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The speakers discuss the history and implementation of Islam, including its use of legal systems and the use of words like "the Greatest Name of Islam" to describe morality. They also touch on protecting one's investment in crypt and stock markets, the negative consequences of actions taken against Muslims, and the importance of flexible payments and delivery options for customers. The speakers emphasize the need for a flexible delivery model for customers.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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I'd like to welcome you all to session 49 a,

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or part one of session 49

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in which we'll be dealing with

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two names.

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And sha Allah

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will do it both in this session as well as the second session.

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In the meantime, before starting Let's greet everybody who was here early

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sadef Ali, Polycom Salaam rockets. Why were a cattle Rashid Abdul Rashid.

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Greetings to everyone brothers and sisters.

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From Grenada Hamza and dal walaikum salam,

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traveller and dunya welcome Salaam omashola alaikum Salaam

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why they come Salaam or delay over cattle?

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Greetings to

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Your family also from the team here.

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Sean Mohammad from Trinidad. Mashallah. Welcome. Good to hear from Trinidad. Biological

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alaikum Salaam.

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And she asked the question are classes three times a week now? Yes, they are supposed to be three times a week

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and Sharla next class will be Saturday then Monday, Wednesday.

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from Madeira tajudeen

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waalaikumsalam or do I ever occurred to me if David Davidson from Ohio USA while they come Salaam

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sadef is from Delhi India. Back off vehicle and he asked me in his smile from South Africa why they come Salaam Asad Jamil from India. walaikum salam wa barakato

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from India are a concern by Eva Saleem from Pakistan walaikum salam Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.

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And We'll now move on to our

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Baraka lafi calm

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which is as I said earlier, session 49 eight

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala suneel Karim.

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Allah Allah was hobby Minister medicinenet he laomi de our praises due to Allah and realize Peace and blessings beyond the last prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then all those who follow the path of righteousness until the last day.

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This is session 49 eight or Part One

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in which we're looking at two names and watershed and

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the one

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the unique one names 69 and 70.

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In terms of the Quranic location, the Divine Name and warhead is mentioned in five places in

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The Koran among them. naman el mundo Coolio, lilla Hill wa hidden,

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to Whom belongs all serenity today to Allah, the One, the prevailing

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Surah facilite verse 19.

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The name the Divine Name Ahad is mentioned only once in the garage

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and that we all know is in Surah leafless Paul who Allahu Ahad

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say he is a law, the unique one

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in terms of its meaning, linguistically, Ahad comes from the trilateral route wow hat that

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was verbal noun is why

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and it has four main meanings. The first meaning is to be one, to be made one or to be called why

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the second meaning is to connect, to join to unite, the third is to be unique and singular. And the fourth is to be one apart from others. This root appears some 68 times in the Quran in four derived forms.

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Examples of these forms are

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hidden, which means one

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by one,

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and wider who alone.

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On the other hand, I had they still have the same trilateral route as wide. However, some grammarians claimed that the wow became a Hamza.

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So, it is as if the trilateral route now was Hamza

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and dal.

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It has two main meanings. The first meaning is to be the only one the soul one

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second meaning is to unite or unify

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this route appears on 85 times in the grind in two derived forms. Examples of these forms are a huddle anyone a Hadoop gone, anyone Have you

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any or what?

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The difference between Whitehead and Ahad.

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It is said that it means that he is unique, Allah is unique in his essence and does not have any peer or rival

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while Ahad is unique in his attributes, so I laughead means being one in and of himself.

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While 100 means being uniquely one specifically in his attributes

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I have is one of the attributes of Allah which belongs uniquely to him and nothing else can share it

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what is a had

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cannot be divided into parts, whereas what is warhead is divisible into separate parts. Consequently, some scholars differentiated between a lower head and an Ahad by saying that the lower head refers to a lot being one in his assets. Only while I had means that he is one in both his essence and his attributes

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the phrase Torah Hebrew law.

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So he coming from Wahid or I had means to believe that Allah is one without partner in his dominion, and his actions that is referred to as rubia. One without similitude in his essence, and his attributes, referred to as a smile was the fat and one without rival in his divinity and his worship.

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referred to as lluvia, or herbal dia.

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This regarding one of these aspects of sahid results in shirke.

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The Association of partners with a law

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being one is a quality of a law which nobody else shares with him. He is the one and only in his being, authority, actions and powers.

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Relative to Allah, we see that he has appeared, His Divine Name Ottawa hit with His Divine Name, Aha. On each and every occasion that Ottawa had is mentioned in

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this view combination vividly illustrates that he alone has this supreme authority and ultimate power to do anything. And everything I'll call har, can subdue and compel anyone to do his bidding. And he does so with perfect knowledge and justice. Furthermore, this great and amazing ability belongs to Him alone. All that is in the heavens of the earth submits willingly or unwillingly to Ottawa head alone.

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We find in Surah use of

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verse 39. Yeah, sahibi sujan are Babu for a Puna fire rune, I'm 11 Washington, haha,

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fellow prisoners,

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but many diverse God's be better than a law the one the all powerful

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in terms of the application,

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according to him and Paul's four principles,

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Principle number one is to adopt where applicable.

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Now both these names are Washington the law had may be adopted and applied in two basic ways. The first way is to apply the names

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to recognize our own individualism

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and find our own unique potential for which Allah created each and every one of us.

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So we apply these names by recognizing in ourselves, that element of individualism and we'll be looking at that in more detail.

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The second way is to strive to understand a laws unique ones, as embodied in the Islamic Unitarian teachings regarding Tao, heat, and its practical application in the human life cycle.

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Our own uniqueness

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and the oneness of the human species,

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oneness of religion, the oneness of God, and the oneness of purpose.

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As no two snowflakes are the same.

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No two human beings are the same. Everyone is different from everyone else. Even twins are different from each other. That is the basic nature of the world in which we live, as a law has created it.

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Though we are all individually different. We are all members of the same human race and no other.

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There is no Caucasian race, negroid, race, Mongoloid race, etc.

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These so called races are not races at all.

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They were made up by Europeans during the 17th century, as a part of the justification for the enslavement of the rest of the world.

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And it was only in the late 19th and 20th centuries that slavery was outlawed.

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When non Europeans were finally recognized as equal to Europeans, and colonialism finally ended.

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However, Allah had sent us a message in the blood which ran through our veins. Our blood types a b, o and a B,

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which are only aware only discovered in the 20th century are far more important than the color of our skins, our color eyes

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The color or texture of our hair and other physical features.

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a blond haired, blue eyed white person from Northern Europe or Scandinavia, who was a plus blood type cannot receive blood can contain transfusions to save his or her life from a similar looking blood donor or family member who were type B plus. However, he or she could receive a life saving blood transfusion from an A plus, black haired like guide, black skin person from southern India, South Sudan or West Africa.

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These are among the signs of a law.

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The grand teaches humankind that our origin is what Adam, the last prophet reiterated

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that fact saying, good luck come in Adam. We're Adam went to rob all of you come from Adam and Adam came from dust.

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Our physical differences are superficial,

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no different in essence from the differences among

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various types of dogs, cats, capital, etc. Consequently, the province that I sell them, had among his followers, converts from Persia like salmaan and faricy. from Rome, so hey, by Rumi and from Ethiopia,

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like Malala habashi. Along with this Arab for followers,

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it must be realized that the roots of racism are ancient, going all the way back to the main enemy of human beings, none other than Satan himself. Puma law quoted openly expressing pride in his origin. When he was instructed to bow before Adam in recognition of Adam superiority and he refused.

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Allah said, What prevented you from bowing down as I commanded you? And he replied, and are higher on men who I am better than him calacatta name and naryn wahala who minty new created him, created me from fire and created him from clay throughout our office 12.

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This is the assets, pride, these racist roots of pride run deep in the souls of human beings, which is why the Quran addressed it on so many occasions, using a variety of similes and metaphors. For example,

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Allah said,

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haven't you considered how it is that a lot pours down water from the sky and produces with it fruits of varied colors, and how it is that there are mountains having layers of white and red and various other colors, and jet black

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and how it is that there are various colors among human beings, wild animals and livestock.

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It is those of his servants who have knowledge that stand in to all of Allah. So Allah linked us to the variations in the plants, the flowers that come from the various plants, same water producing all of these colors with dress pants

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and at the same time to the mountains.

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The various layers that are there,

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streaks of color in them

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going from white to black.

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And then he connected us with the wild animals and the livestock.

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Were in that group. And we also have all these comments.

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So I ended the debate by laying down the only criteria for superiority in his eyes saying yeah, you and us enough Allah panakam in the Quran we're on

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a Jana come sure obon will cover in a later article in chroma komenda lahi at aka in Allah. I Li moon hobby people. I created you all from a single man and a single woman

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And made you into peoples and tribes so that you would recognize one another.

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In a lot of sight, the most noble of you are the ones most mindful of here. Allies all knowing and fully aware, so put your address 30.

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Following allows instructions in order to suppress racist and tribalist feelings from the pre Islamic era. The prophet SAW Selim informed all of his followers during his farewell pilgrimage to Mecca saying, la favela rbn Allah ami wala maroun Allah sweatin elaborate taqwa. Arabs have no favor over non Arabs, nor whites over blacks, except by piety.

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However, the prophet SAW Selim did not stop there. He personally married an Ethiopian, and sorry any Egyptian Coptic slave girl, Maria,

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and Sophia, a widow Jewish slave from among the prisoners of war. He also arranged the marriage of his cousin Zainab bint jahsh to his servant and adopted son Zayed an ex slave. And he made Zaid son Osama, who was a teenager at the time commander of the Muslim army and married him to father bill pace. Qureshi noble woman.

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Furthermore, the prophet SAW Selim informed his nation as he had an inner dream heard below the Ethiopians footsteps ahead of him in paradise.

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But in spite of such outstanding efforts to eradicate the disease of racism, tribalism, nationalism, in times of human weakness, the ugly heads of these expressions of pride and superiority would arise from time to time. So it is not surprising to read that on one occasion, I busara, a leading disciple of the prophet SAW Salah was strongly rebuked by the prophet for verbally abusing Bilal and anger

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as in a fit of anger, he derogative Lee addressed below with a racial slur saying you have no soda or son of a black woman. The province is immediately chastised him saying, and Roger Lune faecal Jaya helia you're a man who still has inside himself. ignorance of pre Islamic times, I was I realized this dreadful mistake and immediately put his head on the ground, refuse to lift it until below walk over it.

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Consequently, in the spirit of racial equality, wherever Islam spread conversion into marriage to place, whether in Africa, India, Indonesia, China or Europe, Islamic history is replete with examples from top to bottom of having overcome racism and tribalism, more than any other nation of the past or present. However, that doesn't mean that Muslims were always perfect and 100% free from prejudice. But they have clear religious texts. Statements of the prophet SAW salah and historical records to prove that in general, it was overcome as never before in recorded human history.

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In terms of rulers, it has been noted that the above acid caliphs who ruled

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that much of the known world for over 500 years.

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Between the eighth and 13th century, Christian era, were mostly the sons of former slave girls. Where else in the world Has this ever happened? everywhere else, the children of slaves would always be slaves, and so with their offspring

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among the scholars, now fair, a freed slave will live in the Amara teacher of my Malik mianus narrated what came to be known as the most highly rated chain of Hadith of the Prophet SAW Salah, which was called as sencilla dahabiya, a golden chain. Where else have formlessness Navy has been lauded as the greatest scholars of all times in history, the famous British historian Arnold Toynbee

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who died in 1975 wrote

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the extinction of race consciousness as between Muslims is one of the outstanding moral achievements of Islam. And in the contemporary world, there is, as it happens, a crying need for the propagation of this Islamic virtue.

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it is conceivable that the spirit of Islam might be the timely reinforcement, which would decide this issue in favor of tolerance and peace

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in terms of modern experience, but now connects a black American Muslim convert and political activist was asked about what impressed me most about Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca. On his return from Arabia, he replied, brotherhood, the people of all races colors, from all over the world coming together as one, it has proved to me the power of the one God. And he wrote a letter to his wife on Mount arafa while he was on Mount arafa during the Hajj, saying,

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there were 10s of 1000s of pilgrims from all over the world. They were of all colors, from blue eyed blonde, to black skinned Africans. But we were all participating in the same rituals. displaying a spirit of unity and brotherhood, that my experience in America had led me to believe could never exist between whites and non whites.

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America needs to understand Islam, because this is the religion that erases from its society, the race problem.

00:26:52--> 00:27:19

Throughout my travels in the Muslim world, he went on to say, I have talked, met, and even even those people who in America would have been considered white. But the white attitude has been removed from their minds by the religion of Islam. I have never before seen such sincere brotherhood practice by all colors together, irrespective of their color.

00:27:21--> 00:28:01

During the past 11 days in the Muslim world, I've eaten from the same plate, drunk from the same glass, and slept on the same bed, or on the same rub, while praying to the same God with fellow Muslims, whose eyes were the bluest of blue, whose hair was the blonde must have blonde, and whose skin was the whitest of white, and then the words and actions and then the deeds of the white Muslims. I have felt the same sincerity that I felt among the black African Muslims of Nigeria, Sudan, and Ghana.

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Currently, the Black Lives Matter movement. And the global human rights awakening is in the forefront of the struggle for eradication of systemic racism from North and South American countries, and Western and Eastern European societies. Muslims need to highlight and project our civilization into the debate as the practical answer, within which in spite of our current technological backward position, we were and still are a truly civilized global nation, where racism has been virtually eradicated.

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In terms of oneness of purpose,

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which we can summarize as though hidden about

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the Divine Names are wide and had also pointed us to the oneness of faith. Since there is only one God and one human race, God revealed only one religion to guide them, as he is not the author of confusion. different religions, for different people would leave people lost regarding which religion is correct. If each religion had different teachings, if they are all correct,

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and it didn't matter which one we follow, the core message should be one and the same. But it isn't.

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Also, God did not prescribe one religion for the US, another for Indians, yet another for Europeans, and another for Africans and another for Chinese etc, etc.

00:29:52--> 00:29:56

Because human spiritual and social needs are uniform

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

and human nature has not changed.

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

Since the first man and woman were created in this world,

00:30:05--> 00:30:16

the one and only divinely revealed religion, which encapsulates in its core, the very purpose for which God has created us is Islam.

00:30:17--> 00:30:28

While other religions are at a loss when it comes to defining the reason for our creation from their own scriptures, which were for the most part, not divine,

00:30:29--> 00:30:57

Islam made it crystal clear for the believers in the Noble Quran itself. Omar Calico Jenna will insert a Lally Abu I only created the gentle humankind to worship Me surah Daria are 66 worship is not merely prayer and fasting. It means living a complete life. According to the guidelines given by God. I had an aha

00:30:58--> 00:31:16

in the Islamic system each and every human act can be transformed into an act of worship. In fact, Allah commanded the believers to dedicate their whole lives to it. This principle is clearly outlined in the Scripture. Allah says in Surah

00:31:17--> 00:31:19

verse 162,

00:31:20--> 00:31:38

in the Salah at once, okay, well mahiya wa t they lie here up bill Alani say, surely my prayer and my sacrifices, my living and my dying are for a law, the Lord of all the worlds.

00:31:39--> 00:32:37

However, for that dedication of every act of life to be acceptable to Allah, each act must fulfill two basic conditions. The first condition is that the apps must be done sincerely for the pleasure of Allah, and not for the recognition and praise of other human beings. The believer, also as to be conscious of Allah, while doing the act, to ensure that it is not something forbidden by law, or the Messenger of Allah. Furthermore, in order to facilitate the transformation of mundane acts into worship, Allah instructed the last prophet sallallahu wasallam, to prescribe short prayers to be said before and after even the simplest of Acts. The shortest prayer which can be used for any

00:32:37--> 00:32:40

circumstance is Bismillah

00:32:41--> 00:32:46

Bismillah, meaning I'm doing this in a law's name.

00:32:48--> 00:33:06

There are, however, many other prayers long and short prescribed for specific or reoccurring occasions. For example, whenever a new piece of clothing is worn the process Allah taught his followers to say Allahumma lachelle, Hamp and the casselton de

00:33:08--> 00:33:23

alikum in Haiti, Haiti ma Sunni Allah was becoming Sherry washery ma Sunni Allah, Allah, all thanks is due to you. For it as you close me.

00:33:24--> 00:33:35

I asked you for its benefit and the benefit for which it was made. And I seek refuge in You from its evil and the evil for which it was made.

00:33:36--> 00:34:32

The second condition is that the art must be done in accordance with the Sunnah, the prophetic way. All of the true prophets of Allah instructed their followers to follow their way because they were guided by God. What they thought were divinely revealed truths. And only those who followed their way and accepted the truth would inherit eternal life in paradise. It is in this context that Prophet Jesus made the Peace and blessings of God be upon him, was reported in the Gospel According to john 14, verse six, as saying, I am the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Not that he was to be worshiped, or he was God,

00:34:33--> 00:34:44

or God was to be worship through him, but that he brought the prophetic way, which all who wanted to please God should follow.

00:34:45--> 00:34:54

For example, the way he used to pray, frustrating, washing before prayers, praying only to

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

fasting 40 days and nights etc. Similarly, I'm the live in Missouri

00:35:01--> 00:35:57

Companion of the provinces and that related that on one day, in the midst of his companions, the province was on them drew a straight line in the dust for them to see, and he said, this is a lost path. Then he drew several lines branching off on either side to the right and the left. And he said, these are the paths of misguidance and at the end of each of them is a devil, inviting people to follow it. Then he recited the verse from Surinam as 150 310 sorority must have a man for tiberiu alata tibia are similar for the farakka become severely. The alikoum was soccom behave the Allah come upon, verily, this is my path, leading straight so follow it, and do not follow the other

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paths, for they will scatter you about from a lost path. That is his command to you, in order that you'd be mindful of Allah.

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That's the only acceptable way to worship God is according to the way of the profits. That being the case, innovation and religion. In Religious Affairs, religious acts, would be considered by a law among the worst of all evils, and Prophet Muhammad wa sallam was said exactly that. Sharon Morimoto.

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The worst of all affairs, is innovation in religion.

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For every religious innovation is a cursed innovation, misleading and leading ultimately to the hellfire.

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Innovation in the religion is forbidden and unacceptable to Allah. The prophet SAW Selim was also reported by his wife, I should have said many other Sufi Amrita malaise, a man who forward to innovate something in this matter of ours, that is not of it will have it rejected. It is fundamentally due to innovations that the messages of the earlier prophets were distorted, and that many false religions around the world arose.

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The general rule to follow in order to avoid innovation in religion is that all forms of worship are prohibited, except those which have been specifically prescribed by God and conveyed to humans by the true messengers of God. Consequently, no other religion is acceptable to Allah besides Islam, as he clearly states in the final revelation in the Dena and the law is that surely a laws religion is Islam Surah Al Imran verse 90

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may have done it later, Islami dienen fella yo Kabbalah Minho? Well, who often are karate men and ferocity and whoever desires a religion besides Islam will not have it accepted, and he will be among the losers in the hereafter.

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Surah Allium Ron verse 85.

00:38:24--> 00:38:26

Understanding Allah is oneness

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which we refer to as cow eat.

00:38:33--> 00:38:41

Another of the ways that we can adopt the Divine Names are wide. Ahad is by understanding and applying the principles of

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literally tawheed means unification, making something what or asserting oneness and it comes from the Arabic word whadda. You are head to toe hidden, which itself means to unite unify or consolidate. However, when the term tauheed is used in reference to a law, as in takahito law, it means realizing and affirming allows unity in all of man's actions, which directly or indirectly relate to him.

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It is the belief that our laws, one that a law is one without partner in his dominion, that is his rubia.

00:39:34--> 00:39:36

One without similitude

00:39:38--> 00:39:39

in his essence,

00:39:41--> 00:39:53

that we refer to as a smile sifat and one without rival in his divinity, and in worship, below here or a bad

00:39:54--> 00:40:00

these three aspects form the basis for the categories into which some scholars

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

divided the science of three,

00:40:04--> 00:40:15

three overlap and are inseparable to such a degree that whoever omits any one aspect has failed to complete the requirements of

00:40:17--> 00:40:35

the admission of any of the above mentioned aspects of the heat is referred to as ship, the Association of partners with a law in the stomach terms, it is Association ism, and that we refer to as idolatry.

00:40:36--> 00:40:39

And it should be clear that this division

00:40:40--> 00:40:42

could be entered into

00:40:44--> 00:40:46

or it could be just dealt with as one

00:40:47--> 00:40:59

because ultimately, its division into parts was only to further understand it in greater depth. Just as a doctor studies the human body.

00:41:01--> 00:41:40

He may study it as a whole from the outside, or he may go inside and study the skeletal system, or the circulatory system, or the endocrine system, or the muscular systems. These are all systems, and they don't exist by themselves, they all make one. The three categories of tawheed are commonly referred to by the following titles are heydo rubia, literally maintaining the oneness of lordship, that is affirming that Allah is one without partners in his serenity

00:41:42--> 00:42:33

to tawheed, a smaller sifat maintaining the unity of Allah, his names and attributes, and that is affirming that they're incompatible and unique, and three to Hayden ibadah, affirming that a lot, is alone in his right to be worshipped. The Division of tawheed into its components, was not done by Prophet Muhammad SAW seldom, nor by his companions, as there was no necessity to analyze such a basic principle of faith in this fashion. However, the foundations of the components are all implied in the verses of the Quran. And in the explanatory statements of the prophet SAW some and its companions, as you become evident when each category is dealt with in more detail.

00:42:34--> 00:42:47

In later studies, even the word tawheed doesn't actually occur in the crowd. However, the term can be found in some of the authentic statements of the Prophet So,

00:42:48--> 00:42:52

for example, Jabir ibn Abdullah quoted the process Allah saying,

00:42:53--> 00:42:54

you either bonus,

00:42:55--> 00:42:58

will add it or hid for not

00:42:59--> 00:43:13

for you, either the Buddha soon as undertow heed, can some people from the people of tawheed will be punished and the Hellfire also might even have some thoughts related to the process, Elon said

00:43:15--> 00:43:19

I'm Abukar follow can occur with our head,

00:43:21--> 00:43:37

for some water for doctor and who nafa who Daddy, as for your father, if he was from those who affirmed our heat, and you fasted and gave charity for him, he would benefit from it.

00:43:39--> 00:43:40

So takahito rubia

00:43:41--> 00:43:44

you said was maintained the unity of lordship

00:43:45--> 00:44:33

is a category based on the fundamental concept that Allah alone caused all things to exist, and there was nothing he sustains and maintains creation without any need from it, or for it. And he is the sole Lord of the universe and its inhabitants without any real challenge to his serenity. According to this category, since God is the only real power in existence, it is He will give all things the power to move and change, nothing happens in creation, except what he allows to happen as the problems are seldom used to say La hawla wala quwata 11 that there is no movement or power except by the permission of Allah.

00:44:34--> 00:44:40

Sorry, the listener was the fat which is maintained in the unity of Allah His names and attributes.

00:44:41--> 00:44:49

This category has a number of different aspects. Most important among them is

00:44:50--> 00:44:55

the fact that the unity of allows names and attributes have to be maintained

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

in such a way that we refer to all

00:45:00--> 00:45:18

According to how he and his prophet have described it, without explaining away his names and attributes, by giving them meanings other than their obvious meanings, so we're not free to make up any names and attributes for Allah.

00:45:20--> 00:45:26

We should stick with how Allah described himself and how the messenger described itself

00:45:31--> 00:45:32

in terms of

00:45:34--> 00:45:36

towhead and ibadah.

00:45:38--> 00:45:45

In spite of the wide implications of the first two categories of tau he spoke up.

00:45:46--> 00:45:52

firm belief in them alone is not sufficient to fulfill the Islamic requirements of tau heat.

00:45:53--> 00:46:22

Tau either obeah to headerless mousy fat must be accompanied by their compliment tauheed and a bada in order for Tommy to be considered complete. This point is substantiated by the fact that Elia himself has related in clear terms, they must recall in the isolators of the promises talents time, confirmed many aspects of the first two forms of tau heat.

00:46:23--> 00:46:30

In the Quran, Allah tells the process alum to say to the pagans now insult Oh, man holla to home.

00:46:31--> 00:46:43

They are cool Lana, Elia cool Luna law. If you ask them who created them, they would surely say a lot. So as author of first 87.

00:46:44--> 00:47:05

So in spite of the Meccans confession of aspects of telehealth and their knowledge of a law, he classified them as kuffaar law classifies them as disbelievers and most rakuen pagans simply because they worship other gods along with their worship of Allah.

00:47:06--> 00:47:29

Consequently, the most important aspect of though heed is that of the hidden a bad, maintaining the unity of laws worse, all forms of worship must be directed only to Allah, because he alone deserves worship, and it is he alone who can grant benefit to humankind and as a result of worshiping Him.

00:47:30--> 00:47:31


00:47:33--> 00:47:56

there is no need for any form of intercessor or intermediary between man and God. Allah emphasized the importance of directing worship to Him alone, by pointing out that this was the main purpose of man Jin's creation, and the essence of the message brought by the prophets of God.

00:48:00--> 00:48:09

Applying the Divine Names and Wahid Ahad can also be done by giving primacy to tawheed in dour

00:48:12--> 00:48:16

primacy to a laws oneness, conveying the message of a law

00:48:17--> 00:48:18

around us.

00:48:20--> 00:48:43

Some aspects of Islam are more critical than others. Therefore, priority must be given to the most important principles when explaining Islam to others. The first pillar of Islam is the declaration that none has the right to be worshipped except the law. And the first pillar of Eman Faith is the belief in Allah.

00:48:44--> 00:48:51

Furthermore, the only unforgivable sin in Islam is to worship other than a law and to die on that belief.

00:48:52--> 00:49:26

Consequently, the call to Allah should focus on towhead, which is exactly what the prophet SAW Selim instructed his companions whenever he sent them to carry the message to other parts of Arabia. For example, if numbers reported that when the prophets are certain, sent more audibly German to Yemen, he told him, You will be going to Christians and Jews. So the first thing you should invite them to, is the assertion of the oneness of Allah Most High

00:49:27--> 00:49:42

if they realize that, then inform them that Allah has made five daily prayers obligatory on them. And if they pray, these five prayers then inform them that Allah has made the payment of charity on their wealth obligatory

00:49:43--> 00:49:52

on their rich to be given to the poor, and if they accept that, then take it from them and avoid the best part of the People's properties.

00:49:54--> 00:49:59

So the call to toe heed, should adjust allows unique unity which we call a

00:50:00--> 00:50:05

idea with respect to His Lordship and serenity over creation,

00:50:06--> 00:50:30

his names and attributes and his right to be worshipped alone, without any partner. This belief in tawheed, should also be manifest in human relations with God, and their social interactions amongst themselves, and in their relationship with the world in which they live, and the creatures of that world that Allah has subjected to them.

00:50:33--> 00:50:37

Thus, whatever subject once Dawa may begin on,

00:50:38--> 00:50:49

whether hijaab terrorism, polygamy, etc. a conscious effort should always be made to divert the topic, ultimately, to that authority.

00:50:51--> 00:50:53

For it is the only

00:50:55--> 00:51:00

principle, which, without its acceptance,

00:51:02--> 00:51:04

everything is lost.

00:51:05--> 00:51:56

If that individual is convinced of the reasonableness of a job, and the unfairness of labeling Muslims as terrorists, terrorists, and that polygamy is logical and natural, and he has not accepted the uniqueness of Allah and His oneness, that he alone deserves our worship and dies in that state. He has failed, and you have destroyed his opportunity for success in the next life. Whereas, if he accepted a loss, unique oneness, and worshiped Him alone, but was confused about the obligation of a job terrorism and polygamy and died in that state, his place in paradise will be guaranteed, according to the promises and message

00:51:57--> 00:52:09

which he conveyed to us, man call Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Jenna. Whoever says, There is no god worthy of worship, besides the law will enter Paradise.

00:52:12--> 00:53:04

In terms of application of the Divine Names on an individual level, having understood our place in the violence scheme of things, we personally need to find out what our goals should be in this life. What is our individual purpose? What contribution to civilization Do we have to give? we see around us big and famous figures, making life changing contributions to human civilization in general. And to Muslim to the Muslim Omar in particular, we admire them and we praise them. But we usually don't think for a minute that we could ever reach such heights and be one among them. The reality is that we all have a way through which we can contribute to our community,

00:53:06--> 00:53:14

our country, our region and the world, we only have to find it, Allah is alive and

00:53:16--> 00:53:23

the only one who can make dreams come true, and make the seemingly impossible possible.

00:53:24--> 00:53:55

He is always there. But we have to make the commitment and make the effort and he will facilitate the way forward. Take my case. For example. I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and Ireland in the West Indies, which most people have never heard about. Back in 1947, to Christian parents. If a fortune teller I told my parents that I would become a Muslim

00:53:56--> 00:54:42

religion they had never even heard of. And I would learn Islam to the PhD level. Teach Islam in university to Muslims around the world, set up my own university, where over half a million Muslim students would register and 1000s of graduates and I would be listed among the 500 most influential Muslims in the world, and that they would both convert to Islam on my hands, they would probably have laughed so hard that they might have fallen to the ground. But here I am, playing a small part in the global effort to revive Islamic teachings in the oma.

00:54:43--> 00:54:54

I didn't accept Islam until I was 25 years old in Toronto, Canada. While most of you are born in Muslim families and raised as Muslims

00:54:56--> 00:54:57

you can start

00:54:58--> 00:54:59


00:55:00--> 00:55:02

Working on your contributions

00:55:06--> 00:55:07

much earlier

00:55:08--> 00:55:14

than I could have. And Allah will make it easy for you

00:55:15--> 00:55:24

and make you do things many times greater than anything I've ever done or could do with his help and his mercy.

00:55:25--> 00:55:28

Your contributions are needed.

00:55:29--> 00:55:36

Each and every one of you needs to find his place or her place and

00:55:38--> 00:55:41

deliver their contribution

00:55:43--> 00:55:49

to the civilization of Islam and civilization of the world, Barack Obama.

00:55:51--> 00:55:54

The second principle of

00:55:55--> 00:55:56

evolution, but Paul,

00:55:57--> 00:56:00

was to confirm were unique, and inapplicable.

00:56:02--> 00:56:03

And this is

00:56:04--> 00:56:12

the principle in which deviations and thoughts are generally looked at.

00:56:14--> 00:56:18

In this case, we'll be looking at a principle

00:56:19--> 00:56:29

common amongst people referred to as mystics, called alpha and aphylla. becoming one with Allah.

00:56:30--> 00:56:32

application of the Divine Names are wide and

00:56:33--> 00:56:52

requires us to confirm a laws unique unity in such a way that nothing of creation can share in it. It is a unity which is completely pure and divine, to such a degree, that the creation cannot possibly participate in it in any way.

00:56:53--> 00:57:01

In the same way, that we rejected sharing in the laws, infinite knowledge or is infinite power.

00:57:02--> 00:57:09

Consequently, any claims that the creation can become one with the Creator

00:57:13--> 00:57:18

is undoubtedly open and bear faced, shared

00:57:20--> 00:58:07

and must be rejected completely, in order to protect a large unique unity and his oneness. mysticism, in the Muslim context, referred to as Sufism is just such a system of beliefs, which claim ultimately, that finite man can become one with the infinite God. I know. Many of you might say, Well, I'm a Sufi, I don't believe that, but in its essence, and in its evolution, that's what's there. mysticism is defined as the experience of union with God, and the belief that man's main goals lies in seeking that Union.

00:58:08--> 00:58:18

The origins of mysticism can be found in the writings of ancient Greek philosophers like Plato, in his symposium, in which he mentions

00:58:19--> 00:58:23

that there are various ladders of ascent

00:58:24--> 00:58:33

composed of steep and hard steps, whereby a union of the soul with God is finally attained.

00:58:34--> 00:58:35

This is Plato,

00:58:37--> 00:58:39

ancient Greek philosopher.

00:58:40--> 00:58:55

A parallel concept can also be found in into isms, identification of Atman, the human soul with Brockman, the impersonal absolute, the realization of which is the ultimate goal

00:58:56--> 00:59:00

or release from existence, and rebirth.

00:59:04--> 00:59:10

Greek mystic thought blossomed in the Gnostic Christian movements, which

00:59:12--> 00:59:16

in the early years in the first two centuries reached their peak.

00:59:18--> 00:59:28

These trends were combined in the third century, with platonism by the Egypt Oh rule Roman philosopher,

00:59:29--> 00:59:30


00:59:31--> 00:59:39

He is in the third century, the former religious philosopher, known as neoplatonism,

00:59:41--> 00:59:59

Christian, anchorites, or hermits of the third century, who began the monastic tradition to Christendom by withdrawing into the Egyptian desert, adopted the mystic goal of union with God as its as it was propounded in neoplatonic thought

01:00:00--> 01:00:01

At that time,

01:00:02--> 01:00:08

within a framework of meditative and aesthetic practices of self denial.

01:00:12--> 01:00:24

Also, it was St. petronius, who established the first set of rules for Christian monasticism and founded nine monasteries in the Egyptian desert.

01:00:27--> 01:01:25

Saint Benedict of nursia, developed the Benedictine rule of the monastery of Mont Casino in Italy, and came to be regarded as the real founder of Western monastic order. The Mystic tradition kept alive in monastic Christianity began to find expression among Muslims from around the eighth century, a century after the borders of Islamic state that expanded to include Egypt and Syria. And it centers of monasticism a group of Muslims who are not satisfied with what the Sharia Islamic law had to offer. Develop the parallel system which they name today upon the way in it, just as the ultimate goal of the Hindu was unity with the world soul. And the goal of the Christian mystic was

01:01:25--> 01:01:39

the union with God. The ultimate goal of this movement became China, the dissolution of the ego, and will sue the meeting and unification of the human soul with a law in this life.

01:01:41--> 01:02:03

series of preliminary stages and states, which had to be attained were defined, they were called Mahamat stations, and the harlot stages. A system of spiritual exercises were also designed for the initiate in order to bring about this meeting.

01:02:04--> 01:02:33

These exercises of Vicar often included head and body movements, and sometimes even that's as in the case of the Whirling Dervishes Turkey. All of these practices were falsely attributed to the prophets Allah, through fabricated chains of narration in order to validate their practices. But there does not exist any authentic report for them in any of the classical books of habit.

01:02:34--> 01:03:14

A multiplicity of systems evolved and ordered similar to those of the Christian monks appeared named after their founders, like the poverty, the chisti, the Naqshbandi, the T journey orders, along with that, volumes of legends and fairy tales, were spun around the founders and the outstanding personalities of these orders, and justice Christian and Hindu monks chose special isolated structures, the monasteries in which to house their communities. The Sufi orders developed a similar housing scheme called Zarya.

01:03:15--> 01:03:40

In time, a body of hermetic Creed's developed out of the mystic union with God belief. For example, most orders claimed that the law could be seen when the status was soon was achieved. Yet when I asked the processor if he saw a lot during the Mirage, he replied, he had not.

01:03:41--> 01:03:50

Prophet Moses was also shown that neither he nor any human being, could withstand seeing ally in this life.

01:03:51--> 01:04:00

By Allah revealing some of its is being to a mountain, which crumbled to dust during the revelation.

01:04:01--> 01:04:17

Some Sufi orders at claim that when the state of the soul was attained the mundane obligations of Sharia, like five times daily prayer, we're no longer obligatory. Most of them practice

01:04:18--> 01:04:31

that prayers to Allah could be sent through the prophet, so I send them all to so called saints. Many also began the practice of making dough off circumambulation

01:04:33--> 01:04:58

and animal sacrifice and other acts of worship, around the shrines and the tombs of the saints. So off can be observed today around the grave of Xena and said, and by the way, in Egypt, around the tomb of Mohammed, I've met the demand in Sudan, around the dargahs of countless saints and holy men in India and Pakistan.

01:05:00--> 01:05:13

God came to refer me referred to as the outer path designed for the ignorant masses, while the today was the inner path of elite, enlightened few.

01:05:15--> 01:05:42

opinionated tafsir appeared in which the meanings of the Quranic verses were bent and twisted support theoretical ideas of the mystic movement, Greek philosophical thought was also blended with fabricated Hadees to produce a body of inauthentic literature, which challenged the early Islamic classics and eventually displaced them among the masses, Muslims.

01:05:44--> 01:05:46

Muslims were introduced

01:05:47--> 01:06:01

in most circles and drugs, like marijuana could be found in others as a means of heightening the pseudo spiritual experience, which they all sought.

01:06:04--> 01:06:17

Such was the legacy of the later generation of Sophie's, and I know I point out that this is in reference to

01:06:19--> 01:06:31

modern or later modern times. This may have developed developed initially amongst a few, but it eventually spread till now it's General, but the early people

01:06:32--> 01:06:39

who some of whom were quite pious and great scholars, like abracadabra Gilani,

01:06:41--> 01:06:46

who people attribute the pottery and audit to

01:06:48--> 01:06:56

fairly, he understood the importance of distinguishing between the creator and the Creator. It's clear in his writings,

01:06:58--> 01:07:00

the two could never be one

01:07:01--> 01:07:06

as one was divine and eternal, while the other was human and finite.

01:07:07--> 01:07:27

Cards consequently applying the Divine Names and Wahid and Ahad according to the principle, Principle number two of women but thought requires the complete rejection of any such claims of union with a law or any secret enterprise to attain the fake union.

01:07:29--> 01:07:34

We have now come to the end of part one of session 49

01:07:35--> 01:07:36


01:07:37--> 01:07:39

part two will follow on Saturday

01:07:41--> 01:07:57

along with me, in which we will cover the remaining two principles of the Andalusian scholar of the 12th century, among even batam in adopting and applying the Beautiful Names of Allah

01:07:58--> 01:08:10

are do I using these two names will be made at the end of Part barakallahu salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

01:08:12--> 01:08:18

We'll now move to the third section of our

01:08:19--> 01:08:21

program that have

01:08:24--> 01:08:27

questions and answers q&a.

01:08:42--> 01:08:44

Abdulaziz asks,

01:08:46--> 01:08:54

after giving salaams in a recent post, you said Allah will forgive all sins, with the exception of ship.

01:08:56--> 01:09:05

If repented from, does that mean that there's no forgiveness? After repentance from ship? No, no.

01:09:09--> 01:09:10

All of the

01:09:11--> 01:09:26

sins, if someone didn't repent from them, they could be forgiven, with the exception of ship. If one does not repent from ship and dies in that state, then

01:09:28--> 01:09:30

there is no forgiveness for the person.

01:09:33--> 01:09:35

Baraka rafiqul

01:09:46--> 01:09:47

another question

01:09:49--> 01:09:55

it traveler and dunya right? If the Greatest Name of Allah is indeed

01:09:56--> 01:09:59

Allah, then why do I

01:10:00--> 01:10:12

Eyes not get answered, like it did in the Quran for the person who brought the throne of Queen will face by making dua.

01:10:19--> 01:10:20

Remember what we said

01:10:22--> 01:10:23


01:10:24--> 01:10:25


01:10:26--> 01:10:29

answers our prayers, if they're sincere.

01:10:32--> 01:10:34

If we believe in Allah,

01:10:35--> 01:10:47

our prayers will be answered. So the fact that we don't see them answered, and in Morag miraculous ways doesn't mean that they're not answered.

01:10:48--> 01:10:49

It just means that

01:10:51--> 01:10:55

the answer is not obvious to us. That's all.

01:11:05--> 01:11:12

Next question, can we recite Surah Fatiha behind an Imam? And the Imam recites loudly.

01:11:13--> 01:11:23

Better not to your recitation if you and everybody else recites loudly also behind the Imam reciting loudly to be confusion

01:11:25--> 01:11:34

and a lot told us also clearly in the grand that if the grant has decided that we should be quiet, listen to it.

01:11:37--> 01:11:42

So when the Imam recites we should just allow we just listen to him

01:11:43--> 01:11:51

when he is reciting in the silent prayers recite behind him we can recite at that time

01:11:54--> 01:11:55

this is from Instagram.

01:11:56--> 01:11:59

He said Tom for a white person to say the N word.

01:12:02--> 01:12:05

Is it haram for white person to say the N word?

01:12:07--> 01:12:10

Ah depends on the context.

01:12:11--> 01:12:31

You know if it is derisive, it is slander. If it is abuse, verbal abuse, then yes, it's Haram. It's haram even if a black person use. So the issue is not so much the word. But how that word is used. Because many of these words in and of themselves.

01:12:33--> 01:12:34


01:12:35--> 01:13:18

acceptable. It depends on who uses it, or when it is used and how it is used. So we can't just say simply if a white person says the N word is haram, but if a black person says the N word it's not. This is not as simple as that. sadef asks, What are the dangers of liberalism? So many of my cousins have left Islam for feminism. They say that Islam is unjust. It is against women is barbaric, against LGBT, and ad Q, which makes me sad. Well,

01:13:19--> 01:13:27

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin's leaving Islam, as a result of their ignorance of the teachings of is that

01:13:29--> 01:13:32

reality is that

01:13:34--> 01:13:42

Islam provides a clear compass on

01:13:44--> 01:13:44


01:13:46--> 01:13:49

what is morally good, and what is morally bad.

01:13:51--> 01:13:52

And that compass

01:13:53--> 01:13:54

like the Koran

01:13:55--> 01:13:57

has never changed.

01:13:58--> 01:14:00

It remains the same.

01:14:01--> 01:14:06

And because of it, it holds the society together

01:14:07--> 01:14:12

that holds Islam, the Muslim nation, the Muslim Ummah together

01:14:13--> 01:14:18

whereas other societies where through democratic

01:14:19--> 01:14:21

channels means

01:14:23--> 01:14:27

the moral compass of the society has changed.

01:14:29--> 01:14:41

So what was haraam? Yesterday, is now halaal today, and what was halaal yesterday, is now haram today. And there is no end.

01:14:42--> 01:14:43

There is no end to it.

01:14:45--> 01:14:53

incest has been removed from the law books in Europe.

01:14:55--> 01:14:59

Insist a man marrying his mother married

01:15:00--> 01:15:04

His sister, mine, his daughter is permissible.

01:15:07--> 01:15:08

Are you ready for that?

01:15:09--> 01:15:13

That's where liberalism takes you.

01:15:16--> 01:15:21

First, I mean, up until the early 20th century,

01:15:22--> 01:15:26

adultery, fornication, or since we're bad, we're wrong.

01:15:27--> 01:15:36

You could be jailed, you could be punished in a variety of different ways for that, then it was removed from the law books.

01:15:39--> 01:15:40

It was no longer wrong.

01:15:41--> 01:15:45

It was okay. Today it is not a problem.

01:15:48--> 01:15:53

And what came along with it was all the other

01:15:54--> 01:16:01

practices connected to it sexual practices, etc. These were bit by bit made permissible.

01:16:03--> 01:16:14

Till today, it's a free for all. Anybody can do anything they wanted, as long as they're not hurting anybody else. That's the condition

01:16:15--> 01:16:25

and a society that is so liberal, so loose, so free. That's what liberal means very free.

01:16:28--> 01:16:30

It is bound for destruction.

01:16:31--> 01:16:33

It will self destruct

01:16:41--> 01:16:42

was that Melamed asks?

01:16:44--> 01:17:01

Do you have some people who refute everyone based on some mistakes they found? and others who defend deviance and call it mistakes? Where do we draw the line or is warning against people left should be left to the scholars?

01:17:03--> 01:17:04

Well, obviously,

01:17:06--> 01:17:06


01:17:08--> 01:17:09

refuting others

01:17:12--> 01:17:13

for mistakes.

01:17:15--> 01:17:18

If a person makes a mistake, the mistake should be corrected.

01:17:20--> 01:17:28

But when an attack, a frontal attack is made on that individual,

01:17:29--> 01:17:33

and especially made by people who don't have knowledge,

01:17:35--> 01:17:39

they just heard it from someone someone heard it from someone's also. And that's enough for them to attack.

01:17:41--> 01:17:42

This is destruction

01:17:44--> 01:17:47

destroying scholarship in the eyes of the masses.

01:17:49--> 01:18:00

Because reality is that everybody will make mistakes. There is no scholar on the face of the earth, who has not and will not make mistakes.

01:18:03--> 01:18:04

On the other hand,

01:18:06--> 01:18:08

defending deviance

01:18:09--> 01:18:12

depends on what you mean by a deviant

01:18:13--> 01:18:26

whether a person is calling to deviation, openly calling to deviation or person who may have errors in their own understanding

01:18:29--> 01:19:00

such people who may have some errors in their understanding and who are defending others who had errors also, are such people who were clear scholars who didn't have any errors, but they were defending people who others have called deviance. You know, this tells us to protect the honor of others.

01:19:01--> 01:19:02


01:19:03--> 01:19:45

bra Solomon told us that whoever covers the weaknesses, the flaws of a Muslim brother or sister ally will cover their flaws on the Day of Judgment. So we have to be careful about attacking others, labeling others, you know, speaking ill of others, we have to be very careful about this. It destroyed many communities in the UK, in the US and Sierra Lanka, in other parts of the world. I know tell these ideas spread and

01:19:48--> 01:19:55

cause havoc among communities that initially were of people who are trying to follow

01:19:56--> 01:19:59

Islam in the best way following the

01:20:00--> 01:20:10

Early generations called the Salafi etc trying to follow the way of the promise on Solomon's early companions, their students such are trying to follow their ways.

01:20:11--> 01:20:14

But they ended up attacking each other

01:20:15--> 01:20:24

while claiming to follow the ways so it is very dangerous. And I asked a lot to protect us from its evil

01:20:29--> 01:20:43

is investing in Bitcoin around also is investing in stock stock markets are stocks of companies how, again stocks no it's not haram it's permissible However,

01:20:45--> 01:20:46

if one does so

01:20:47--> 01:20:49

as a means of gambling

01:20:51--> 01:20:55

meaning there is one thing where you see a particular company

01:20:57--> 01:21:07

and you believe in what they're doing, you feel it is good, it's clean such etc. So, you invest in it you put your money into that company, you buy shares

01:21:08--> 01:21:56

and years go by the value of the shares increase and whatever and you decide to sell them and use and get your money and the profits out and use it for something else that's perfectly okay. But where you are buying and selling on a daily basis, buying and selling buying and selling and when do you buy if your palm itches you okay bye bye bye bye, have your foot itches you then sell sell sell sell, this is your going according to whatever because one time when you decided to sell and your footage due to pick it up is a sign coming from my foot, you know or a sign from my palm

01:21:57--> 01:21:58

that becomes gambling.

01:21:59--> 01:22:01

Gambling is how about

01:22:02--> 01:22:04

with regards to Bitcoin.

01:22:05--> 01:22:22

The verdict is not completely in the general principle is that in sales, buying and selling everything is Hello. Except that which is been specifically prohibited.

01:22:24--> 01:22:34

So those who say Bitcoin is haraam need to bring clear principles would say it is prohibited.

01:22:36--> 01:22:50

It can't be on the basis that those who believe Bitcoin is Hello, have to prove to others that it is not haram know.

01:22:52--> 01:22:53


01:22:54--> 01:23:00

baseline. The bottom line for trade business is that it's all

01:23:02--> 01:23:05

except that which is specifically prohibited

01:23:09--> 01:23:11

from Instagram.

01:23:13--> 01:23:23

I'm a Muslim, but my mom and my stepdad, Christians. stepsister told me that she wants to be a Muslim, but I'm scared

01:23:26--> 01:23:31

that my stepdad might throw me out of the house, please, please, what should I do?

01:23:34--> 01:23:35


01:23:36--> 01:23:37

my son,

01:23:39--> 01:23:42

that's a very difficult situation to be in.

01:23:43--> 01:23:48

But to be honest, let me tell you, my parents adopted

01:23:50--> 01:23:52

as you were adopted, my parents adopted

01:23:53--> 01:23:56

a Muslim boy in our family.

01:23:58--> 01:23:59

And he had the same fear.

01:24:01--> 01:24:04

So he never told us about Islam.

01:24:05--> 01:24:10

hamdulillah Byelaws? Well, I found Islam through other channels altogether.

01:24:12--> 01:24:17

And when I met him, I, my adopted brother, I was very upset with him.

01:24:18--> 01:24:42

I asked him why you didn't tell us? He said, Well, you know, I was afraid. But he didn't say I was afraid of being kicked out of the house. But he just said I was afraid to do anything which would destroy the harmony of the home, you know, which would create any kind of problem in the house when your parents have been so kind and generous to take me in.

01:24:43--> 01:24:50

But in the end, these matters. Of course, if you are too young

01:24:52--> 01:24:53

to survive,

01:24:55--> 01:24:57

and there is no help out there to help you.

01:24:59--> 01:24:59

Then my advice

01:25:00--> 01:25:02

would be for you

01:25:03--> 01:25:04

to teach

01:25:05--> 01:25:06


01:25:07--> 01:25:09

adopted sister,

01:25:12--> 01:25:15

Islam, but advisor

01:25:16--> 01:25:18

to practice it secretly.

01:25:20--> 01:25:22

She doesn't have to let her parents know

01:25:23--> 01:25:30

until she is of an age where she can stand up and say, I've decided to become a monster.

01:25:31--> 01:25:41

But to not teach her to not explain to her, then that is hiding knowledge. The prophet SAW Selim, it said, Whoever hides knowledge from people who need it.

01:25:43--> 01:25:44

We'll find

01:25:45--> 01:25:51

a bridle from the Hellfire around their heads on the Day of Judgment.

01:25:52--> 01:25:54

So beware.

01:25:56--> 01:26:07

It's difficult, difficult situation to be in, I can appreciate that. But you still have to share that knowledge. lets her know what Islam is.

01:26:11--> 01:26:13

In my last

01:26:16--> 01:26:22

I'm asking you to clarify our laws attributes eternal as in were

01:26:24--> 01:26:28

they created by a law? No, I didn't create his attributes.

01:26:30--> 01:26:32

For example, the attributes of

01:26:34--> 01:26:43

being a Rahim did Allah create these attributes? Or is Allah always Rahim? Allah is always right.

01:26:44--> 01:26:46

He didn't create the attributes.

01:26:53--> 01:27:05

Shawn Mohammed asks, the masjid I attend sets aside the last Thursday of every month, where Surya sin is recited for the Muslims that passed away

01:27:06--> 01:27:14

from the locality. Is this a bit? Absolutely. It is 100% with the

01:27:17--> 01:27:27

prophet SAW Selim do not teach it. He did not do it. Sahaba never did it. They didn't teach it. The students of the Sahaba never did it. Are

01:27:30--> 01:27:52

you sorry I seen for the dead reading it is not authentic. There is no authentic narration which, in which the prophesied Salam spoke of rewards for reciting surah. Yaseen for the dead, though people do it, it is out of ignorance. All of the narrations are fabricated.

01:27:59--> 01:28:01

Sarah B asks.

01:28:04--> 01:28:19

So I would echo a few videos ago, you mentioned that we can't take inheritance from non Muslim family members. Did I hear this correctly? Can I not inherit from my grandparents?

01:28:22--> 01:28:25

You heard what I said correctly, in that

01:28:27--> 01:28:31

if your grandparents leave a will,

01:28:32--> 01:28:35

in which they have named you

01:28:36--> 01:28:45

as one of their inheritors, that according to Islamic law, is not inheritance, that is was here

01:28:46--> 01:28:58

that you can take to get received. But if they died, without leaving a will, and the state

01:28:59--> 01:29:01

divides up the wealth of the family

01:29:04--> 01:29:05


01:29:06--> 01:29:10

makes you an inheritor. You cannot receive it.

01:29:11--> 01:29:13

I hope that's clear. I just say once again,

01:29:15--> 01:29:20

if the state according to the inheritance laws of the states,

01:29:21--> 01:29:31

give you a portion from the wealth of any non Muslim relative, you cannot take because the prophet SAW seven said

01:29:34--> 01:29:41

Muslims cannot inherit from non Muslims, nor can non Muslims inherit from Muslims.

01:29:42--> 01:29:44

That's according to the laws.

01:29:45--> 01:29:53

But I explained that a Muslim can leave our CI gave the examples in the time of the prophet SAW Selim in which he permitted

01:29:55--> 01:29:58

for people who would not normally inherit

01:30:00--> 01:30:19

But if the relative writes a will, that is called wuxia. This is not the process of inheritance, that the prophets are seldom forbade what he forbade is the system, the system of inheritance, which has identified particular amounts for particular people.

01:30:21--> 01:30:26

So, wherever that is in operation, a Muslim cannot inherit from an understanding.

01:30:28--> 01:30:33

But where they have the non Muslim has written a will they can inherit.

01:30:42--> 01:30:46

Marisa vanderbuilt Oh Vander welt.

01:30:48--> 01:30:56

If a Muslim by their actions cause someone to turn away from Islam, is that a sin on that person?

01:30:57--> 01:30:58

It could be.

01:30:59--> 01:31:00

It could be a big sin,

01:31:01--> 01:31:19

by their action, meaning they did Haram. They did evil. Yes, it's a big sin. But if they did something which Islam permits, and the person turned away from Islam, because they did something, which is time permits, then there is no sin on them.

01:31:24--> 01:31:25

So we'll see if

01:31:28--> 01:31:30

Hamid BA

01:31:31--> 01:31:35

in which language did Adam first speak?

01:31:36--> 01:31:41

He spoke in the Adamic language,

01:31:44--> 01:31:46

the language of Adam

01:31:47--> 01:31:52

and his wife and their family, early descendants

01:31:54--> 01:32:00

from this Adamic language, all of the other languages came

01:32:01--> 01:32:06

whether Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Amharic,

01:32:07--> 01:32:14

Latin, Roman, Greek, Scandinavian, etc, etc.

01:32:17--> 01:32:24

From our Instagram students, can we put two or more folks in one hole?

01:32:26--> 01:32:34

Again, can we put two or more corpse corpses corpses in one hole

01:32:36--> 01:32:37

in one grave,

01:32:40--> 01:32:46

it shouldn't be done. I mean, unless there is some necessity which necessitates it.

01:32:48--> 01:32:51

But normally, if we're doing

01:32:54--> 01:32:56

the lab burial,

01:32:57--> 01:32:59

where one is,

01:33:03--> 01:33:15

you know, digs down and you dig to the side. So you dug to one side dug to the other side, one body is placed in one side, one body is placed on the other side, that's possible.

01:33:17--> 01:33:23

But putting into one on top of the other, or more, in one grave, this is not

01:33:25--> 01:33:27

proper in Islamic

01:33:29--> 01:33:33

law, but necessity may necessitate it.

01:33:36--> 01:33:48

Another question from Instagram grammars. I'm nervous about praying at work, I work around Caucasians and Hispanics. What should I do?

01:33:50--> 01:33:52

Well, what you do is,

01:33:54--> 01:33:55

say Bismillah.

01:33:56--> 01:33:57

And pray,

01:34:00--> 01:34:03

say Bismillah. And pray,

01:34:04--> 01:34:07

inform them, Listen, I'm going to pray.

01:34:08--> 01:34:11

No, you go to a corner, which is out of the way.

01:34:13--> 01:34:19

And you say, I hope this doesn't disturb you. But you know, I'll be praying over in this corner.

01:34:22--> 01:34:23


01:34:24--> 01:34:26

also in your job area, of course.

01:34:28--> 01:34:59

If you're taking off time from work, and all of these, then you have to observe the policies. If you're going to take five minutes off work, you need to ask your supervisor, your manager, your head of department or whatever. So as long as you stay within the rules, then there shouldn't be a problem. To do so. Yes, you might be shy, but you can overcome it. You do it one time. You

01:35:00--> 01:35:06

Still shy while doing it. Second time, you're less shy. Third time you're less less shy, eventually will not be shy.

01:35:15--> 01:35:29

Easier natural says this recent debate about the current preservation has made me so upset. I haven't studied about please can you put some light on this? Well, I don't know about the debate.

01:35:30--> 01:35:35

What I do know is that the Quran that we have in our hands

01:35:37--> 01:35:40

is the same graph contains the same

01:35:44--> 01:35:46

Quran which was

01:35:47--> 01:35:57

memorized, written in the time of the processor lab. And then the time of aboubaker was distributed from

01:35:58--> 01:36:05

the center of Islam, from Edina to the rest of the world, the known world that Muslims were in

01:36:06--> 01:36:17

copies of which were sent, and from that other copies were made. And the end of the story is that there's only one Quran in the world today.

01:36:19--> 01:36:27

So if there was one Quran revealed, and we have only one Quran in our hand today,

01:36:28--> 01:36:36

today, then that's enough to tell us that the Quran has not changed.

01:36:42--> 01:36:58

So for the coming week, Charla, we've ended our questions. Now, a coming week, I session will be Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, unless something happens to shift it.

01:37:00--> 01:37:01

That's as much as I can

01:37:02--> 01:37:14

promise. So I will try to keep it that Saturday, Monday through Wednesday. So, the next session is on Saturday, in which we will do the second half of

01:37:17--> 01:37:21

this session, which is the 49th session

01:37:22--> 01:37:25

Part B or part two.

01:37:27--> 01:37:27


01:37:29--> 01:37:37

those of you who had wanted to volunteer for preparing this series

01:37:39--> 01:37:42

as a course, where students will be tested

01:37:44--> 01:37:45

on the material etc.

01:37:47--> 01:37:52

You can still volunteer by sending in your

01:37:54--> 01:38:03

your email numbers or WhatsApp numbers so you can be contacted, and included as well as the project of

01:38:05--> 01:38:19

taking clips from each of the sections or segments or sessions that we've done short clips, which would be then used to promote it online.

01:38:22--> 01:38:35

Those who would like to participate in that which involves watching the section the session and identifying, you know, a short, brief useful profound tip

01:38:37--> 01:38:40

that many can benefit from sha Allah.

01:38:42--> 01:38:43

You can

01:38:44--> 01:38:47

participate by sending your email

01:38:48--> 01:38:50

and your WhatsApp number.

01:38:51--> 01:39:03

Also, you can use my assistance number SR email or email is p a

01:39:05--> 01:39:06

dot c

01:39:07--> 01:39:13

at i o

01:39:14--> 01:39:16

dot g m

01:39:19--> 01:39:20


01:39:21--> 01:39:32

salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Savannah clover humbucker Shatta Wale and the star Federica on it