Why ain’t all duas accepted as exactly requested

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a video game where the host is trying to convince the host to make a millionaire. The host is trying to convince the host to allow him to make a millionaire, but the host is hesitant and refuses to ask him to the host to make him a millionaire. The host eventually becomes a millionaire and becomes successful in the game.
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In the Quran in surah number 15 is number 21. Allah said we're in militia in caring for the you know, Allah says anything that is existing anything that is existing I've got plenty of it plenty of it. But Allah says woman who knows Zulu who will love your daddy madam, but I give it in due portion I dig it in, I select how much to give who I select that Allah says in the Quran. Okay? Why does Allah do that Allah says in the Holy Quran in surah number 42 item 27 He says while wassup Allah who visited everybody, if Allah was to expand his provisions for His servants, then there would be a lot of corruption on the earth. You guys understand that? Yes or no?

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I had only two sisters saying yes. The rest of you either fast in getting to you, or you completely completely missed you. Let me explain to you bro, what it actually means right?

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If you're asking Allah that you want to become a multimillionaire

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which a lot of you are,

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frankly so Okay, but what you didn't know is that your brother in your house is also asking for the same dollar and so is your sister. Marla may make me a multimillionaire once I become multi millionaire all my problems are going to disappear overnight my multi billionaire millionaire right? But you didn't know that your brother's wife is also making same DUA

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and your mother is making the same diet as her mother in law.

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Now imagine Allah makes everybody multimillionaire in one go, you become multimillionaire your brother your brother's wife, your mother, your sister, everyone multimillionaire. Don't you guys have some beef in your house already existing between your sister and your brother's wife? Yes or no guys?

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It's like, hey, oh, this is like hey,

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you know what that means? is going on that I want admitted that you already have some beef going on between your brother's wife and your mother. Mother in Law daughter in law, you know, the Lord of you are quite on that one. I'm sorry to have lost you in that one. It's going on. Do you have beef between sometime brothers and sisters? Yes. And I will honestly say yours. Wow, I like this. Yeah, let's do it. Do you have beef between brothers and brothers in the house? Yes. Okay. There's a lot of beef, some beef, some form of my imagine you become multimillionaires, all of a sudden. When people get a lot of money days, spend what they want and after that they get to a position where

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they tried to you know get into areas they shouldn't get into. Right people who have suddenly found wealth they suddenly find a life that they never had. And a lot of people do these people end up gambling I've had I've had a brother come up to me a very good sincere brother prays five times daily Salah mashallah five times a Salah he's a good good brother when you look at him, mashallah, he's given a lot of sadaqa a lot of zakat throughout the throughout the world. And he told me, I'm not going to reveal who he is. But he told me, he said a chef, please make draft and one day he sat with me and said, Please share. I need to get out. I said, What? He's been blessed with so much

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wealth. I said what he said, you know, somehow we're friends. And then I went on a boat, okay, on a ship on a cruise. And in the cruise thing. I know, they were gambling, and I happen to sit there and slowly, slowly I sat there and I thought, You know what, I've got the money anyway, let me just gamble a little bit and gamble a little bit and he got addicted to it.

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He got addicted to it. And it took him several months and years to get out of it. Right? Um, hamdulillah the brothers you know, out of it, but it took him several months and years to get out and people get into things with their life that they wouldn't have ever done if they never had that money and I look sometimes Allah has restricted me and he's restricting you it's a good thing if he does receive me now is for you to carry on asking him make me a multimillionaire fine. You can ask him no one's telling you not to ask that you ask but don't get frustrated when you look at your bank balance

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don't look at a bank

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I can't believe what I'm seeing. It's up to Allah what He does in terms of you know limiting what he gives me and when we get to the next dive we will all understand guys I know everyone sitting here has got problems, some form of problems if you got no problems at all and you sitting in this hole raise your hand right now.

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Right Welcome to planet earth. Oh my servants lo Anna Oh, well.

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If the first of you the last of you, in circle Medina, if all the humans if all the genes all of you from Adam unless and until the last man on the on the Day of Judgment. If all of you

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were to all stand on one platform, every gene every woman, every man, every human every you know whether Allah has you know from gyms and men

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They stood up one letter from Allah says if all of you were to ask me make dua to me and say to me, give me this Allah give me imagine you've everything you could ever ask for everything 100% You carried on and carried on and carried on and carried on? So did every other person is hold every human every gene did that Allah give you this go look at that word in minutes over, Allah says I would have been able to fulfill every single person's wishes and give you everything you want. And from the treasures that I have, nothing would diminish not even the extent to when you take a needle and you put it into an ocean and you take the needle out and the little droplet at the end of the

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needle that has come out with the needle, not even the amount of that droplet has diminished from my treasures.

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That's how much Allah has