Haifaa Younis – How to Make The Best Arafah Ever

Haifaa Younis
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It's Tuesday which all of you know is a half hour of us so young is for the person who's not in Hawaii is the special one. So yeah, we all want to offer your referral. The first thing of the day of our offer we'll forgive the says before and after How about it? I have the cycle your nears the

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don't be too hard on yourself or don't answer you can do this too. If you did not have your cycle you will be fasting Yes, that's it you got the reward. Because if you are used to do something, a good deed you will always fast one day in 30 days, then you will travel and you couldn't do it because you're traveling and it's hectic schedule. Allah will reward you as if you fast. So the same thing you plan to fast everybody horrify fast this horrify couldn't traveling. I had this cycle. I'm sick, whatever the reason, legitimate, that is allowed for us not too fast. Allah reward best dhikr on the day

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there's one special now why don't we actually color color will actually show you. So on the day of our offer, he was standing here, he said walk up to one hour.

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I stood up here and everywhere in our for is a place to stand. And then he said the best what I said now

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that we will call out our coalition in

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every letter is one good dude.

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See how many calculate do the math and everybody this time Stan do the math. Imagine I give you one cent. And I said say this for every letter I'll give you one cent letter I'll give you $1 And then after you finish I said guess what every dollar will be 10 for every letter.

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And actually this

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language will actually can normally call out some conditioning for the police in your home. The code in your home so you remember it gets into the car, put it there because we forget it. Not necessarily we don't want to do we forget to get distracted, put to do so fasting and liquor on day of out of charity, money smile, remove somebody is feeling down so a couple of fours to make them feel better. That's a charity.

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Of course for the for us who can pray for sure. Sadar quality and quantity

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any it's very hard not to do it 100 In the 10 days, and that this was the it was fully in the last 10 Nights. Why now?

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Why what happened from rebate is

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the Lord of the house is to the Lord of the house. The Lord of the house was in Irvine in Cal in, in Ramallah is still the north of the house in Irwin. Attendees tried to come to the masjid much more whatever Allah opens for you get casual salatu salam, whatever you can on daily basis. And for young good mothers bring your children teach the children what is this days are everybody's talking about pride month and this is our dates. We need to if we don't celebrate who will celebrate if we don't glorify it, who will glorify it, the non Muslims they don't even know about it.

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So inshallah I gave you overall easy, simple, humble enough

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