Yaser Birjas – Preparing For Taraweeh

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the start of the new springy weather in the UK, with plans to move the course and start at a later time. The speakers emphasize the importance of safety and bringing children with them to avoid missing shots, as well as the need for parents to take care of children and ensure safe parking. The segment ends with a mention of a hip hop hangout and a social event for visitors, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for the upcoming pandemic and a new program for children. The speakers also discuss the need for parents to take care of their children and highlight a reserved spot for the upcoming evening.
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nice beautiful breeze now wasn't windy but hamdulillah May Allah subhana wa Tada put baraka and therefore there but I mean, I want to be on your behalf. I would like to thank actually all the brothers and the sisters from the program committee. All the volunteers who put this together and made it possible humbler have been I mean, so that you guys have an early Ramadan and eight shopping spree. So you could see you could use your time wisely in Ramadan and sha Allah Tara, so stop shopping for after that Michelle, Elijah. Are we clear Gemma?

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Okay. hamdulillah Yeah, especially.

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But another thing I want to remind the shadows starting tomorrow when the last in the daylight savings begins when the law therefore we are going to move the course the time in one hour ahead. 30 years starting tomorrow on sha Allah Allah, Virgil is going to be at 645

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again just start at 645 The whole will become at 145 answer at 530 Maghreb at sunset I hope so. And Russia obviously Ramadan is going to be 10 minutes after sunset inshallah. And Asia starting tomorrow will be at 9pm and tomorrow is a special night Why Sahaja Ma.

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is the beginning of Ramadan Masha Allah if I have checked out what I've given you, so I did have chocolate now. Tomorrow is the first night in sha Allah, that of the month of Ramadan, and the first night for the Tarawa. So we expect of course people to come and sha Allah and big numbers. I would love to request my dear brothers and sisters, the neighbors of Valley Ranch Islamic center. If you guys can walk to the masjid, please save us a parking spot and just walk and if you can carpool your neighbors living maybe an Mercer's crossing, or living maybe across the Riverside Road area, any area that we are getting our neighbors if you guys can carpool together, that would be great. Even

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if you live close to VRC north and your group of people hamdulillah who would like to come together please carpool as many people as you can together so we save as many spots as we can Hamdulillah we have plenty but still you know how it happens over here. People still park on the side of the road as far as the Valley Ranch Parkway road as well too. So that's actually you know, kind of like plenty of space but still we need to wait to be safe in Charlotte you guys can regulate that inshallah will be amazing but Allah azza wa jal now, I want to mention a few things since tomorrow is going to be our first night for the Torah we've insha Allah azza wa jal on that night, I just

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received a message from Chef Omar and sha Allah Tala, there's going to be a very very special night especially already being Ramadan, but I don't know if you guys know that but Subhanallah every Ramadan if you remember last year, there was something special last year in Ramadan who remembers the last what happened that night?

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No, not post COVID masala COVID anymore. But we had something special. What happened? shahada us. We had about two three shots in the first night of Ramadan. SubhanAllah.

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Tomorrow, we have a special event for you. So we're not going to give any more information but you're going to have to be here to to witness it or shallow to Baraka Ouattara now coming to the Tarawera

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Tarawa Inshallah, there's going to be after Saudi Arabia, obviously. And we want to make sure that you guys

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have the best experience we can obviously, we were human beings, we're not going to be perfect, but we try our best to do things with sand and shallow terracotta Allah, we ask all of you to participate in making this experience wonderful to each and every one of you will come to this place. So please, please keep in mind that courtesy mindset Inshallah, knowing that you know what they'll be a lot of people will be come to the first time and Valley Ranch, first time in Ramadan, in a long time they haven't been to the masjid. So they're going to come back again in sha Allah Allah. So there'll be a lot of people and they would like to see a good experience in sha Allah

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Allah, we ask each and every one of you to keep that in mind to keep the experience beautiful for everybody in sha Allah Tala, our volunteers, our security team, they're going to be doing everything in their power to facilitate the best experience for you. They also need you to listen to what they tell you. Because they're the rules have been set there for a reason. If you don't like anything, you don't have to argue with the volunteers or with the with the security team. Simply just go shallow data, send an email, we will take that feedback and shallow data to view it and see what we can do about it. But I just don't want you to take your case with the volunteers because they're

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there to facilitate the best experience for you and shallow data for your community at large, not just for your family only. So please take that into consideration. As we come to the masjid in sha Allah, Allah Allah is going to be a congregational prayer. And since the congregational prayer, the prophets of Allah said I'm always recommended

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During these big gatherings that you come in the best way which means hygiene. You take a shower,

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refreshing yourself, your clothes at Hamdulillah you know not from coming from work or coming from your cooking spree. Whatever basically makes sure to come in the best way possible. Insha Allah Allah Allah, making sure, again that the experience for everybody is nice insha Allah azza wa jal if you bring children with you.

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Now, remember the child accommodation is open on it's not going to be for this year. Based on the surveys we had from last year. There will be not there won't be actually childcare for this year. So it's gonna be the responsibility of the parents to take care of the children and to bring kids with you who are not going to be sitting next to you or standing next to you and Salah please make sure that they are actually in a safe area and shallow Tabata Katana

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due to the taraweeh our program as usual insha Allah azza wa jal after Saudi Arabia, we will have

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the Sunnah prayed, and then we pray the first eight raka insha Allah azza wa jal after that we will have our regular Hatha Raja we used to do every year. So there'll be about 10 minutes Carter and shallowed after the eight raka alternating between myself and Chef Omar insha Allah azza wa jal and then this will continue. For those who like to stay for the remaining salah of the Terraria they can insha Allah azza wa jal Bakelite Allah until the last 10 nights of Ramadan, we will we will also add our late night programming which starts at 1am The late night Hatha between myself and your former combined and then insha Allah azza wa jal at 3am. We will have our tahajjud we have an hamdulillah

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beautiful list of colleagues who are going to be leading us in tahajjud every night insha Allah azza wa jal and then we will have the Sahara afterwards or Salatin Fajr Bismillah e Tabata, Kota Allah, we ask from you, when you come for the tarawih insha Allah azza wa jal to stay safe, and also make sure to take into consideration the parking issue. So if you come a little bit late, that means you're probably going to maybe miss a shot. So make sure to calculate the time of arrival accordingly. Insha Allah azza wa jal and as you all know, the magic has specific capacity. Once that capacity is fulfilled, then whoever comes after is going to have to pray outside, maybe the first

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couple of nights might not have the tent ready for you, but hopefully inshallah working on something when Allah azza wa jal during this year, and hamdulillah it's a good problem. It's a good problem, meaning we're running out of space. And that's why the expansion that we working on hamdulillah the new VRSC project, which is going to start Inshallah, very soon, when Allah azza wa jal, the groundbreaking in March, which I which is this month as I'm talking about few days insha Allah azza wa jal to start our new project. We will add the gym, more classrooms, more space for prayer inshallah next watch for activities, the youth lounges, the cafe insha, Allah azza wa jal, we need

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your support. And we need to make this happen as quick as possible because we can't really afford

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keep waiting until the building is ready for people to start coming back again for the Torah. We're the project supposed to take two years, if you guys help us out in sha Allah, Allah with the funding of this project, and we want to do this as quick as possible. So far, it actually is gonna cost 10.7 Shala. Let's own up to 11 million insha Allah azza wa jal and we are very confident that this community is Masha Allah is generous, is visionary that believes that this is a shallow that's something we can do in the light of Baraka Ouattara looking forward for your support, generously inshallah to Allah we don't want the project to stop as we start the building. We need your support

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insha Allah Allah from yesterday, not even from tonight. So in sha Allah azza wa jal hopefully within two years this space will be ready to accommodate for more people to come in sha Allah with about a coda once again. I want you to be prepared for the first night tomorrow Sharla Azerbaijan taka Birla Amen Amen come Ramadan Mubarak to all of you and your families. May Allah bless you. Bless your families, bless your time and your efforts are Bill Alameen Fajr Salah tomorrow is going to be at 645 in sha Allah Tala a SHA at 9pm. And Tara we will follow after that the dark Monica salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Please enjoy your shopping spree afterwards. Michelada.

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Oh, one more thing. Bucha mom, when people come for Tarawa Shala there will be some reserved spots assigned by the administration for reasons. So this is where they're in the men's section or the women's section is for an important reason of course for the hafod for the families and so on. But please, please anybody else no reservation, don't reserve a spot next week because while I My cousin is going to come and shallow to Allah and two hours, right? Or something like that, no, please. Whoever comes first take that spot, inshallah.

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