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AI: Summary © The history and significance of the Day of Judgment, including the use of the "has been in the heart of the city" and the "has been in the heart of the heart of the world" as symbols of victory, are discussed. The Day of Justice is emphasized as a symbol of victory and the Day of Justice is discussed as a time for finding the right spot and finding the right person. skill in deeds and helping people do good things is emphasized. The weight of skill and its importance in rewarding behavior is also discussed. The Day of Judgment will affect people's behavior and people with good deeds will be rewarded.
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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Mala be about the whole Nabina Muhammad. While early he was so happy he was Selim Allahu Mehta Sleeman Kathira a my bad

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old praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family and his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has lost on final messenger.

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And Hakim Rahim Allah reported in his mustard that I couldn't be sal Allahu Allahu Allah wa salam can either other moto Jaya whom in a lane when the prophets of salaam lay down to sleep? In the night, he would say Bismillah while ba to them be the name of Allah I lay my site.

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Allah Who Myrtleford li them the was shaytani O Allah forgive my son and suppress my Shavon willful carry Hani and sit me free

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will tell me Zanny and make my skill on the Day of Judgment heavy. What the hell kniffin Allah, Allah Allah and grant me to be in the high strength in Jana.

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That's something that the Prophet sallallahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam used to ask and as enamel manera Rahim Allah said, this is one of the most amazing dua of the Prophet prophetic prayers, because it combined between all types of goodness in this life and next, and this live and next. This part of the there is one part of this hadith that I want to pick and I want to build my talk tonight about to you today about which is called an evisa Salam and he's praying and asking Allah in a regular base every night before you go to sleep felted me Zanni make my skill on the Day of Judgment heavy.

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Yes, this is something should have been it should have a an issue of concern for each and every one of us. How can I make sure that the skull of my deeds and the Day of Judgment will be something heavy? Not something light. All our deeds will be waited in the day of judgment? And Omar Radi Allahu Anhu Allah Khan hasta boo and forsaken Kubla and to her Sybil was the new forsaken Kabbalah and to Zen Rama or their line said hold yourself accountable before you will be held accountable by Allah and weighed yourself and your deeds before your deeds and you will be waited in the day of judgment

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I shall on the Allahu Anhu that karate nada yo man for Beckett will head if you send me the root canal Iraqi where it's not who Jade when the kalam Baba Favara about Luna Mahanta so how to lock in the home in a hadith he ality total if he had that will let it go whether her cathedral minelute or not. It is a narration that widowed said that instead of the Allahu Allah once she meant she remember she was thinking about the hellfire and as Allah subhanho wa Taala and you mentioned the believers when they think of the Agora their tears comes

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to Allah insha Allah Anna phobic eat I was in tears for Colin Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may have Kiki pilot for the color the curtain Nara fabricate. I was thinking about the whole fire and my tears came down and that's Muhammad SAW salams wife and not only a wife, she's actually the Allah and Allah to makalah to Rasul Allah hilted, Corona Alikum Yama, piano, what do your assala think of your family in the day of Jaden, we would in the Def Jam would you remember me and your family members for calling abuse? sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Murphy Sarah thema Walton Fela yet Kuru ohada

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There is a three stations in the Day of Judgment

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in three areas three times in the day of judgment, no one will think of anyone

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Carlota in Del Meezan had Taya Femi Zan who am Yes. When your deeds are weighted, you don't know which side will goes down.

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Which one will be heavier and which one will be light.

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Then she said we're in Del Kitab Hina Yukon, her Omokoroa okie Tabea Hatay anima Anelka, Okita keytab bm unihan Bishi money when the books will be passed, and you don't know you will take it with the right hand or the left hand

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They were in the spirit either will they obey in of a hurry Jahannam and when the bridge is a stretch and put above the hellfire, and people asked to cross these are three areas where nobody think of anyone and another nation collider could have even Habiba even, you will you will not remember your loved ones. At that point. no family, no children, no one.

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This is a very serious time, the time of waiting your deeds.

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Another incident, just cheek make you think how the Sahaba think about how serious this day is. And throw the Allahu Anhu Allah kind of sell to Nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and yesh fairly OMO pm Africa in unified Jarocin Allah I asked you to intercede for me in the day of judgment

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then in there be so Salam said I would I well Inshallah,

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then Anasazi, Allah and con for Aina Bluebook.

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Where should I look for you? You can think how many people won't be in the diff? How would you Yanni maybe the person can locate him but I'm the one who need that where I want to find you.

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Where are you will be in the Day of Judgment.

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Call and maybe you saw Salam oppa Lavinia Anna Surat,

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you will find me at the a syrup the bridge that above the whole fire.

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So asked me then,

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to make sure that you cross safe, kind of for inland edge look, what if I don't make it all the way there? What if I don't find you?

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For Karla blue bunny in the Amazon?

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You will find me at the scale where the skill is when your deeds are weighted.

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Kind of in the magic? What if I don't find you there? What if I couldn't locate you there? Carla told me and they'll help willing to pay any fee, the higher the 30th So look, look for me, where I'm next to my pool.

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A pool that filled from coauthor where the water will quench the thirst of the people who've been standing in the Day of Judgment.

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Well howdy throw Tirmidhi also here

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where the Carl Mobarak 40 Rahim Allah in Latin Janila 50s He had his mouth and he said if mubarak for he said why these three areas are specifically the prophets of Salah mentioned to Anasazi Allah. It is because this is the area where you need the prophets of salaam intercession the most where you need help the most

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in the surah in the Amazon, and when you approach the pool because if you drink from it, you're basically thirst was quenched. And that's a good sign that everything comes area after that is easier.

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There is a skill on the Day of Judgment abandoned a skill will be put for people and in a bizarre solemn describe us that it has two sides, one for the good deeds and one for the bad deeds and which side go heavier. That's where we go with

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and that's something that it is came in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam woman and Carl was snailmail pm at kufr beach melanoma and anyone denied that there is the deeds will be waited in the Day of Judgment is not a Muslim and anyone denied that there is an actual skill ism obtain Yvonne come upon an Imam Ahmed oil do and Allah He was surely a coder a person who rejects what Allah and His Messenger SallAllahu wasallam says,

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When about Zeno test, Leonel piano, we will set up the skills of the day of justice on the day of judgment so no Saul will be wronged in that day.

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Fella tabula munificent Shaya nothing will be no injustice we're in Canada with Karla hob baton Minh harder in a Tina be our calf have been a has been an even if a deed is the weight of a mustard seed. We will bring it forth

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and Allah Subhana Allah is the most just in that day and sufficient. We are as vigilant rock winner

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what was new yo woman eating will help. The waiting on that day will be just truth. As for those who skills will be heavy with good deeds only they will be success

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Last fall, but those who skills as light they have basically doomed themselves for wrongfully denying our signs and Lavina hustle and foster home being a can will be it in a over the moon and solar through Korea most of you memorize it for a moment. I was in who Hua Hua via Isha turabi In a blessed life if your good deeds are heavy I'm an offer to my wife Zeno for own Moo hoo ha Yeah, well now that I come out here now don't hammer so deep hole you will be falling into diving headfirst. If your deeds the skill of your deeds are light.

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It is so accurate you know sensitive skill today for gold for STEM by or lambda labs. It's more accurate than that mascara habit, the hurdle a mustard seed, it will deducted nothing will be left out. It is so big. That Salamandre the Allahu Anhu Allah has said that in the day of judgment, if you bring the heavens and earth, the whole universe, the heavens and the earth that we are familiar with the universe that we're familiar with, and you put them in one side of the scale, the scale will be bigger, that side of the skills will be bigger. In Metallica when the saw that huge creation of Allah the model our LM had Mazon Canton ma ICA Lehman had Holloman shear to mean healthy this is

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for those of my creation from I will than intended for my creation for the orderly manner. Iike Subhana Kumar avid naka de Baddeck we did not worship you enough. If there is some people will come in the Day of Judgment will be able to fill this skill with beads. That's a great achievement.

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Your call it an ambassador of the Allah and Allah Holy Son walk you for 10 it has a tongue it speaks was the judge Rahim Allah Allah. Allah He had a sunnah it is one of the thing that Anderson agreed upon. That this is the description of Amazon some people think that oh Amazon is not a skill. What God needs a skill for he knows everything he doesn't need to wait it. How about Thomas Allahu Allah cannubi him why the absurdity and Fela Abdullah nothing. What I had to filter our SS

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calamari Tesla woman Obi Wan Martha Zilla, Lisa Colima, Tesla and Cara.

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Some of the people who said hola sweater doesn't need this is for grocery people and grocery needs called Chanel bag Colleen, he needs a skill, but Allah doesn't need it. That's just nonsense. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't wait the deeds of people because he wants to know which one is more. Now he does that it's a symbolic of justice that Mujahid Khan who will until it's justice it's a symbol of justice, not to deny Mojang was not denying them Ihsahn but he was telling the purpose of it. It is to show His justice also is for nobody to plead against Allah. It's visually you see your own deeds waited in front of you. It shows this ability of cuadrado Allah can't be around the Ariana FERPA

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label or amount of saleha ion tos and his ability to transfer something that that is intangible to be something tangible is an actual weight.

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And in Allah Subhana Allah shows his knowledge of everything you've done, you see it in that skill. It shows his mercy how one thing you might look at something is small, but it will be so heavy and your skill

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and many other wisdoms

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who they follow the Allahu Ania all saw him on me zaniolo piano TG BReel Euro domain bow to him Allah Bob fer Holloman Hassan atta Berlin failed to hide and maloom for either if any, it has to okay that means say I tell him of the norm for the atom of volume on this duck overhead even more Phyllis Gibreel will be standing next to the skill handling it.

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A great Creek creation like the schism Ihsahn handled by the greatest of the angels will Gibreel Allah is Sinha that when he sees a person who have been abused, he will take from the good deeds of the abuser and it will be put in the side of the abused

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and if the abuser has no more good deeds will be taken from the abusers bad deeds and will be basically from the abused bad deeds and will be put on the abusers bad deeds. So the abused will have less bad deeds and it will be dumped onto the skill of the abuser of volume.

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There is so many things will be weighted in that skill that's why I'll Khurana Brian have been magazine not because there is multiple

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bool skills.

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Some scholars said there is multiple skills and those who said multiple skills to start debating what skills for they said for each person a skill for each nation a skill for each type of good deeds a skill, but the truth is linguistically and Hadith tells about a skill. Me Zan 10 level Meezan and in most Zenia annual Mozu not the thing that will be weighted are so many chemical have been hedgehog, Allah refer to the skill as skills lithophane it's like when you refer to Allah as we it's just to show the greatness of it that's how the Arabs speak.

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Allah subhana wa Tirana well wait your deeds and we'll wait the records of your deeds and also you yourself we will be put in the skill and maybe so Salam said that the that Abdullah bin Massoud is much heavier than the mountain of Earth. When we will be putting his skills in the sight of his good deeds and the kaffir will be brought up to virtually Sameen up here somebody 300 500 pound big guy won't be put on the side of his bad deeds he will not wait anything.

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Now also in the light and ahava

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what can make your deeds so heavy, what's the heaviest things will be in there skill? La ilaha illa Allah, but to heat up, imagine the faith that you have in your heart. Also Nabil so Salam said, well, hamdulillah Tamela will Mazon Alhamdulillah we'll fill up whatever left in the side of your skill, the reward of it will be so much that it will fill it up. And in the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said bucking bucking math color when they are so heavy in your skin on the Day of Judgment, La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah and hamdulillah Allahu Akbar and a righteous son or daughter will passed away during your lifetime and you are patient

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with that, what are them Saudi hit or fall in love with a sander and he

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kind of sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Earth Carlo Murphy's and minyama pm personal Hello, hello. The heaviest things in your skill on the day of judgment you had it is good deeds.

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Every time you follow Janaza to Tehran, you witnessed the janazah you pray on it you followed until buried to curate each crop like the size of Earth and your skills on the Day of Judgment.

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Finally, one more thing. Finally Nabi SallAllahu Sallam many tablets of philosophy Sybilla

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Eman and Billahi autostick and Bhiwandi for inner Shiva who worry who Wauwatosa who Ebola who Finis Anioma PM. Yeah and if you put something as an endowment, you said this is for the sake of Allah will be only used for the sake of Allah, that thing that you have dedicated to be for the sake of Allah, everything related to it, and maybe give the examples or salon by the horse, but you can look to a car, you look at your house, you look to anything related to even the persons and the food and the water that consume even the waste of it. Everything will be putting your skill on the Day of Judgment. So anything that you dedicate you put for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that related to

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it will be something you reward for it in the Day of Judgment. May Allah Subhana Allah make us among those who there have good deeds or heavy Kotoko anyhow that was still here Allah

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam O Allah be about the

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Sunnah also on the Quran and the Sunnah and the Sharia have told us about certain things can make your

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other sites so heavy and can make your good deeds vanish quickly in your skills. One of it is react, showing off

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that will have no weight in the Day of Judgment.

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Obviously shirk and kufr to commit COVELO shirk, no wait, Allah Jalla hubba Mandurah for Kadena Ilana cardamom enamel we take all the deeds and turn it to dust.

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in Ibiza Salam was reported in the hadith of Nehemiah, you'll vote for who Cathedral in Al Khalifa movie Philippi

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I never I never actually a little bit filth on the east sides knowing that this hadith is weak except this hadith

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because it's so scary.

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Harlan nebi Salah Salem people will come in the Day of Judgment with mountains of good deeds. kg valatie hamata Baba, mountains of good deeds and Allah turn it to dust. They said Who are they? Karla Latina even Hello Ben Mahara Mila into her Koha those when they are alone, they commit sins and they have no regards of Allah's rules. I mean, who doesn't? Many people when they are alone, they

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Can we can they do haram stuff? But anyway, even though the lemma said it's correct the men the one who have no shame no, he's basically showing up in front of people in public is a shaytan worst enemy, but in secret is his best friend. That's the one that Allah is referring to here are the Hadith referring to. But let me end with this.

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To see how the Sahabas mindset is about the Mi Zan and about the day of judgment and about preparing themselves for that day. And Hadith reported by ASHA their line of autonomy, the caller or Julian in a nebi Salah Salam *a Dube Rasulillah A man came in he sat in front of the porcelain parlor so Allah in the Li Min Liu cane I have two people that works for me. You can see Boone any Yakubu in any well known anywhere soon and they lie to me. They cheat on me and they disobey me

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fast Timo Babu so I get mad I say bad words Damn I beat them sometimes, you know, what is the deal but what do you what do you see me for calling Nabil Salam either Jomo Kenyatta seeketh rupt Bennett dunya aka how Nevison make that connection. He said when the day of judgment comes, yeah, Cebu, Cebu Maha Nucala Ahsoka Katha book, everything they lie, they cheat, they betray you or they disobey you in it, it will add your punishment for them and will be put in the skills if they are equal.

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You will say safe

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and if your punishment less than what he did to you, you are even in a greater position because you get reward for being forgiving. And if your punishment is more than what they have done to you, it will be taken from your good deeds and given to them.

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Listen for every employer

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like how this will be work Allah subhanaw taala who has Allah the one who will judge so he thought about it for a while and he said you had a sort of Allah man he really really helped with the issue and clear on the mafara Party him which he took a Noma haram you also lie couldn't take that chance. You know what they are free men. The overhead slaves He said are free to go all like for someone else who worked for me that you know I didn't need to do I don't need to punish I don't need to do like the clean you know relationships. I don't take the chance of over punishing them in the Day of Judgment.

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My brothers and sisters, this is a con something we should be conscious about thinking more about and I hope and future hope was we can talk about the other two areas where no one will remember the loved one. But for now we ask Allah subhanaw taala and you 13 Amis Anna and we continue to make the DUA that didn't me so Salam used to do I may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from all evil, and grant us all good. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us always aware of the akhira and make our heart connected to akhira and may Allah subhana wa Tada forgive or shortcoming towards him or towards any one of the his creations or the people that we deal with. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept

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our good deeds and to forgive our sins to accept our Ramadan and to help us to continue to do good manga last month Allah Aniela thoroughly while he didn't know and you're hammering me no one Muslim you know and mostly Matt Well, I mean, you know, and you're not even normal and what you have to learn our home y'all hamara he mean, la la la la la Mata Allahu manana jello canta Jelena me machina satellite weather reality AR hamara he mean, also Lila humo salam ala Nabina Muhammad