The Vicious Game of Supression & Power

Yasir Qadhi


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It's not just about the right to wear the hijab, it is a far more vicious game. It is a game of who is more powerful. It is a game of suppression. It is a game of feeling inferior. It is a game of getting away with making you feel that you're not fully human. You're not full citizens in our lines, are you Muslims of Belgian? Are you Muslims of France? Are you Muslims of India, get into a place no your place your second class citizens, you're not equal to us. We have the right to tell you what to do. And we're going to tell your women what to do. This is the mentality that is going on. So when we respond back, please understand, it's not just about the hijab, it is about the

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religion of Islam. It is about who you are as a Muslim and your freedom to be Muslim in these countries. So therefore, we cannot just respond back and say, Oh, it's the freedom of a lady to dress as she pleases. That is one thing.