The Condition Of Madinah At The End Of Time

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Hello Salam Bada bing I'm humbled and my daddy was selling the steamer Cathy rotten mama bad. So how many of you visited Medina this year?

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Division Medina this year, Umrah or Hajj. May Allah subhana give you the chance to visit general Bananaman. How was that the city that your visit Tada look like? beautiful, gorgeous, right? kandalama Do you know that there will be a time when there'll be nobody there except for animals?

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That beautiful city that you've enjoyed the environment and the weather was just like, Wow, it's beautiful. The gathering of the freefall. She just looked amazing. Every time you hear that Daniel come down, people walk in from all directions. Suhana just like unbelievable. You come into the matches like a beehive people reading praying. Amazing. There will be time at the end of time as a profit center scribe. That's going to be one of the signs of the Day of Judgment which was mentioned Hadith number 1823. From Raja Salah Haman. Remember never Mr. Lautaro speaker on this as one of the last signs of the Day of Judgment how Medina is going to be empty. And on on the site of Medina

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itself. There will be one of the last events before the whole hours established. And that is the death of the last two human being before they come as established. And you mentioned this headed Carla and Abby relative of the Allahu Anhu color similar to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Would you have to call on Medina Tara hiree Makka Lai of SHA Eliza. Yeah, I knew that offense a survival tire. Karla Salah Salem, people will desert and Medina in spite of it being in better condition except for the wild beast and birds.

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And if you notice right now the way Medina is structured hunt Allah. And in the past in the past the entire city of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the entire city, all of its structure was actually within the masjid campus today. See how the budget is how big that is? This is how big the city used to be. If you go out of that city, courthouse, you're out of the city, the city limits right now. anyone remembers mesothelioma? Mesothelioma remember the route the walking route that leads to Koba when we were walking from there, going to cover right on the right side, there was a masjid a small Masjid right and when you go on outside of the masjid court, towards the direction towards the walk

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to Hoba on the right side there is Mo salah they are measured they're called message raga mama, the measure of the cloud or something like that.

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Why was it called Meza mama or why is so special about this Masjid? It was the masjid of masala aid. These were the prophets Allah Sam used to praise Allah today. And if you remember where did the province update the people facade right? Outdoors

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and for us it's just the same campus of the muscle the muscle itself right outside of them as it coats panel that's how small the city used to be. And now as you can see it's about a Rama and people walk from distance, faraway and hotels all around. They want us to come to pray. So hamdulillah because we have technology. We have cars you know we have all these golf carts people you know driving around the masjid nebi Salah Salem transportation is easy for people come frequently. May Allah subhana wa Tada continued to keep in Medina always followed people forever Darren Bananaman but what happens if all this technology is gone?

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No gas

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no fossil fuel.

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Nothing no planes to fly. And notice law no electricity. Imagine luck that Allah of this habit eventually something like this is gonna happen because no matter how much we try, unfortunately we will consume the resources of Allah subhanaw taala he put up for us on Earth or the greed of people end up maybe fighting over these resources with battles that Allah knows what kind of weapons you're gonna be using eventually destroys everything. So therefore what will happen there how many people will be living inside my tent in the view salon

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until right now until right before even the

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the kind of like prosperity age in Saudi Arabia at the time. Medina was very small, very, very small, meaning the population would be just in the few 1000s That's it. Maximum right now mashallah a lot of people live there in Medina. So the time might be coming again, with the population of Medina will dwindle down back again to that small number.

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But the prophet saw Sam says there will be a time when Medina will be in the best condition. XL Medina is still in the best condition. hamdulillah the masjid is good, the community is good, but not as big as it used to be probably. Then he said Salah SamCart

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people desert and Medina. Now why would people desert Medina anyway? Even though the Prophet mentioned the Hadith call, while Medina to Cairo LA home Locarno, Allah moon and Medina.

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is better for them, if they just if they would know that, like if they just keep that in their mind. He mentioned that Salah Salem when the conquest began, or this prophets of the conquest, when he said Salah samples of the Hashem and he said of the Holy Roman of the whole era of the he said, these countries will be opened will be conquered Yemen, Syria, and Iraq and so on, we conquered and people will be flourishing will be running towards them, they're going to leave and just go to live there. And he says, Salah, Sam Caldwell, Medina to highroller home loca and we

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have the same Medina as well for them. If they just can't hit that moment, it's better for them to stay in Medina, that's for the purpose or some other commandment for the for the Sahaba or the ultra modern or this the OMA back then eventually, why would people desert Medina at the end of time, so there are a lot of theories, a lot of interpretation from the Allama. Some of the alarma they say, the reason for that is because of the volume of the hubcap, the injustice that will come from from from the rulers at that time. So they will kind of like take people out of the city and keep you know, deporting people who's gonna stay there.

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Medina without hogenom raba has doesn't have much resources. And that's why it's always been occupied with a small number of people are the blessings of Allah subhana de Mistura upon the city and the country 1000s And hundreds of 1000s come into the area. So does that mean people are going to start live, that's another interpretation because the resources will start dwindling down again, become very limited. And people they had to live. So So living because they can't live anymore. Imagine if the whole hospitality industry, hotel industry all collapses. Because no one is flying, no one is coming in. So who's gonna hire these people? And there is no resources to pay these people

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that we're going to do live in the city, looking somewhere else for jobs SubhanAllah. So that's another reason as to why it could happen. And others say no, it actually happens right before the end of time. When people you Sharon, as in the Hadith interview, Salah, Salah mentioned one of the sons of the Day of Judgment, a fire from Yemen, that will be so massive, that shortness of breath, start taking the people to his mashup, in a sham so we will start living towards actually to the north. So the living to the north. So proudly that was the time when the people leave Medina, there was the North as one of the last times of the day of judgment that he mentioned salaallah Salah as a

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result, because now it's empty, because it's empty right now. Only the wild animals and wild beasts will be going around. Probably won't even terminal. You haven't seen wild beasts over there. Maybe except for cats and kittens, right? All over Medina. But besides that

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there are a lot of wild animals in the mountains in the desert as well to even in the past they had lions actually the ribbon parents that if you don't know that they had lions and mountain lions as well too. So this properly is reason why this flourishing again, coming down to the city itself. Carlos SallAllahu Sallam will ask you to my Yorkshire, Brian Eman Musina, he said Salah Salem. And then the last hour will happen upon to shepherds of the tribal Medina. Medina is one of the tribes from out of a model. Especial actually area and urban Peninsula. And he says there are several shepherds, and they would bring their flocks to the city of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. That's

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what we usually do. They graze the animals in the countryside. And then they come to the city to sell them and trade and so on. It was called so these two shepherds coming back to the city with their flocks, and your economy Bernie Bivona Mahima they were driving their sheep, but we'll find it full of wild beasts and they will find nothing for you if you don't have a Hilscher they find the city whether this fight the city deserted, or they find wild beasts and some aroma they scented

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with hydrogen for Tilbury. They said perhaps the shepherds they noticed the behavior of their flock to be off a lot of it. They said they found their their flock to be off. It's not behaving as it should be also usual. Something concerning basic suddenly concerns them. And as a result, God had either Bhairava 30 year tell WADA Corolla will do Hema, he said so as a result they keep moving up north so they leave the city they go up north until they reach the nearer to Rhoda.

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Maybe you heard the word the native vada or

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in a very popular song, Don Alba drala and MSN utilidad right ciliata Rhoda it's more of like

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a hill, a hill that is on the north of Medina on the way to go to a HUD.

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That's when people used to travel. They travel from that direction. Currently 30 to a DA isn't within the city limits of vermillion and

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back then it was way out but

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outside when the city of Rasul Allah in Salah Salem he said when they arrive at any hotel whether Hora Allahu Hema they will fall on their faces which means what? That and they'll be the last two people to die before Allah Subhana Allah give the order for the hour to be established as one of the popular opinions on the meaning of Hadith May Allah subhana wa Tada made it easy on all of us a little bit Alameen because I don't want you to be on that moment as your mom

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is not as not right the right time to be.

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I don't know say alive. Because the Prophet says Sam says letter Comosa Allah Allah shall help. The hour will not be established except on the worst people. So maybe there was Allahu Alem they said maybe the last of the two good people the last two good people that were left on earth before Allah subhanho wa Taala allows the hour to be established. And how about the other half of the day the province has mentioned the Hadith before the Day of Judgment, Allah will send a wind three breeze and that breeze The believers will breathe that breeze that caused them to die peacefully before Allah subhana give the order for the day of judgment to be established. May Allah subhanaw taala

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save us from the Dr. Bananaman Wallah. Any questions? Yes.

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so the question is about the job because of the job we're not going to be coming into Medina. So is there a timeframe between the judge arrival and then that time? Well the element they give estimates really nothing nothing conclusive from the Prophet sighs on Sunday say 40 years but is that enough to say four years from the time of the journey Sally Salaam and then he does and then that's happened Medina Allah who died but there is no conclusive time frame between the two that are offered the way after the Jana Yahweh after the GA

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so well that incident happened after the blown that Trump trumpet which is basically the

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soul the answer is this going to be happening before they will die and then the Allah's would order the engine to blow into the soul and the trumpet and as a result, the whole piano starts now with Allah

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subhanaw Nikolova 100 Assura learn to surrogate to work as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi