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AI: Summary © The ongoing political and cultural conflict between Muslims and their counterparts is discussed, including the recent radicalization of the Israeli government and struggles of the Muslims to resist their actions. The holy month ofams in the Middle East is mentioned as a symbol of Islam, and the importance of the holy land to believers is emphasized. The holy culture is also discussed, including the holy space and holy culture in the western world, the need for change to achieve justice for the people of the Holy Land, and the importance of praying in a specific area. Visitors are encouraged to change public opinion and bring healing to their bodies.
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Definitely you get upset, you get angry, and you deserve to get angry and get upset, really for what's happening over there. And it seems that this is happening almost every single year around the same time of the month of Ramadan. Especially when the recently radical government took office there. And they wanted to provoke the people have Philistine thinking that they can bully them in that fashion to get whatever political gain they want to get out of this. What do you get from that resistance? People are going to resist that. And unfortunately, it's always on the Palestinian side and see these victims. And then now on the other side, they embolden these illegal settlers, who are

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taken into these spaces, with all of course, international law, considered illegal occupiers and still trying to break into the middle OXA to try to take territories, the Muslims specifically in the month of Ramadan, the Nag and acceptor and the brave Wolfenstein are actually standing against them. And just recently we watched the news. It is so sad what's happening that now that even actually throwing all these you know, bullets and bombs inside of methoxide itself.

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May Allah subhana wa preservatives Loksatta Bill alameen and keep the people first and Savior Allah, we ask Allah to bring it back again into the hands of Olivia reservable Alameen Allah subhanho wa Taala alleviate the suffering of the people over there. And may Allah subhana wa remove that oppression of the Mirabella element. We've heard today from the very beginning of our citation why this is so important for us as Muslims. This is not really a Palestinian thing. It's a Muslim thing. Because Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran at the beginning of Surah Surah What did he say? Subhanallah The astroglia The hillaryland Mademoiselle Haram is a reversal of Salah the baraka Hola,

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Maria home in IR tuna in our Samuel bustle. He Subhanallah declared it very clearly. He says Praise be to your Lord, the one who took his servant Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam on that magnificent journey that magnificent Night Journey. middle middle Occidental, Mazel haram, the Sacred House of Allah subhanho wa Taala in Makkah, Al Masjid Al Aqsa, the farthest mosque masjid so Allah Subhan said about it, what a lady Baraka hola around which we have made a blessed land.

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Look, ALLAH SubhanA made that land all bless it. And he mentioned on the Quran multiple times when he spoke about Abraham and Lord call

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one of Jenna who wrote on URL or the letter Barak and Fei Li lemon, and we saved him unload and sent him to the blessed land, the land that we may bless it to the whole world. Allah said we made that land bless it to the whole world. When Musa alayhis salam he wanted to get into that land. What are the last panel call this land? He said to his BUSA what kala Musa Komiya calm with whole herbal mocha DESA all people enter that sacred land that Allah subhanaw taala has written for you. It was the land for the believers. It's sacred, and it's also Blizzard land. That's by the command of Allah subhana wa Taala but here is sort of delay surah Allah subhana wa Tala al Masjid Al Aqsa lady Baraka

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hola the surrounding oval, Aqsa is blessing what does that mean is your ma where's the center of that blessing?

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Missoula itself if the surrounding area is actually Blizzard land. You can imagine now though, the blessing itself is actually in the center in the mesial OXA itself. Just to clarify one thing technical here, if you ever see the pictures of the muzzle OXA people they mistake in a muzzle OXA with Kobata Sakara that nice beautiful dome of the rock. And also there is another method next to it not necessarily as beautiful in terms of design as the Dome of the Rock. Both of them are in an area that is actually called Al Masjid Al Aqsa. So the merger itself is not just that structure, it's the entire area is called the Mazel OXA that is the one that ALLAH SubhanA wa had bless it.

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When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he began his commission, his mission actually as a messenger of Allah. He used to pray in Mecca towards Allah Mazel Aqsa, but he used to put a comma between him and then Mozilla in a hope that he will start praying to us towards the Kaaba. And when the prophets of Allah Allah wa salam was taken on that magnificent journey. He was in Makkah SallAllahu wasallam. He was in Makkah, and Gibreel came to him with Al Barak. And he said, Come with me where we're going, we're going to magnificent journey. That magnificent journey was given to the Prophet Salah Salem in a very critical time. I want to show the importance of that journey itself. The Prophet sallallahu

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sallam was coming out of three years, three years of boycott, what you could call it today, concentration camp, when they boycott the Muslim ban and the family of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and maca and they almost starve them to death. Then that that actually time the Prophet saw some loss has beautiful support from his beloved Khadija della donna who passed away during that time and his uncle Obatala the political support After him came I will help his enemy is uncle to become the leader of Ubuntu Hashem, and he told the Quran is all yours

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deal with them.

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So the Prophet SAW sent me wanted to see if he could find help from above the nearest town to him and he was rejected badly. He was even physically hurt Salah Salem and he considered this to be the worst time ever in his in his mission as a as a Dawa Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he came back to Makkah, and in that time he was unable to enter until he found a silent with one of the leaders of Quraysh Animoto Maven ID

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Elmo time allowed, he took the Prophet saw some and others protection and he went, sent him to his house Salah Salem and that night, in that moment, would you believe it's Paola just like, where do we go now? Mark rejected me. Families rejecting me now by have rejected me where do I go? Allah subhanaw Give the Prophet says have a different hope. So this when the Prophet Sessom was sent Gibreel was sent to the Prophet Salah Salem, on the journey, and where it was the first the first station look, Allah subhanaw taala could have taken the Prophet saw some straight from Makkah, all over the seventh heaven, right? And you got given you will be given the five daily prayers and all

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the other commandments that Allah Subhana Allah wanted to give to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam straight on haram in Makkah all the way to the seventh heaven. But Allah azza wa jal chose to take the Prophet saw someone else before. What was that station is your mom?

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Almost Luxa why that's a sign for you and I for everybody like this space is still sacred, even though the Qibla was changed afterwards to Makkah, still, that place has its value.

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Why because history of Gambia history of Tawheed existed for a very long time in that area. And the Prophet SAW said that Jabril took me all the way there. And he had to tie that that animal Al Buraq into his the Halacha halacha al Anbiya. There was like a chain with the MBR always, you know that when they had that journey, they will stop there and they tie that animal there. And then the Prophet saw some say for the multiple Masjid I entered the masjid I pray to Raka and then he was taken all the way up again to the seventh heaven. And he came down again. He led the Gambia and Salah and then he came back again to El Mazel haram. Why would ALLAH SubhanA take the prophet sent

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to that place to make sure that we all will never forget about the value of that place in that space. The prophets Allah Sam says, Learn to shut the * Allah Allah Allah says masajid if you're going to undertake a journey to pray in a masjid, like if you're going to travel just for a virtue of MSG, free massages only. Al Masjid Haram in Makkah, was really harder. He said method, my method in Medina was interval and Al Mazel OXA. The three massages, you're allowed to take a journey to go and seek virtue to pray in there. And then you could travel to other massages to take for sightseeing and take pictures that if you want to, but to say that there is a virtue in praying and

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that magic there is no Masjid that has virtue specific virtue to pray and, besides the Muslim haram, in Mecca, has interviewed Salah Salem and most of the lochsa and has specific virtue because again of the blessing that Allah subhanaw taala plays in that land in that space and that place Rasulullah has Salah Salem was once asked, they are a sort of law are you measure the oh well which of the massage of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala the houses of Allah were built first on Earth, Paul Mitchell haram, the one in Makkah, clearly, which one came next, Carl missile OXA, the second house of worship that was ever established on earth.

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And he said how far how far in between terms of the timeline, he said 40 years, like the designation of that land to be a blessed land, it was way back then from an early time, the time of the inception of humanity on Earth. And even probably from before as well too. But there is a specific value for that land. And that land is so important to the believers and to the Muslims. It's Paola thinking about the reflecting about the time when the Muslims conquered Jerusalem for the first time.

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It was such an unbelievable sight to think about it when you read the history of the book of the history and the story of how the people of Jerusalem refused to surrender the keys of Jerusalem refused, except to the leader of the Muslims. They said, We're not going to give the keys we're not going to surrender until you the leader himself. We give it to him, because it's so valuable also in their hands. They don't want to give it to anybody. So there's so sacred place. And the Muslims, they honor the request. They honor the request. And the center of the law was in Medina, and Omar Abdullah Juan, he accepted that and he was honored even to be the person who takes the holy land in

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his hand. So he goes Radi Allahu anhu, Oregon, and he travels all the way to Jerusalem. You know who Omar was it was a great leader. But the same time he was so humble in terms of his you know, his attire, his lifestyle and so on. When he arrived when he arrived as all the the patriarchs and the bishops and all the Christian community looking at this leader when he arrives there that they're gonna see what

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Huge entourage,

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like a massive, you know, fancy flamboyant entourage, only to find that the leader of the muslimeen come in on the back of a camel. And when he arrived, it was a turn of His servant to be on the back of the camera while Omar was dragging the camera.

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And they saw Him with their own eyes, he was crawling through a puddle of water that he couldn't go anywhere. So he took off his slippers, put an under on the shoulder on it in his arm, actually. And he crossed barefoot.

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Because that didn't matter.

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He got the power that Allah has given him in his hand right now. And we came in and he negotiated with them. Eventually, they wrote what we know today as Maria, like aroma is covenant the commerce promise to the Christians of the Holy Land. Until this day, this of the armeria still standing between the Muslims and the Christians. Do you guys know that the whole that the keys to the holy sites that Christian holy sites still in the hands of the Muslims,

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the Muslims are the one who opened the doors for them and close the door for them. Why? Because there are many factions, and they keep fighting for that. So they had to give it a neutral hand. And until this day is in the hands of the Muslims in Jerusalem, a family from Jerusalem actually opens the doors and close the door for them.

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What an honor is your man that's suddenly been respected and being Subhanallah upheld until this day, until, of course, this new occupation that came and changed many, many things over there. I just want you to understand that when it comes to the subject of Jerusalem, it's a very sensitive matter for the believers for the Muslims. And we shouldn't really just ignore the news when these things happen. Obviously, the least we could do the least we could do besides your dua for the people of Philistine and muzzle ox as well, the least you could do is just go and look online. How can you change public opinion, because frankly, discount is all about public opinion. Those who have

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the money, they can change it.

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They have the power the lobby, they can change it now and hamdulillah amongst us, we have so many young people who are so well you know, versed in technology and, and all these kinds of things. We need that energy today. So you can go online and talk to your to your representatives in politics, talk to them, make sure that they understand we need change. We need change right now that change needs to be for justice for the people that are in for the student. There is no other countries of Harlan the world that is having such an injustice for all these years more than the people in Philistine it's not about apartheid anymore. It's worse than that. But it's very important that we

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stand for justice and we bring it up to our officials we do our best and shout out even if it requires from us to go and donate and give so we can change that public opinion. We will do it. We will need to make sure that the people realize they have brothers and sisters here who can help and assist in sha Allah Allah and bring justice to their cause and Philistine I want to this night in sha Allah to commit to this vanilla xuejun When you go home, you go and find what is your representative and send them a letter. How can you help how can you change this in sha Allah Tala it's a crucial thing we can need to do this and keep it consistent in the light of Baraka Madonna

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and put that pressure see we can make that change happen insha Allah azza wa jal and don't forget to make the special dua for the people first in this night inshallah Institute Bismillah AR Zildjian. May Allah subhanaw taala protect the people first in Erbil element. May Allah subhanaw taala remove that injustice era but I mean, we ask Allah to preserve him as the lochsa and the Holy Land Yeah, but I mean, I'm bringing it back in the hands of the believers Yara Manuel Rahim. We ask Allah subhana to protect the Muslims around the world you're blind I mean, to remove injustice off of them to everybody Allah, we ask you a Brahmin to bring peace and tranquility in their lives and their

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heart chakra but Allah mean, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to keep them safe you are but I mean, those oshada We ask Allah to have mercy on them or Brahmin grant to forgive them Jarrah, Manuel Rahim. Those who are in prison, we ask You Allah to give him freedom. We are obliged, I mean, and bring them safe to their homes or Allah. We ask for those who are sick and those who are injured to give them quick healing herbal al Amin and reunite them with their loved one your Rahmani Raheem era. We ask You that You protect us our community is your umbrella mean? Keep us all united for your sake Rahmani Raheem and the way we got in this place we ask Allah to give us the opportunity to gather

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together elements the lochsa in a Salah era but I mean, did you accept for masa Rahmani Raheem? anogenital widows Allah Allah will the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sama Salah hey when hamdulillah banana mean Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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