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Are the realignment a*a Shakedown rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam Ala Moana Sydney and Sayidina Muhammad Ali hillside page mine, my beloved brothers and sisters today Malik mana la vida to hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always if we will begin with the praise and the thanks of Alana sure to Allah Allah Allah Allah we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and our greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious in his pure family, to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw

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taala bless us to be amongst them. I mean, while hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. We continue with part two on our series on Dawa and today we're going to talk about your dollar Survival Guide, one on one, if you find yourself in a lift on a plane flight from here to, you know, an hour flight and someone is talking about Islam. Are you capable to give that 510 20 minute conversation around Islam? Do you feel comfortable to give Dawa? And so that is going to be our focus in this this afternoon. But just to remind ourselves, as I said last week, whether you like it or not, you and I are an ambassador, we are ambassadors to the team. And it's only a question if you want to be a good

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ambassador or a bad ambassador for Islam, all of us what we do because we are a tiny, tiny minority, our actions will be a reflection of our deen. And it is perhaps Allah says in this part, one of the best things you can do. And one of the greatest acts of worship is to share Islam and to give Dawa and to call others the word Dawa means to invite others to Islam. Allah says woman acts as a golden woman. Asano Conan, who is based in speech, Allah says no speech better me manda Illa Allah except there's nothing better than the one who calls people to Allah. Well, I mean, oh, sorry ha and they do good deeds very, very important. The greatest form of Dawa is going to be how you keep your how

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you how you act your clock. Allah says it's pointless, the guy who gives the Dawa. But he does bad is a bad person. His actions are bad is actually a a negative investment of Islam actually, that person shouldn't be giving Dawa. So Allah says you need to call to Allah and you must back it up with good deeds, or color in an email Muslimeen and to be proud and say I am a Muslim, not to be shy, not to try and hide you Islam, but to be proud, I am a Muslim. And this Allah says there is no better person in such a person. And Allah Subhana Allah says to us welcoming Ummah let there always be a group of you yet their own little hide that always calls for good, where am I gonna be my roof

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and they established what is good, why and how gnarly mukha and they stand against what is wrong, what Allah eco who will move your home this group will always be the successful group. Allah says you must always be a there must always be a party doing this not again, because we are a tiny minority. We don't have that luxury and saying, you brothers are in charge of Dawa a new brothers are in charge of us. We all need to play our part because we are a minority and the importance of Dawa

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and really we know

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The religion at the moment is not politically correct. It's not politically correct to talk about religion. People don't want to have a discussion about it. And you can talk about everything else. You can talk about politics and sports and whatever. But when it comes to religion, you know, we don't talk about this. This is something private.

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And it's a convenient thing to do. But remember, if you truly care about your fellow man, if you truly care about others, remember that Allah says Allah, Allah has the deen that there is no compulsion in religion. Everybody must choose the way God Dube in Arusha. WinAVI because truth and falsehood are made clear. But it is our responsibility to show the difference between right and wrong. It's our responsibility to show our fellow men what the path of Islam is all about. And so that they can choose the right course. Allah says, well, may he ever tell you later on Islamic deen and finance new Kabbalah mean? Who will who will ask you what is really important in this ayah

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explains to us why we need to give Dawa there is this view and this is the perhaps the dominant view that look

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whatever you do so long, you as a good Muslim, a good person, so long as you are a kind person, you don't hurt anybody. You love the environment, you don't litter, you feed the animals, you know, so long as you do these kinds of things. Doesn't really matter, you will be okay. Doesn't matter what you worship or you don't worship, what you eat, what you drink, who you sleep with. Those things aren't important, so long as you are a nice guy, a nice person, then you are okay. That does not cut it in Islam. Allah very clearly says Whoever wants a religion other than Islam, filleting, yoke Palomino, Alyssa not gonna accept it. Allah will not accept anything short of Islam. And in the

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akhira, you will be lost, you will lose in the Quran, you will go to Jana. So, yes, this concept of what we call Selvig exclusivity to be saved. You have to do this to be saved. Islam believes in this thing, that the only way to be saved from Jahannam is through Islam. There is no other way. No matter how politically incorrect it might be to say that no matter how difficult is right to say that message that look, we're all good people and Kumbaya and God loves you, whatever you can say Allah you we say Jesus doesn't, no, no, in Islam, it's one this is the only way very clearly and explicitly in the Quran. And therefore, it becomes our responsibility to call people to this path to

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say that this path that you're on our belief, our religion teaches that is not going to lead you to success. This is the path of success. And of course, there is a great reward, that whoever called someone to Islam, or call someone to any good deed, is Dawa doesn't only mean calling anonymously to Islam, it's often calling a person to do something good. A person who's doing something wrong to encourage them. The hadith says that whoever encourages someone to do good, and that person then does it, whatever they do, whatever good deeds they do, it will be a reward for you in the era. So maybe you had a conversation with somebody who, you know, wasn't making soda for example, and that

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conversation had an impact and that person starts performing Salah for the next 3040 years that makes Salah every single Salah you will get the reward of it without them diminishing very words behind Allah, people will come on the FTM and they will see that he would still be shocked in a good way Yeah, Allah Where did all this come from? Allah will say you will encourage your friends you seen that by and in the WhatsApp group, you send that hadith you didn't take to you call them to remember it, but someone read it, and it impacted that person's life. And you will get all the rewards of that person's that you will get the rewards and that person would FTM now can you imagine

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bringing someone someone taking shot? Let's just think about this. Someone taking shahada because of your Dawa. You have by the Grace of Allah save that person from jahannam? What is the measure of that on the Deaf piano on the deaf? Kiama? How will that measure on your scale? Everybody should have an ear before I die. I would at least like to bring one person to the team. I want to stand with Allah and so yeah, Allah, My life wasn't as I should have been a Hamdulillah. This person through the Dawa, you allowed me to do is come to Islam. Make that near everybody make that knee at least one person. I'd like to have the shadow through my dour. So today this I see today is about

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what are you calling to what is the message and that's actually quite easy. You don't have to have a PhD in Islam to know what you call into the hard part of Dawa is the how and that's what we will focus on maybe in the coming weeks. But just a general tip. How do you give dower the framework is one if Allah says we'll do LSVT robic call to the path of your load Bill hikma with wisdom. Don't go into Yahoo far you will burn in Jahannam for eternity. So listen to me. It doesn't work that way. You know, the MBR didn't give Dawa like that. Allah subhanaw taala says if you give Dawa there must be a level of Hikmah with wisdom. And that is the art of Dawa and that's maybe the difficult part.

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How do I put this in words and that's what we'll discuss maybe next week in the weeks to come. But in general, if you ever want to give Dawa Allah says with hikma while mo ADA till Hashanah and with good advice, good analogy, things that make sense to people. Maybe you give an analogy but it puts people off what yeah didn't whom

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electability here accent and don't debate don't get into into debates except in the best of way or when it's really, really cold for so clearly Allah is saying that debates is the last form of Dawa. Nobody should be engaging in debates. And perhaps the worst kind of debates is online debates that never goes anyway. So debates is not the way to do it. You need to call invite with wisdom and use good advice and only when it really requires and this is a very specialized area if there is a debate that is really only left for the experts, and Allah sponsors he knows who have been done and so he knows who are the ones who actually do cope with this push people away from Islam and those

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who are guided

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for and remember, before we go on to what are you calling to this idea we should always remember whenever you give advice now hamdulillah some people are very keen to give advice some people should be give advice but they too shy in other Quan tell someone you know Buddha that's not right, or they're too shy to do it. Those people need to get a bit of of confidence. But then there are other Buddhists who love giving advice. They love pointing out every mistake and knew that forget guys forget that forget and if you have been blessed with that kind of mindset, remember what Allah said to be Musa before we spoke to fit for qu for coolala Who colon lane and speak to fit on softly speak

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to fit on nicely, la la cara Oh Yasha perhaps through your nice speech, he will come right he will listen and he will fear Allah Subhanallah no one on earth that you will meet is as bad as Iran and you are not as good as Musa alayhis salam. If Nabi Musa is told that Allah toned it down, go soft, then you need to do even more And subhanAllah it's also said I want you to think about this. We are sometimes so easy and soft and lenient when we give Dawa to a non Muslim but you know how we speak to fellow Muslims will make mistake you will be the it you this you that you how can you make sure you keep Allah bang on this day and then we curse and bash but to a person fit our noses. Hon Allah

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Allah he says I am Allah Most High worship me. Allah says to him speak softly So how much you speak to the tahajjud making Ramadan fasting five times a day Salah making person who's not doing a Dookie? How do you speak to her? Even softer, even softer them around inshallah. But let's get back to Dawa to the non Muslim. How do you invite someone to? What are you in for? What are we calling to? What are we actually what is our message? If someone asks you, What is Islam all about? In a nutshell, five minutes, give me a 510 minute talk presentation you ask when your coworkers give a presentation about Islam? Where would you start?

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You'd start and if you look at the Gambia, they start by before giving information, they ask questions they ask. And they will say look all of us here, there must have been moments in our life where we were unavailable thinking, Why am I here? What is my life all about? When I die? And I look back at my life? Was it worth it? Was I created? Was I accident? If I was created? If someone made me? What does he want me to do? Do I have a purpose? What's going to happen to me when I die? Does my will my life be judged? For good or for bad? All of us have these conversations. Every single human being has conversations and everybody should have these conversations. And only religion on

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science cannot answer this. The Economist can't answer why we are here who put us here? Where are we going? That science can't answer those things. Only religion tries to answer this. And Islam is one of the religions trying to answer it. And so we say as Muslims, we have an answer to these questions. We say that Islam and the word Islam means submission, we submit to a greater power.

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Islam again and I want one of the things that we must correct a misconception. Islam does not mean peace many times with a non Muslim ask you What does Islam mean? You say Islam means peace. That is not what Islam means peace as salaam alaikum Peace be upon you. Islam means to surrender. Why I surrender myself to Allah. I give up fighting against you. Yeah, Allah, I obey you completely. When you surrender to Allah, then the salam, then Allah gives you peace, when there is no more hostility. So Islam is to surrender. The Muslim is the one who surrenders to Allah. And so we say to the, to the person,

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we know that we've been created. In our heart of hearts, we know we were here, created by a higher power, the universe, when we look at it, it's in order. It has designed it has a system, we have 60 years to live and then we die. Every single human being from the beginning of time to end of time follows the same trajectory. That one who made me has given me an objective to achieve I sitting next to him, and I want to fulfill this objective. And if I surrender to Him and obey Him, then I'm a Muslim. That's what a Muslim is. And then we say to them, we are not only a little group of people calling us Muslims, but in fact, this is the religion of the universe. This is a very beautiful

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point of the hour. When we ask

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fellow friends, or coworkers colleagues, we say Islam did not start with Muhammad Salah syndrome. It's not a new religion that began with an abuse of Salah he didn't invent Islam.

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In fact, the first man Adam, we all believe Muslims, Christians, Jews, we all believe that Adam Alayhis Salam

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worshipped his creator. Yes. And our definition is if you obey your Creator, you're a Muslim. So whenever you Adam was a Muslim. And it's not only mankind, every creature in the universe, the sun follows its programming, right, Allah created the sun, to follow a certain sit motion. We can even calculate that motion on a calendar to the tee. The sun obeys its creator, the leaves obey its creator, the moon, the stars, everything in creation surrenders to its creator. So everything is a Muslim, the stars are Muslim, the trees are Muslims, the animals are Muslim. So this is the religion of the universe. And we have, we have the fortunate or unfortunate ability to choose to surrender or

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to fight. You either surrender to your Lord or you fight against him, we will rebel against him. And that is the choice that everybody must make. You've got 60 7080 years to make that choice. And we make dua, we die on the right choice.

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That's really what Islam is all about. All of creation, you see in harmony, all of creation is in peace, because it follows its program to its creator. And so Allah is offering asking us to choose by obeying Me willfully out of your own conviction and be successful, or to disobey. And we have to obviously deal with the consequences. And so Allah says in the Quran, two sub Behala, who are similar to sub that the seven heavens and the earth, they make this be of him, woman, fee him and everything in those heavens and earth, make us we have him, they praise Him, they glorify him, Allah says, One Nigeria, Nigeria, Sudan, the trees and the stars mixture due to Allah, all of creation is

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worshiping its creator. And so we are a unique creation. Now we talk about the story of Nabil Adam. And from a if you speak to a Christian would do they would understand the concept of, of mankind being created Adam and Eve. And so we say that we are unique. In all of the creation, we don't see anything like us, we don't see any other creature having the choice to choose between right or wrong except us. And so Allah subhanaw taala created this unique creation, the first story of the Quran, you open it, Allah tells you the story of Noah be Adam, when Allah said to the angels, that I intend to create people on Earth, and I'm going to give them free will. Allah says to the angels, I will

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give them free will, I will give them the ability to survey me. And the angels asked why Allah this doesn't make sense. This is like madness. Why would you do that? Why would you create someone that will disobey you when we worship you perfectly? And so Allah said to the angels in the island, Mattila Moon, I know of them something very special that you don't know. I know something very special about them. And so

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every decision you make, every decision I make, unlike the angels we choose every day, every moment do I obey or disobey? Do I submit or do I not submit? That is really what it means to be human. And we'll talk next week Inshallah, about the religion of Christianity because a very different view of what life is all about. The Islamic perspective is Allah created, maybe Adam gave him the ability to choose right from wrong, he chose right and then he made a mistake. Allah then showed him, you will never be perfect. And our story of Nabil Adam really is no human is perfect. You will not always, always obey Allah, you will always make mistakes, but that is part of being human. So that in your

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mistakes, you come back to Allah you continuously return to Allah. And so maybe Adam, if you think about it, our story, chapter one of humanity began in Jannah, with Allah, and our job is to get directly to get home. We are trying to get through this world with all this misery and sadness and deadlines and all of that. We tried to get through it in the right way in a proper way to get back to where we belong to Allah. That's why when someone dies, and I know sometimes it's to ask I was like I said, Do I but it's actually meant to be a good dua in Allah, he were in LA Raji on that, yeah, Allah, we came from you, and we're going back home, that person is going back to where they

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belong, they are not lost, like we lost, that person is going home, that person's going back to Allah. And so that is our job to return back to Allah, and that we willingly return to Him and we want to have a relationship with Him. Islam is all about having a relationship with Allah. So some might say, well, what's the difference between your religion and my religion? I believe in one God you believe in one God.

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Jews, Christians, Hindus, even Hindus with the multiple deities, they'll tell you I believe in one Creator, and what advice I can give in terms of Dawa whenever you use the word God rather use the word creator, creator, everyone understands what I mean by creator. When I say God, it means one thing to me. God means something else to another person. Creator is the better terminology. So we say, okay, let's put all our differences aside. We agree that there is one Creator, yes, you won't find the religion where they said none of these are creative for the moon, and there's a creator for the

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Son was a creator for the Muslims and a creative for the Hindu. No, no, everyone will say that is one Creator. The same one that made me made you made the son was a yes, we all agree let's call him creator. So those we all believe in one Creator. What is so special about Islam? Kulu Allah had we all believe in this? So yes, but what do you worship? Who do you worship?

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You believe in the Creator, but you worship who? Jesus? You believe in a creator, one Creator, but you worship your ancestors? You believe in a creator, but your worship statues, idols? That doesn't make sense? Why do you do that? And this is the fundamental difference between Islam and all other religions. Islam says La ilaha illallah, that there is none that you should worship besides your Creator, that you do not need to go through a Jesus Christ you do not need to go through a nubby or a Wali, we come at when idol an ancestor, you can directly ask Allah, Allah, I need you. That is what Islam is offering you. And I who wouldn't take that, who would rather choose I want a religion

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where I need to go via via intermediaries to get to the Creator, versus you have a direct line to the rubble and I mean, the Lord of all unity of all of creation. We raise our hands and we say to anyone, anyone that believes in a supreme creator, we ask, Can this supreme creator be overridden? Can someone overpower him said no, if this supreme creator wants good for me, to give me a job to open some door Baraka, can anybody withhold? It says no.

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If my ancestors want to bless me, but the creator of the universe doesn't want to bless me, will they be able to do anything? No. So then why even speak to them in the first place, go directly to the Lord of all of creation, in his hand is all power. And this Subhanallah is Islam, as I keep saying, has a lot to it. It has Salah and it has fasting as it's a very detailed Sharia. But in the core of its theology to a very simple theology. I was made by a creator, that creator is the only one that can benefit me and harm me and to him, I return, so I want to worship Him alone. When I speak, I speak to him only when I worship Him alone. That's it. There is no Trinity, anything beyond

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that. And this makes sense to humanity. This is the fitrah and so if you look at the Quran, Allah tells us give Dawa and follow the religion of Nabhi Brahim Nabi Rahim at a very simplistic message, and we conclude with the story of Nabil Ibrahim. Allah says what do Allah who never Ibrahim tell them the story of Ibrahim if called the obi he will call me Hema to Abu Dhabi Brahim asked his father and now remember his people worship idols, statues and be Ibrahim's dad was the idol maker. He made the statues. So now people around him as a young boy couldn't understand how are you making the stone on the ground? And then tomorrow, it's in the masjid and they're worshiping But dad made

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that how is that thing giving you rain? If Daddy made it yesterday, comment doesn't make sense. So he asked him, What are you worshiping called? Buddha Islam and they said, We worship idols for another low level Aquafina, and we make it decaf we worship it and devote and pray and cry towards these things. So nobody brought him asked these the people. Hell yesterday, is to their own does do these things here you does this idle, understand what you're saying? Does Jesus hear what you're saying? Does the comet hear what you're saying? Do the ancestors hear what you're saying? Oh, yeah. And if I want to call your room, and can they benefit you harm you? Can this thing being rain? Can

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this thing give you an increase in your job? If you're sick? And this thing kill you? Can that man in the grave benefit you called who? About an academic you should not I don't know, we just found our forefathers doing this. So we just go with the flow we just do what we were done was always been known. So then the people around him was called alpha, male quantum taboo don't. So have you never really he asked him? Have you nearly taken a moment to consider what it is that you're worshiping? And to what about you and your forefathers? Have you not taken a moment just to ask yourself to ponder? Does this make sense nobody was asking him. Then he says, As for me, I have rejected all of

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them. I do not worship any of these things. Illa rubble Alameen I worship the one who made the universe, even saying, Look, I don't know what name, what color, whatever. I know the universe is created by a Creator that I do know, whatever name and according we call him the Creator, that one I want to worship, not something you made, not someone that was born and died, not someone that came on, according to them died on a cross. No, no, I reject all these things. I worship the one who made the universe under the Hala Connie, the one who made me for all your deen and I hope that you will guide me wonder the Who are you to earn money while you spin and he's the one that feeds me and

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gives me drink whatever, I'm ready to follow your screen and when I'm sick, he's the one that kills me. While the you meet two needs sumo you're in and he will cause me to die. And I'll go back to him that one and again if you ask any person You said he's the one who made you is the one that controls the universe is the one that feeds you will help you benefit you when you die. We'll go back to him. So yeah, there is one like that. So why don't you worship that one? You absolutely Why don't you worship that one? That one and the one you worship is not the same? That doesn't make sense.

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So then Subhan Allah and he then he says, well are the automl angiography really Hatha

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it hotter and hotter it you're with Dean and he says, I hope and therefore I hope when I die and I go back to Him, you will forgive me and you'll have mercy on me, I will make the other one returned to Allah, you will grant us mercy. And so these simple, simple, yet very deep, profound questions is really the start of your conversation in Dawa. Why are we here? What is it? We're going to our destination? Do you believe in a creator? Do you believe is anyone other than Him that controls universe? Who do you worship? And so Islam says, the message of Islam, you and I have a direct link. Every person has a direct link to the Lord of the alameen and when we return to him to make dua,

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that returning is good. I mean, we continue next week in a more interfaith kind of discussion, we'll look at what the Hindus believe, what do the Christians believe versus Islam and inshallah we'll discuss that inshallah in a mature way. Inshallah just a few announcements. We've got our Hajj workshop tomorrow, it's one of our fully booked but we will make the updates available. So if anyone needs to attend, especially for urges to prioritize the judge, then we've made a few classes a few extra seating upstairs. So but please, you have to let us know this afternoon so we can make the arrangements but our hearts workshop handle is fully booked. And then we make the offer with the

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customer ally who's you know, married with his manager is always always there. You will see his absence at the cheese in ICU we make to Algonquin Shiva, Allah subhanaw taala make it grant him a full recovery and granting me strength I mean chicken so much was Allah say that Mohammed when I started Islam selling hamlet of the LME, I said I wanted to get