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AI: Summary © The importance of learning and practicing the um 7-for-ship is discussed, including the success of their community and the importance of practicing it. They also give examples of women who had a conversation with her in a small village. The segment emphasizes the importance of learning and practicing the um 7-for-ship, including finding a mentor and dedication to learning to increase one's knowledge.
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10 hamdulillah nama don't want to start you don't want to study you want to stop when I was a biller and Miss Schroeder I'm pushing out so yeah melanoma yeah the love for our model Allah mama you live for I had yella Why should you Allah Allah illallah wa ala Sharika Why should I know Muhammad Abdul Rasul? Yeah, you're Latina. I'm gonna talk Allah haka, Ducati wala Moto 11. To Muslim moon. Yeah, you are not to talk more about Kamala dhikala documented sua Bacala coming comuna xojo Berman humara gel and Kathy Romani, sir, what toquilla holiday or harm in Allah Gan Aliko MerKiVa Yeah, are you Alladhina I'm going to talk Allah wa Kulu Copeland said either use the Halacha mmamoloko Welcome de

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novo Kumamoto, Allah wa pseudo vaca the first 1000 Alima

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then I'm about God Allah, and Nasser Al Quran Quran Allah Azza barakaatuh Allah, wa Carol had the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are shown on the Moodle data to have accommodated in Vida Wakulla data and Allah Allah. Allah Allah did for Northam, Mama, bada bada Allah, my dear brothers and sisters, if you would like to measure the amount of knowledge, the amount of knowledge you had during the month of Ramadan, in comparison to what you have today, has it increased or decreased?

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To say that it stayed at the same level? That's impossible.

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Because whether you're learning something new, or you're losing something you learned earlier,

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what is the level of your knowledge since Ramadan ended?

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During the month of Ramadan, Alhamdulillah, we had so many beautiful sessions of knowledge. And I've seen beautiful numbers of young brothers and sisters, young men and women driving around DFW area, looking for halacha to attend

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in the middle of the night, at 12 o'clock at 1am. And they go around just because they would like to attend this Halaqaat SubhanAllah. What happened to this Halaqaat? What happened to this guy that is now driving driving around for this Halaqaat of knowledge? Are we still learning? Or are we losing that knowledge? My dear brothers and sisters, being a student of knowledge, it's a lifelong journey. It doesn't stop when Ramadan ends, it doesn't stop when a halacha. And it's a lifelong journey. And it's a duty upon me as a Muslim man or woman. And as a community. I truly believe as a community, we are as strong as the weakest amongst us all. We are as strong as the weakest among us all. So ask

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yourself, are you making the community strong or weak?

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Are you making us all stronger or weaker as a community? Because again, we can't just allow a few people to take all the loads of learning and other ones just taking a break and eventually there will be imbalanced in that community. We are as strong as the weakest amongst us in terms of our knowledge of our spirituality, our practice of our deen, how much we come to the masjid doesn't matter. We're going to measure that based on who's the weakest here. And we need to make sure that all of us are stronger at least on the process of getting stronger and stronger.

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Perfection is not going to happen. But we can work at least on the path of perfection. Insha Allah Allah here's the story. I want to show you the example when the OMA was doing well in the golden era of the Abbas's dynasty more than 1000 years ago, but a mammoth company with about

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Daddy Rahim Allah Tala in his book terrorists, but that he narrates a story. The story is about one of the great scholars who resided in Baghdad. His name was known as a man of camaraderie from colada, which is basically the Eastern Air right now and the Muslim land. So a mammal karada, they traveled from his village at the time was a small village. He traveled from his village all the way to Baghdad, which was the center of knowledge in the world. And he spent years learning from the great scholars of Baghdad, scholars who came from the east and the west and the north and the south. They all gathered in the center of knowledge in Baghdad, he learned so much that at some point,

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after he grew older in the community, he realized I have a duty to my village to my people to my family, I need to go back again to Colorado.

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So he listed one of those caravans that leaves the city goes back there to the small town. And as the caravan was ready, and everything is being packed, the only thing left is just to get some fresh food. So he went to the marketplace. He got some some stuff from here and there and eventually stopped by the bakery. Alpha ran all hubbas. So he stood in line waiting for his turn to get his bread. And as he was waiting, he said, I heard the Baker's inside, conversing among themselves speaking. And when he listened to them, he was amazed. He said, The Bakers were discussing among themselves, some of them sophisticated principles of faith, or at least questions of faith. One of

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them was telling the other one, did you hear what the chef said last night, what the Imam said last night, he said that even our best he allows to have an exception in your oath even after a long year.

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Brother right now you're wondering what he's talking about. That's exactly the point.

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Because this this Messiah is not known to the average person unless you ask about it, then you would know exactly, and not even known to many of the students of knowledge until the dig into the deep into the works of folk. So what he was referring to, when someone gives an oath, saying Wallahi I shall do this.

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If you don't make an exception, saying insha Allah by the will of Allah, it becomes binding. And if you break it, then you owe a Farah. expiation, you're gonna fall over. That's what it is how it works. But if you put an exception, or just put like a clause there like say, inshallah Allah as well that you make it now pending.

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And if you break it, it's okay. Because you made it pending. So even our boss, he says, You can make it pending even if you decide on this after a year.

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But the average, the most common opinion is that no, you have to make the exception at the time of pronouncement of your oath. You can't wait a year after that. Look how sophisticated this muscle is that you can't you don't even need to bring it in a hotbar. But the point I'm making is that when Acorah Davi, he said he heard that conversation between Baker's he just kind of like stopped that he was so amazed. It goes Allahu Akbar.

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Baker's in a town at that level of knowledge and you want me to go to Colorado, I swear I'm not leaving.

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And he stayed behind and Barbara until he died.

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And he became one of the great scholars of Baghdad. That's why my Lakota will Baghdadi county match among the scholars of Baghdad. What I'm saying My dear brothers and sisters, if Baker's at some point in the Muslim ummah, they have so depth, so much depth in knowledge of their Deen, that they go to some of these, I don't wanna say marginal, you know, principles of rather some of these sophisticated manners. They are aware of them.

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Maybe they're not as sophisticated as scholars themselves. But having that awareness, having that dedication to sit and learn in scholars than Halaqaat of scars and knowledge that today probably would sound boring to many people understand. They were they're learning these things and study them. And because they were supposed to be the weakest link, this is the layman, the layman in the community, the laborers and they're still have this sophisticated knowledge. The weakest in the OMA back then was strong, probably stronger than many of us have today. And it's because of that it was a golden era of the Muslim time. Today I want to ask ourselves, not on a scale of the entire Muslim

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Ummah as a community, in the masjid over here as neighbors around each other over here. are we contributing to the strength of our community? Or are we contribute to the weakness of old community? Am I doing my duty to learn more to become much more educated in my faith in my did my practice of my deen or am I lagging behind Ramadan just ended not too long ago. How much have I learned how much have I grew and knowledge since Ramadan ended? How many books you read how many pages you finished? You know what, how many I have memorized? How many Hadith you read and listen to how many how holofoil attended. Ask yourself this question as my dear brothers and sisters.

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shaitan has clever the woman Ramadan ends what is it what is shutdown Jojo? Oh thank God now you can take a break

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and you will take a break

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but that break is going to be for a long time because she has done is going to keep extending it for you. Are you still vacation I mean wait until after World hunt shallow Tana And eventually you're going to lag behind and learning brothers and sisters. It is our duty as Muslim Ummah to be strong in our Elma knowledge and we talk about knowledge what we mean by that when we say knowledge I don't have the law a lot of US Marshal are very very well versed in terms of their their fields, whether it's an accounting engineering law, whatever that is Masha Allah may Allah bless you adorable anime

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but many of us might be professionals but we still sometimes unfortunately and I've seen that and I have questions for many people do we lack some of the basics of our our our deen such as even to the to my surprise the basics as how to use the bathroom properly Yeah, there is sunnah for this as well too.

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There is sunnah fullness, and the Prophet says and proudly taught the OMA how to use the bathroom properly.

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If these things are we lagging behind on learning these matters imagine the major ones when it comes to the knowledge that we're talking about over here. Remember when Kodama Rahim Allah Allah Allah says Carla Earl mole Muhammara This is now the Elm the knowledge in which you will you you will deal with Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and that is the knowledge that starts from the heart. Because some of us mashallah avid readers will read tons of books, we have done a lot of Halaqaat how much of that effect in your heart? How much of that translates into your action? That's what the terminologies so when I'm talking about knowledge and learning, I'm not talking about just reading a book or two or three, or listen to a lecture otherwise, that's not it. And what we get from from from social media and few seconds, this is not knowledge really just information.

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It doesn't become knowledge until you practice this in your life. That's when it becomes knowledge. So how much are we practicing the world we know how much are we exactly contributing to the strength of the Ummah and sort of our own community?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For alum, Inola Illa Illa Allah, seek the knowledge, have the knowledge know that there is no God worthy of worship, but Allah Azusa, look, even Allah subhana commands us to go and pursue that knowledge. And he said Subhana wa Taala in them if Shala homenaje by the Rama truly those who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala among all his servants are those who through Allah ma they're knowledgeable people, like those who are most conscious of Allah azza wa jal and those who have the knowledge and Allah subhanho wa Taala says Jatropha hola hola Dena, amen amen Kamala Dino Terrell mother Raja ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada promise he will raise in right in

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different ranks on the day of judgment, and some other matters even in the dunya. He worries him and ranks those who have done all of those have faith and have the knowledge amongst you. The more you know, the harder you'll be in the dunya and after insha, Allah Allah

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and how much is necessary for me to learn? Well, there is no limit in terms of learning. You need to have a lifelong, lifelong journey and learning and become a student of knowledge. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was was an avid learner Salawat Allah Wasserman, he will learn when everyday if you from the Sahaba one day when you give him a suggestion, he will take that sort of ontological ceremony, and of all the things that he possessed in the dunya. And are all of the things that you possess in your life today, Allah subhanho wa Taala demands and ask you to seek for increase in one thing. We'll call Rob visit near Alma, he said to the prophets of Semia. Mohammed,

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ask, ask my Lord, to increase my knowledge. He didn't say increase me in wealth, increase meant health increase, move any of that stuff, he will guarantee that through subhanaw taala. But knowledge requires you pursuit. So he says, ask Allah to increase your knowledge, because without that knowledge will be doomed to Joomla. What kind of knowledge I'm talking about again? Well, I'm not asking you to start digging into these big encyclopedias of filth and Illuma Sharia rather I'm saying learn the basics. There are two levels. There's what the orlimar they call for the line. That's a personal obligation is to know how to fix your day better. And your relationship with Allah

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subhanho wa Taala and with the people the basics that you need to know how to fix your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala and with the people with Allah azza wa jal in terms of belief, to know who he is and how you worship Him. And also how to do a trial and come to you in a better whether it's making will do praying salah, and also faster Ramadan going to Hajj if you plan to go to hydrogen things occur. Many of us today don't even know anything about Zika.

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And that was a basic knowledge back then they teach him to two children at that time. We know it's an obligation, but how it is calculated will probably would have been no one.

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And that's how that shows how how we all would come to even know the basics of our deen. And then there's further keyfile photokey fire learning extra of these heirloom details that not necessarily for you on daily basis, including the sacred knowledge that we have in our time. Yes, indeed it is needed, but collectively as a community, not as an individual

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But as an individual, Allah will ask you about your relationship with him and relationship with the people. My dear brothers and sisters, we need to create a community of knowledge. Because again, our strength as a community is as weak as the weakest among us all. So how do we do that? Where do I start? You might say, You know what I would like to try that out in Sharla where do I start when it comes to seeking knowledge? The basic thing you need to start is to start connecting with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I spoke about this last last week but last Friday, have relationship with the book of Allah azza wa jal, a genuine relationship with Allah Azza memorizing, reading,

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understanding on regular basis and I'm gonna ask him too much time. If you dedicate 10 minutes 20 minutes half an hour of your day and evening just to start increasing the knowledge you're going to love it and you volunteer is going to start adding more time to learning extra because of how Allah knowledge is happiness. When you learn something new it gives you joy that you're increasing in something And subhanAllah then also start with the Hadith the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam How many of you at home have a copy of Rio de Sala Hain for example, the other side of him but mmm now a simple book of Hadith that teaches you about your basically Baghdad and also o'clock

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and manners and etiquettes how many of us reading this every single day just like we do cover from cover to cover with the Quran. How many of us are doing heart mouth Hadith and abyssal Allah Allah salah, so you could learn from the prophets of Assam directly. How many of us are dedicating time to learn the basic of their Artega understanding the meaning of being a Muslim being a movement especially with the confused culture of our time, people now don't even know how to worship Allah how to believe in Allah anymore. And we're mixing a lot of philosophies, a lot of cultures with our deen as well too, because under the pressure Subhanallah we compromise a lot of things, it becomes

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more imperative that I understand what does it mean to be Muslim today in this age. With that, sometimes you're gonna need a teacher, you're gonna need a teacher. Do you have a mentor that you study with regularly. Sometimes you need a friend, you need a companion, who will be encouraging you to memorize to review with them to read, they learn something they share with you and vice versa. And sometimes you're gonna have to do it collectively with a drummer and that's the best as a matter of fact, find the Halacha and dedicate yourself to it. Find a circle of knowledge and dedicate yourself to it and if there is nothing, create one, create one invite friends and make sure that you

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learn together and shall allow to Baraka with Allah my dear brothers and sister I know that many people will say well, I can do it Inshallah, from the comfort of my house, I can listen I can watch online when I'm, you know, doing other things, I hear you. But there's nothing like the baraka of being in a circle of knowledge when Allah subhanaw promise he will bring down the angels to witness that halacha that brings tranquility and peace into your life into your heart. Allah subhanho wa Taala will give baraka for this. Make sure that the joint is Halaqaat there may Allah subhana wa Taala bless you all with that knowledge or a blind I mean, that increase usually a man and keep you

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straight on the path Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah Cody Hadassah for Allah Allah the money welcome. What is that Muslim universal through the nose or for Rahim?

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Anwar Ali or cyber seldom at the Sleeman Kathira mama bad, Mighty Brothers and Sisters God Allah, I'm sure that we probably Allahu Allah if we will ever get to the level where we have Baker's mashallah studying sophisticated subject to fit in our deen in our time. But we need to work on this. And in each and every one of us to make commitment today that I want to start with shall on my journey and seeking knowledge

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slowly and gradually and I will look for the past. I will look for the mentor I will look for the for the companion shall on that journey Bonilla. Zildjian. Remember, we are as strong as the weakest among the soul. And if you believe that your knowledge and your deen is weak, then you're contributing to the weakness of our community.

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And if you think that you are then seek help from your friends from your brothers and sisters, that community increase that knowledge with them in shallow tobacco data so we can all be strong as one community. What are you going to get out of seeking that knowledge? Allah subhana wa Taala will facilitate path for you. As a hadith, EBITDA and Abu Huraira della answer Muslim the prophets RSM says called Man Celica Can you help me severe ailments sir Allah Allah will be

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the one who undertakes a journey. If you go on a path of seeking knowledge, the prophets Assam says Allah subhanho wa Taala will facilitate a path for them that leads him to Jannah May Allah facilitate that path all of you are blind I mean, make commitment to go on this path because the end of that was going to be in genitive dosa Allah may Allah make us among them out of banana mean Allahumma Luna man foreigner when finally my alumna in Akintola Lima Hakeem Allah Martin fusina Taqwa was actually on the elements. Antonio Mola about Allah in Allah malecha to saloon Anna NaVi. Yeah, you're Latina? I'm gonna solo Allah wa salam Otis Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala

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Nabina Muhammad and voila, it was a big man. What are the LA Humann? Hola fatwa should you not be working? Well, Amara was no no Ali unsatisfiable Jemaine

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Welcome sir.

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Sir just move forward move toward your filling all the gaps is

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