Ismail Kamdar – Productivity Principles #1 – The single most important productivity principle

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of productivity when it comes to one's life. They explain that productivity is a mental problem and can be solved by focusing on what one can control, not blaming others. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being responsible for one's own finances and health, mental and physical health.
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When I'm asked, What's the number one rule when it comes to productivity, I would have to say it would be taking 100% responsibility for your life. This means that you hold yourself accountable for everything in your life. And you do not blame anybody else, for anything that happened to you. So this actually includes dealing with three problems that get in the way of productivity. And you'll find the many people out there who are unable to be productive, because of their thoughts. And this is really the key to it for many people. The problem when it comes to productivity is a mental problem is a problem of how you think. So, for example, some people suffer from the victim

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mentality. Other people play the blame game, they like to blame others for their own fault for their own problems. And some people even blame called or blame destiny for their problems. Now, all three of these ways of thinking, get in the way of productivity. If someone thinks in any of these three ways, they will not be able to be productive. So let's take a look at these. The first one is the victim mentality. This is when a person believes that they are a victim of life, they are a victim of others, that

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life happens to them, and they don't have any control over what happens. So the kind of thoughts that go through a person's mind is it wasn't my fault. I am just a victim of circumstances. I'm a victim of a bad family. I'm a victim of poor parenting. I'm a victim of a poor economy. I don't have any say in the matter. This is the victim mentality. It's separating oneself from the outcome, and putting it on somebody else. link to that is the blame game. So the blame game is where you blame another individual, for where you are at at life. So this is like the person who doesn't pray. And they blame their parents, or the person who is low in self confidence and they blame the teachers.

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So this is an individual who is not taking responsibility for his or her life. Rather, they want to make everything somebody else's fault. So it's the parents fault. It's the boss's fault. It's the teachers fault. It's the spouse's fault. It's the government's fault. It's the economy's fault. It's the children's fault. Everybody's to blame. Besides me, someone who thinks like this will never be productive.

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And then comes the third one, which is probably the worst of all, because this now means blaming God blaming destiny, thinking that the reason you are where you are today in terms of

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bad luck, and misfortune is because God put you there, and there is nothing you can do about it. Now, this is not the Islamic understanding of destiny, the Islamic understanding of destiny is that Allah knows best. But we have to work our hardest because we don't know. For many people, they use this as a crutch, they use it as a leading reason not to take any action is a life happens. It is what it is, like gave me these cards, this is my destiny, what can I do about it? Well, I'm going to tell you what you can do about it. You can stop blaming others, you can stop blaming destiny, you can stop playing the victim, you can take 100% total responsibility for your life. This is key, this

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is crucial. If you get this right, productivity will come into your life. If you get this right things will get done. If you get this right, you will take action. And the key to be 100% responsible for your life is number one, focus on what you can control, not what is out of your control. You don't control the government, you don't control the economy. You don't control the people around you. You control yourself. So hold yourself accountable for your actions that I wake up or that I exercise that I do the work that I pray. So hold yourself accountable. Look in the mirror and reflect on your own choices, do the hard work, think to yourself, Am I doing things the

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right way? Ask yourself, Am I making good decisions? Make the decision today to take charge of your life to be the one who says I am responsible for how I live my life. I am responsible for my own choices. I'm responsible for the consequences of those choices. And I will hold myself accountable for these choices. I will not blame others. I will not playing Destiny. I will not pretend to be a victim. I will take 100% responsibility for how I live my life. So that's rule number one when it comes to productivity. Do you want to know what

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What's the one thing I've got to get right? I can become productive. It's as simple as this. Take 100% responsibility for your life, do this, and productivity will flow. And you have to do this in every area of your life. You need to be responsible for your own finances. No blaming God, no blaming destiny. Don't blame your parents or the way you were raised to the schooling system. You are responsible for your own financial education, and your own financial situation. You are responsible for your family, your spouse, your children, your parents, the relationships that you have with them, the joy that you bring into their life. You are responsible for that you are

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responsible for your own health, your mental health, your physical health, your spiritual health, your emotional health, you need to take 100% responsibility for all of this. If we do this, then all forms of productivity will flow from that. So if you found this video beneficial, don't forget to like and subscribe. This video is taken and extracted from my new book productivity principles of all the second link is in the description. I hope that you enjoyed the book. And again, don't forget to like and subscribe. We'll be back soon with another productivity principle.

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