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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now moves on to the next major pre – emptive battle which resulted in the expulsion of the jews from the city of Madinah finally. He begins by giving a quick recap on the way they reached Arabia, their origins, the events that transpired and much more.

The first tribe to be expelled was the Banu Qaynuqa followed by Banu Nadheer and then Banu Quraydha. The final tribe was executed for treason as has been elaborated upon in previous lectures. The first two tribes moved to Khaybar and began making their existence there. Their leaders were  Huyayy ibn Akhtab and Salam ibn Abul Huqayq who were clear and hostile enemies of the Muslims in Madinah. They were the sole Jew troublemakers and threat for the Muslims and needed to be dealt with .

So the Prophet ﷺ gathered an army of 1700 men and marched towards Khaybar in the month of Muharram. After a long fight against the people of Khaybar, the Prophet ﷺ hands over the flag to Ali Ibn Abi Talib RA to take charge and do not return until they have testified that Allah is the One and only Lord and Muhammad ﷺ is His Messenger SAW. Otherwise, they will cease to be protected from the Muslims.

Ali RA killed Mirhab and claimed the biggest victory for the Muslims,after claiming the fortress of Na’im and As Sa’ab. With the defeat of the castle of Zubair, the Muslims proclaimed victory on one half of Khaybar. The other half of Khaybar constituted 9 mini battles and was certainly not a walk in the park for the Muslims.

Eventually, victory was achieved and so as a safety net, the people of Khaybar struck a deal which was lucrative to the Muslims. What was the deal? Listen intently and be mesmerised by the unique ways in which Allah’s Qadr works.

As a result of the battle of Khaybar, the Quraysh were now even more vulnerable and felt demoralised. The people of the land of Fadak also agreed to the exact same conditions as the people of Khaybar and hence, without even stepping foot there, Allah gifted the land of Fadak to the Prophet ﷺ from which he managed the expenses of his family.

Khaybar was without an iota of doubt,  the greatest conquest seen in the seerah of the Prophet ﷺ as it resulted in a huge amount of Ghanima – land, sheep, goats,food, armour, weapons and much more.


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This minimum 100 deductible alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina, Muhammad Ali, he was a big marine about. So today we will begin with the Battle of haber. We finished the Treaty of Libya. And the next major incident is the Battle of labor. And before we begin the battle, however, just a very quick recap of the Jewish tribes in the Arabian Peninsula because the Battle of hybrid represents the final expulsion of the Yoo hoo the tribes that were in Arabia at the time where it should be more precise central Arabia at the time, and a lot of Muslims always get confused between all of the various tribes. So just a quick recap of some of the previous incidents that have taken place about

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the the interaction between the Muslims and the yahood. And who can remind me how did we have you heard in central Arabia? How did they get there? Who can remind me?

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So one theory says they came from Yemen, that's one theory. Another theory. How did we have you who the central Arabia

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so another theory, they were sent to by Moosa himself looking for a profit, and we said, This theory really seems a bit of a stretch and imagination, but it is found in some of the early books. Another theory is that the Jews of Central Arabia were there from the Jewish diaspora. Now what is the Jewish diaspora? The Jewish diaspora is the expulsion of the Jews from Jerusalem, and there are considered to be three diasporas are there two major ones and one minor one, the major one, the earliest one took place in 587 BC, when the infamous Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple of Solomon, and he exiled the Jews from Jerusalem. And this was the first expulsion and that was one most of

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them went to Iran. And one theory says some came to Arabia, but that honestly that seems way too early. Because 587 bc means 1000 years before the Prophet systems birth, that seems too early. The second asper took place in 70 ce II, under the Roman Emperor Titus, once again, the the Temple of Solomon was destroyed. And once again, the Jews scattered everywhere. And it is most likely in this diaspora that the Jews made their way down south to Yemen, most likely, there was a minor diaspora in 135, see, under the Emperor Hadrian. So basically similar to the 70 see just another 50 years after that, and most likely it was the second diaspora. So the first diaspora when the Jews went to

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yet to Iran, and that is what Iran has always had a large Jewish population to this day, there are many Jews in Iran. This goes back to the first diaspora. Over 2500 years ago, the second diaspora took place, as we said, 70 ce, and most likely, that was the diaspora, that the Jews went down to Yemen, Yemen, and either some of them just settled in yesterday at the time, that's one theory, or another theory, which actually makes more sense. A group of Yemeni Jews after having settled in Yemen for hundreds of years, they actually went back up north, to yesterday. And this explains many things. This explains why there were Arab in culture, in language in tribes, because it is not of

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the methodology or of the ethnic makeup of the Jews to be divided into these types of tribes. Whereas in yesterday, there were divided into tribes. You had the bundle konyukhov, the bundle novia you had the bundle corrida, and you had other small tribes, and it is not of the character of the Jewish nation to be divided into tribes. This is a very Arab thing. Where did they get this from? Most likely? It seems that this Allah knows best. And I've researched this as much as I'm capable of researching. To me, it seems that the most logical theory is that after the second asper of 70, see, large groups of Jews came and settled in Yemen. And we have historical evidence that Yemeni Jews

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have been in Yemen for around 2000 years. Right. We have historical evidence, we have records you have and by the way, we all know Yemen was a civilization far more advanced than central Arabia, where the process of them was sent. Yemen had a kingdom, Yemen had civil rights in Yemen data history. We have records from Yemeni kings, who are enacting treaties with the Jews. And these treaties they date back 1600 years, 1700 years. So the Jewish presence in Yemen is very ancient. And that's very clear. By the way, there are no Jews in Yemen anymore because in 1947

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4849 there was a huge airlifting, which America helped do as well financially, where they airlifted the Yemeni Jews to the modern nation of Israel. And from what I understand there's only a handful of Yemeni Jews left in Yemen, literally just maybe 50 or so left, but the bulk of them have been repatriated into Israel. And they make up a unique ethnic group because they have a heritage that is different from Ashkenazi, and from Sephardim and from Methodism, there's three major groups, Yemenis are neither of these, but anyway, they're going to attention, let's get back here. So Allah knows best. But it appears that the Jews of Central Arabia came from Jerusalem to Yemen in 70 ce, then

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some time, we don't know when we have no records whatsoever. And if you remember, this was the problem of the history of the Jews in Arabia, we don't have any records other than the Islamic records. There's no mention of them in non Islamic sources. So we don't know when they came, what their history is. And then of course, as we know, eventually all the number expelled by the Muslim so we have no record other than what is mentioned in our sources. So where did they come from Allah knows, but most likely, they came back up from Yemen, maybe 100 years or 150 years before the advent of the process from to yesterday, maybe around 200 300 ce, not five, 600 years before they come into

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the process of why do we know this? Because if you look at their quantity, in the etheric, and their tribes, three major tribes, generally speaking, generally speaking, the more people that are born into a tribe, the more the tribe subdivides, this is the general way you cannot have too large of a tribe, or else the system doesn't function. Neither can you have too small of a tribe, you need a proper quantity. And the fact that there's three tribes, and their quantity probably is around 6000 male Jews in Medina at the time 5000. So 5000 Jews going back maybe 300 years really does make sense. If you extrapolate back that in the beginning, there may be 50, or 80, or 100, Jews would

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have come a small group, just a caravan of maybe 20 families. Right. And from those 20 families, they then started their tribal descendant yesterday. So Allah knows best we have no clear indication. But it seems that the Jews of yesterday were there for around 200 years before the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this also explains the Oh send the Hudson Raj why they seem comfortable with the year hood of year three. Why? Because the house and the houses are also from Yemen, if you remember, we talked about this, the sender has Raj are also from Yemen. They are not from the hijas region, they have migrated up as well. So perhaps Allah knows best

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perhaps, either the hood came there first and then the O's and the hustlers felt comfortable settling with them. And they also felt a win win situation. We need quantity and protection. You guys newest back in Yemen, we have some alliances and treaties. So let's continue that or the other way around the ocean hazard shuttle first. And then the hood of Yemen said, Why don't we also have an alliance with you? So eventually, the both of them are in yesterday. And this really makes sense if we say the both of them originated from Yemen. And this is the theory that I say analyze the world knows best. So remind me quickly, which was the first Jewish tribe that

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had some issues and they were expelled, who can remind me

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the benoquin Oh car and one was the benoquin opaq spelled.

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When was the benoquin or expelled? This is a quiz you didn't know a surprise quiz today. When was the bundle Kleenex box built?

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Right after butter. Right after butter. It was expelled right after buttered in show while of the second year of the hedgerow. And the reason for this was that they had given veiled threats to the prophet SAW Selim, that you haven't fought real men, if you have real men that we would have one. And then the second tribe is who did and the interview took place after the Battle of boyhood. And the reason for this was they tried to assassinate the process of I told him to sit over here, conveniently under a wall and they went and they decided to try to assassinate him and jabril came and told him to leave. And so the bernedoodle D were expelled as well. And then, of course,

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the last of the tribes was that they were not expelled. They were in fact executed as we had mentioned, and that was because of the treason during the Battle of the Battle of Hunter. Okay, so with this expulsion, all three of the yahudi tribes of Medina were eliminated there was no yahudi tribe in Medina. However, the banana lead the bundle novia those that had been expelled before and also the bundle Kai nucar elements amongst them they migrated to hyper

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and hyper was the closest tribe yahudi tribe from Medina and especially

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The leaders of them Hurry up who's the father of Sofia, who is going to become the wife of the processor, and Salaam, even. These were very open and hostile enemies, they move to high bar. And from high bar, they continue to instigate the Muslims. And we know that in the Battle of the trench, the yahood of high bar helped some of the fighters from the Battle of the trench. And they were the ones who convinced the battle Korea to also break the treaty. If you remember, members of the bonanova of the bundle pain or the first two trips, they actually traveled to Medina during the trench siege, and they made their way to the Bonnaroo corridor. And they were the ones who convinced

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them remember the story? Right? They were the ones who convinced them that break your treaty, we will support you don't worry, we have your back. Right remember that story there. And additionally, they helped one of the factions of the Battle of the trench with their arms with their weapons. And therefore, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as soon as the Treaty of per day BIA was finalized, and the threat from the horsh was eliminated. Now, he can worry about the one potential threat in his backyard. And that is the people of hyper there was only one threat left in the local vicinity and that is the people of hyper and hyper what is hyper hyper is a luscious, fertile city

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230 kilometres north of Medina. So hybrid is above Medina, whereas Mecca is south hybrid is north of Medina. And high bar sits at the top of a huge underwater River. You know, there are rivers that are not underwater, but underground river sorry,

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huge underground current that flows in many of you should notice that there are actually large rivers that flow under ground and high bar and Medina both of them they actually sit on top of these huge undercurrents, and high bar actually has far more fertile land, then Medina in terms of mass hybrid is larger, but there was a smaller city, they have more land, but there's not that many people living there. Whereas Medina has more people and the quantity of land is less. So however, the name hybrid It is said that it is it goes back to one of the Armada called the Amalekites. That his name was haber or another opinion says that it goes back to the Jewish name for a fortress

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hypermobile. They say I don't know I haven't checked the Jewish or Hebrew dictionaries Excuse me. They say there's a Hebrew word for fortress hyah beer. So this is hybrid comes from that. Or another theory is that it actually comes from an Arabic word. And hubiera and hobbit hear me would mean fertile. So hybrid of that, which is fertile giving you lots of, of luscious land. And hybrid was one of the largest date producing areas in the entire Arabian peninsula. And it was populated only by yahoodi tribes. There were no Arab tribes and Claiborne hiber was a completely yahoodi area. And they had done what they had done in every other land. And that is they had built their unique

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fortresses. And this again shows us that most likely the hood of Central variable from Saudi Arabia, because building fortresses is more of a Saudi Arabian phenomenon. Whereas it had they come directly from Jerusalem, how would they know how to build a fortress? Right? So again, this kind of shows us that the Jews of Central Arabia of Medina of yesterday of high bar, they come from Saudi Arabia, which is Yemen, and Yemen, they have the knowledge of building dams, they have the knowledge of building fortresses. So this adds to this theory that the who the central there will be actually are coming from Yemen. But we had mentioned before, the Arabs had not mastered the art of building

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fortresses. The hood kept it a secret, they did not teach anybody else how to build these massive fortresses, and it was not in the custom of the Arabs, except one or two who tried to imitate them and their fortresses were second rate. The real fortresses were built by the hoody, tribes and high bar was known in the entire Arabian peninsula as having the biggest and the most magnificent of these fortresses. And it's not just one fortress, rather, every mini tribe of the hood had their own fortress. So we can imagine every mini tribe of 100 200 300, maybe even 500, the entire mini town mini city, it is living inside this completely walled fortress and their fortresses were walled and

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they were and they were impenetrable for the Muslims who didn't have any other weapons they didn't have. At the time, they did not have any major weapons to actually destroy the walls of fortresses as we will see, that's one of the issues of hybrid, and therefore the Muslims realize this would be a very difficult battle. Because you are battling against a wall of fortress. What can you do?

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And this is one of the reasons why cyber was problematic. And we mentioned the main reason for attacking cyber was frankly, it was a pre emptive there was no immediate threat from haber. ie, there was no plot coming, the hybrids gonna attack now. But haber were treacherous. And haber would do anything, especially the balloon, oh dear people to get back at their land in Medina. And so it was a pre emptive attack, so that the people of flavor do not launch an attack against Medina. And also, by the way, you know me to be somebody who doesn't beat around the bush. I don't have any problem being politically incorrect. The fact of the matter is, this was how things worked. back

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then. It was the survival of the fittest. Heiberg did not have any treaty with Medina. Had there been a treaty we can maybe discuss, there is no treaty. And in those days, every single land has to be prepared. Why do you think the hood had a fortress in the first place? Because the whole land of Arabia was peaceful, lovey w singing Kumbaya didn't worry that way. Survival of the fittest, every single tribe would wait for an opportunity to attack another tribe. That was the lay of the land. And people who quote this and say, Oh, look at this, look at this. We say to them in response. This was how every single group did it. Muslim, Christian, Jewish pagan, that was the law of the time.

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And we don't have to necessarily import import that into our times. We firmly believe when there's a treaty, we have to abide by the treaty. And in modern times, scholars are free to derive Islamic law for 2013. But Islamic law at this point in time, there is no treaty with the people of Piper and they are completely legitimate targets. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam announced that he was going to fiber and probably around 1700 people again, exact numbers are difficult. 16 700 people marched with him to fiber and slight difference between when it took place in his heart says hybrid took place in one of the seventh year after the hedgerow and walk that he says it was

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suffered or revered over of the seventh year, one month apart. And this is easy to reconcile It began in Harlem it ended in sofar, which makes complete sense, Mr. Maddock and his delivery they said Muharram of the sixth year of the hedgerow, but this goes back to their calculation of the hijra. If you remember we said some scholars considered the first year of the history to be the year before the hedgerow IE zero hedgerow. So, in reality, what these when they say six ah they mean seven according to the standard that was later adopted. So the majority of position moharan seven ah was one hyper took place. And this shows us that the Muslims barely rested for two weeks after they

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beat the shows us the process was thinking what is the next step? This shows us the long term planning of the process and barely two weeks have gone by after they returned from her her baby. And immediately he is thinking of clever, because hybrid is the only threat in central Arabia and the Muslims left in high spirits. Although the books of Hadith Sahih Muslim, they mentioned

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that when the Muslims were marching, they were so enthused, they were shouting at the top of their voices. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allah, they were screaming, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said yohannes illa, baru, Allah and fusi come or people be gentle with yourselves, calm down, relax, you're going to tie yourselves out. For verily, the one that you are calling out to is not deaf. He can hear you and he can see you and he is nearer to you than your jugular vein. Right under another version, he said he is with you, well, who am I? So Allah is with us in his knowledge Allah hears wherever we are. So and there is no need to raise your voice that loud. And

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the process of the Marsden hybrid is 230 kilometers. So in our times, it'll take literally two hours an hour and 40 minutes by car. So it's not that far away. 230 kilometers is not that far away. And the process of reach there probably in less than two days of marching and he did not stop until he was right outside the city or not. There was no city Excuse me. What was hyper hyper was a bunch of fortresses, how many fortresses the books of sera mentioned quite a lot. And for sure, there were others that are not mentioned, there's at least eight or nine fortresses most likely maybe 15 fortresses, and each of these fortresses is its own mini camp, and hyper was divided into two

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halves, ie in one half, there was like 678 fortresses, and then on the other side of the plains was another 678 small fortresses and each of these small fortresses was within visual sight of the other. So the two halves are far away, but within these two halves, so remember, what is playable hybrid is a large land. Hybrid is many acres of green, lush land. Hybrid has lots of agricultural land and upon which dates are being harvested and within this

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land, the land had basically two halves on one Have you had a number of fortresses within visual distance. And then on the other half, we don't know the exact distance between these two houses. But we can imagine it's going to be a few hours marching, there was going to be other of these fortresses. And when the Prophet system came to high bar, it was a complete surprise for the people of HyperX. They were not expecting in the slightest anything to happen immediately. And sahadi informs us in a number of books that the Prophet system intentionally kept the night away from haber. So they started marching before fudger, to completely surprised them. And when they finally

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came within the distance of the first camp, or the first fortress, they saw the people exiting the fortress, with their clothes and with their axes, and with their tools to go to the farm to go to the agricultural, you know, to take care of their fields, with the you know, all of the instruments that is needed for harvesting. And when they saw the Muslims, they abandoned their instruments, and they rushed back running, calling out that Mohammed and his army has arrived, Mohammed and his army has arrived. Now pause here, the very fact that they say this shows that even though they're surprised, it's not a complete surprise.

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They knew that they had crossed some boundaries, and that if anybody is going to attack them, it is going to be the prophets or summon the armies. So they yelled out that Mohammed has arrived, Mohammed has arrived. And this clearly shows they were dreading. They had this premonition because they have done something they shouldn't have done. And they know there is a threat from the Muslims. And so when the process of them came, so then he they ran inside, and they closed the doors and they sealed it. And here is one of the profitsystem uttered his famous lines which are mentioned in every book of Sierra and every book of Hadith. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, hurry, but hiber

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that are the process of said, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. haber has been destroyed one night, and then we sat at home in fissara Saba moons that in and whenever we arrived at the border of a land or a country or a people, then what an evil morning, what an evil morning it is, for those that have been warned. In other words, they're in for some tough times now. And the profitsystem is saying honey, but hyper hyper has been now destroyed, it will be destroyed. And the books of Sierra basically mentioned a bunch of incidents as usual, we have to piece them together. And what we piece together is the following that the prophets are some of the Sahaba they conquered one fortress at a

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time. They can't because now what's happened, all of the tribes have locked themselves up. All of them have basically sought protection in their own unique fortresses. And perhaps this was one of the reasons for downfall, that in their ingenuity, they never thought, what if an army comes straight to our land, we will not be able to help one another. And each group will have to face the entire army, which is exactly what happened. That no doubt if a small raiding party would come, these fortresses would help. But what if an army would come 17 1800 people, maybe even 2000 people, each of these mini fortresses would not have more than 500, max min, max 500, maybe even two 300

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some of them, you're not going to be able to fight that army. So in their ingenuity, they had a gaping hole in their construction of these fortresses, and that is they could not unite to fight against an army. And in this was their downfall. So the Profit System kept on targeting one fortress after another. And some of the names of these fortresses have been preserved so they would name their fortresses abandoned, abandoned is our a sub fortress of wound is our fortress, one of the fortresses Na Na and was one of the largest fortresses and the Muslims fought 10 days and they threw arrows and they did whatever they could and Obama took charge for a few days and armor took charge.

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And for 10 days they fought and one of the famous Sahaba Medina muslimah ansaldi. He died he died a Shaheed when the people of the fortress they threw a large log. So you know one of the one of the tactics of the people though the fortress is you throw things, you know if See you all seen these movies, where they have things they throw, boiling oil, they throw that they have slits for the arrows, they throw heavy objects. So this is all the parts of the tactics of the fortress, and the Muslims did not have ever encountered this before in Makkah. in Medina, this is something that is new for them, and they did not quite know what to do more of an estimate on Sati one of the unsolved

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he came too close to the edge and they threw a large log onto him and they squashed him to death and he died a Shaheed and this was

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Very demoralizing to see the death of Mahmoud in this manner. And so the Sahaba for 10 days were battling this one fortress and now I'm and when they went to sleep that night and the prophets is an afterthought, and he he made an announcement. He said that tomorrow, at salata, fudger, I will hand the banner to someone whom Allah and His Messenger love.

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And Allah will grant his victory at his hands. So he made a prediction that tomorrow morning, I will hand the flag to someone who Milan is messenger love, and he will be the one at his hands, we will have victory. And Bob said never in my life did I wish to become a leader like I did on that night.

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That was the one night of my life, I desire to be a leader more than any other night. Because this is a great victory for Islam. And in the morning, the process and prayed budget, everybody's excited. He turned around. And he said aina, I'd even have you thought it, where is it even have you thought it. And so they said, he has some problem with the eyes, and he cannot open his eyes. So he has remained in his tent, he had some infection of the ice, he's remaining in his tent. So the processes that bring him to me. And so when I leave, nobody thought of came the process that I'm spat into his eyes, and he became cured. And he then handed the lawyer or the banner to it.

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And he said to Abner, bupati, embley Bismillah, go forth. And in the name of Allah subhana wa Taala. Keep on going and do not turn back. In other words, be firm, be resolute, and you will be the victor.

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And this was a great blessing for the evening. It is a great blessing for everybody that he was told about the process to be the commander at whose hands the victory would take place. And he came forward with the banner. And then he paused. And he wanted to ask a question. But the profitsystem had told him go forth and don't turn back. And he wanted to ask a question. So he paused where he was, and instead of turning around, because that would have been turning back he shouted at the top of his lungs. He out of school of law, what conditions should I give them when I get there? He doesn't want to turn around because that will be disobeying because the president said go forth in

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the name of Allah and do not turn back. And so he shouts out what are the conditions I should be placing upon them. And so the Prophet system said, fight them until they testify that ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah if they do so, then their lives and their properties are protected from you and me from and their affairs with Allah subhanho wa Taala for By Allah, if Allah guides through you even one person, then it is better than a million dollars a herd of camels we have transmitted this a million dollars to a whole herd of camels it is better for you than one person be guided to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And this shows us that the ultimate goal of these types of expeditions is not

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killing. Nor is it Islamic land and conquest. It is inviting others to the way of Allah subhana wa Tada. Why is the process of telling it of Naboo project at the time when after 10 days of fighting against anime and fighting this this tribe? What does he tell me? He called them to La ilaha illAllah before you begin fighting, and if they agree, then stop fighting, and their property is theirs and their money is theirs.

00:28:46--> 00:29:22

Because by Allah if one person is guided to Islam through you, that is better than a whole herd of camels. And this clearly illustrates the Islamic psychology behind these expeditions and conquest. What was it money, wealth, fame, fortune, nothing. It was Dawa, inviting people to Allah subhana wa Tada. And I'd even why they went with a contingent and the chieftain of this fortress his name was mere habit. And whatever happened on that day, we don't know the details other than men have felt bold enough to challenge the Muslims to a duel.

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And so madhhab went out of the fortress, and he was known to be a ferocious warrior. And Firstly, I'm going to acquire one of the unsolved took on the challenge, but mill have managed to cut him off and Amir died Shaheed in the battle, and the next person to take up was it himself, even though generally speaking that even though he's the leader, he should not technically be the one doing this, but he wanted to take charge. And so I even thought he took on mid hub in the duel before the battle, and he managed to get rid of him. He managed to kill me

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This was one of the biggest and the first victories for the Muslims and a huge demoralisation factor for the tribe because this was like the first major loss of labor, the first major issue of labor, that their chieftain dies. And eventually the people came out to actually fight the Muslims. And they fought a severe fighting. That's what's gonna happen when you're trapped into a wall, you're trapped into a fortress. But the Muslim is eventually overcame it was during this expedition, where the famous story takes place that all of us have heard when we were children. And it is a story mentioned in a number of books of Sierra that one of the commanders of the tribe of the tribe, he

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managed to knock out the, the shield of idea of net neutrality, and it was left defenseless. And he then went to the wall of the fortress, and the wall of the fortress we all have seen in movies, these are massive structures. This is not something you pick up with one hand, he went to the wall of the fortress and unhinged it. And he used that entire wall, the entire door, excuse me, the entire door of the fortress. He used that door as a shield for the remainder of the bank. And then when the battle was over, he threw it aside. And a bar off here the narrator he says after that incident, seven of us we looked at that door, and we tried to pick it up, but we were not able to

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pick it up. seven of us we tried to pick up that door, we were not able to pick it up. And there is no doubt this is a Karama. This is a mini miracle that was given to a diviner before that, and we are the true followers of Adam. Without him, we give him every credit where it is due. And we do not be miserly or stingy and giving him any credit, that alone is messenger have given him I thought it was a man who Allah loved and whom the messenger loved. And he loved a lot. And he loved the messenger. And he was of the greatest of the Sahaba. Although the love of Donna and who why the added Beatty edge marine. So I live near the party, he showed us his bravery in the Battle of Haifa.

00:32:01--> 00:32:40

This was the conquest of a nine, when a nine was conquest they moved on to that was concrete, they moved on to the next, the next fortress, and that is called a sub. And Assad took them three days to conquer. And it was a great miracle from a lot that they conquered it because their food supply had basically dwindled to nothing, and they didn't have anything left. And when they conquered a slab. Amazingly, this entire fortress was stockpiled with grain with lots of food for the Muslims. And so they use this food for the remainder of their duration over there. And it was stockpiled with water with all of the food that they needed. So the entire army lived off of this food for the remainder

00:32:40--> 00:33:15

of the Battle of Hiva. A number of stories are mentioned here as well in the Battle of clay, but of them is the story of the slave who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he had heard that there is a man with a new religion, and he's claiming to be a prophet, and he was a slave of the yahood he was a slave of the people of labor. So he comes to the profit center. And he says, What are you about? So the process and and and maybe I'm a prophet? So he said, What is the profit? What have you come with? So the process of explained to him what is Islam? And when he heard this, the slave accepted Islam right then in there,

00:33:17--> 00:33:57

and he said, My master has sent me to graze the flock. What do I do with these flock? So the Prophet says that I'm said you must return it to the master. Because it's not permissible for us to take this. You your master gave it to you as an Amana you have to go return it. And so the Prophet system, rubbed the heads of the sheep, and told the slave go to such and such a place, and the sheep will return to the master automatically, otherwise the sheep will not return to the master, but the process and basically any made dua and with the Baraka of Allah subhana wa Taala. So the slave went to a certain place, he let the sheep go, the sheep returned to the master, and the slave came back

00:33:57--> 00:34:03

to the army. We don't even know his name, we have no idea who he is. And he fought and fought until

00:34:04--> 00:34:46

a stray arrow killed him. And the Prophet system stood over his body. And because he was a slave, he possessed nothing. And he only had a loincloth, you know, that's all he had just covering his hour. And as he was standing over the body, waiting for the burial, this is after the battle is over, they're burying him, then the process of them, turned away his eyes and closed his eyes. And they said, What is the matter or messenger of Allah? And he said, his two children have come to greet him. His two children have come to greet him. And this is why they he lowered his eyes. And this was a man who never did one says that to Allah subhana wa Tada. But there was no need for such that

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

because there was no time for Salah. He accepted Islam. He died later on in the day. And this is a number of cases in the battle that we also mentioned someone here we also mentioned somebody so in the Sierra, we have a few cases of people who accepted Islam and they do

00:35:00--> 00:35:21

Before praying, even one prayer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's because the time never came for sada otherwise, as we know, praying is a part of Islam. Now, what is really interesting here is the meticulous honesty of the Prophet system in rejecting the sheep, saying the sheep cannot belong to me, even though he is at war with this nation.

00:35:22--> 00:35:25

Why, because if you want it, you have to conquer it properly.

00:35:26--> 00:36:11

And this slave, it was not his right to hand over this ship to the profit saucer, because the slave has been given an amount of by the master, and had the Muslims conquered the master, then the master and his sheep are theirs. Correct. But this is not the way to go about doing it. So the Prophet system returned all of the sheep to the master, even though the irony is he's actually fighting the master in war. But this is not how you capture the property. And this shows us the high standards that Islam has placed for acquiring property for the honesty in in trading and in transaction. Another story is also mentioned. And this story is actually scholars differ. Is this the same story

00:36:11--> 00:36:49

that people miss token in the Battle of labor? Or is it two different stories because we find the same story in a number of battles, at least two different battles, we find the same type of story. So Allah knows whether it is one battle and the narrator's got confused. And some said this, some said that, or did the same rough incident occur in multiple battles, Allah knows best, but it is authentically mentioned in Sai Baba even that this occurred in the Battle of Haifa. And that is the famous story of the Bedouin, who was fighting a mighty fight and the people are impressed. And that people say, this is a man of gender walking on Earth. This is a man from gender. And when they came

00:36:49--> 00:37:32

to the process and said, this is a man from gender, the process and he said no, rather, he is a man from gender. And the Sahaba said, if this is a man who's going to go to gender, and he's fighting the way he's fighting, Who among us is going to go to gender. And one of the Sahaba said, I'm going to follow Him, find out what the deal is, why is he from Ghana, and he followed him until an arrow, glitter glazed him and it cut his hand and injured his hand. And when he saw that his hand was no longer usable. So He then took his sword, put it on the ground, and then jumped onto the sword to commit suicide. So the reason he was fighting was to basically be called powerful and mighty. He

00:37:32--> 00:38:11

wasn't really fighting FISA, Beatty law, he was fighting for his ego and honor. And people have different reasons why they want to die. For us in this world that we live in this time and place this is not is very difficult to imagine. But for those who have been to war, or there are they have been in battle, they understand this type of mentality that you want to legacy, you want people to talk about you, you want people to establish your fame that I am this and I am that and that was his near his Neo was not feasible at law, when he realized he couldn't find any more house I don't want to be you know, uh, you know, not being able to fight and he then committed suicide. And so the man

00:38:11--> 00:38:27

who was following him, went back to the process of and said that a shadow Allah, Allah had a lower shadow under karasuno law. And the President said, What is the matter, man, we know you're a Muslim, you're not accepting Islam again, what is the most What is the matter? So he explained to him what had happened. And the Prophet system said, that

00:38:28--> 00:38:37

it is possible that a person does deeds that appear in the eyes of the people to be deeds of the people of gender,

00:38:38--> 00:39:20

sorry, people of gender, but eventually other catches up to him. And he dies while doing a deed of the fire of hell. And it is possible a person appears to be an evil person doing the deeds of the people of john, but other catches up to him, and he does the DS of the people agenda, and then he enters gender. And this shows us very simple point. We all know this, that alamelu belhar team, a lot judges us depending on the end of our lives, what do we die, what state do we die in, that is what will be the ultimate judge and he was mad. He died in an evil state and therefore his end is evil. Eventually, they kept on conquering conquer fortress after fortress. Eventually they came to

00:39:20--> 00:40:00

another that is called the fortress of the castle of Zubaydah It is called. And this fortress did not have its own internal well, but rather it was fed by an external water supply. And so the Muslims blocked the water supply, so that the men had to come out and fight. And eventually when they fought, they were defeated. And with the defeat of the fortress of a zubaid, the one half of labor was conquered. All of those other fortresses were conquered, and the other half remained. And so the Prophet and the Sahaba they crossed over to the other side of hybrid, and they began another series of mini conquest. So remember, hybrid was not as simple

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

Battle hybrid was a series of battles, at least nine battles, at least eight or nine battles, some of which lasted 10 days, some of which lasted one day, some of which lasted three days. So all of these battles are taking place, they then cross over to the other side. And in the same manner, they engage 123. And at least three battles with over in the Sierra, very similar that they are fought until finally, and by the way, every time one fortress falls, so the group of fighters there, they run over to another fortress, because they're running for protection. So every time they're running, more and more groups gather in the remaining fortress, because as soon as they surrender, they're

00:40:39--> 00:41:16

not going to surrender, they're going to people that run on horse, they're going to run to the other fortress. And so they gain protection over there. Eventually, there was one of the largest fortresses left, and all of the mini tribes that had anybody still alive, was now living in that large fortress. And so the profits are some of the Muslims just camped outside, and they waited because this fortress was too big for them. And a solid two weeks went by, until finally, the people inside realize there's nothing we can do. There's no place to run, we cannot run we cannot hide. And so they negotiated a surrender. They negotiated a surrender. And here is where a lot of scholars

00:41:16--> 00:41:57

differ in the past was high but a conquest, or was it a surrender? Why does it matter? Well, firstly, there's physical differences that are beyond the scope of this class, if it's conquered, and if it's surrender, there are slight differences. Secondly, it's a matter of prestige, or honor for the Muslims. And it's a matter of humiliation for the group that is conquered. If the group that is conquered, surrendered willingly, they gained some is. And if they were forced, and if they were militarily conquered, then this is humiliation. Right? So it's a matter really, of history and a little bit of fifth, and scholars differ, why do they differ? Because what the confusion of hyper

00:41:57--> 00:42:39

is, they fought so many battles, but right at the end, the final big fortress, they negotiated a surrender. So is it an actual surrender that the wave the white flag? Or did were they conquered? In our terms way, the white flag, you get the point here, right? Did they wave the white flag metaphorically? Or were they conquered, and scholars have different and the majority position and even Okay, you mentioned this in his ad, and other great scholars is that they were conquered. And the evidence for this is the fact that had they wanted to surrender, they would have surrendered from the very beginning. The fact that one after the other, every single one of the fortresses was

00:42:39--> 00:43:23

concreted, it was just a matter of time, when they would have done this one as well. And they realize this, that we're going to be conquered. So let's negotiate some type of some type of Treaty. And so they worked out a treaty Initially, the the process of wanting to expel them, but they argue they petitioned and they said that, yeah, we'll call them they're not gonna call them rasulillah. Yeah, we'll call him. Your people do not know how to operate these lands, or man these lands or maximize production of these lands. And we are people that we know, hybrid inside out. So why don't we agree to a percentage, you let us stay here, and we'll give you a percentage. And so back and

00:43:23--> 00:44:06

forth, they went until finally, the conditions were worked out that number one, that the people of labor would give 50% of their produce to the Muslims. Now the people have clay but had hundreds of acres of land, and 50% is a massive amount, it is a fortune, we're talking about 10s of millions, maybe even 100 million is equivalent 10s of millions is going to be the biggest amount of money they have ever seen. The Muslim community 50% of labor will come to the Muslims. Number two, that the maintenance and the cost, and the labor is going to be not 5050 100% Sure.

00:44:07--> 00:44:21

We don't have any maintenance or labor, any costs associated with the land, that's your business, not ours. And then the third condition, this treaty is in effect, for as long as we want it to be in effect.

00:44:22--> 00:44:26

We can cancel when we want to cancel. There is no

00:44:27--> 00:45:00

full long term treaty. This is a temporary treaty, and we can cancel it at any time. If you agree to these conditions you can remain and so the people have claimed or decided to remain with these conditions. And in fact, this shows us the foresight of the prophet SAW Selim to allow them to reign because the fact of the matter is that the Muslims, they neither had the experience nor even the manpower at this point in time to leave 300 400 people at cable cable would need more than that cable would need like 1000 people to take care of it and I

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

At this point in time, the Muslims don't have 1000 people to spare. Additionally,

00:45:06--> 00:45:46

the people of labor know labor better, let them take care of it. And we get a massive fortune in return. And this is exactly what happened that they continue to send their money to the Muslims until towards the end of the filler for Omar Omar. Now that Islam had expanded, and there were so many Muslims around the entire Islamic Republic, there is no need now for anybody else to demand this. And so he said to them, according to the conditions, you know, whenever we want to break it, we're going to break it. And so you have to choose another land to live in. So they were sent to other lands, and they were told to leave after a particular date. And that was the end of the hoody

00:45:46--> 00:45:54

presence in central Arabia. So after these negotiations are taking place, at one point in time, we don't know when the books of Sierra simply mentioned.

00:45:56--> 00:46:33

The famous incident again, we all know that since we are children, since we have your children, you heard the story, and that is the poisoning or the attempted poisoning of the profits of the laquanda, who was setting them after these negotiations. Some food was gifted to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it was cooked later on, we find out by the wife of one of the leaders that had been killed. Later on, we find out now when the food is gifted, they don't know. So one of the tribes, gifts, delicacies, foods, and we can imagine the people of fiber being who they are, they have a different cuisine, and they have some exotic foods, and they have some different,

00:46:33--> 00:47:18

you know, ways of cooking it and no doubt they would have decorated it and made it like a massive gift. And it is understood that when a person has conquered, and now this is the leader, so you show some honor to him. So it's not surprising that any people will try to appease the new leader by sending a beautiful gift. And so they sent him a lavish food item, massive tray full of meat and other items, whatever their cuisine will be. We don't know what their cuisine was. And we know now later on, that the woman who cooked this, she asked around what meat does the process and like the most. And she was told that he loves the shoulder blade of a lamb. This was the favorite meat of the

00:47:18--> 00:47:53

Prophet system, the shoulder point of a lamb. And so she put poison in the whole lamb, but especially especially in the upper shank, where the shoulder blade, that's where she concentrated this poison. And in fact, some of the books of Sierra mention the name of this poison as well. But there's no point in me mentioning the Arabic name. It's something long gone the recipe for this poison, but it was a very, very potent poison. It was a very powerful poison. And we know this because of exactly what happened when the prophet SAW some of the Sahaba sat down to eat the process and put a bite in his mouth.

00:47:55--> 00:47:59

And as soon as he put it in his mouth, he said, Everybody stopped eating.

00:48:00--> 00:48:12

Everybody stopped eating. He said that, but unfortunately, one Sahabi by the name of Bishop ebenen, barah had already eaten and it was too late for him.

00:48:13--> 00:48:23

And the prophets have said everybody stopped eating the shoulder of the Lamb has told me that it has been poisoned.

00:48:24--> 00:49:09

In other words, the lamb is speaking to me in this meat, the shoulder is speaking to excuse me, it has told me that it has been poisoned. So obviously Allah subhanaw taala allowed me to speak to the Prophet says I'm so the process did not swallow. But he put it in his mouth and asked for Bishop it appears he swallowed a little bit. And the bishop fell ill fell severely ill a number of other Sahaba they spat out the, the the meat before they swallowed, so they had to be treated. And they by and large lived the profits of the law while he was setting them as a result of this poison. He felt a pain. And he felt the effects of this poison for the rest of his life. For the rest of his four

00:49:09--> 00:49:54

years. He has now four years left to live for the rest of his life. So much so that on his deathbed, when he has a week left or a few days left, he will mention to Asia, that or Asia, I can still feel the effects of that poison from the hoody of haber. I feel it in my heart arteries. And I feel that now is the time the poison has finally reached my heart. Now, his death was written, but the poison was one of the causes that made that death more painful. He's still feeling he says Sasha I can still feel the pain of that poison to this day. And the prophets have listed on as Frobisher he eventually died and a few days right now he's sick, he's vomiting what not after a few days he dies.

00:49:55--> 00:49:59

So the profits are some called the tribe that had gifted him this meat and he changed

00:50:00--> 00:50:18

Then he said, If I asked you anything, you promised to tell me the truth. They said, Yes, we tell you the truth. So he said, Who is your ancestor? Who is your communal answer is the one that that you ascribe to. So they mentioned a name, so and so the books is your role mentioned. So the President said you are lying, your ancestor is so and so,

00:50:19--> 00:50:57

meaning he is proving to them, I know what you do not know. And Allah has taught me, what you are telling me is true or not. So, they said, you have no whatever this we don't know why they mentioned another name, perhaps there was some point of embarrassment about this person. So they substituted him for another person, Allah knows the reason we don't know, but they said a lie. They said our ancestor, and so and so. And the President said, No, your real ancestor is so and so they know who the ancestor is. So they said, so doctor, I will ask him, you have spoken the truth you have, you know, you have been honest with us. So you know, you and your ancestors. So then he asked them

00:50:57--> 00:51:17

again. So if I asked you a question, will you be honest with me? You already showed me You're lying? Will You Be honest with me? So they said, Yeah, well, Kasim, you already see now that if we lie, you can tell so there's no reason for us to lie, we will be honest with you. We will be honest with you. So he asked him a second question. Who is going to the fire of hell?

00:51:18--> 00:51:22

Another trick question. Are you honest with me or not? So they said,

00:51:24--> 00:51:32

We will go for a short period of time. But then Allah will save us and you and your people will remain forever.

00:51:33--> 00:51:36

Now this was their belief, Allah says it in the Quran, right?

00:51:37--> 00:52:19

Allah says in Surah Baqarah makalu Lenten masala, now Illa, a Yama Margarita, we're only going to be there for a while or they said, basically, we know we're sinful. We know we haven't lived up to the laws of the Torah. So we're going to be punished for a while, then we're going to move on, you guys will stay there forever. So the prophets have said if Sophia, remain humiliated, and and and basically, that will also means to shut up, basically, if Sophia remained the fire of hell, and voila, he By Allah, we will not remain after you. You It is only for you basically, right? We are not going to be the ones that come after you in that place. So now I will ask you a third question.

00:52:19--> 00:52:25

Will you tell me the truth? And they said, We will say the truth. So he said, Did you poison the lamb?

00:52:26--> 00:52:31

Did you poison sorry, the goat? Did you poison the goat? And they said, Yes, we did.

00:52:32--> 00:52:59

And perhaps it was their honesty that saved them from all being killed. Allah knows best, because they were not all killed. Perhaps there was this honesty? They said, Yes, we did. So he said, Why would you do that? So they said, Well, if you are a liar, in your claim to be a prophet, we will be free of you on your conquering. And if you are a prophet, then our mischievousness would not have harmed you anyway.

00:53:00--> 00:53:40

This is their mentality basically, right? Either way, how can you get angry at us? If you're a liar? Well, then we would have gotten rid of you. And if you're not a liar, then no matter what we did, you would not have been harmed. You see, you're still alive, basically, right? Now look at the arrogance here. They see that the process of them is been saved, but it doesn't affect them. And as Allah says, In the Quran, yeah, as a foreigner who come a foreigner of now, they recognize clearly, just like they recognize their own children, but it is a matter of pride and prestige. And so they admitted that they had poisoned, and they said it was so and so the lady she was the cook that did

00:53:40--> 00:54:12

it. So he called for the lady. And he said to her, why did you do this. And in some books of Sierra, it is mentioned that you killed my husband, and you killed my uncle, and so on. So they all died in the battle. So I wanted to kill you as a result. So she was honest, that this is revenge. You did this, I'm going to do this back to you. And some of the Sahaba said to execute her because obviously this is what she deserves. Now here is where the require differ, because somebody why I'd say that he did forgive her.

00:54:14--> 00:54:37

And somebody white mentioned that she was killed. And so scholars have tried to reconcile all of this and ignore it. And basically, as usual enough, I am the master of Sierra comes along and he finds the way through and he says, The Prophet says some forgive her for what she had done to him. But after a few days, when bisher died, she had to be killed for sauce,

00:54:38--> 00:54:45

because she killed vicious, the other Sahabi that died from the poison. So the health of the process, then he forgave her

00:54:46--> 00:54:59

and he did not retaliate for himself. But when Bishop died, and the bishop died after a few days after Labor, so then it is not fair for Bishop that bishops death goes on avenged

00:55:00--> 00:55:19

And so he had to do the consoles on behalf of bishop. And so the lady was eventually executed. Now eventually so that the all of the mini fortresses of hiber were conquered. And all of the Muslims who participated in the Treaty of her day BIA were given extra shares.

00:55:20--> 00:56:01

Why? Because a law had promised them this in the Quran surah tell fatter, wider como la Houma Vanya, McCarthy Renata, who don't have five Jelena Kumar de Allah has promised you you will gain a lot of aneema right and Allah says in the Quran, that this is something that you have been promised for. Allah has expedited made it fast for you what you will reward in Jannah Allah has given you a bit of it in this world, 5g Telecom, howdy, some of your words up there, you're getting it now, for your patience in the Battle of clave. In the battle, and the Treaty of Arabia, you are about your patience, your Amanda the Treaty of Arabia, Allah is saying you will get a massive victory. And so

00:56:01--> 00:56:44

every single person who participated in her day BIA was given massive shares out of the incident of high bar and another major incident happened. That was a great cause of joy. And that was that while the Muslims were still at hiber and the Prophet system has finished the negotiations, and he has just conquered all of klaver on the same day. Jafar Ibn Abu Talib makes his way to haber. Jaffa mythologies has now returned from Abyssinia. With around 50 or so Muslim men and women he has come from Abyssinia and he has been gone for over a decade.

00:56:45--> 00:57:26

Because it is now the seventh year of the digital is not the seventh year of the digital and they want to Abyssinia perhaps in the fifth year, perhaps we don't know exact dates, not of the hedgerow of the day, our sixth year of the data, right maximum would have been 70 of the Dow they would have given vinter adversity. So at least a decade, maybe more than a decade. The Prophet system has not seen one of his best friends, and one of his most beloved cousins. Now remember Java is older than it. It is a young child the process of raising him. Java is much older. And the process has a very different relationship with Java than he has with it. And Java was very beloved to our Prophet

00:57:26--> 00:57:56

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when he saw Jaffa, he stood up to greet him, and he kissed him on the forehead or process him kiss Jaffa on the forehead. And he said, I don't know which of the two things is making me happier today for too high bar or the return of Jaffa. Which of the two things is making me happier that I'm so happy to see Jaffa nebia party that he's saying I don't know which of the two is making me happier. I conquered all the hype, and I will I imagine this a whole month of battles and the biggest conquest in terms of

00:57:57--> 00:58:48

monetary conquest since the beginning. Yet his joy he is saying I don't know which is making me happier today for labor, or julija. For these two have come to me on the same day, and Subhanallah even though the people from Habesha, the Muslims, did not participate at high bar, they all got a share as well in hyper. And this is an amazing, amazing blessing for them. It shows us that Allah azza wa jal never ignores the sacrifice of those who have sacrificed because their hardships or hardships that no Muslims ever had to endure, at the time of the process of their hardships of emigrating to a foreign land of foreign place, learning the new language, new culture, new

00:58:48--> 00:59:24

civilization, whole different ballpark if you like. And Allah knows what has happened. And as we know, one of the biggest losses in my opinion, the details of avicennia we really don't know who is going to preserve it for us, you know, just have tidbits here and there. But more than a decade of harsh living, civil war has taken place. We know that there was a civil war and have the senior they were almost going to be expelled that the other King Natasha was on their side. No, Joshua, his nephew was against them. And Joshua had mentioned this back in the Joshua was two years ago, whenever I said that the joshy actually had prepared a secret ship for them. And he says, if my

00:59:24--> 00:59:59

nephew kills me, you go to this place, and there's a ship waiting just for you. This is what Joshua was thinking of when he's about to die, even to Allah saved him. And when Allah saved him, the Muslims are so happy that Allah has saved the joshy against his enemy, right. So all of this is happening. And here is a group of Muslims that did not participate in cyber, and yet because of their sacrifices, they all got a massive amount of reward in this dunya because of what they have undergone. And there's a beautiful Hadith here. Let me just go into a tangent before come back to high but beautiful Hadith here that when they returned to Medina, so

01:00:00--> 01:00:36

Smart Binti roommates, one of those who had emigrated to Abyssinia, a smart been two roommates from Makkah. All of the people that I've seen here are Mexican. Obviously there are no unsightly and Abyssinia right, because obviously to take place from Makkah, a smart been to your mace when she comes for the first time to Medina, so after a day or two she visits her friend helps the wife of the Prophet of the Lord send them and when she visits helps to her friend that she hasn't seen for 1015 years. Then Bob comes back and she asks how he asks how so who is this lady with you? And a smart says this is a smart Binti roommates. So it almost says Binti roommates Of course he knows

01:00:36--> 01:00:53

roommates your father, didn't your roommates. You already have a Shia. You are the seafaring lady. So he's being a bit sarcastic. That habit Shia lady, the seafaring the one the ocean lady. Then he says that we have more right to the Prophet system than you

01:00:54--> 01:01:15

because we emigrated to Medina with him. So he's just semi teasing her. Like we have more right than you to the Prophet salallahu idea he was sending them because we have beaten you in emigrating to Medina. You guys are coming after seven years. We've been here now seven years in Medina. A smash snapped.

01:01:16--> 01:01:55

All of this frustration and anger just snapped at Omar. And she said law will law he you have no more right? The further profits are seldom you were at least with him for all of these 10 years. He would console you at times of grief. He would feed you when you're hungry. He would guide you when you are mistaken. And we suffer and we toiled and we were in a strange land with nobody will lie I'm not going to eat or drink until I go to the process of him and tell him exactly what you said and see for yourself who's right or wrong. And so right then and there she went to the to the process of in front of everybody all the saga and she started ranting about Omar about that era Sula. Omar said

01:01:55--> 01:02:13

this and this and I said, I'm not going to eat and drink until I come straight to you. And I say exactly what he said. And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that he does not have any more right over us. Then you go back and tell him he made one hijra you people made to HLS.

01:02:14--> 01:02:53

You made the hedgerow to Abyssinia basically, and then from Abyssinia. You made the hedger to Medina, you have double hijra, they only have one. And so she went back flaunting this hadith that look, I told you so right. And she and the news spread like wildfire to all of the Muslims right? emigrated from from Abyssinia. And the whole day went by and all of the Indian Muslims, the ones who had American emigrated are coming to the house of a smart wanting to hear directly the details because they want to know, right, they want to hear directly from us not what happened and what did the process of them say and that the wire goes. They were never happier than they were on that day

01:02:53--> 01:03:33

when the profits or some said that they have more rights than our own workers they did to haters. And Omar did one a hater. So they chose us they also had their reward. Of course, all of this happiness is going to be tempered very shortly by the death of Jaffer very soon, and the death of Jaffa was a very tragic event for the prophecy settlement we will come to that when we come to that. So the the the conquest of highborn was indeed a very huge demoralizing factor for the people of orange. Because high bar was known to be the most fertile and the most protected, and the most monetary, if you like area of all of the Arabian Peninsula. And now it is in the hands of the

01:03:33--> 01:04:14

prophet SAW Selim. This is money making has a lot of money, a lot of power. And it was also the most impenetrable fortress, and yet the process of conquered it, and it was a huge demoralizing factor for the corporation. And of course, when they conquered hyper, they conquered some smaller cities and tribes that were around labor as well. There are places called Wild Cora and others, and they all agreed to the same conditions, you guys stay here, we will give you 50%. And one other incident happened at high bar. That was the people of Frederick and the people of Frederick were a smaller tribe, a smaller area, not as large as labor. And the people of Frederick, they became scared that

01:04:14--> 01:04:26

what if the Muslims come here, so without any army without any threat without any people marching, the people of Fedak sent their letter to the Prophet system, that we also agree to the exact same conditions.

01:04:27--> 01:04:59

And the prophets or some of the Sahaba never stepped foot in fact, and there was no intention to go to further. So the Profit System accepted this and the lands of FedEx, the small lands of FedEx, they were a special gift by a lot to the Profit System directly. Because there was no army that went there. There was no groups of Sahaba that fought there. It was a privilege or a blessing that the process of gave to sorry, Allah gave directly to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and so the lands of fadak were gifted

01:05:00--> 01:05:21

If you like by Allah directly to the Prophet salallahu it he was setting them, and he would use the proceeds of further to take care of his family. And Kleber generated more wealth than anything the Muslims had ever seen. And in terms of land, in terms of land, labor was the largest conquest in the history of the Prophet system.

01:05:22--> 01:06:03

In terms of money, may be her name was bigger, maybe we don't know exactly. We don't have figures, but her name did not have much land. Hussein had other types of wealth. In terms of land, there is no competition. The largest and frankly, land is always more expensive than material possessions. The largest conquest in the history of Islam, for the profitsystem, in terms of lands to be acquired by the Muslims, and the most priceless lands was labor. And it wasn't just lands, of course lands is the most, but they had food. All of these fortresses had their grains, they had armor, they had weapons, they had animals, they had slaves. All of this was given over to the Muslims. And it was at

01:06:03--> 01:06:50

this point in time that the Maha junoon returned to the unsought the lands that the unsought had given them. Oh, hi, June, in the first year of the hedgerow, we're wanting to go back six years. When the Mahajan came, what did the unsalted do? They gave they gave they gave, and that Mahajan always felt that this is not ours. Now that they got land, they return to the unsalted the original land that had been gifted to them. And even Omar says, We never ate to our fill until after Labor anomalism logic as follows up, we never ate to our fill until after labor. And of course, good things always come to those who wait. Allah's reward will always come for those who are patient. For

01:06:50--> 01:07:27

so many years, the people toiled and struggled, some of these have been Muslim now for 20 years from the beginning of MCC. And eventually, every one of them will have your own every one of them, he now gets a lifelong fortune, because it's going to be given to him every year, every year, the produce is going to come without lifting a finger, he gets a massive amount, and that is enough to take care of him and his family. And this is of course, what we expect from anybody who sacrifices for the way of Allah subhana wa, tada, Allah will give him in this dunya before the era. And one final point that we were not going to go into detail. Now. inshallah, maybe next week, we'll go into the details

01:07:27--> 01:08:01

of this. And that is that, in this time, a number of marriages have taken place of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam, we skipped over one of the most controversial or hot topics, and that is the marriage of Zayn have been to Josh, and I'm still wondering when and how to squeeze that in whether we should wait till the end. Or actually, we are very skipped overs, I guess we'll have to wait to the end for that one. But that is one of the most difficult stories of this era for non Muslims to basically smear our processes. And that's why it's very difficult for us to, to mention this. In this gathering.

01:08:02--> 01:08:36

The problem comes have we been in Muslim lands, we can just gloss over it and say, We don't care about the other versions. This took a talk about one version, but just like the Satanic Verses, I can close my ears, but I cannot close your ears. Other people say things, non Muslims say things. And I'd rather you hear it from me. And we try to explain it, then you hear it from somebody else and you don't know how to defend. Right? So that's really why the topic is very awkward. Because there are reports that are different than the standard accounts. There's two or three accounts just like remember the Satanic Verses where there are three accounts there. One of them is very, very

01:08:36--> 01:09:15

evil, and the other one is understandable. And the other one is very trivial. So we have to explain. And the same thing happens in the story of Zeno that there are some claims that are made and sometimes those claims are not nice for us to hear. But I'd rather we discuss it in an academic fashion and then respond to it. And how that will be done. I still don't know. But inshallah we'll get to there. So the about the marriage of Xena vintage ash we have glossed over. We talked about very briefly briefly about our I don't think we did about Rihanna. Do we talk about Rihanna from who we talked about Rihanna for the mono Khaleda that the process of married her and she probably died

01:09:15--> 01:09:48

in his lifetime one of his two wives to die in his lifetime. The other marriage that no need to talk into a lot of detail is a very simple marriage that took place probably a month before high bar maybe even after who they be and maybe right before who they be j basically around this time. Two marriages take place around this time two marriages take place. One of them the first of them is the marriage of Ramallah Binti Abu sufian oma Habiba. She is from live interview Sophia, and of course the daughter of Sophia and her husband

01:09:50--> 01:09:59

was in Abyssinia and she became a widow and Abby senior, and she had nobody in Abyssinia and the Prophet says that um center a marriage proposal

01:10:00--> 01:10:41

From Dina, while she is an avid senior, because she had nobody to take her as a senior, obviously all of the Sahaba are married there and there's nobody there that is going to take care of her. And she is the daughter of Abu sufian. I mean, her father is the chieftain. There is nobody more noble alive amongst the college level Sophia. And in those days, lineage was the number one reason why you married a woman. And our times our society has told us it is beauty. But in their society, it wasn't beauty and their society, the number one reason you married a woman is pride of who the father is. And that dictates a lot about your relationship. Because once you married into the tribe, now you

01:10:41--> 01:11:15

have something negotiable with the tribe. Right? This is a part of the law. And this is exactly what our process of them did, in who he married. Each one of these marriages, there is some long term wisdom by marrying the daughter of Abu sufian, you are sending a message. And of course Rama was who she was, she was the most loving to the Misaki. And for Rashi is of the earliest Mahabharat. She has she is the her credentials don't need any praising, but her lineage is unparalleled. She is the daughter of abou Sophia. And so the process and propose for formula, and

01:11:16--> 01:11:58

Naja, she himself gifted the method on behalf of the processor seller. So the highest method of any of the whys of the process was to Rama. Why? Because when the joshu heard he became so happy. He was the one who conducted in a guy ceremony. He acted as the worry for Ramallah because I was not a Muslim. He acted as the Wali he's the one who gifted her lots of gifts. So the best wedding ceremony of any wise of the process was Romulus because it took place in the palace of Najafi and then he sent her with some trustworthy people to Medina. And we don't know exactly when she arrived but maybe her they be a little bit before maybe a little bit after but around this time she's arriving

01:11:58--> 01:12:24

right and then in the Battle of hiber Sophia Binti, who is the daughter of the chieftain of the hyper right, hurry up way back from the bundle Nadia, the one who's running from bonanova to klaver. So Sofia as well. She is married and we will talk about Sofia inshallah data next week. So if you've been to here and then move on