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Throughout this month, we'll find them under this QR code to shallow Tala in the form of PDF. And later on Shala you'll find also links to every video that we covered. So the DUA will be linked to a video that will watch you shallow to Allah and listen to when Allah azza wa jal Sharma

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Salam aleikum tilava Qatar

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Al Hamdulillah al Amin Salallahu Salam Baraka Nabina Muhammad and wider earlier Sahaba limited Sleeman Kathira mama bad.

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So, today inshallah Baraka Allah, we're coming to the end of the conclusion of this beautiful month of Ramadan May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of us around me. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make this Ramadan, the best of our Ramadan, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to seal our deeds in this mother Madonna with the best of Aditya Birla Rahman Al Hamdulillah.

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After Saudi rasa every day we will be in studying one of the dots from the Quran. And we tried our best to cover as many as we can. But as you know, it's not perfect yet because we still have more than eight more dollars from the Quran to come in sha Allah Allah Allah Allah subhana wa Taala gives us the opportunity to live for another Ramadan hopefully we'll continue the list inshallah was chosen. But before we forget, Monash Quran as lush Karela someone who is not grateful and thankful to people will never be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala I want to thank sister sort of who actually has been preparing all these slides for you with all the DUA that you see on the screen

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handler Biomin also our AV team, whether it's me particularly I'm one of the others and Ibrahim does have been mashallah working so hard to keep up with the DUA and switching the slides as we move from one to the other one hamdulillah please don't forget them in your diet as well for this mother Madonna shallow Tara, they've done a great job for keeping us and hamdulillah connected with a dua of the Quran. Now, one last thing before we go into the door itself, Inshallah, I want to remind myself and everyone the example of what we've seen this month of Ramadan in regards to the itself hamdulillah what you have seen is an example of reflection, an example of

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the double of the Quran. So we studied from the Quran, we learn the context of that da, we learn when is this supposed to happen? When is we supposed to use this? And then we use the words of the Quran, to make a drive for ourselves. So Allah subhanho wa Taala in these ayat, he is teaching us how to ask him

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he is the one who is teaching us how to ask him so there's really no better way of ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada than the way he himself he teaches us in the Quran, how to call upon Him. So that's why we, it's so important that we use the word of the Quran to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for our needs, and that's the list of all dua that we have together in sha Allah, Allah. Those have been with us you can find on your screen right now in sha Allah. We're going to begin with our Dr. Bonilla. Submit if you would like to put the screens again

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Robina in Nakata, alum Manaphy Romain Orlan

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why Maya Allah you came in shade

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for fill out of the wallet for summer.

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In Nicola semi

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rabbit journey mochi masala woman the reality robbing our Taco Bell da

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Rabbana V. Whatever the day. What Elmo mean? Yo Maya como

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Hola, Houma, Father Samoa, tivol ARB

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and our Li, for dunya will occur

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so often a Muslimah wallhack neighbor saw the hen

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rugby in the outdoor speaker.

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And as Earl aka Melissa Lee L.

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While fully water harmony, a communal ha Kasuri in

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Robina Ali Katakana

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fell outta Jana, fitness and Lil Kamala lemon.

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Wanna Ginebra magic

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Minella Coleman, Catherine

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Allahumma and Toluna

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fell for Lana or Hamner.

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One to Hiral Warfarin

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rockburn For Lana wali one

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In a world filled FIRA method

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one Thor hammer rahimian

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Ravenna Africa Allah in sobre

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whatever for now Muslim in

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rubber enough to buy in Anna

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webinar call me and I will help

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one to Hiral Varathane

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Robina Lata Jana mal toma Lamine

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Robina, the alumna and fusina. While I'm talk for Lana, what are Hamner then Hakuna? Nominal ha serene.

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Robina origina minha the hill Korea. Allah Allah, Allah was Alana. melancholia was Alana. Mila Duncan of Syrah

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Rob BANA masala Katha Bartylla

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Subhanak Sakina other Banagher

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Rob BANA Inaka man to the filling na

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Fokker the Aqua zeta woman volley me and I'm an unsolved

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Robina in Nana semana munadi and you know the real Eman

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and in OB Robbie confirm and

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Rob gonna fall for Lana

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the no gonna work for Anna. Say Tina what often abroad

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Rob Birna will add in Marwat and Allah Rasool

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wala to scenario Malkia Amma

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in Nicola totally fooled me.

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Rob Bernal for Lana. The Reuben was rough and Alfie and Marina

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was a bit Akadama Anna

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one Sorona Adam Cole mill Catherine

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Robina mana

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Dima and Zelt

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what Ivana Rasool

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tuna Masha headin

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Rabbana Taco Bell Mina

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in a Qantas semi Alim

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Allahumma inna now the weaker were the Rihanna min ash shaytani R Rajim

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Robina have Alana Mendonca the Rio Tinto Eva

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in NACA semi

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Allahumma medical mold

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to mold commands a SHA

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one zero and one commandment a SHA.

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What regiment a SHA. What are the lumen Tasha? Medical hire in Nicola coalition buddies.

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To the to Leila for NA

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what origin Hara Lael

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Otto cordial hi m and l made

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for Dr. Julian May your terminal hey

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what are the commands Russia will be ready to hit

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Robina in Manna fell for Lana don't Obinna. Okay now.

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Rob burner Latos Kulu Vana. Brad had Atana

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will have Alana Mendonca Rama in Mecca intello Herb

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Robina in Nikka Jamya nurse the yo Mila I Buffy

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in Nicaragua, California.

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From Birna, Semyon our Atlanta Oh franak Robin our electrical Mercier

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Robina LA to Atlanta in Siena, Astana

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Robina wala, Tamil Allah in a

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coma Hamilton who? Anna Lena and Commelina

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Robina wala to have Mila Mala Takata Rana

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worked for Anna Wong for Lana for HANA and thermo learner funciona como Catherine

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Robina EFrag eyeliner sobre

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was a bit awkward Domina

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one sadhana Coleman, Catherine

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Delia hashanah

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Yo Fila hora de hacer una

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in our Allah we're in a in a urogen rune Allahumma journey famous liberty. Walk LWF li FYROM minha Robina Taco Bell Mina

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in Atlanta semi olallie in

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Urbana wha Jana Muslimeen allOK

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woman Daria Tina Omata Muslim at allec

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for arena Amana Sequana

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whatever Allah in inna in the wobble Rahim

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Robina wa jal fina, my yet Lu Allah inna yogic while you are liminal Kitab al Hikmah

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was a keener in the cantle Aziz will Hakeem.

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Rabbana John hurdle brother Amina

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was opena Minister Murat Wah Hello, man, man I'm in home Billa Himalaya Amil after

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Allahu Medina Serrata Mr. Clean

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Sirata Latina and I'm Tara him

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viral Malou Valley him

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what a lien

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Sharla Mila Sahaja Chris from all of your brand I mean, we still have inshallah our final moments for the month of Ramadan as you can see if you look at the countdown there you have two hours and eight minutes and 50 seconds until the end of the month of Ramadan. So use these two hours inshallah wisely. Right before Iftar usually at before Maghrib and shallow data we get together and make dua to conclude our month of Ramadan. So those who like to join us in sha Allah, Allah will be here about 1015 minutes before that answer we can make dua and Charlotte for the conclusion of the month of Ramadan, that Monica Santa Monica Rahmatullah vodka