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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The upcoming Islamist protests in the United States are discussed, including the use of pearl and artificial light to create houses and homes for believers, the success of the Prophet's announcement that believers will have their wives and family staying in the tent, and the importance of having a healthy relationship with one another and not worry about noise or distractions. The success of these actions is also highlighted, including the rewards of healthy relationships for everyone.
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hamdulillah Bellarmine so Allah wa salam ala kind of, you know, Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Stephen K theertham on Nevada, Nevada mo allowed to Allah in Hadith number 1885. And the description of agenda for the believers in agenda. He mentioned that description of some of their accommodations that were that people will genuinely be living in this had it had it been Musa Cherie or the Allah or TerraNova and Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam icon in the real movement, if you will. Jannetty Allah Hi, Martin. Mallu earthen Wahida mucho Wafaa to have a center is a tuna Mila the Manaphy loon your to Friday will make meaningful Yarrabah boom bada finale.

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And this hadith will massage editor of the Allahu TerraNova narrated the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said in paradise in Jannah. The believer will have a tent made of a single hollow Pearl, of which the length will be 60 miles in the sky.

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Let's try to visualize as your man Do you know what a pearl

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how big the pearl could be.

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In fancy big one will be very like a marvel as big as a marble is if you have something like this, that will worth 1000s Not even millions. Because they're very rare actually. And what is so unique and special about the pearls anyone else?

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Well, they made on

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organic substance how they're made. From what?

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Yeah, oyster shells in the sea Subhanallah I mean, usually how it happens is that when a dust or a grain of sand gets into it, it to protect itself from it. So kind of like wrapping it with with some substance. That wrap eventually ends up becoming that beautiful pair. It's very small and tiny. But the very precious. They look so beautiful. If you haven't seen it you should actually try to go to some of these places right now they have an artificially made and also found, you know, an artificial, not artificial but at least they're formed in captivity. But the original ones I remember because we lived in Kuwait whenever you kids Subhanallah and their Gulf country they were

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famous for that they used to actually dive into the sea to get them out. So I remember going into some of these stores and you will see the original Pearl was so beautiful it's panela now imagine that marble

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is how much you're gonna say a million times

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to make it as wide as 60 miles in the sky. Can you imagine that size right now? How big that sizes like 60 miles in the sky.

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This is how huge and massive is today here in Texas when people come from New York they come said our houses they said Look what mashallah, there's big houses, right? And the stakes are standard, right? Everything is big in Texas. But can you compare that to Allah's reward and Jana, Gemma, how that looked like? massive, huge and big and beautiful. Right? He says Mojo Wafaa which was hollowed from the inside. So from the outside, it looks like a dome like a pearl beautiful pearl beautiful, you know, color, amazing and shiny and smooth. From the inside. It's hollow and it's open.

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So the Prophet Salah Sam said that, to that there will be it's like one single tent for the believer. And that's just one way of accommodation. One style of homes for the believers in Jannah. He says call Mojo for two and a half a summer is a two and a minute 60 miles in the sky fee ha little movement if you're alone, who's going to be living there and that big, big temperature man, mashallah, these days when you have a house in a 3500 and above, you know, square feet, and you have three or four kids that are lost. You have to put GPS on them to find Imagine.

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Imagine if you have such a big house of Oracle Rockman Big Tent, who's going to be living there where they're going to be living. So the Prophet says I'm describing call, the believer will have his wives, his family, his wives with him, and he will visit them. And these in this tent, which means they're all over that place. He says in every corner, there's no corners to it. But he has families there. He has wives, they're all he will be visiting them. He's going around visiting them. Or SallAllahu wasallam Fela law la Boombah. Even though they're in the same time, the same house, they will not be able to see one another. Again, it's that big that massive every side is just like

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an independent place independent house.

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This is just exam one example of these places. Just like when you would like to have a meeting. You go all the way upstairs you know, for your office. And you don't want to hear the kids you know in the basement right.

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And you can still hear voices from the vet

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and he goes off I have a meeting right? And Jenna Gemma there is nothing like that. You're going to be hamdulillah I'm in so much space, and so much peace as well. Something that wasn't mentioned is Hadith the Prophet saw some described the houses of agenda especially the reward for the ladies because here speaks about rewards for men right?

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What about for the ladies? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentioned Hadith when Gibreel came to to Khadija or the Allah Tirana kala Gibreel to the Prophet Salah Salem

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Khadija Minh Allah is Salam. He says, Give her salam from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So she was of course that's an Allah Subhana Allah Almighty sending Salam to you, Khadija, the Allah Allah, what a brilliant lady she says, God Allah Who Salah woman who Salam, like I cannot say and make peace because Allah azza wa jal now she said Allah is Peace and peace comes from Him. Subhana wa Tada. Then he told her we have assured her

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give her good news that she will have a house in Jana debating Phil Jana man Kasab which is basically like a pearl made of tempt metal Pearl and Jana fall la Sokka Buffy what an awesome

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she said it's all heard that this house that you're going to be living in and Janna la Sokka Buffy wala nossob Suck up a NASA are the top two things women always complain about Indonesia.

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And she will be set told that you're not going to suffer and suck up on us up in that house in Jana. What are the soccer Vanessa Vegemite if you don't want to climb with let's see if you can figure them out. What are the top two things women complain about in the house in dunya?

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Noise and what else? chores.

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Chores I've got all the time, you know, taking things off the floor and moving things here and there. So it said that you're going to have this house and Jana, you don't have to worry about noise, no fatigue, and you're not going to have to worry about anything. You're not going to work anything. You're not going to clean anything. You're not going to hear any noise is going to be peaceful. And you're going to be literally Jana peacefully.

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us all these houses out of Bellarmine unless panna watermakers amadores will be earned this reward of Allah azza wa jal last panna cotta Allah treat us with His grace and His mercy and His Rama, not with justice. Because if Allah Subhana Allah treat us with justice, Allah knows what we'll get for it. But we ask Allah subhana wa to look at us upon us with with as Rama has mercy and grace or Bella lemon will Allahu Allah. And the question is your man

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for the

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good question, are we going to have kids in Jannah?

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Are we going to have kids and Jana? Paula do it's up to you?

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Um, then Indiana, but in reality, are people going to have kids in Jannah?

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Not that we know because there is no, there is no house emiliani It's going to be only for pleasure. How in regards to that feeling of would like to have this kind of feeling of compassion, having a child and so on. It doesn't exist it in Jana. The way it is in dunya because in Jana philos, you and your kids hamdulillah same age, same life, same reward. So you don't have those feelings anymore, except in knowing each other that we are family right, but to desire to have a child there was some reports from the prophets that Allah Salah and then when she

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was asked by an answer or someone actually the prophets I mentioned in Jana, someone will ask Allah azza wa jal yarby Can I have a piece of land so I can plow it and Yanni and plant

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so Allah Subhan Allah gave him that so he puts the seed and everything and everything just grow in an instant. It's not like Indonesia, you have to wait for all season. So everything grows in an instant, just for his pleasure, that's all. So the MaHA Jain they told the prophet semirara surah Allah I swear this man must be from the outside not from the margarine

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because Mahajan were business people downside were farmers so because it must be an I'm sorry it cannot be a manager this guy. So will something like this be granted to people that say you're a beacon I have a child? Allahu Allah. I can't I cannot say an Allah Allah Allah Allah

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said again

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are they in addition to the mansions of course we're gonna get come to some of the other rewards as well because the rewards and Jana is different levels. Some people they have these tents, other people they have mansions agenda. And the highest reward for Janna in terms of accommodation is what the GEMA anyone knows. In terms of the accommodation, where would the highest level

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there is something called Low fat

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Those who are referred which means rooms special rooms are the prophets as I mentioned and the Hadith they will look to the people of Al Jana the pitiful Jana, they will be looking at these rooms like you look at the stars

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how the twinkle at night and you can tell oh my god the stars. Those are people of agenda living there.

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What kind of reward is that? Allahu Allah but that is even better than that. What is that thing that is the best in terms of accommodation and Jana Gemma

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for the shahada, what is it? Allah make us some of them out? I mean, what is that? Hanging from? The throne of Romans of Hannah Wattana

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their places will be hanging from the throne of a rock man Subhana wa Tada. What an unbelievable rewarding Naima May Allah make us that broken that proximity to Allah subhana wa dawn. Allah

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it's panic alone but hummed it should alert us several YouTuber extra Malik Rahmatullah Berta.

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Now go work for these homes.

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