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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the benefits of believing in Islam, including the ability to produce the same thing as the Quran and obtain happiness and inner peace. They also mention that anyone who claims to be upon the truth must have proof for it, and that anyone who accepts Islam will be given a wings seat in life and expect to be saved from eternity in hell.
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Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, I could keep counting for a while there are 1000s of religions and belief systems that exist in our world today. And they all lay claim to the truth to being the correct and true religion, and claiming that all the other religions are false and made up. As someone who believes in Islam. I also believe in the correctness of my religion and that it is the true religion. Hey, I see you smirking. Look, it is important to understand that anyone who claims to be upon the truth must have proof for that claim. So what's the proof for Islam? Listen with me say, if all human beings and jinn were to come together to produce

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the equivalent of the Quran, they cannot produce its equivalent, no matter how they supported each other. This is a verse from the Noble Quran, which is the holy book of Muslims, in which God Almighty challenges the jinn and humankind to produce something like the Quran. Has anyone been able to do so? No.

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The Quran contains much scientific evidence there are the miracles performed by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the prophecies of His coming in the previous holy books and the events prophesized by the Quran which all came true. It is only when you seek the truth and take an honest and open hearted look at the Quran, that you won't know the truth. And then you have to be true to yourself and believe in it wholeheartedly. You may be thinking, what will I find in Islam? What are the benefits if I embrace Islam? Well, let me mention some of them to you. In Islam, you do not need an intermediary to worship God, you establish your relationship with him directly Glory be to Him.

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When you accept Islam, you realize the purpose of your life, which is to know God and follow His commands. When you accept Islam, you will be granted guidance from God to give you direction in life, and you will also find true happiness, tranquility and inner peace. All of your previous sins will be forgiven and you'll be saved from an eternity in *. And the greatest benefit is that God will grant you paradise in which you will live forever and you will live in complete bliss without any pain or sadness.

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