From The Team Of Shaytaan To The Party Of Rahmaan

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The transcript describes a situation where a man named No is massaged and instilled fear in Muslims during a campaign. No is a good person, but he is a good man. The message is that those who have piety and do not want to claim it, they are not good at anything.

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, a person once asked our shadow the Aloha, when will I know that I am a good person? I saw the Allah and he replied, when you truly believe that you are a bad person. The question then asked and when will I know that I'm a bad person? He said that the Allahu anhu responded by saying either alimta, a NACA Moxon, when you claim that you are a good person, it is men day three to strive for piety, but forbidden to claim it. Constant contamination of others breeds self exoneration Manasa hottie atta who is a former hottie I tell you to hear, the one who becomes oblivious of his own mistakes inevitably will magnify the faults of others. mm lasagna

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Rahmatullah Lee has written, do not consider yourself superior to anyone. To the extent that if you see a disbeliever say to yourself as a Muslim, it's highly possible this man will revert to a man before closing his eyes, and it is equally possible that I will be deprived of a man before closing my eyes. So on the day of the AMA, for your Punahou Amina mocha Robin, he will stand up as a close servant of Allah will akula enter menial mobile ideen and I could be resurrected as a rejected servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there are many examples that can be cited in this regard. Just to mention one example from the Quran, after the campaign have offered in which the Muslims

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suffered a setback in the tail end. And this gave strength and momentum to the disbelievers Abou soufiane decided to launch a fresh attack and destroy the Muslims. he communicated this endeavor of his to a person called No, I'm being massaged. No I am being massaged in turn came and he started instilling fear in the Muslims. That abuse of yarn is mobilizing against you. In chapter three Jews for verse 175. Allah referred to non venomous rude as the agent of the devil in Napa Valley, comerciais panocha with Oh, Leah, that was devilish of him. He was the agent of the devil. But this very person who was a member of the team of Shelton Fast Forward he becomes a Muslim and it is a

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stratagem. That brings victory to the Muslims in the campaign of 100. So what is the message my brother and my sister for those that go and full circle? don't claim piety, who are our alum will be many Tata definitely will Emeril Allah leave the matter to Allah. He knows very well who possesses piety and who lacks it.