When Things Go Wrong With Tabligh & Tasawwuf Groups

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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The speakers discuss the importance of addressing issues such as deception and pride in Islam, including seeking guidance and following Sharia's route of action. They stress the need for people to act upon Sharia's actions and not give up on their past, as it is necessary to achieve Islam's aim of pursuing Sharia's route of action. The speakers also advise people to be more aware of their spiritual orders and consider the means they are using.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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brothers and sisters Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu. Just a very short message that I want to share with you today.

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I've been wanting to share this message with brother and sisters for a while in light of what's been happening recently, and not just in one particular area, but, you know, across the Muslim world and the Islamic Ummah, in different fields and different aspects of Islamic work that is taking place. And I apologize if some of this comes across as a bit Frank, and but it's a reality. And we really need to think about ways of trying to correct ourselves and improve ourselves and try to deal with these issues.

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Recently, there's been so much victory now that we've seen amongst Muslims, people have the same background sometimes. I mean, we've always had these different groups, polemical debates and arguments and debates where people have transgressed as well, we've had that as well. But recently, sadly, it's come to

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people or have started literally physically fighting one another. I mean, just a day or two ago, I saw scenes of great devastation and sadness, where two fractions and groups have the same public Jamara. For eternity, there are people who are both associated with public Jamar, but they have a difference of opinion about something and people can live with differences of opinion. But sadly, these people, they literally fought one another. And there were violent clashes, scores of people. According to what I heard, and saw and understood hundreds of people, some severely injured, some have also passed away Subhanallah this was like a web HTML gathering. And this is what's happening.

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This is sometimes what happens and this is the message that I want us to take with us and maybe spread

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is that

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what has happened and what happens to many Muslims is that in Islam, we have a means to an objective and the means to an objective the objective is reaching Allah subhanaw taala. The objective is to please Allah to obey Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the monk said the objective the aim, the goal is to act upon deen or to do some work of Deen. Like, for example, one of the objectives of deen is to preach the blue, okay? Which is conveying the message conveying the message which has an obligation

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to hire omitted or grudgingly Nesta Morona Wilma, rotenone, Mancha. So it's an obligation it's a duty of a muslim that we preach to other Muslims or non Muslims. We give them the message of Islam in a beautiful way. This is what we call the belief the belief basically only means preaching spreading the message your Rasul believer or messenger, believer, you know, preach the message, convey the message, conveying the message, that's why so that's an objective.

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But there is an objective and then we have means of trying to reach that objective means so means like, for example, there's a way of facilitating that objective now when we have this the Greek Jamal you know, the groups that go Cluj in the path of Allah, etc. That's just the means. That's just like a means of getting that objective. If I give you some more examples,

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we have this Kia does Kia is an objective does Kia is clearing the soul. We are all born with blameworthy character traits like jealousy, hatred, enmity. It is an obligation on every Muslim to work on his or her soul and rectify his inner self replace these blameworthy character traits with praiseworthy character traits. So remove jealousy remove hatred, remove arrogance. Ria ostentation. Replace them with humility, the Waldo Love of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salaam sincerity. This is an obligation okay, it's an obligation on every Muslim one of the reasons why Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came was will use a key him. Now that's an objective.

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The means to that is maybe some people like to take a course and learn about it. Some people give birth to a shave and get part of a spiritual group like what we call a Sufi, you know group or order or a tree. That's what the objective objective is dusk here. This is just a means. Let me give you another example. Eating halal food is an objective, right? Eating halal.

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Food is an objective. It's free.

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More than every Muslim to eat halal meat and avoid haram.

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But in order to reach that objective, there are means means such as for example, there is a halal certifying body, halal certifying organization that you go to a restaurant. And you see that this particular organization has facilitated and checked and investigated and given the stamp and

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given the stamp of approval that this meet is Hello. So that's a means of eating Hello. Now, the objective is what is important and that's what we need in our life, acting upon Sharia reaching Allah and His messenger Allah, Allah where you send them. These means are just means but sadly, what's happened in this day and age for the sisters

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is that we have become more attached to the means. Then

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the deal itself, we have become more attached to the groups to the organizations or people who were the means of us coming to the D than the Dean itself. The bleak is what is an objective not doubling Jamar groups? Of course, people were preaching before this big drama, which is of course handle a great effort and I'm not trying to undermine his effort and amazing effort that spread Dean to 1000s if not millions of people in the world. But do you think there was no W Gemma? No. The bleak work taking place before Sheikh Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Rahim Allah may Allah have mercy on him 100 years ago, he started this particular form of work, of course, over 1000 years the bleak was taking place.

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Likewise, all the other tasawwuf does Keota believe even mother's look another example is learning. That's an obligation follow up with me for either in our local Muslim

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these institutions madrasa dark room, they are just the means of pain. Now we get more attached to the madrasa rather than Objective more

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attached to the means than the objective. I'm not saying means I'm not important value the means appreciate the means but attach we need to seriously attach ourselves more with the objectives more with Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi salam more with the deen because the problem is when there's something goes wrong with the dean and if we are more attached sorry. If something goes wrong with them, means we are more attached to the to the means that we are in chaos and anarchy. You know, there are certainly many examples where somebody got on to the dean through a spiritual order superficie. Now their morning is their chef, the evening is the chef the life the eating,

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drinking the sleeping there, Dean is the chef, the chef which is guiding hamdulillah great, no problem. Someone you need to teach you guide you somebody became a means of you coming to the dean. But this person got so attached to his shape and his spiritual group and order that nothing else is important in life except this and this spiritual order this study this, sometimes it can become a cult, this shale became everything for him. He identifies deal with the shell. Now what happened was the some major thing went wrong with history. Sometimes you could find out nobody's an innocent person, nobody's gonna be suddenly this person found out that the person who was a means of him

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coming to the dean was actually not practicing himself. Whether it's true or not, Allah knows best. But he found this out, something went corrupt and wrong with the means.

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Now this person was attached totally to the means. In other words, there's no Dean except this when this got deconstructed, and there was problems. And, you know, there's something went wrong with this means that he thought was everything.

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What happened he left Islam because he was more attached to the shell and the study on the Sufi order than Allah and His messenger and the dean himself. He actually left Islam. Somebody told me about this, that he left Islam because for him Islam was just this. Likewise, this public Jamar as well. You can do public without having this book. It's just an org as an organization.

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I tell some of the friends go into public preach, you don't have to be part of any organization. You can eat halal food without a halal organization body. You can be involved in the real and you cannot be connected. You don't do not have to be part of any public Jamar, you can do your own public, no problem whatsoever. You can do it in a way, but you do it in an Islamic way and take some matura and guidance from people no problem. The means come and go

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murderous madrasahs can come and go, the beleaguered Jamar movements can come and go Sufi chefs and spiritual orders can come and go. Your objective is does gear, self rectification, rectification of the soul or the belief or your objective is the Aleem the skier, and the belief and Allah and His messenger. So, therefore, in summary, my message is that let us be more connected. Let's appreciate the means. Let's respect the means. Let's not undervalue the means means are important. Without means we can't really learn anything or attain anything we need means. But my request and my sincere like kind of brotherly advice is that attach yourself more with objective. Don't consider the means

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to be the deed or everything indeed, consider your Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the deem to be the main part in your life. Attach yourself more with Allah and His Messenger attach yourself with the objectives of the so that if something goes wrong with the means that no problem that was just the means. And this is why you know when people think this means is everything that we see scenes like what happened yesterday, I think in Bangladesh, people fighting because they thought that the other party is like committing Kufa or something you know, they're fighting and hitting and killing one another. It's just, you know, you could be a great Muslim and never go in

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the pulpit and never do this particular form of relief. You can do a different form of W. You can seek LM without having to go in a madrasa you can study in a different way, you can have dusky here and you can have rectification of your soul without being part of a spiritual Sufi order. It's possible these are just means for people who need it. So in sha Allah, may Allah grant us all the ability to understand and really these fitness that are taking place in the world right now whether you know in spiritual orders, whether internally or within the soul war of different places. May Allah protect and preserve us and save us from this and bring about good in this life and in next

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life as well as outcome Allah Hi, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh