Karim Abuzaid – Surahs Yunus, Hud, and Yusuf in 10 Minutes

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The segment discusses three chapters in the book of Ruth Alleyon, including the death of Khadija, the loss of avatar, and the return of Yoqud. They also talk about pressure to convert to Islam and mention a book by Ruth Alleyon that emphasizes the importance of being a good person. The segment ends with a promise to keep working for the community and thanks for helping the project.
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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Alhamdulillah

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Allah illallah wa ala sharika yaku. haka.

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Mohammedan, Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa. He was hired, he was working for me, while I'm Anita.

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Every Wednesday, I have this class, where we go after each chapter and we look at the aims and the objectives.

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And Subhanallah I thought I just finished three chapters. Chapter 1011 1210, is called use john, David, john john and the wheel in the biblical

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who is the messenger who was sent to the people who have arrived in the Arabian Peninsula. And Joseph Yousuf

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based on what I said, right now, I can explain these three chapters to you right now in five minutes, and 10 minutes, but I'm going to give you the aims the objectives.

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These three chapters were revealed, right after the heel of Seoul.

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There is a year in the Sierra called the ear of Gleave the ear of the speech, why it's called that three things happened. The death of Khadija,

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the death of avatar, and with the death of avatar, the uncle of the Prophet, the loss of the protector,

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the human

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and the trip to torfx.

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if you really

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wanna know the condition of your message of edify

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and if you

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are Isha one day imagine as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you're a school of law, a messenger of Allah Helmer aka a shadowman.

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Have you ever experienced a harder day on you, then that they've offered you know that 70 of his companions were killed in the battle? Man Hamza is his uncle. to the surprise of Irish I said yes.

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Yom Kippur

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Muslims have to run away to a senior

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they migrated to a senior lbnl

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condition out of his word, despair. Imagine these three chapters

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were revealed during the time.

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And in that order.

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Jonas who use

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and Subhana Allah

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they're older in the Messiah is the same old the older of the revelation is almost the same older than the Messiah.

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Now they tell you

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when an individual

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or a nation is experiencing weakness,

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all of the above

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they are inclined to develop three negative counter productive characters.

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Number one,

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give up

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it's not working.

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man didn't call him to Islam and

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they're not listening.

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Look at the map and Capricorn cold calling this guy a very to Islam and my job and it's not working.

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It's not happening. The spear give up. give up hope.

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the total opposite, which is what? Giving in.

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Oh, man, I'm just showing that other guys you know why I'm being so hard on myself.

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Being Hambali just compromise here.

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Let me just tweak the religion a little bit. Literally just you know

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Make it through the tie let's create that new version American Islam and all that thing you know it's too much you guys have too much

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see. retaliate with aggression

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Can you return that aggression with aggression and justified

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look at this use

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what was the issue of use?

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Why did you lose ended up

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inside the belly of the wheel

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inside or be beneath the sea, the depth of the sea and the darkness? What did he do?

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Don't and if you read the Torah without understanding amazing amazing talks about guidance who guides him you know a divides guidance into two types you show and allies The one who turns people on or off is not your work you know that you convert people that's wrong if you think that you convert the No no, that's wrong. That's all people ask you how many people do convert to Islam? Zero by my friend zero. Yeah, I showed some of the slam that's all I did. Yeah, I did a good job. Maybe it was nice.

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But who turns the hearts on and off Who?

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It's not your business. So you shouldn't give up.

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men fill out the

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Jamia kilometer been enough Jamia if Allah wills but it's not in Allah Kayla

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Bella he only convey so you shouldn't give up for heavy use reduce with that understanding.

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Wala takanobu illa Deen of Allah, Fatima Sakuma

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done ever inclined towards their ways because you're condoning it, you're supposed to help them. Think about it. You're supposed to help a Christian to follow the right God. You're supposed to help a Jew to follow that I had got you're supposed to help a Hindu to follow the right God. So if you inclined towards the way you condone the way, and this has nothing to do with the knee Lalalalala don't approve the way because if you do that, then you lost your credibility about then what's the difference between different between me and you?

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were the same.

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Whoo here 1101.

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And now hula yummy lemon calm with a lemon.

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It was revealed to know that no one else knows will believe no one will believe then.

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To combat this Hadith, the prophet SAW the nations following their messengers in the way to gender in today's judgment. The Prophet said what are your

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four itenary yo na hora, I saw some prophets, followed by nine people, nine follows

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immediately what I do now, Roger Ver Julian and I saw some prophets, they only had one follow up to follow only imagine a prophet who was missing to his nation. And he had

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to follow the third one.

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And I saw some prophets with zero flows,

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no flows.

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If the issue has to do with numbers, and we'll, you know, let's tweak the message a little bit, you know, we're losing the members. So maybe what about the LGB? Well, it's springtime and let's maybe have some movie night and then the machine. Can we maybe some belly dancing maybe on the side? Maybe you know

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don't do that. It's not your business.

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Don't compromise. But again, you have to understand this in context of not being mean to

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look at the third and I close. I know my time here, two minutes. Look at this. Look at the third Yousuf

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imagine the amount of harm us have experienced

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his own brothers.

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There the lady who loved them.

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To the extent that somebody one day told him one law in the law, a book by Allah Allah said please, please. Thank you.

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Keep up everybody loves me yours we after that please

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How did you

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return? How did you react? Patience patience. And that is why what that statement is so accurate one man

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a whole nation because of his character use

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he didn't use a weapon. He didn't use a knife

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because of his patience to fit in now it was repeated multiple times in no money

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for in the la

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vida Whoa, look at this, go home tonight or this weekend and read these three chapters with that understanding. You will find out the Quran is different is not just empty words. You have fulfilled that right?

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Aloma felina seraphina Marina

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como Catherine la Marina

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a lot more fit than a llama.

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Xena in Accra yo Bellamy Kuma la hora de la de la Hello, hello, everyone who came in and showed the support last Saturday. May Allah give you general plan. I mean, this is the check we we sent already to the owner 75,000 the payment Alhamdulillah we raised almost 275 something like that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward each one of you for giving and helping this project to move forward and we promise inshallah that will keep working for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala to make this happen in sha Allah for the oma for the community and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us successful and accepted from all of us.

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