts, parents who are mashallah make dua for you and the Kannada causing any issues, you know, life that is Masha Allah so easy for you. This could be your biggest trial.

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The life that you love the most that is that you have in your life. This could be your biggest test. It doesn't have to be something harsh or hard or difficult to be a test could be something so easy and so beautiful. And your biggest test and that will be are you grateful enough.

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You have two things to work on and this Ramadan and sha Allah Tala patience and gratitude,

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patience and gratitude. Therefore work on this for the things that you face and they are difficult exercise patience, for the things that you see in hamdulillah with ease, exercise gratitude, and make sure whenever Allah Subhana Allah look at you, you will between these two conditions, whether you're patient for something that you're going through and difficult and hard, or hamdulillah you're in constant appreciation and gratitude for the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you the new life. May Allah subhana wa Taala give us if you're in this dunya and after we ask Allah subhana wa to spare us the test of the dunya and the alpha, we ask Allah subhana wa to make our life

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easy for us in the dunya and akhira. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala not to test us with whom we love the most your Bananaman, we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to keep us safe from any of these trials are blind I mean, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make our loved ones, comfortable our eyes and the heart in this dunya and akhira and we ask Allah subhana wa to accept our fasting, accept our TM, accept our dua accept our charities accept our dhikr we accept our recitation of the Quran We ask Allah subhana wa to make it heavy for us in the scaleable Allah mean. And the way we gather and displace. We ask Allah subhanahu wa to bring us all together. In genitive dos Allah, Allah Surah

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Moto carbery with the Prophet Mohammed salah, so Masada who will handle a lot of galantamine As Salam audit, rahmatullah wa