Signs Of Day Of Judgement – Part 6

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Last among the people, even though you know this doesn't belong to you, you're still gonna try to keep it for us. Even though you know that this is not something for somebody else, but you don't care, because you try not to achieve your personal thing. This is not the type of thing that will happen in the home. Or they probably allowed that on the machine in a very beautiful instead of on the Prophet sallallahu Sallam spoke about it a man on frosty said that

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sort of lie sauce. And he said that I had that. And I also realized that a lot of them, and then you get a little bit

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more lost count Allah to the people allows within the foot trust and Amana, in the hearts of people, which means it's something embedded in them. This is something for the photo, to be trustworthy. It's something from the photo. And it says to me, Allah subhana wa Taala, he brought he brought down

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the alley woman for Anwar, these people that are prepared, their hearts are ready to receive it. so wonderful. And the sooner they can they receive the absorbed, then the Maha does an awful amount. Then the focus Allah says focus this amount on this trust at one point.

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And when this is removed,

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someone will go to sleep the next day, they will wake up, it's gone. Which means the influence of the culture, they live the fluctuation that Eman is so severe that at some point you will be today in a storm, a man unbelief and the next day long stands for something else. That is that's a lot of you continue to struggle that having a man will be removed. Then he mentioned how people who value the society and the people in that society are lost in a cocktail party. He says

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the nastiest

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people that start, you know, trading and in transactions, but they don't trust each other.

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So you have to you have to pay cash, you have to do things right now not like in the old days, when when the merchant in a small village will trust everybody in there. Even if they bite on credit, the only just marks you know the board in the store, that XYZ he owes me $2 $5 $10.

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But today, people unfortunately don't have that. Is not that no, he said salon, your salon. Now I have

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a hard time in Matthew 20 for

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the purpose of us and said that people they will start talking among themselves, that if you're looking for someone trustworthy, then in that area, or that place, there is someone who's very trustworthy, which means becomes a scarce quality. Not so many people they will trade based on trust. So therefore the profit or loss Allah, then he said, the way people they gauge the quality of people, it says they would say Allah

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magilla devil, ma, ma, which means they will talk about this person to be some sort of like, our output unto us is how funny he is, how nice how intelligent how smart this person is. Whereas if you're convenient,

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but it's not as if he doesn't have any.

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And that's unfortunate when we didn't today, if you ask people to mention the names of some of the most

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time they will fail actually, perhaps five or 10. But ask them to count the funniest people on TV. They can bring in less than a list of actors and actresses from around the world.

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So we're familiar with these people. Why? Because they're entertained.

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So the value of people today is basically entertainment and that's what it is who has what are those who are paid the highest salaries in our nauta those are entertained. Someone who makes a constant interference the people for few hours and millions of

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they make movies they get millions and millions of dollars. They play basketball, football, whatever, they just get basically millions of dollars for those who work so hard to improve the quality of life for other people.

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them scholars, scientists, teachers, doctors, their neighbor, their pay is not even equal to them. It's about amount of

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debt. So that's what the prophet is talking. This is the quality of people. Unfortunately, at this time, even even

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he's speaking about his time. He says, you know, now, I remember living in a time speaking with a gentleman.

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Now, if I wanted to trade with anybody, I wouldn't care with him, I would say,

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No, I trust them. And if they don't pay me, I know that part of their Eman and they're afraid they're gonna come and pay. And if it was a Jew or a Christian, still, the state is going to come fulfill basically that for me, since today. Today, I don't think I'm thrilled with it.

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I only saw a

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few people find it. And that is due to the

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imagine in our class, what is what is the value, what is the level of trust that we have in the society. So this is another sign of progress, as I mentioned, that we see very common today. Next, the progress or success and failure, the other two are better. And the other this is an AMA to have. The word ama was translated in the English language as a female slave, the slave woman who will give birth to have missed.

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But what is it exactly mean? does it really mean that the female slave or the slave woman will give birth or mistress or does that mean a broader concept, some of them, they say, actually, it's not about the female slave, a slave woman will give her

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meaning that the number of female slave will become so so great, that

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which is, which is as a result of the conquest, during that time, and the early expansion, Islamic State. So because of this, and many people will, will engage basically these slaves are producers, of course, children, these children are these girls will become the ministers of the house. And she will become the head of the mother, she will become an authority over her own mother female slave. That's one interpretation. But another another interpretation of our time, say that even today, when when mothers give birth to their daughters, this hadith speaks about the attitude of the youth, and teenagers and even the young ones.

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So today, when you see the 15 year old girl, Mashallah stand in front of her mom, and she speaks, you know, that, as if she's speaking to anyone.

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There's no respect to the mother, and specifically the mother.

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Because the man can handle himself sometimes. But the mother who says that your mother, your mother, your mother, that she has three quarters, right upon the children, one of the Father, for the purpose of a semi father issue, the mother is now pointing out that attitude, changing even the mother when she gives

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birth, to give birth to the mysteries of the house, someone's going to be ahead of the house over their own mother, son. And also the other part of it that the professor says, while on top of all of that, aside,

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the Barefoot the naked, separate, worldwide, to construct the loftiest buildings. We covered that earlier, a different session that even today, another professor, somebody was asking, Whom are you talking about? He said, specifically, we are

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specifically talking about the text. And so he was talking about the venison. And that's exactly what is happening. We mentioned earlier today, as they just they just finished the building in the UAE, the other Gulf states are competing right now to book a higher book.

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And when this happens for a long time, that's definitely one of those signs of the desert. Another sign the growth of solar sensors, people of other nations will gather against you.

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As I mentioned the

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judgments on the da, da da da, da da da, da to

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that nation, the people of other nations wouldn't be coming very close that they will gather around you, which means they will just basically kind of gathering around you to attack you to fight you, or at least, you know, just eventually ganging around against you altogether.

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And the Bible gave a vivid description, the elves can visualize if you take that picture. That's why I chose this picture.

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Because this is how you do it.

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When they gather all around that same dish. So this is exactly how that means each one of them is taking a share, take a piece from the food, so that is going to be extremely divided among all these mentioned, and that's what the purpose was mentioned. Could that be the second the First World War and then the Second World War, or we're still not continuously going through this because as we see today, and under what they call it, the

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And even as the Arab countries and the Muslims as they try to aspire to establish a society based on their values, Muslim values, unfortunately, that so many influences coming from outside the Muslim world, trying to influence these movements, and try to regress back into the old regime. And these Muslim states are also being divided again and again. And now they're more in a plan to divide Syria to divide Egypt divided Saudi Arabia to divide the Afghanistan even to divide lots of this that's actually being divided right now. Maybe another.

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Arab is getting divided. So eventually, all of this is happening. As we leave it to the

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Muslim Omar's being divided slowly and gradually, course because all these people are gathered around. Number Sahaba, when they heard that the Prophet Allah salami predicted that Omar will be basically kind of gang drowned in by these nations, they they said

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is that because we're gonna be doing is we're not gonna be able to stand against them.

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But until Kathy, you're gonna be so many. And if you check the Muslim population today, we're so proud that we're so proud to be

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the number one nation in the world, we talk about Muslim as one of

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the largest religious group on Earth, the most 1.6 billion.

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So that's now they even they surpass in terms of number, they surpassed the second language by the Catholic Church. And that's it. So But still, the book is awesome, we are so proud of that we will just cannot post it is all the all Muslim almost becoming so huge and big. But what's the value of that number and the purposes instead of so many, but I couldn't see, you just like the foam on the top of the water, you know, the ocean deserves when they come because when they come in this that's what it is. So that was the purpose of our service. He mentioned

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that as a result of this, Allah has no jail would remove, remove the fear of of you won the hearts of your enemies, and we'll throw one into it.

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So that's how we're the kind of work is about the meaning of the one.

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What's the one? weakness? What is it exactly? He said, some of

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the love for this world, and the hate the hate to hate dying with you not? Because that means most of what we do in this in this world as well, for this, that's why no one wants to be.

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So that was the focus of this video makes me even eager to continue to design.

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so this is one of the songs that we can see that truly happening in

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other signs. And that's that pitch and

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I couldn't find it. I mean, I just wanted to show you something what's going on in the world in the province of Assam says, as part of a sunny day of judgment. That's a pool of the man.

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Towards the end of this of this world. He said some a lot of them said

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Hassan was from wellness. Plus, the meaning of purpose is basically the world first when the earth when the earth collapses.

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Sometimes less of the Hadith use the word landslides. They use earthquakes, but it's when literally the husk and the earth is when the earth collapses completely from underneath your feet.

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How many of these what we call them today? It's a call. And you guys heard about in the newsletter.

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It's happening so much. Every now and then we have something happened the other day that was in Florida,

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in Peru in China the other day, almost every time. The question is why now we cannot give an accurate interpretation. Just saying that this is a punishment from the last panel is odd because also people also they have something to do with that. When I looked at in the search bar, the reason behind this is hospital as the habit as they fill out the earth collapses. There are a lot of theories. So this is still under investigation. And many many reports saying that's because perhaps of the extreme use of the earth resource in terms of you know, water, the water cylinder when you take all the water out, basically you

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leave it in empty, nothing to support the earth, about when the oil has been taken and sucked out of that land, same thing. So that extreme extreme kind of overconsumption of the Earth's resources from the bottom of the earth. It can might cause some of these phenomenons

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or indeed a loss of power. Choose basically to punish certain areas, certain people because of that, but at least what the head says towards the end of the slide this world there will be

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Lots of weather in the landslide, whether it's in the form of these simple earthquakes, a lot of data, but it's going to become very second and the purpose of our sensors,

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the old thought is based upon the stone, otherwise, when you throw the stone, and he means that the throne, the stones from the sky, from heaven, meaning stones will be falling from the sky, what's the meaning of stone fall from the sky? The closest phenomena that I can think of would be would be meteor shower.

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What What is that? Why does that happen? Because of what

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is it because of death of stops.

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Even just, if you remember it just today, as a matter of yesterday, and today, the earth was under threat, or what did you

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know the fire it is because of the nature that was coming.

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It was a size of three

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football fields. And they were afraid that if it goes through because that the Earth's atmosphere will not be, it's not going to disappear easily. So they can be very dangerous. Imagine if this becomes frequent. And many more people, in many, many things, many of these happen every now and then. And imagine if these become so strong, become so strong and so big and huge, that they will not disappear as they go into the atmosphere, it means that the friction is not going to be sufficient to to basically dissolve them, and they hit the ground.

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And that's what they say what happened in on that from the dinosaurs and so on in the past a lot one to what extent this might happen. The next one, the progress of the centers must

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now the mass, the purpose or center of mass is the transformation of human nature. The translation of the Hadees usually is a transformation of human nature into the into animals form.

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This could be the policy from Allah subhana wa Taala to happen to previous nations and the path. This could be because of that genetic modification people are doing this could be because of the people trying to do the cloning, you know, and even to this sort of research over this issue. And it could be also an actual deliberate, you know, change of human nature.

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I mean, I can't even tell this is a man or a woman, honestly, I don't know. But I can even I'm trying to figure out if this if this was ever a human leave it for when they were born.

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Imagine and this is just one of those decent images, I could I could put on the slide to show you an example.

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The other examples completely disappeared,

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completely disfigured. And then they spend so much effort and time on changing the way they live.

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And perhaps if you see on their own, it's easy to have these signs of the devil,

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the devil worship, but that's the last one, about the fifth one. So the chef on the last panel speak about me he says part of what I'm known for.

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And I shall demand that they will change that creation for

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fun will whispered for them to change the creation of velocity. And so far, that's a manifestation of this.

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They're changing themselves unable to form their bodies they tied to their body with the signs of the dead.

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And that's exactly what it is.

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So these are three more signs that happen could this happen in the Muslim Omar's one and a lot I mean, it's possible

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even some of these things happening in the Muslim world

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some Muslims are now getting into the sculpture that To what extent a lot of on the last panel to make it easy on this on this one this will happen he said the magic

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was to handle some

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of the magic words that was the

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music becomes very common

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female singers have become part of the culture of the pop culture as for the purposes of speaking about was the helical hammer and wine and alcohol becomes you know, permissible among the many people will use it without any fear of punishment in the dunya.

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And if you try to visualize the Muslim society, this description is extremely magical.

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Music is becoming very popular about music and pop culture is all over the place. And the like we said earlier these are becoming right now the celebrity this is what they the most popular among the people. This is exactly what the purpose was. I'm speaking about analysis now is happening a lot of how soon this phenomenon was

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Last few the last few points of recognition here is number one on number eight here. Sense of individualism exclusivity, the process of the loss of judgment before

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There is so much money that people want, when they meet each other, they will, they will do what he called the stables house, which means the exclusivity of Salah he only gives Salaam to those who you know, and

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even in Muslim community,

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you guys, you live in a community, you come to them as if you see the first if you recognize the person, you shake hands.

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If you don't recognize the person, if you're not too close to each other, you barely say,

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even one of those women with an argument. And that's why we need to practice. Every time you see somebody new, that's an invitation to send

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out an email.

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Every time someone come in you, you introduce yourself to them, and make them feel or make them feel. However, unfortunately, I heard some young people they complain. And when they come and they don't, they don't come very frequently the message every time they show up to the message people to start looking at them, and kind of mocking their their appearance

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at all, finally,

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oh, you come here to pick up somebody or something. So what brought you to the message today? So why? If they come to you just make them feel welcome. And just give them that set up? The second What is this, it's a sense of individualism, just like we live, that culture of individuals in the society here is based on this.

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They only have that place that you can connect with. And that's

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the second question number nine, business culture, the business culture, the purpose of awesome says, what will show with the job, for sure what the job means the business culture will become the most dominant.

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And I don't, I cannot think I cannot think of this. And part of the added in any time in the past more than our time.

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Because the business person was murdered in every aspect of your life today. And it goes with you everywhere you go. Even on your cell phone, you make the

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perhaps you have your banking, you know, over here, you have your paper. Also up over here, you have everything, Amazon and all the stuff and so on. So it's online, on site, as you walk as you listen, which is basically marketing, the culture of marketing. That's the dominant culture today. And if you see this is just an example of the Wall Street business and trade and cultural for business as well. So that's what the purpose of the mention even he explained Furthermore, that because it becomes so, so aggressive, and people that are so aggressive in the business culture, they don't have enough human resources to help and support them. He said, some of us Allah had to Anan ma to

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selja alakija until the women that help and assist their husband in their prison.

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There is nothing wrong with women in a worker, because obviously, if they have their money, and they can train and make business out of it, they can work from home, online and make their own money. There's nothing wrong against that standard. But what is what is the purpose of speaking about this becomes the most common thing.

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And now that's what we have in the Muslim society.

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That couple, both of them have done one. And two, they provide income to the household, and is becoming something the matter of fact, every time when I do

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counseling for young couples, one of the very common themes of our time is this that the I that question, the question, I want to continue to keep my job. So that is I want to keep my job. What is this reaction to this so that they try to negotiate, she can keep her job. And that's for the purpose of speaking about it. Also the loss of honesty, the loss of honesty, he sets all of the levels that I'm on a shih tzu, look at nationality and how to how to pursue is a false destiny. People they will just testified at least if I want to testify, and even when they need to testify them with this device, of course testimony, why to protect themselves to gather their own interest

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and so on. So there is loss of honesty and loss of decency.

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Then the last one dimensions of loss and and the popularity of literacy, and that is to shoe altinum. The horror of the meaning of the oral column. That's not necessarily the pen itself is the emergence of the pen. That doesn't mean that that can become very confident. What really means by that by this statement is the popularity of literacy. Just like to live from the enemy. You can see that people die

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very low in a very young age, they can be combined, they can they mastered the art of toothless, that's what I mean.

00:24:42--> 00:24:54

By that, maybe maybe 150 years ago, maybe less than 100. And some societies in some communities, you could barely find some one person who could read or write.

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In some communities, you would have messaged one message and they could barely have one

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was in there. And maybe there would be another book of honey, that would be today, when you go to this massage in that exact same village. When you go there, every visit, my shop has 10s of massage, not even hundreds of massage, brush, shoes, books and so on. Also literacy not just went on hot coffee.

00:25:21--> 00:25:32

Today there was a soft coffee, whether using an iPad or your smartphone or computer digital format. So it's becoming extremely, extremely popular. And the processor, let's say that this is going to be one of the standard.

00:25:33--> 00:25:37

So when this happened, and is a dead end, the plant becomes very, very close.

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And finally, the rise of the police state, and the riot police department did not use that term. That's

00:25:46--> 00:25:51

what he said. So the bottom line was that on Monday, he spoke about that there are lots of a lot of

00:25:52--> 00:25:59

all of us that is the man in the mountains, CR Ghana novel book, you have to knock your socks off.

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At the end of the time, they will be men with words like the tails of cattle.

00:26:06--> 00:26:12

And he says I want to go out when they come back again, they're always under the Wrath of Allah.

00:26:13--> 00:26:29

Which means that the doing their dealings is vicious is awful, that our last panel Madonna was, was subjected to a lot would be displeased with their behavior, the actions that are less power subjective, that's

00:26:30--> 00:26:35

the closest thing I could see today is the right

00:26:36--> 00:26:38

now that we are not that we are against, of course, you know,

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the organize the system and states, no. But when this becomes one, this becomes a tool for the oppressor on the time to suppress the people from reaching out to their leaders and the guy to reach their freedom. Or even then, when we get when those people become the tool of the government, and the government and the president, to suppress the people to reach them, now becomes an acronym for the sample app. And that is what the purpose of them is often. So they use the force and violence against their own.

00:27:15--> 00:27:20

That's not just Muslim more than you watch the news today, even if

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the situation is going on also not very well. Now, finally done the same the same scenario, Egypt is repeating itself an outbreak where the police vitalistic they came into the campus and it is because a lot of deaths, massive deaths. So far, as far as I remember, there was 26, but a lot of nominee

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by the evening alarm, how many actually and the number of what, at what level it is, but it's becoming very common. And the process of loss admission that this is this is become so common. And as we can see today, there is no really time in the past, as much as today. So that brings us in very close as we move on, you know a lot, most of some of the signs at once by early on a map they did they did put these signs and signs will happen in the future, and did not start yet. For us. We confidently can put that in our records. These are the signs of the process and thought about and they're already happening. What is left from the signs we're going to talk about next week, which

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are a long,

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long time. And it was

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decided the width of the

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cattle Yes, that also referred specifically to like time slavery, but it'd be the time of slavery but what's the purpose of lasagna said that

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these people they will be will be thrown out after the public so it's not just exclusively against no one plus human beings will become slavery. But it's also pickup however slaves I mean they existed.

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So if it's because of this latest it would it be anything new. But the problem was talking about this as something that's going to become new and will happen in a new format. By the way, the reason I mentioned this right arrived police because when I checked when I checked for images, right please just I tried to randomly select a look for by police.

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I suppose I suppose that some of these rights police actually they use literally they use some sticks that is very flexible, like the woods.

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But of course it's not the electric shock when they hit

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other professors of course you know that it shocks it's very flexible. Literally. When you wave it, you're just like no. And Allah does exactly the Scripture, the prophets are alive. Now

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another question.

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So we have a question here online if anyone wants to leave a question shalom

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Go to Twitter and

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just use the hashtag v i c QA question. When we talk about trust,

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trust efficient

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are we talking about mostly among Muslims, which is happening now? Well, eventually, you know, it's not just about Muslims. Honestly, it's it's generally speaking, it's the work ethic,

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in work ethics is extremely poor, in even the non Muslim society.

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And how I mean, I remember reading one report,

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the reason why even in America, why do they employ lots of people from overseas, why they bring a lot of IT people from India and other places, because they said they are very actively that they have a better work ethics. There are many people who grew up over the culture of fear in America is that you work from eight to five, and then when you're done, you want to do the weekend. And that's it. No more than but those who come from overseas, they, they're working so hard, because you know, they care about the job, they care about the money, they want to, you know, they want to have a living for themselves. So they have a bit of work ethics. Now, they're not doing this because of

00:31:15--> 00:31:19

feeding amongst animals. They're doing good because they want the benefit of others.

00:31:20--> 00:31:32

But for the believer, it's bigger than just an award it's between them and the last panel that I trust and demand between them and allies. So this is this concept becoming very dominant, unfortunately. Very common. Allah.

00:31:36--> 00:31:38

Okay, any questions? So if you have any question Yes.

00:31:42--> 00:31:44

Why because the Muslim to become one

00:31:45--> 00:31:52

in this situation, what because the Muslim default in this situation means it's we see that

00:31:53--> 00:32:00

as as the law of gravity summarize that in a beautiful statement, he says, not not only as an anomaly,

00:32:04--> 00:32:09

we are a nation we are people. Our last panel that we got dignity because of this man

00:32:10--> 00:32:15

and man have the ability to try to find that dignity any other

00:32:16--> 00:32:17

last hour.

00:32:20--> 00:32:27

And that's exactly what it is. When we try to unify the oma under multiple banner. nationalistic signs they don't get

00:32:29--> 00:32:35

what would you take as a higher umbrella, that's when people they would let go of so many of these

00:32:36--> 00:32:38

different kind of slogans for the sake of philosophy.

00:32:40--> 00:32:51

So that it's a general statement. But that's what I needed the practice that belief in the last submission to a lot of important damage, right. And avoiding that which is wrong, that what makes

00:32:52--> 00:32:53

a lot

00:32:54--> 00:33:12

Okay, and last question. Yes, check. You mentioned about the stones falling from the sky and the analogy that that you drew was meteor showers. The Jimmy and asteroids instead of meteor showers because meteor showers have been there forever. True. True. But what it is now meteor showers knowledge. nutritionists are becoming asteroid

00:33:13--> 00:33:20

admins. And that's what I mean by that. So this phenomenon right now might become so dangerous when hits

00:33:22--> 00:33:35

on the lawn, is that a punishment or not? Because the human manipulation of the earth resources that make reparation even sometimes, you know, outside of the universe, it might cause some

00:33:36--> 00:33:39

it might affect and influence that balance a lot.

00:33:40--> 00:33:42

And if this happens, if we can influence our thoughts,

00:33:44--> 00:33:45

imagine, imagine just

00:33:46--> 00:33:52

hypothetical scenario. Imagine if humans were able to cause damage to the moon.

00:33:54--> 00:34:04

When they're when their own images, they can import things that cause damage to the moon, and the moon starts cracking start vesicle collapse, what would happen to their

00:34:07--> 00:34:10

little developer? Yes, he made everything in them.

00:34:11--> 00:34:17

And if you create that in use now and manipulate as you're going to pay them all,

00:34:18--> 00:34:21

but of course, it's gonna happen by the hour that

00:34:22--> 00:34:22

are much

00:34:23--> 00:34:34

better. So next week, we will come back, we have more of the signs of shallow data. We have one more session and they will take a break for spring break right and then when we come back, we will talk about the major

00:34:59--> 00:34:59

kita boleh

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Are you busy