Seeking forgiveness and protection for Hellfire

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Al Hamdulillah Milan Amin Salallahu Salam Baraka buna Muhammad Anwar earlier cyber Salam at the Sleeman cathedral My bad. So today we have a short dua from the Quran short in terms of the length of it, but it's extremely important powerful in terms of the meaning of it. The IRA is in chapter three in the Quran surah Allah Imran verse number 16, Allah subhana wa Taala says Alladhina coluna are bene in mana fall for Luna de lubaina Joaquina either not in the translation, those who say our Lord, indeed we have believed so forgive us our sins and protect us from the punishment of fire of the fire of hell, or the hellfire. So the eye has a context in that context. Allah subhana wa Taala

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earlier was speaking about the quality of the believers he spoke about the power of the court of believers has called on a bill can be hiraman daddy come Lilla Dean attack of Andhra him Jana, when he was speaking about those who are doomed because of their wrongdoing and their

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their sins that they've committed against other people against God himself. Then Allah subhanaw taala is God is reminding us, but their destination where they're going to end up in the fire of hell. But then he says pull out on a bill can be fatal Mandela come Shall I remind you about a destination? A destiny that is better, better for you than that one? File Lilla Deena, taco Randolph, BM, Jana, for those who are conscious of the Lord, those who fear the Lord of the conscious of the Lord those who believe and then the Lord loves them Jana, they shall have gardens Daydreamin tattooed on her underneath which they are rivers flowing carnitine and fear and they are

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going to be there eternity was Roger Mata Hara purified spouses, what Eduardo min Allah and the pleasure of God Wallah who Basilan beloved, and Allah subhanho wa Taala God, he is seeing of his of his servants.

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Then, he now describing them, who are these people who deserve such a destiny and such a reward? Alladhina yaku Nora BANA in Anna Amana, those who say with conviction from their hearts, our Lord, we believe indeed, verily We believe, fulfill Anna. So forgive us our sins, walk in other Banagher

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and guard us and protect us against the fire of hell. And now he's also describing their qualities saying us slavery. Those who persevere in patients was the clean those who told the truth and they're always truthful. While carnitine devotees they worship or two worshipers of God while 114 Those who are charitable and give to the poor, while Mr. Fairey Neville as har, and those who seek forgiveness from the Lord in the early hours of the day, which is basically the later hours of the night. That's right before Fajr before the break of dawn, it's called Sahar in the Arabic language. So it says those who are always awake before the break of dawn, and seeking forgiveness from the

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Lord. So if you look at these qualities, he is saying those are the people of this court, let's count them together. says first of all, they say Our Lord we believe. So the word conviction from their heart they believe. They believe in Allah. They believe in the Lord. They believe in the Day of Judgment. They believe in the message of God. And they see they seek that what of course with with practice, and they believe, and they seek forgiveness from the Lord for their shortcomings. Because they know that they're humans, they're going to make mistakes, and we can all make mistakes. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon and he said Coolangatta Mahuta all the children of Adam, they

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err, they make mistakes. Well hurry up the inevitable boon and the best among those who make mistakes, or those who fix them with repentance. So they know that said, Our Lord, we believe so forgive us, our shortcomings. And that's the meaning of the die that you make on a regular basis. Allahumma Falana lubaina Waka Ferghana say your Allah forgive us consider our sins, You Allah forgive us and protect us against the fire of hell. Why they're saying after forgive us. First of all, I didn't say after say we believe so forgive us. Because again, they acknowledge the weakness. Our Lord we believe, but we know that we are going to make mistakes. We're not cute. We're not 100%

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Pure. We're not 100% Perfect. We can't be perfect. We humans. So we have our shortcomings. So we already admitting that we believe in the new we're going to make mistakes. So forgive us. And when they say forgive us, what does that mean working on other Banagher and Goddess against the fire of hell? Why they say that for because people as apart as Allah says in the Quran, they're all going across the firewall. We all are going to go over the bridge, so you're going to see it. However, just because going over doesn't mean you're going to be punished Oregon.

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To be thrown into it. So they say, Our Lord, as we go over it as we are exposed to the Hellfire Goddess, protect us from fallen into it, working on others.

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Because even those who do good deeds, if their good deeds were not enough to outweigh their bad deeds, they're going to be in trouble. And if they're not, if they don't get amnesty and forgiveness from the Lord, they are going to have, they're going to actually get into troubles. So it says God, are sovereign. Those who persevere in patients.

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Well, was Saudi teen, and those are always truthful. While carnitine they worship with devotion

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Wallman 15 And they spend on the way of Allah subhanho wa taala. One Mustafa Rena villas, ha,

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those who seek forgiveness from the Lord in the early hours of the day, the late hours of the night. Do you have these qualities in you?

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Ask yourself this question. Do you have these qualities in you? Let's repeat them again. Being patient patients, what does that exactly mean? Patience is the is the bare minimum of your obligation towards Allah subhanho wa Taala against the atrocities of this life,

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in order for you to fulfill the obligations of Allah Subhana Allah that He puts upon you, and also against the sins that are test for you. So three things, patients while performing an act of worship patients to abstain from the Haram, and patients against the atrocities and the old days of this life.

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Do you have that? Or you're always one of those keep yelling, whenever there's the frustrated? Do you yell at your spouse? There are your children, at your siblings, at your friends at work? Do you yell all the time? If you do frequently, and you say well, I don't know man, I have short tempers. Now you don't use bad habit. That's what you have a bad habit. And you're gonna have to change that. So you need to try to start becoming a bit more patient meaning what? Being angry is okay. That's natural. But acting angrily that is the problem. That's what requires patients from you because acting is a behavior that we're going to have a problem with, but being angry even at a profit

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because he was angry, his face turned red SallAllahu wasallam. But finally, one single Hadith, in which he misbehaved when he was angry, you won't find that so exercise patience, persevere impatient hon Allah. Allah azza wa jal gave it a word in numbers and almost everything about SATA Gemma 27 times more than playing by herself. If you fast one day for the sake of Allah, you will be distant from Johanna for more than 500 years. There are so many measurable rewards for good deeds for patients, Allah Subhana Allah says in the manual for sabe Luna agilon, the lady herself, those who persevere in patients will get the reward without measure. Because you cannot put a price tag on

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patients. You can't and if you do, will unfortunately undermine you know the value of it, because it's way bigger than any value that you can put on. So therefore if you know this is something Subhanallah its rewards is unmeasurable work for it. That's a cyber number one, number two aside the thing.

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Those are always truthful. You see, the Prophet saw some said in a hadith when Rajan bled to death last Dakota harvested had October and Allah has

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some people, they always tell the truth. They seek every opportunity to be truthful, when we say truth or not just in speech in words, truthful and actions as well to in relationship to your duty to Allah subhanho wa Taala to the people that you're fair with the people. That's the meaning to be truthful, that deal with people with fairness. So if you have that in your hamdulillah the Prophet says that people will some people they will always look for opportunities of truthfulness until they're written as Sadiq which means a truthful person with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada May Allah make Amanda mental banana and other people unfortunately the Prophet says, yes, they were to herald could

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lie and keep lying and they don't spare a moment but lying every time they can, until they're written in the record that they are liars, pathological liars.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala when he praised the three Sahaba, who did not go to the Battle of Anta book, at the end of their story, will you forgive them for telling the truth and they had to go through the ordeal of the trial of the 50 day Subhanallah of being boycotted, at the end what he says of Hanada sada yella dinar mana Takala Akuma Saudi are you who believe be conscious of Allah azza wa jal fear Allah azza wa jal and be with the truthful ones. So he's telling us a message you being with the truth ones is a big deal. Number three, well carnitine those who understand in worship they stand for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. This refers usually actually to the hedges

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that help the family

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meaning how often they wake up at night to pray tahajjud

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There's a joke that's a true story, but it's like a funny joke as with HANA group of people were talking about the hedgehog and the value of pm lane and waking up at night after asleep and standing up, you know, for the sake of Allah and a brother. They all talk about these virtues. A Bedouin came over and sat with them. He was listening to what they're saying. So as he was listening to them, one of them he turned to me because yeah, the other co minute like, do you wake up at night? Because I swear I do. I wake up, go to the bathroom and come back to sleep.

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Is this that's the polite version in English word.

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But in Arabic, he says something different. But the point is that some people that is there to emulate,

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this is wake up to go to the bathroom, come back again. That's it.

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But do you really count yourself among the community? In the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam? He said that whoever recites he mentioned number of ayat, some element they say actually 50 I have the Quran at night once in the night. Could you look it up? No.

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You won't be considered among those who heedless. But if you wake up at night and you pray with 100 Then you are from the Carnatic.

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He didn't mention how long the IATA it could be repeating so that for example, a Rahman twice

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into raka Can you imagine an ability and Amanda con at the two devotees? Number four or 115 those who give and have Muslim brothers as I mentioned about the people who are going to be shaded with the shade of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala when there are no shade, but his somebody who gives gives generously for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala talent shemale Oh, my turn for criminal until his left hand doesn't have doesn't have doesn't know how much the right hand is given.

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Like every time someone asked they put their hands in their pocket and they give away every time they're asked to give the right something hamdulillah they don't even count. Why because Allah gave them so much and they're given for the sake of Allah azza wa jal ask us of this Ramadan Have you given enough

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work to your satisfaction? Because look, when you give you don't give based on people's needs, you give you give based on your need of Allah's mercy.

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That's a beautiful story was mentioned about. Remember lated inside Rahim Allah Allah. He's one of the famous scholars that lived in Egypt. And Imam Shaka Rahim Allah He considered them even much more knowledgeable than Imam Malik. But eventually he says he was also a businessman who used to trade. So one time a ship docked in the harbor in Egypt. And he went to check his business, obviously, and it was honey jars, honey jars. An old lady came with a cup. She goes, Can I have just you know, some some honey for my sick child. He said, I'm sorry. I don't have anything for you now.

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And the lady she left. When she left when the lady she left. Then he told one of his seven he goes come away. He goes go and see where she lives. So he went and checked her house when he came back because I know where she lives. He said, Okay, take a whole jar and Sen house.

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Kalia Imam, she asked me for a cup we didn't give her I never given a whole jar. Because look when she asked. She asked based on her need. When we give we give based on our need of Allah's mercy.

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So she's asking for $1 But I need Allah's mercy and I know it's bigger than $1 so you when you give you don't give based on the need of the people, you give based on how much in need, you aren't at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala so calculate that see how much that is to income to your wealth.

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And then the last one he says well, Mr. Freedom to be less harsh, and those who seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala in the late night

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when everybody else is sleeping. And that's the sweetest time especially unfortunate in our time today when our sleep habits are so horrible. Instead of sleeping after a shower will sleep after midnight. So you're left with three four hours even less sometimes in the summertime to wake up for failure. So when do we mark our our alarms 10 minutes before sunrise

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that's your optimistic 10 minutes before sunrise you can wake up maybe we'll do praise Allah put your clothes on go to work right away. hamdulillah unfortunate Some people even don't have that they put it after you know after that for the time when they wake up before they go to work.

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But how many of us they really make effort to always be awake before I then

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I need to be 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes half an hour before Donald Fudger because I need Allah's mercy.

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I need Allah to accept me among those people. So silicon seek forgiveness in the last hour of the night. One of the alumni one time visited another one right at Sahara time. before Fajr. He knocks on the door to the servant came out he goes Where's my brother Phil? And he goes, Oh, I'll call him right now. So he wants to wake him up. So when they walk

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come up that other person came robbing sleep of his eyes. And that Chef looks at him robbing sleep of his eyes. He goes you sleep in this hour of the night.

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He turned around shaking his head clapping his hand he goes Subhanallah Wallahi Marlon to I had an Yamaha design

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I never thought anyone would sleep in this hour until now.

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Love you know how precious this moment and you sleep through this time?

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How could you wish this moment that is the most precious time of your life not just the other night that Allah subhanaw taala count you among those who are few are awake and making that data loss panel with us this is the dua that we actually really caught Allah subhanaw taala upon to help us with inshallah that we're gonna repeat that when they die as

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Robina in Nana mana fell for Luna Zulu gonna walk in either but not

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Robina in mana.

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Fell for Lana.

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Uber not working either but not for a burner in mana

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for Lana Zulu been working either but not

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rob bene la to the Kaluga Ana

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de tener

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will have Alana you mill dune Kurama

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in Antigua herb

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Robina in Dhaka jammy on nas laomi Lara Buffy

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in LA to live with me

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Robin us and and our Atlanta

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of Rana qurbana

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wherever you call mercy

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Rabbana LA to

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in nesina

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Robina wala Tamil Allah in

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Israel Kemah Hamilton who?

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Alan Levine and Karina

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Robina wala to her Mina

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malah Katarina

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wha fun work for Lana. We're Hannah and Tamela Anna funciton alto mill Catherine

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Robina Afrezza Allah in sobre

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was a bit after them and

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one sort of Tamil Catherine

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in that Allah were in LA he robbed your own

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Allahumma Jana famously Bettina

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work love Lana. Higher minha Robina attina fit dunya hacer una fulfill karate Hassan

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walk in either the narc

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Rebecca benna Taco Bell Mina

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in Atlanta semi Darlene

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Robina what y'all mostly mean like women dirty yet in

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Hong Mata Muslim at a

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minor second.

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Berto ballerina in the wobble Rahim

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Robina wa jal fina, my yet Lu Allah inna

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attic while you're unlimited

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al Kitab al hikmah.

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Why use a keener

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in analysis will Hatim

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What is up, Minister Murad? Well hello, man, man I'm in home

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Allah Houma, Idina Surat Al Mustafa in

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surat al Medina and Hamdallah him.

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Viral Moldova I am

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one of the leading

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Spanish for longer 100 patients with a live orchestra