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La Jolla

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Isla de de Sara Lee

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our hogs dry for our for you

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is so strong

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we know that from you we have come around to you

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how fortunate we are to be best ability of loving you.

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This is the only love that lasts forever.

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The love the remains true

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Sam de como hacer la he will look at all praises due to Allah we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We ask refuge in Allah from the evils ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray, and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped but Allah alone who has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, and as messenger sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, welcome to the secrets of the heart. Today inshallah we have a new secret about the world of hearts, we will try to uncover and we will try to

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go deep into it. So hopefully, we will be able to benefit from it, and achieve some progress in our

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endeavor in our efforts to get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Today, today's secret of today's main point is about the issue of purity, how to purify our hearts, because purity is the way to paradise. And if we consider all the acts of worship and and Islam, all the rituals of Islam, you will find the element of purity in each and every one of them. Now the sins are prohibited, we are not allowed to commit sins. What is the main wisdom behind that? The one of the main themes one of the main reasons why these sins and such acts of forbidden and are prohibited is that they impart or they give the yield some kind of impurity, some kind of filth, whether it's physical material, or it's something spiritual. So all this sense everything a law

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prohibited if you contemplate, if you contemplate it, if you ponder on it carefully, you will realize that it has some kind of impurity, some kind of filth, some something dirty about it, as we said, either physically or spiritually. So any sin has so much filth in it, that is enough to affect the heart and even the body. Because the heart and the body are connected. And we said previously, quite often, that the heart is the leader is the commander. Anything that affects the heart will be reflected on the body in general, will be reflected on the actions and anything you do in some way or another will affect your heart. So everything Allah commanded us to do, will add purity to our

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hearts, and to our limbs and to our actions. And everything Allah made prohibited in reality, gives impurity of filth, to the heart, or to the body or to both of them. And this is one of the main important aspects of the heart. We said, in order to have a healthy heart, we need to have it pure. We need to cleanse it from every filth from every impurity, and only then we will be able to enter Paradise and we mentioned previously the verse. And so at the beginning of psalter, modeh, through Allah says to the prophets of Allah, He commands him with the catheter head, and we said, the literal translation would be and purify your garment or your clothes, but in the Arabic language and

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this is an Arabic expression.

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The word clothes in this context stands for the heart and the soul. So Allah subhanaw taala is commanding the profits or loss of limb to purify his heart and purify the purification of the heart is by cleansing the heart and keeping it away from all doubts and ignorance, and from all evil desires that are displeasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I believe we elaborated enough and sufficiently on the subject of the two diseases because the diseases are the impurities

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Once we get rid of them, we keep our selves away from them, then insha Allah, the heart will remain pure. So diseases of the heart are the cause of impurity. And we said this impurity is like a black dot. Once a person falls, falls in a sin, or he falls in an innovation in a bit of

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a black spot, will be placed on his heart. Then if he does that, again, another black spot until the whole heart becomes wrapped in blackness in a black shield, and a black veil, that will

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keep this heart captive, it will hinder and it will blind, the sight and the insight of the heart, and the heart will not be able to recognize right from good from good. So this is why we have to keep our hearts pure and clean, as we said previously, like a mirror that reflects reality that understands the reality of things as they really are.

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And just to uncover one of the beautiful secrets about the heart, Allah subhanaw taala mentions and sort of presume, that the people of Paradise will be

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put together as groups and they will be sent to paradise. Once they approach paradise, once they are so close to the gates of Paradise, the angels will say to them libitum for tolu holiday in the bottom, it says them you have become so pure, so into paradise, and about their own lives there eternally, forever.

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So, the reason this statement, we have some kind of,

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of a hint that the people of Paradise the believers entered paradise, because they have, they have reached the level of

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being by Yep, is what they said to them. But to me, you have become so purium become so good, and so perfect. So only the people with pure hearts will enter Paradise. And the reason why some of the Muslim sinner Muslims will enter the Hellfire first for some time, and then they will be admitted to Paradise is that the Hellfire the the torture and the Hellfire will purify. The filth that is still there in the heart will remove it and will purify the heart so the hearts will become pure.

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So no one will enter Paradise until the hearts become clean. That's the rule with Allah subhana wa tada if the heart is pure, the person will be admitted to paradise. If his heart is impure, he has to go some through some kind of purification, either by

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you know, being sent to the Hellfire for some time, or being kept between paradise and the Hellfire for some time having some kind of mental suffering until they are purified and the hearts are totally purified, and also a Lost Planet Allah says about the believers at the time of death. And that critical time at that very difficult time.

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When Allah describes the moments of death for the disbelievers and the sinners, you know, they are really frightening. Because the angels of punishment will be sent down to them. And once the soul realizes is going to be taken away from that body, and it will never be, it will never come back again until the day of judgment. And that's the end of this life. The soul will cling to the body, it will disperse all around the corners of the body, it does not want to leave, but the angels will drag it out of the body. And this is why the death of the disbelievers and the sinners is very harmful, very painful. But as to the believers, once the angels come to them, they are ready because

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they've lived the notion of death. They've you know, they've lived their lives throughout their lifetime. They've been always aware of the reality of this world, and that they knew for sure it they arrived at the level of certainty that arrived at the stage of certainty that death will come. And this life is not the only life we're going to live. The real life is in the hereafter. So they are ready for death. So when the angels of death come to them, the angels of mercy they want to take out their souls. The angels will say to them, that the angels will give them the glad tidings about paradise. And Allah describes these moments by saying and leadin Etta Fairholme Allah Ecotopia even

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coluna salaam aleikum, those believers When the angels take their souls,

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they take them while while their souls and hearts are in a state of purity, total purity that were found to be in they are in a very good state of purity. The hearts are pure. The souls are

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Pure this, why wouldn't the angels take their spirits, the spirits are so pure, so they are taken, they are lifted up to the heavens, and the gates of heavens will open for their souls to enter.

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So, no one will be admitted into paradise unless the hearts are pure. And this is a very important rule, we have to understand. And there's a beautiful secret that links the purity of the heart to the purity of the body. And also the other way around, the purity of the actions will add purity to the heart. So, once you do an act of worship, once you do good things, this will add to the purity of your heart and this is why a man goes up and down. This is why a man increases human increases with good deeds, it means more purity will be added as well to the to your heart. And when you do sense and innovations, a man will go down why because they will. You will you have introduced

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impurity to your heart to heart you have affected your heart negatively. So Eman will go down. And now the secret or the beautiful point here. Allah subhana wa tada

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made a condition for anyone who wants to have the privilege and the honor of standing before Allah Subhana Allah entering the state of a prayer, complete meditation standing before a las panatela humbling oneself before allowing one prays, and he stands before Allah with all humility, he has to be pure, physically pure. This is why you have to make Waldo you have to make ablution before you enter the prayer. So Allah does not allow anyone to pray and stand before Him until this person purifies his body.

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And also Allah does not allow anyone to enter Paradise until the hearts are pure. So that's the secret. Imagine it's the same rule. In this world, you are not allowed to enter paradise on earth, which is the prayer because the prophets are loads, loads and scrub the prayer, as read to a&e as the delight of the eye, the sweetest thing to the heart in this world is to stand before a lot and pray before him.

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And just take these moments out of this life out of this world and pray and stand before Allah forget everything about this world, and only focus on worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. You are not given that privilege until you wash and you purify your body. And hopefully this physical purity will add to the purity to the spiritual purity of your heart. So this is why you are given given the privilege to stand before a lot and pray. And on the Day of Judgment, no one will be given paradise of that world of that life, unless the hearts have been purified. That's the secret. So if you want to get anything from Allah, anything good from Allah, the condition is purity, either in this world

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or in the hereafter. This is one of the most important secrets and this is why you know the connection between the purity of the heart and the purity of the body is very important, very beautiful. The prophets of Allah Islam whenever he made were brought, he taught us a very beautiful, he said, when one makes will do what he told us to say that I should do another ilaha illa Allah What should

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I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, but Allah alone, who has no partners and they bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger Allah homogeny minetta webbing, when Jellybean and mata pelajaran Allah make me from those who repent, because repentance cleanses your heart, which eliminate material and make me from those who purify themselves. Imagine after physical purity, you wash your body, you clear you cleanse your body. You also ask Allah subhanaw taala to cleanse your heart by

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removing your sins. So they are combined physical purity along with spiritual purity. This is why the profits are low. It was a lamp taught us this important day. Or Allah make me from those who repent because repentance purifies the heart, and make me from those who purify themselves, because you've just purified yourself physically. Now, it's time to ask the Lord to help you purify your heart, spiritually. And that's the way to paradise. And as we said, in conclusion, we will repeat that again, that everything Allah commanded you to do is meant to purify you, and everything Allah made prohibited is meant to be kept away from you because if you do it, it will. It will create

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impurity and filth in your heart and even on your body. Now until we meet another time with a new secret about the heart and about the beauty of the heart. I leave you in peace with

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I'm ready. Come on.

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Our hearts dry out for our love for you.

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far we know that from you we have come around to you

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how fortunate we