The Dua of Younes (AS) while in Isolation (belly of the whale)

Abu Bakr Zoud


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Bismillah he froze himself off the ship

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of the whale.

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This whale is from the mercy of Allah.

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It comes in it opens its mouth, the biggest creature that lives on earth is a whale. It opened its mouth. He told him

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it's followed him and down into the depths of the ocean. What's happened to people on the ship? What's happening to yours? Where did he go?

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When he's in the belly of the whale? What did he do to fuel the Salah? He said,

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no one at the time has the ability to rescue him. No one has the means to rescue him. There is no technology to rescue him. He doesn't have the means to rescue himself. He himself if you wanted to try there is no way. So the only thing we can think about Yunus is him, how's he going to die? You're gonna die from starvation, or from dehydration, or from suffocation or from Yani being burned by the acid stomach, the stomach acid of the world. The idea is he's gonna die, he's gonna die. But what's the method? How is he going to die? This is what people on the outside would have thought. That can when you're with Allah, Allah is with you. What did you lose Allah He said, I'm rush to do

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La La subhanak in the consumer volley mean?

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This is a time in where it's only human Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's the first thing on his mind. Imagine you got trapped. You got trapped somewhere. What's the first thing on your mind? What's the first thing in people's mind? The first thing they do they reach out to their pocket. See, maybe they can turn on the light. See what's happening. It's the first thing you resort to worldly means. Then keep your methods of CVA involve the means. They make you resort to a law forcing the company of a law. That's the first thing he said

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ilaha illa.

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He knows a lot. A lot of social poker. This is not just it doesn't come to anyone. You see, you got to understand this doesn't come to anyone. A lot of social told us in order to solve fat. Why it was Yunus quick to say Laila. Hey lanta supermarket in the continent of alanine. Why was he quick to say that? Why was he quick to remember Allah? Why? How? How can I have this in my life as well? that whenever I have a distress or a calamity or a difficulty in life, I can be like you said rush these words. And that's the first thing that comes out of my mouth how you sort of saw that Allah says about him. fanola falola No. Amina Musa behave. Larissa FIBA li la OBO buffoon. A la social said had

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he not been from those who declared the laws perfection, and he not being middle Musa behave, if he wasn't from those who worship the law. If he wasn't from those who knew Allah, let me lay over your buffoon. He would have remained in the belly of the whale until the day of judgment and loss of this clan, then that'd be Sufi Baba, nee. Yo, new buffoon. What does that mean? It means you will remain there forever, until the day of judgment. That's when he would have come out. But because he knew

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because he worshipped Allah, because he was always connected with Allah in this life, in the most difficult of times, in the most testing of times. On that day, there was no one more tested than him in the belly of a whale, in the tightness of the belly of the whale, in the darkness of the belly of the whale, in the darkness of the depth of the ocean, in the darkness of the night, three darknesses.

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If he took his hand out, he wouldn't even be able to see his hand.

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No panic lofi

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ilaha illa

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Allah azza wa jal hood him.

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And then on top of this, he said subhanak you need to understand every part of this. So you can understand how how did you notice how did the prophets deal with the law, the prophets, our role models were supposed to follow in their model, in a practice in their example, you could he said, La Ilaha Illa

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there is no Lord worthy of worship but you He did not say La la la la. He said La La Hey LA.

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And there's a difference. Allah is the proper name of the one who we worship. If you are to say Allah, then that's known as a proper noun. But when you say and is a pronoun, it refers to Allah.

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And the word

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for you it's closer than Allah. The name Allah is referring to something en la, La Ilaha Illa. What are you, but when you say until you're referring to something close, for example, if I say, then if I want to refer to this brother here, I say, and then you come. If someone is over there, something else is used for him, maybe his name. If he's here, I'd say, Come, but if someone's fine, I know he's not gonna hear me. I will say, Mohammed come. I won't say

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who funerals Allah He said that ilaha illa.

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Allah, he's close to him.

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He knows a lot. He's close. He doesn't say

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a lot of social he says for me.

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I am close. If Allah is close, then Layla Helen.

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Alonzo Hill, he says one,

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habla de la he's closer than the juggler v this vein that you have here.

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You think you're the closest one toward Allah, he's closer than you to you than it

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was close. He realizes a loss closeness. He knows a last name and

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he knows what to do you know a last name of creep.

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Now he's working with last names. For he said La Ilaha Illa. And he said unto because Allah

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shift the names of aloha living in his heart, in the most difficult of times. Then he said, so

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What does subhanak mean? Who said what do Subhanallah mean?

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declaring almost perfection? Yeah, and he's saying on low, you're perfect. You are perfect.

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In me consuming a volley mean, I'm the one that's imperfect. I am the one that's the wrong door. Can you do that? Can you do that in a time of difficulty and blame yourself and say you're the one that wrong yourself? That's why am I I'm in what I'm in. This what universe is doing.

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He did not blame Allah for anything. He said so

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they are perfect. You're above all imperfections, and above all excuses that mankind do.

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And then he acknowledged in me consumer volume in

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the center. I am the one that oppressed myself. I am the wrongdoer. I am the one that left the last command and left by people and right now. I deserve what I'm in.

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acknowledge this in times of difficulty This is what saved the lead ilaha illa Anta supine aka in equal volume in was his weapon. We know how to use it right? Do you know how to use this decal and bring yourself out of trouble?