Wael Ibrahim – Habits & Addictions #06 Sustainability

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of staying on a lifestyle that is acceptable and productive for one's health is emphasized. The need for patience and patient behavior is also emphasized. The importance of creating a culture of passion and passionate energy is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to have a positive attitude towards life. environments and environment management are also emphasized as ways to improve productivity and positive outcomes. The importance of creating a culture of passion and passionate energy is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to have a positive attitude towards life.
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Remember this, the two Ps can never meet monography productivity. You're either productive and having no time for nonsense, or you are on * and missing out everything. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all. May Allah subhanaw taala grant is the ability to become productive and helpful to everyone else around us Amina Blarney as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Once more, my brothers, my sister Islam, this is the last episode of our habits and addiction video series. I hope and I pray that so far, we have covered essential points that perhaps will help those who are stuck with vices of that nature to get out of it and start a lifestyle that is acceptable why Allah? Why

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is that so important? Because on the Day of Judgment, this is something very, very scary. A Hadith that was reported where the prophets Allah Allah Salam will be waiting for the believers at his house at Al coauthor, the river in which anyone will drink from his own hand Salah Allah Muhammad Salah Salem will never feel thirsty again.

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As you'd be waiting for us anxiously

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and the Muslims will be crossing that Surat that bridge. Going running to the Prophet SAW Salem At last we're going to reunite with our beloved Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, some angels will come and block the way of some Muslims from reaching the prophets awesome. Listen carefully my brothers, my sisters and Stan, the Prophet SAW Selim would plea my people my Alma and angels will respond. They are not your people. Law Akbar, Muhammad Fatima Khadija of man all Muslims, Egypt, Saudi Somalia, Africa, Muslims with the marks on their foreheads with thobes and cy can Muslims with hijab with niqab Muslims, the angels will tell the Prophet SAW Selim they are not your people, you have no idea

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what they have done after you. You don't know what they have changed after you have departed, they have changed your way of life the desired other way of life than what you have brought from Allah subhanaw taala. As a result, the process alone will look at such people and see what bought then bought then saw console car go away from me go to * as a biller. So we don't want to hear that from the lips of the processor may no one of us hear those words Amina Brahmi. And the reason is

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we have adopted different way of lives. We follow role models called role models from the celebrity side in movies and in this world and that would then this you know lifestyle and that lifestyle and when it comes to the Prophet SAW Selim and what He taught him what he brought to us, which we know will bring us closer to Jana. We say our later inshallah inshallah later hijab later inshallah when I get married and then have child and you know, quit smoking brother It's haram lated it's micro, by the way, and

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that's why I said to those who say McKusick Can you say Bismillah before lighting up the cigarette safesplash And after you finish said Hamdulillah, who may be burned my lungs, come on, don't play loose with the words of Allah. If Allah brought you a body that is clean and pure, this is not belong to you to play around with it. As you please know. If it damages you, if it damages your health, then it's haram full stop. Don't Don't try to justify or halala is that which is haram. Don't ever do that. My brothers, my sisters, and Stan. So let's, let's now talk about few things that are very, very necessary for for recovery, or for sustaining and maintaining recovery channel.

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Number one, you need to work on your patience. Sobor the most hated word

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that usually people with addiction, don't want to hear you know, they say, Oh, here we go. Again, sober, sober, sober, sober. Walleye. It's one of the keys to gin

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is to be patient, persevere, you know in Allah Hama Savarin. Allah subhanaw taala made it very clear Allah with those who are patient and patients means to wait a little bit longer than usual which means it is better to die addicted while fighting it. Then giving up then giving up on yourself and saying you know it's not going to happen it's better to die fighting your addiction and dying in your addiction while fighting it. Allah will be your witness on the day of judgment that he did not just you know surrender to it. Rather you kept on fighting it you kept on making the art you kept on even going to Hajj going to aamra praying to Allah day and night asking him to cleanse you from this

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it is better for you to die in that process than just giving up on yourself So patience is a key you need to learn how to remain firm throughout your life.

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That's why he did not set out on stalking this beautiful idea in Surah Al Fatiha guide us straight path doesn't mean the Allah make me Muslim you're already a Muslim guidance doesn't necessarily mean someone become a Muslim Allah guided him and hamdulillah that's it but Guidance means ya Allah keep me there. Keep me firm until I meet you on the Day of Judgment because you never know when will you drift and leave that straight path and end up elsewhere May Allah protect the soul

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that's why did a Serato stalking the move a serene said it means you Allah guide me yeah Allah take me there yeah Allah keep me there. In Alladhina, cholera boom Allah through muster calm. Those who said Our Lord is Allah then remain firm upon that upon La Ilaha illa Allah, what will happen to them at the time of death? Tetanus is Allah Allah you will mirror that angels will descend upon them, telling them Don't fear. The one thing that we fear the most is death. Don't be afraid. What are the hazards? Don't be sad. Why sadness is mentioned here because you're leaving your family. You're leaving your devices that used to be addicted to you leaving everything behind. While at work, be

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sure to and receive the good news of Jana which you were promised

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and receive the good news of Jana which Allah had promised in the Quran and throughout the teaching of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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Know Alia confit highlighted dunya Orfila. Farah, we are your supporters in this dunya and in the Hereafter. And when you get to Jana in sha Allah Allah Allah you will have whatever you wish for, and whatever you asked for, may Allah make us among the people of Jana, I mean your brand me remember in normal sub row for sub modular, once you're struck with calamity, once you're struck with relapses, once you struck with a sin, immediately turn back to Allah see in that Allah who are in that era, John Stafford Allah make you know, we do go to Allah subhanaw taala perform to Raka and big Allah subhanaw taala to cleanse you from that sin from that behavior. Another point that I

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called Environmental invasion, environmental invasion, look at your environments. And ask yourself, is this an environment that is conducive to emotion driven activities, productivity, good actions, or is it encouraging to do that, which is haram? And if you notice that it is not conducive to Eman, driven activities and the like, then change it. Change your environment. And naturally you will change your action, believe it or not, a simple turn of a screen towards your family members site, you know, can can have a tremendous impact on your life, believe it or not, because you will they're not opening any shameful website. Knowing that your parents are behind you, or your wife or your

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husband or your children. You wouldn't do it. You know, I often ask people who are addicted, I say, will you actually open those websites when you are in public? Or maybe you aren't in the camera? Will you dare alone? Forget about the people forget about the 3 million in the cab. You are in the Haram standing before the Kaaba and you have an access to internet. Will you watch *? 99.9% The answer is no. And I left zero point something percent because some people you know they don't care may Allah protect us all but as a whole, just being there being there is a reason for you to do something better. So cleanse your environment in a similar fashion. That whenever you are

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whether you're in your home, in university campus, in your workplace, wherever you are, make sure that the environment is encouraging you to do that which is halal and nearly impossible for you to do the haram. So this one thing. Another point is having a struct

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shared in life that is known to everyone around you. My wife may Allah bless her. She embraced Islam two years after our marriage, so she was a Catholic Christian. She embraced Islam. She's from the Philippines originally. And then the first time we went to the Philippines, and she had her hijab on Wallah, he, my brothers and sisters Islam, I nearly was going to cry for what I have witnessed the mockery statements from left and right, her neighbors or family members, jokingly, they are trying to make fun. But like, you know, what is this tent that you're wearing? Where is your camel parking and all these kinds of drugs, my wife was just smiling at them patiently. She didn't know much about

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Islam, she just took the shahada, and she put the hijab on six months later, when they noticed that we have a system in life, prayer time, we eat halal, we don't do any parties. We don't engage in birthdays and whatnot. We don't want to pray in the in the presence of statues and this and that, they started helping us practicing Islam. They start the same people used to mock her used to knock the door how we found the masjid we find a mosque, Come on show you where the Muslims pray at you where the halal food. The bottom line is, establish a system a structure in your life and made it known to everyone that you are not mucking around when it comes to Islam, you will never compromise

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the main teachings of Islam simple, then Allah subhanaw taala will subjugate this entire creation, for your service. And you will be able to practice Islam properly. So this is something that you have to keep in mind in sha Allah. And finally, and we'll end with this Inshallah, because this is very important, even though we have touched on it, but it's very, very, very important for you to know and that is having people, people, people in your life. I will repeat again, having what people, people, people in your life, what does that mean? It means you have to have religious circle in your life.

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You have to have people who will wake you up for failure or knock your doors and ask you how's your work? Have you read Quran today? What is let's go to the masjid read every week and so on. So you have to have circle of religious people who will pull you towards Allah subhanaw taala you have to have other friends who are perhaps very keen on exercise and sport activities. Why is that important? Because believe it or not, when you exercise and perspire, the same hormones that will pop in your brain are the same ones that are produced when you're on * and gaming and all these things can you imagine. So, when you produce those hormones, while doing that, which is

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acceptable, you will have no energy to do nonsense. So this another circle that you need and finally, an intellectual circle, where do you encourage you to learn to read to attend, you know, educational gathering and the like? These are very important because once you have them in your life, then productivity is your fate. And we said the two PS will never meet once your productive * will be eliminated from your life. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all goodness May Allah Subhana Allah protect us all from sinful activities and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us a Toba that will wipe out all our ugly history. I mean, I mean, I mean, it was lovely. Having spending

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time with you all in those six episodes and I hope and I pray that they were beneficial to you. If there was any mistake on my part and a human being forgive me. And if there was anything good that's from Allah subhanaw taala Zack love hyaluron as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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