Asim Khan – Maghfirah – The Story of Prophet Yunus AS

Asim Khan
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam o barik ala nabina Muhammad. While early he was such a big man a bird, Salam aleikum, wa barakatu, Queen Mary,

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Masha Allah, Allah is a pleasure to be with you all. And it's always great to talk about the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala even though the people we're going to speak about lived a very long time ago, and from one perspective, a different generation, different era, a loss of Hunter, he celebrated these stories in the Quran, not just by relating them to us, but also father he celebrated them at the end of surah Yusuf where he said lapada nafi cos he maryborough Antone ulin, and

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that indeed in the stories of these men are lessons for people who have insight. What this verse teaches us is that the stories though they are of the past, they contain lessons for the future lessons for all of us. And the interesting part of the verse is the word ebara. The word Emperor translates to lessons but in fact, the root of this word, you get the word Abbott's, which means teardrop, and also you get the word herbal, which means to move across. So what we are being told is that these stories, they are so powerful that if you were to listen to them with your heart, you may just be moved to tears. Yes. So we start by asking Allah to make us of those that listen to these

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stories, not as critics, but as believers in Allah wanting to take lessons and morals from these stories. I mean, your ability I mean, so the story we have selected today is that of a very famous prophet. He was named in the Quran six times. And moreover, he has a sutra named after him the 10th chapter of the Quran. Surah Yunus is named after this man. So he's incredibly important to us all. In fact, in the Quran, Allah spoke about him by referring to him in three ways. The first is by his name, Yunus implementer. You Eunice Jonah, the son of metta, and then two others, Allah referred to him as sociable and the Companion of the whale, and another name. Does anyone know the other name?

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Who said, Yes, the noon? Yes. Don't know me is the one who possessed the whale.

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And so in the Quran, you find in sort of soft fat, that the most extensive, detailed account of his story is given. And the story begins. Our audible learning ministry tanaji

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was in, you know, salamina mom's early in that no doubt about it in there in Eunice unicel. Islam truly was one of those who were sent unicel Islam was one of the prophets of Allah. And when he came, and he gave his message to his people, their reaction was the same as the reaction of the people of many of the prophets. So he came with this compassionate, loving call. And the reaction of these people was one of rejection. They were oblivious towards him, they would mock him. And what was his message? Ultimately, it was what that you should embrace submission to Allah, in worship, and obedience. But these people, they would not accept this message. They found it unacceptable. And

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they began to mock at him. Now the thing is, I want you to imagine, okay, what do people normally do? When someone behaves badly with them? Like when someone's rude to you? Like, how do people usually react?

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Some people they give as good as, as good as they get, don't

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you think gonna be rude to me? I'll show you what it means to be rude. Hashtag beastmode

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isn't that happens? Some people, they don't take,

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you know, I'm gonna say from anyone. Okay, they give as good as they get.

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All the best of us. If someone's behaves badly towards them, they will hold themselves to some dignity and just ignore them and move on with their lives. Isn't that true? But even the best of us, we wouldn't want to be around those people, again, people that are nasty towards us. As for the prophets of Allah, they had to live with these people. They had to meet them and invite them and advise them, even in the face of this obnoxious behavior. And so what happened is, after many years of calling these people Eunice la ceram, he became frustrated. He became angry with them. And then Allah revealed to him that these people, my punishment has become imminent on them now. And so he

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went and he pleaded with them that look, the time has come now. We're talking about divine punishment coming down. What was the reaction of the people, they still belied him, they still rejected him and so the problem

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says, well then known is that her bamboo was

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that the one who possessed the well, he got up and he left Mojave. angry. Even as you said the word Mojave is the more intense spelling of the word have been. Hot man is angry person. The Mojave is more intense means he was so angry. He was so frustrated with these people, what is the matter with them? They're not gonna listen to me, even if I told them that the threat of Allah's punishment is imminent. He also said the word can be understood to have a shared meaning mohar the other part of Miranda would mean that they were both mad at each other. Yunus was mad at his people, and his people were mad at him. But obviously the the anger of the people was totally unjustified. Yes. So

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what happened is unicel Islam, he did something, he made a decision that you know what is come to the end of the line, I'm going to turn my back on these people. And I'm going to leave them. And he made this decision without an express approval from Allah subhanaw taala. And he decided to go far away from these people. And he boarded a boat, the Koran says it was full kalama shown a boat that was Laden, it had cargo and luggage. And there were a group of people that he went with. And it just so happened that when they got into the middle of the ocean, that the storms broke out, and the waves of the sea began to crash against the boat, and the deck became flooded. And so the people as

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they would start to throw the cargo and the luggage overboard, but they still felt that the boat is about to capsize. And so what happened is that they decided that you know, what is come down to it, that one of us has to jump off this boat in order to lighten the load.

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And they decided to cause lots like a lottery, they put their names into a hat, or straws and whoever got the shorter straw with their name on it, then he was the one who had to be thrown off. The first time they cost lots whose name came out unicel Islam, but because of his status as a prophet, the people said, No, we can't accept this, you will people cannot be thrown overboard. They did it a second time. And the second time whose name came out universalism, and then a third time again, it was universalism. And at that moment, everyone realized that this is a sign from Allah,

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and so universally Salaam he had to jump overboard into that treacherous water. Now here are the last policies in the Quran felt upon Mourinho to wahoo or mouline that a whale came and swallowed him up. Once he was mouline. The word Mali means he was blameworthy. ly saying that the decision he made to leave his people, it wasn't the right decision. He shouldn't have done that he's blameworthy for that applica theory add some insightful detail here. He said that this huge whale came up from the bottom of the ocean. And it emerged at the surface and it split the water the body of water into two. And it lunged for unicellular serum and swallowed him up and aligned spine that well not to

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break his bones or to tear out his flesh. So Yunus he ends up in the belly. And then he said that the whale it went to the depths of the ocean, and unicellular Salaam thought that he was dead. But then he awoke to the sounds, which you didn't recognize these morning and majestic sounds that are coming from around him, it was completely dark. He wondered what that sound was unable to conceive, said that ally inspired him. He said in the head, that the speech, the word bill, that this is that this be of the creatures of the sea, you know, that majestic sound of the whale that we we make tracks out of today, and what they put in those, when you go to relax, and you hear the sounds of

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the whale, he heard those sounds and he didn't know what they were. So I said, this is the spirit of the creatures of the sea. And then when he moved his legs, he realized I'm not dead. I'm still alive. And what he did is he tried to find some space in which he could make prostration imagine making Jude in that situation in the middle, in the bottom of the sea. And in that moment, he made a door that was so powerful, that it was heard at the very Throne of Allah by the angels that are circumambulating it and they will continue to says that these angels they heard this to our and the Quran says furna the field Zulu maths, that unit he cried out the word NIDA is to shout out, ie to

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call with some longing, desperation filled Zulu man in the darkness, not darkness, but darkness is because he was wrapped up in darkness see the darkness of the sky, the darkness of the water of the sea, and also inside the belly of a whale, wrapped up in darkness. Allah said he, he cried out to me for another few months. What is it though he made

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La ilaha illa Anta subhanak in Neo con tumino vile, I mean, he said, There is no one worthy of worship except you Subhana Glory be to You. Indeed I am of those who were wrong.

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Now these two are in need some explanation, but before I do that, I just want to share that story with you that Kathy related he said that when he made that to our he reached the angels of the outage,

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and they said to Allah era, Old Master, how they are sold on by even

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other souls on Bye, bye bifen ma rueful? Minh baillargeon horiba. He said this is the this is the voice familiar to us of a broken person for a place that is very strange. They are asking Allah Who is this person at last responded by saying I'm attalla modem and how do you know who that is? They said No, we are not we don't know. Tell us who is it? You said her they are the universe. This is my slave, Eunice. And then the then the angels was shocked. Like how come Yunus is in such a dangerous place right now? Why is he crying out? Why is he distressed? And they said Oh Allah? Is this the same man who continuously does good deeds that are accepted? And the man who's do art is never

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rejected? Allah said yes, it is him. Then the angels they said, Oh Allah have mercy on him who remembers you in times of ease? So please help him in his time of need luck. That's such a beautiful statement, isn't it? I mean, the angels are making dua on his behalf. And they mentioned one point about him that Eunice You know, when times were good, he used to remember a lot in those times, because of that, Oh Allah please remember him in his difficult time. And so a large Allah Allah He calls that will to spit out unicel Islam, and he was washed on to the show, and his body was damaged, because of that time he spent inside the will and some said he had his skin became affected

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because of you know, the acids or whatever that we find inside the belly of a will and a loss of other season to put on.

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What um, but now, he shuddered rotten, me Yeah, protein that we cause this tree to shoot up. They call it the gold tree, because it has these long, extensive branches that has lots of leaves on it. So it casts a shade over universalism. And that shade, it helped cure him of his disease. Now, meanwhile, what was happening back in the hometown, is that those people that frustrated universalism so much, when they realized the unit is gone.

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They started to think to themselves, man, what do we do so bad, we chased a prophet of Allah. And he said that they started to come out of their homes, the men, the women and the children. And they looked up at the sky, and the threat of unicyclists alarm kept ringing in their heads, that this is the punishment Alize, imminent, it's imminent, and they became to feel regretful for their behavior. And then they turned to Allah and asked him to forgive them. And they began to beseech him, all of them, the men, the women and even the children. And Allah subhanaw taala. He says in the Quran regarding that

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lamb Merman, aka Chef nanhu mother, well, he's he will hire the dunya, that on account of their belief,

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we repelled or repealed that punishment of a humiliating, humiliating punishment of this worldly life.

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And so that punishment that was set, it was removed because of their faith. And then unicel is Salam. He goes back to his people, as a nation that is now believers, it is imagine the, the shock on unicel Islam, he left them in a state of utter disbelief, and he returns to them and they are all believers. Now this story, okay, it has so many lessons in it. I'm going to kind of pick out a few inshallah. And then I'm going to ask you, what kind of lessons Do you take from this story? So one of the lessons that we learned from this story, my brothers and sisters, is that the mistakes that you make in your life, they don't make you less of a person if you repent to Allah.

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Many times people make mistakes in their lives. I made mistakes, you make mistakes. We making mistakes right now. But sometimes those mistakes they haunt us, and they stop us becoming great people. Isn't that true?

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We live in the past. Here we have a story of a person that was infinitely better than us. unicel isn't a prophet of Allah, but he made a mistake.

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But when he made that mistake, he never said, You know what, this is the end of me. I can't, I can't face up to this mistake now. I'm a prophet of Allah How could I have done this? Now when he realized his mistake, he turned to Allah and he made that door. Now I want you to reflect over that door because I miss this out. The door is La ilaha illa Anta subhanak in economy violin, please memorize this to our use it in your salon. La Ilaha. Illa. Anta subhanak in economy, no volume very short. The beginning is there is no de t worthy of worship except you. What is the benefit in saying that Oh, Eunice. You see Allah, He loves to hear you praise Him. And the words that Allah loves the most

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are the words la isla in the law.

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Because they are declaring that there is no one worthy of worship except him. So unison is an arm he's calling on a line, his time of need, and he wants a law to listen to him. So he says words that will please Allah, as if to get the attention of Allah.

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And then what does he say Subhana. Glory be to You. The word disappear. It can mean that a lot. You are completely flawless. Lizard implication in that Allah you are flawless. As for me, I'm a flawed person. I am a matter of mistakes. You know, sometimes when you make mistakes and you sin, one of the most difficult things is to accept that you have made a mistake isn't it is difficult. Shaytan is the ultimate example of someone who made a clear mistake. And yet he was in denial.

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unicellular ceram just like Adam and Islam makes a mistake. And his immediate reaction is to hold up his hand and say Allah, you know, I made mistake. It was me Allah, it's got nothing to do with you. I don't blame you for the bad things I do in my life. I have blamed myself. So Hannah, in the continent of violin indeed I was of those who did wrong.

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Now what is amazing in this two hour he's he never asked Allah, Allah save me. I want you to imagine if you were in that situation, okay, you've been? You thought that you were dead.

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You realize you're not dead. You're inside the belly of a whale. What would your reaction be? Except one of panic? Yeah, your phone's not going to work in the belly of a whale. By the way, you'll be in a state of utter panic. So unison is from the first thing on his lips is not to ask a lot to help him. It is to glorify Allah.

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He thinks of Allah more than he thinks of himself. But there's something else.

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Why didn't he ask Allah to save him? Why don't you say Allah, please save me. Instead he said, Allah there's no one worthy of worship except you. Glory be to You. I was of those who did wrong. What is add at the end? And please save me right now. What do you think?

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Does he want a lot to save him? Of course he does. So why does he ask Allah?

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Why does he say it?

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Oh Allah save me.

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What do you think?

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Queen Mary have some high expectations of you.

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What do you think? Why does he ask Allah? Oh, Allah just saved me. Please.

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Bring me back to shore. Half a hand.

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He's scared of asking.

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I doubt it.

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Yes, so

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so he said to Allah, there's no one where they worship * you glory beats you I was of those that are wrong.

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There is self reflection there. But that's what my point is, is he's only said words that show that he's remorseful. his guilt. He's reflected on his mistake. There's nothing there that suggests all I saved me. But of course, that's what he wants.

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Anyone else was suggestion. Yes.

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Okay, so there's a degree of humility there. But surely asking Allah for help is a sign of humility zone.

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Ah, okay. So he's like he's resigned himself to the punishment of Allah.

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Okay, so it's kind

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Have you accepted that? You know, if this is my punishment, then that's fine.

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I think this fairly good, anything different? Yes.

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Forgiveness is more important than anything else. Mashallah very good. The brother said that to universalism, the forgiveness of Allah was more important than being saved in this dunya. So Pamela, it was more important that Allah you forgive me, and Allah, you saved me. As long as you happy, I can be anything in this life. Yes. And isn't that what the person whom he said, when he was coming back from bife, bloodied? He made that out to Allah, when he was in time of desperation. And he said, as long as you're not angry with me, I can bear anything. Yes. So it was you Allah, if you're not angry with me, I can, I can take this pain. And this is another benefit is well, and this is a

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very personal one, that Allah knows the things that you need in your life. Allah knows that you need to pass your exams, Allah knows that you want to get married, Allah knows that you want a job, etc, etc. He knows those things. But what he wants to see is that you, you turn to Him in your times of need, and you speak to him. That's what allow us to see, even if you don't end up spilling out what you want, as long as you turn to align your time of need, he knows what you want, and He will give you the best thing. Okay, so this is a very beautiful door, and the person who said an authentic hadith that no one says that to our viewers, except that Allah will respond to him. Yeah, in the

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Muslim of Imam Hakeem, he said, this hadith is say that no one makes a dog, except that Allah responds to him. So this is the first lesson that the mistakes you make in your life should not dictate your future. Because unison is salam, he didn't let that one mistake get the better of him. Another lesson that we learn our brothers and sisters, is that we are bound to make mistakes in our life. What should we do then? many brothers and sisters, they have this question, like I have such low demand right now. What should I do? Yes? Why is it that I have low demand as if they are frustrated at having low demand, and that's a good sign. But what you feel what you're failing to

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see is that life is up and down.

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If a prophet of Allah is going to have ups and downs, what about us? What then should we do in our times of low? What we should do? is in those times of low, instead of turning to people and complaining, turn to Allah and complain. How many of us actually do that? Look at jacobellis from when his family is torn away from him?

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What does he do what tell him Allah says he turned away from his sons of color. And he said to Allah, that, me my sorrow and my grief. And now as got the better of me, what the what the * but I know who my husband and his eyes became white because of grief. He was complaining to Allah. So in your times of low Eman, one easy way of removing yourself is to turn to alignment and complaint him.

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Okay. Let me ask you now, the story of universalism, you heard it? What kind of lessons did you take from it?

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What things did you learn from it?

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I'm going to open it up. So anyone would like to start us off?

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What things did you learn from the story? Yes.

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Very good. That forgiveness of a lie is more important than anything in this vote. Very good. What else is

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when it's time to ask make big decisions tend to allow for guidance. Very good. Excellent. Listen. What else? What about the sisters?

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What lessons do you learn from sir? Yes, just over the back there.

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Very good. One of the best ways of having your daughters answered is to ask Allah with a sense of desperation and need. Yes, have a sense of humility in your voice. And the way you ask a lot as well. It's not just about saying, Oh Allah, please help me pass my exams. You need to speak to Allah and say, Allah, you know, I'm finding it very difficult. I've revised so much. I think my hair's falling out Yola. Seriously, like zecharia is wrong. When he asked Allah Allah give me a son. You know, you ask a lion. He says, Robbie

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weren't allowed mini washed Allah. Su shaybah. He says, Oh my master 100 album and he says my bones. They become weak despite of me, like I don't want to be old a lover my bones are going older.

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Right now wish to Allah wa su shaybah and each the Allah has happened to my head is the Al is the the tip of a flame the white part of a flame. He says My hair is kind of is gone whiteness kind of gone with the wind is like crying to a love of so old Allah. I'm coming to the end of my life Allah, please I fear for my progeny. Give me a son Yama. Do you see? So another lesson we learned I want you to write this down. Is that the way you ask Allah is as important as what you ask Allah. You need to learn to show desperation in your doors to Allah. If you want a lot to forgive you if I want a lot to forgive me, you got to ask him. You got to ask him in a way that shows you want it. Yes. So

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don't be short and sharp. rather have a conversation with Allah. Any other any other lessons? Yes, and welcome to inshallah.

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Okay, I mean, maybe it needs more thought. But if I lost Father gives you a responsibility, then you need to see all the way through.

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Yes, it's true that UNICEF what UNICEF? saddam did, it wasn't right. Yeah. But to extract a general lesson from that. Because to be honest, a person doesn't really know that Allah has given him this commitment in life.

00:26:37 --> 00:26:54

Yeah, but generally speaking, you have commitments that you know, allies made obligatory on you. You can say yes, you should fulfill them. But don't compare that to universalism. Yeah, even the process that he said that no one should ever say that I am better than Yunus meaning the person seldom is better than universalism.

00:26:55 --> 00:27:06

Maybe he said that because people would think less of universalism. But the person who said no, no one should ever say something like that. Though we acknowledge that was a mistake, dislike either minister and other province made a mistake.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:12

We We are very sensitive. When you speak about those things. Okay. You want to say something?

00:27:15 --> 00:27:33

Very good. Your relationship with your with Allah is more important than your relationship with people. Yeah, let's say like that. And that's a very, that's a very good point. In especially when you're young, what people think of you matters the most, isn't it? I mean, think about social media. Did you hear about this story?

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In America, okay. Where this lady she shot her boyfriend point blank range as part of a stumped that went wrong about the story.

00:27:46 --> 00:28:18

So what happened is that she, she put it on social media that look, we're going to do this stunt, okay, I'm going to shoot my boyfriend. And he's going to have this telephone directory hold up against his chest. I'm going to show you my point boundaries, it's not going to go through, but let's see what happens. So they went outside their home and all the neighborhood gathered together to see this stunt. I mean, they as bad as them as seriously coming together to watch this. And she put on facebook live as well. So there was loads of people watching. She pulled the trigger.

00:28:19 --> 00:28:23

And the bullet went straight through the directory into his chest and he died.

00:28:24 --> 00:28:34

And when she was taken to court, and asked, Why did you do this? You know what she said? He said, My boyfriend and I, we just wanted to increase our social media presence.

00:28:35 --> 00:28:53

Can you mentioned people are literally dying to become famous. And what people think of them matters, the most of them. But as for the profits, they want, they want a laugh out of them matters more than what people think of them. And to be honest, that's very powerful.

00:28:54 --> 00:29:06

Because that will drive your decisions in the right direction. If you're not worrying too much about what people think of you, and you're more concerned about what Allah thinks of you, believe me will help you make good decisions in your life. Okay, any final lessons?

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Yes, sir.

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trying to repeat.

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Okay, very good. Is the, the part of the story where the lots have been caught cost and usernames comes out once, twice? thrice. Okay. And he accepts it accepts that this is what's going to happen to him. The brother said that that's in that there's like a lesson that he learned

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Life. Okay, we are supposed to try our best to do the things that we believe is right.

00:30:06 --> 00:30:08

But ultimately, if a laws

00:30:10 --> 00:30:17

is dictating it in another direction, our reaction shouldn't be one of becoming frustrated, but rather it should become one of submission.

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Yeah, sometimes you try and you try and you try, and you're trying for something good or something bad, but it's not happening. Don't become overly frustrated. Here. Rather accept that this is the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. Okay, I've got one final lesson I want to share with you. Anyone else would like to say some before that?

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Excellent. Mashallah. Very good. You picked up on that one statement from the angels, the angel said about Uncle Sam, this is a slave who remembers you in good times. So please remember him in difficult times. Yeah. And this is really, this is really amazing, because most of us will we live privileged lives compared to the rest of,

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of humanity. We have a really good, you know, our fridge is usually full. As for most people, they don't have that luxury, especially the Muslim world, where so many of our brothers sisters are going through such traumatic times. We are like living lives of kings. And in that moment, where you are having a good, you have friends, you have money, okay? You got a good, it's very difficult to keep on remembering Allah. But one of the lessons from the stories if you can remember a lot in your good times, then when your time comes of need, then be sure that Allah will remember you. Yeah, very good. Okay. Just one final lesson. This is, this is a slight tangent. But there is a sense of irony

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in the story of unison is that, um, I don't know if anyone picked up on this. But Eunice la ceram he was frustrated with his people for not listening to his core. And so he left

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in his absence, without somebody actually advising them, the people themselves became reformed and guided through not and then he comes back to find that you know what,

00:32:13 --> 00:32:19

everything's fine. They've actually started to believe, even without me being there.

00:32:20 --> 00:32:22

And in that there is a lesson

00:32:23 --> 00:32:27

that guidance truly does come from none other than Allah.

00:32:29 --> 00:32:40

If Allah wants to guide someone, you could be in the worst company and have no one good around you. But if you are faithful to Allah, if you're sincere with Allah, then just be sure Allah will guide you.

00:32:41 --> 00:32:50

That's amazing, isn't it? Sometimes it's difficult to find good company. Yeah, many of us we choose our friends based on personality, isn't it? Based on banter.

00:32:52 --> 00:33:10

But Cipolla, we should choose our friends based on how much they remind us of a lot. I remember when I started college, I wasn't that practicing. I didn't have a beard or anything. You should pray five times. But I said to myself the first day I'm going to go college. I'm going to find the brother with the biggest bid and uncertain bro.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:12

Want to be your friend?

00:33:13 --> 00:33:55

Even if I don't like him. Yeah. And will lie he the first day college. I remember that in my in the first lesson before the break. I spotted this brother with a thoburn and he had a beard. And I said to myself, you know what? Bismillah went out. Jamal said rolison of new hair. So you go pray together. He said yeah, let's go pray. And we'll I became best friends with him. Yeah, Mohammed became best friends. And today My mother always reminds me about him. She says make sure you make the offer Mohammed because when you off the rails he came to help you Yeah. So it's it's very important that you have good company. Okay, how do I sort of La Silla Madonna Vina Mohammed was

00:33:55 --> 00:34:03

early he was so heavy as you mean is that going ahead for inviting me here online was a pleasure spending time with you. We got lots of other except this as a gathering that we are pleased with on Yom Okayama I mean

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