What Nullifies the Fast

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Okay, so I want to go to La 100 in Los Altos de la salida Allah Allah He also he adrain we begin the name of Allah whole praise and glory be to Allah Andres finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions every last one of them. We are discussing now what invalidates the fast What does it what breaks your fast? Well, there are certain things that break your fast but before we cover them, let us say that if you were forced to do them somebody put a gun to your head. Or you did them accidentally meaning you didn't know they break your fast or you did them absent mindedly like forget fully then these things do not

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break your fast

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because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Allah is Allah gel has pardon his oma philhealth I when the siani when Mr. Curry who early in accidents like Things You Didn't Know were wrong or didn't mean to do deliberately when this yeah and forgetfulness that was you honestly forgot

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what Mr. Crowley and that which they were coerced to do, okay, so just put those aside so long as what I'm about to say does not fall under accident compulsion, or forgetfulness, then it would break your fast. Okay, so what other than all the fires of the fast food drink

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marital relations? We're talking legalities here technically. So we need to be a little bit explicit. So ingesting food ingesting drink

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and actual intercourse intercourse we mean actual intercourse not I guess the not foreplay actual penetration that would break the fast. Okay, so food and drink first of all, food and drink isn't just like, isn't just what is ingested. It is food and drink and whatever is ingested. And whatever serves the function of food or drink even if it's not ingested. Sounds like a riddle No, it's not the riddle so food and drink a straightforward right obvious everyone knows those break the fast I don't need to read to you the is with a headache about it. Right? Okay. But what can something be ingested?

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That's not food or drink and therefore and still breaks the fast. Yes, many scholars would say that when you take in what when you take in smoke deliberately nicotine and tar smoking would break their fast and they said how do we know this? We know this he they said by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying to the man regarding being thorough and showing your son excellence in your will boo. We're barely finished in Shafi inland Hakuna Solomon is incinerated me, the province also looks at this and be thorough in your Eastern chef, when you take water up your nose, the nasal irrigation part of Hulu, he says belif meaning go the extra mile if you will be thorough in irrigating your

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nose unless you're fasting. Why did he say unless you're fasting, they said, because when you're fasting, you need to make sure nothing comes past here, right? And deliberately,

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without an excuse, and so you deliberately inhaling this stuff, besides the fact that it will kill you, besides the fact that Allah will ask you about what you did with the gift of the body he gave you to also break your fast and compromise this sacred obligation of observing the month of Ramadan. So that's something that could be taken in maybe it's not ingested in the sense that it reaches your abdomen.

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But so that still would break your fast.

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Can something not be ingested and serve the function of food and drink? Yes. And it's not a riddle IV needles, intravenous needles, like when you take glucose only takes sugar. They said this would break the fast. We're not saying don't take it. If you need an IV, you probably are in a serious situation. So in that case, you take it, but know that it breaks your fast they said because it serves the function of food and drink people when they're on intravenous liquids, when they're taking their sugar directly into their blood.

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Food creates that sugar in your blood, right? And that's why people can go on an IV without they can go all over them or been technically on an IV and not not eat food nor die. Right. And so food and drink and that which serves the function of food and drink like like nutritional needles, IV, glucose, that sort of stuff.

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And taking something down.

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Even if it's your windpipe swallowing something or taking something down deliberately like smoking those things would break your fast for those reasons I just explained.

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That means obviously that

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that means obviously that something that is not swallowed within your mouth will not break your fast such as toothpaste so long as you make sure not to swallow it. It could mean that sublingual

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tablets By the way, if you need to take a tablet that totally melts and is sucked up by you know the your inner mouth that may not break your fast because it doesn't reach your abdomen and it's not nutritional the scholar said, but if you need to actually swallow a tablet, swallow medication, then you follow the ruling of the sick person, but it does break your fat so we're just saying that so that we know what we need to make up. That's food and drink.

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And if we said by the way, needles that means needles injections that are not nutritional, like medicinal needles like a novocaine needle when you go to the dentist, like when you take an insulin needle for a diabetic person when you take a cortisone shots, these things will not break your fast because they are not food and drink nor do they serve the function of food and drink their medicinal their medicine they're not nutritional Okay, the last thing we said is what is intercourse. So, having intercourse would break your fast Good. Now, all the bad if you fell into this I mean good that you know this. Now let us add on top of that, that which is similar to it. So the scholar said

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that if a person were to

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in a normal way some people cannot control it. So that would fall under you know, accidents and the excuses right things you're compelled to do. They're outside of your grasp, outside of your ability that's an illness, but someone who induces ejaculation for example, someone who has that, that habit, right that masturbation or otherwise, and they ejaculate that would break the fast

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and have the proofs of this, by the way, is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that fasting comes on the day of judgment and says to Allah allow me to intercede for the person. And fasting itself is like materialized is turned into a person, or it shows up and says men as to who I am, or who wish are all but who will Shehata who will Tanaka I'ma hola Shabazz edgerly Oh Allah, He gave up his food and his drink and his lust, his sexual desire because of me. So now let him be forgiven, because of me. And so a person that induces the desolation person that has that, unless it's an out of illness, involuntary if a person contributed towards their own ejaculation, and that

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would break the fast as well, the same way that intercourse would, of course, the expiation for breaking the fast according to the majority

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would be different for would be different for breaking it by way of intercourse. That would be a very large liability. You freeing a slave doesn't exist, you'd have to fast two months.

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In place of that, and if you absolutely cannot the need to fetch 64 people, as the Prophet sallallahu said, I mentioned to the man who fell into having intercourse with his spouse during the daytime, the normal been any other way that you break your fast if it's excused or unexcused? You know, if you're excused What to do? If it is unexcused like, like someone that doesn't, that is not exempt, then you need to put alongside that a very sincere Toba and I pray that Allah azza wa jal accepts it and you need to be concerned and very genuine that Allah accepts it because breaking a day of Ramadan is no light matter. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I saw people being

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punished in their graves, having their mouths tore open, I said, What is happening? Who are these people? He has had that issue but he didn't make it. He said to me, how old are in Edina, you've clear on a public ledger. So these are the people who break their fast before it is permissible for them to do so. So it's a very serious matter when you identify it. There is some

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leftovers I guess in this subject. It is debatable among the scholars. Some scholars say that cupping blood cupping when you pull out blood it is a process called Hey, Gemma, if you know what it is basically letting out a lot of blood blood drainage as in a medical therapeutic fashion exists. Many civilizations have done it the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may have encouraged it. And so that breaks the fast according to some scholars, because it's so deep that say that those are how do you still apply? Or was it early on when they were very weak? Because they

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were fasting for the first time? This is the debate, does that prohibition still stand? Does it still nullify the fast to be safe? Don't do hijama during the daytime and Ramadan, or anything like hijama like donating blood, if you need hijama or there's a need to donate blood, donate blood in the evening time, small amounts of blood deliberately taken

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would not break your fast according to even the scholars who consider heavy bleeding or inducing heavy bleeding to break your fast even then they would say well, this doesn't count when we're talking about like dental work or a blood test these small

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tubes of blood that wouldn't count, so you don't have to worry about that. That's pretty much it. I think I've covered the major breakers of the fast except one I forgot to one inducing vomit inducing vomit would break your fast because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men

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Da da da da da da de la ministre call I'm done fairly rapidly, whomever is overtaken remember that accidentally never counts will ever is overtaken by their vomit. They don't have to make anything up well minus the call I'm done. But when someone induces their own vomit then they must make up that day. Those should be everything and a lot So Jen knows best is like okay, and everybody said I want a corner