Yaser Birjas – The Days Of Tashreeq In Mina

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The Yamato ship uses hydrogen to make the shoes and requires haired and signeders during travel, as well as socializing with other cultures and remote Jamara. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to spend time in these areas and avoid slipping into slums. The use of stone is seen as a token to assert a desire to use it in a physical act, and shaytan is a way to motivate people to do things they want to do. The importance of staying in a hotel or waiting in Mina to enjoy the season is discussed, along with the need for people to stay in their own houses to enjoy the season.
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Follow the barcode data. So Saturday sundown, there'll be the end of geometry, and the entire season of hydro officially, will be over. Now what is the hydrogen to do in a Yamato ship? First of all, I think we split explain the meaning of diameter ship why they were called to ship. Because usually during that time, there are a lot of sacrifice back in the days because they don't have any facility where they can store that meat, it will go bad. So therefore what they do, they cut that meat. And then they they kind of like slice it, and then they expose it to the sun with salt, they expose it to the sun, so therefore can like to dry it off. That's what you call basic making jerky. So they

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keep it so you can actually they can store it, and they can carry it with them as they travel as well too. This is because they used to face the the meat towards the east which is sharp. So they call this tertiary like they expose the meat to the East or to the shop, or the cutting itself is called tertiary either way. This is why it was called a Yamato shoe because the hedgehog are just busy kind of preparing the meat and waiting for it to be ready. So they can travel with it, it doesn't go bad. Now, that's not the only thing they do there. What they also do is their specific rituals on a budget that they have to do. So all the Hajaj are required to continue their Hajj right

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during those times. So if someone didn't make his dough off, still need to talk during that time. If someone delayed their sign, and they're required to do sign, then they have to do that time. If someone has not yet you know shaved or whatever they're required to do of the rites of Hajj, they're still need to do it during those days, they can't delay it more than that they should do during those days. And they're required. They're required all of them, regardless of their situation. They're required to spend the night or most of the night, every single night with the digital tertiary, in Mina. So read the ad, which is the first day of course, the 10th of the hijab, at

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sundown, that will be the 11th night, and therefore they're required to spend the night there in Mina. And at least most of the night, what did they do whatever they want to do, they can sleep, they can rest, they can do better. Are they allowed to socialize other allows the dog to go and visit each other in different camps? Absolutely, as a matter of fact, that's the whole purpose of Hajj, so that people could get to know each other, they get to know different cultures and Subhanallah is one of those beautiful things. Because when you walk around, it's one of those most

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ironic places where you see people from all over the world. Because once they remove their haram and they put their their clothes, most of them they put on, you know their traditional guards. And you can see the different colors, different designs and different cultures. And it just so beautiful to see Muslims from all around and just having the experience to talk to you from different places, like I remember many, many times while I was sitting down somewhere, waiting to move into the next station, and then someone next to you. And out of nowhere, he goes, where are you from? I just like where are you from? Right. And then you get to know somebody from different parts of the world. And

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sometimes we hear countries we've never heard of before. Subhanallah so it's a beautiful thing. So they are required to spend the night in minimum the next day, they are duty at least they have one duty that they have to do. And that duty is to do Rommel Jamara. So they have to throw the pebbles or the stones at the the three stations seven each. And they have this the minor there's a medium one and there is a major one. So they begin from the minor one, and then they go to the medium and then they go on to the middle one, then they go to the major one. So what do they do? Of course, they they go supposedly, when the numbers were reasonable and easy for you to control and that's

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very small space. The Sunnah is to do remote Iranian Jamara after there's a word which means after the whole time, sometime between Dover and McGraw. But when you have two plus million people coming in such a very small window in a very small geographical location or spots that they all had to be there. It becomes like an impossible logistical issue. So that's why they're alumni they said look, we're going to expand the timeframe you can start from February all the way until the end of the night. And in those moments, you can still go and do your job or homage

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to avoid Of course all the stampedes and forgeries to hear about in the past momstart So in this case the the hedgehog they go to the minor and they have the seven pupils would were to get the stones from anywhere. They can get it from the from the camp in Mina, but they shouldn't be getting it from close to the place where the Jamal had happened. Why? Because you don't want to use the same stones that was used in a write up by somebody else before you. So you get some anywhere. And by the way, just some people they get surprised because all these people's all these stones that they throw in that thing. Why does it go on people think it's a miraculous thing like Subhan Allah Allah azza

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wa jal Danica, make the earth swallow it and just disappear.

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They have huge machines like vacuums, they go

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On this suck, all the stones are actually out. And then they go dispersed somewhere else. Eventually they collect seven. Now do you have to they have to wash them, you have to make the Dhikr over them, they have to do any specific thing. The answer is no. Because I've seen some people what they do they have Marcia, they prepare a fancy beautiful pouch they bring from home, some of them may be silk even. And then they go and they collect the stones, 21 of them every day, obviously, because of the seven, seven and seven. And they wash, I've seen people wash them with them. And put mashallah perfume and other on them a Gemini return or the shaitan. If we said this

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shouldn't be making a nice. But anyway, so eventually, people, they do these things, and there is no evidence, no proof, no need even to do that stuff. So they carry these stones with you. And then when you approach the gym, Murat just give you an idea in the past Gemorah tilaka, was right on the side of a mountain. Like this whole area that you see, it used to be mountain area. And Jamara was actually on the side of the mountain attached to it. So some people used to there are some people who are people who come from above to throw, there's some of the Gemora. So in order to expand the space, they removed all these mountains, like I remember, I remember when the mountains were still

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there. And now you guys have harlots all flat in that area completely remove the entire mountains, to make of course space for those bridges that you see today. So the Hajaj they go at the first one. And then while they're throwing, they say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. And the reason for this is it's a panel, I mean, are they throwing at the shaytan? himself? The answer is no. It's not to do with the shaytan. We're doing this. This is a symbolic act, that the Prophet says himself, he did. And we follow his example. Why did the prophets or some do that? So the story says that it was the time of Rahim, Allah is haram. As he was, of course, in that area, a shaytaan came to kind

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of tempt Ibrahim and Islam, or tz where he, Melissa. And he kept throwing those rocks at him in these different plays, like he was chasing after him. So happy to be in this space. This is the story that goes actually all the way back to Ibrahim monies. So we're doing the same thing. But again, it's a symbolic thing. And how even psychologically, today, if you read in books of psychology and self development, and so forth, they they they sometimes recommend for people to go, you know, have a physical action to get there. You know, all the war is out there in that fashion. Even nowadays, the martial you, you pay money to go to some of these special rooms, you call them

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rage rooms, where you just go, you put goggles and helmets and then you they give you china plates and all have some items in that place. And they give you a hammer and go smash as much as you want. If you're angry at your boss, you're angry at your spouse, whatever, just go smash, we're gonna go. Why because by the time you get out of it, it's like, it feels so good to smash things without any accountability. Now, it's not the same. But Subhanallah when you do that, having in your mind that this is what the Prophet says in practice, and you say Allahu Akbar, and you throw at it. As if you're throwing all your worries, you throwing all your sins, you throwing everything and just like

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asking ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, to relieve you, and just kind of relieve you from this burden. And just throwing it symbolically obviously, as if you're making this commitment. Like God, Allah, I want to throw this out of my life, and you keep throwing it out of your life. And then when he finished the three, the seven, the Prophet says, I'm used to stand on the side, raising his hand towards the Kaaba and making dua.

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And then when he's done, you go to the second one, and he does the exact same thing as well too. And then he goes on the side making dua, we then he goes to the major one, and he turns seven, and then he leaves his camp sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Nowadays, many people unfortunately, they don't do the Sunnah of Da anymore. Everybody is just about the check, you know, checklist. Seven, seven done, and go back to the camp. The spirituality of that event itself is gone. Like I've seen people they throw while they're running.

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Literally don't stop Wallah so that they run and they throw out the running. Switch from the first one a second one just like race between them and their friends. Yeah. And let's keep going to the other side. And I've seen people they don't even want to count. So what do they have seven and their hands through all of the months for other ones together.

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They just want to get over with it. They miss the whole point of following the example of the prophets Allah Allahu wa salam ala. So once you've done with the three hamdulillah then you're done with one of those major rites of the day of a tertiary you go back to camp, if you want to leave you can leave you go to z if you want to go to Morocco can go to Mecca, but you have to come back then and spend the night in in Mina. So they do that for for the for these two days. And then if they decided to stay an extra day, then they need to spend that extra night as well too as Allah subhana says sort of bucket

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on what's called Allah Hafiz Am I do that? You remember Allah azza wa jal the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala and these

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few days like number days, fermented geography or manifest Mary Amata Cara fellas management taco, so whoever wants to rush into days, it's okay those who wants to stay for the day, folks today it's okay. So it's up to you. I remember I did both, that sometimes you do two days, sometimes you do three days. Subhanallah I tell you what, if you still stay that extra day, the scene in Mina is depressing.

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Literally, like maybe 90% of the people don't even 99% that you are gone.

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You walk in Mina. Like it's like a ghost town. Everybody's gone. Or what you see just the lift over the trash the bags, this that's Pamela and will lie that was really something. I'm just like, how I felt so bad in that moment, just like La Isla and Allah, how much people just want to rush and leave. Instead of saying 100 of our next day.

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This one leave quickly. Why? Because it's a matter of just doing an obligation. And we mentioned that in the same ruse. What Monica Zarahemla data mentioned that yeah, in which how, when it comes to worshipping Allah subhana wa Tana, some people the worship Allah azza wa jal are fear.

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And because they're just doing good out of fear, whether they end up doing the bare minimum,

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whatever makes them overcome the fear about the punishment of Allah subhana wa, that's it.

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But other people worship Allah Subhana Allah, Allah of love.

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So in worship Allah out of love, you go away and beyond. Because imagine this just simply because you know, I want to skip spawners, I want to I want to get his pleasure. I know that I want to do please do. So you go away and beyond. I was a true believer balance between all of them, between hope for reward, universe, punishment and love for Allah subhanho wa taala. Someone that could judge are done with that. Their heart will be over and they have to leave Minar and they go to Mecca, getting ready to the final part of the hedge, which is basically going to be tawaf. We're going to talk about essentially tomorrow Bonilla hit about a quarter but now as we speak to her judge are

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between these events, between going to Mecca between staying in a hotel or being in Mina, but the night they have to spend a minute and a day to do their job Murat and then they stay there as well connecting with one another, and getting to Dicker and Arriva on top and networking with people and enjoy the season of * melas panna cotta, keep them safe harbor element and bring them all home safely with * memoria man. Wala hota Allah subhanho wa Taala

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