Seeking Steadfastness in the face of Disbelief

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um the little bit on me so the low southern border kind of you know Mohammed in order to save yourself with the slim and cathedral, my god

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another derived from the Quran today which was studying the DUA and saw that earlier Imran is number 40 147. So chapter three 147. The ayah is called Allah hid of Allah Kota Allah were Magana Coppola whom Allah and Carlu are rockburn for Lana de Aruba, Anna was rough and FE M Rena was a bit Akadama Anna, one SORNA out of Coleman, Catherine, by the way, we appreciate that the parents inshallah can they keep their kids with them do the hotter and shallow the water Kota. Just look around to see if your child is one of those kids playing in the background. We appreciate that Jeff Milaca.

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In the translation, the AI Allah subhanaw taala says, and the words were not bad that they said, our Lord, forgive us our sins, the excess committed in our affairs, and the plant firmly our feet and give us victory over this believing people. To understand the meaning of this da we need to understand the context of the eye itself. So the eye is in the in the in surah Allah Imran and our Emraan speaks in details about one particular event in the history of the Prophet Salah Salem and the sahaba. Medina, which one which one was that edema?

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That's what I heard the Battle of

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what happened in the Battle of Ohio.

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You guys know what happened the battle, but

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technically speaking, they lost the battle. They lost the battle. And the Sahaba the cost was very high. They lost 70 of the Sahaba della animada home. So it was a very, very painful event for the Sahaba the prophesy son was hurt his his uncle Abu Hamza was was killed in that battle. Musa was killed in the battle, many of the elite of the Sahaba that time they were the early group of Sahaba were killed on that battlefield. And the reason why this loss happened is unfortunate it was a human error was a human error. And human error on the on the part of the Sahaba themselves are they allowed to animal bomb, when which the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he assigned a group of the Sahaba

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to stay on mountain of Allah aroma, the archers mountain they call it today. So that's like a hill, somewhere between the battlefield and the mountain of hurt. So the mantra of God is a huge mountain range.

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And then there's the open field where they were able to have of course, the battles that take place around it. There were orchards of

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palm trees, gardens, so it's like very thick. And on one side, there was that small hill, relatively speaking to comparison to the month of

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the Prophet Salah Salem. He wanted to make sure since the machinery came, they had the numbers advantage there were 3000. And so while there were barely 1000, on the way to the battlefield 300 of the hypocrites, they retract and went back again to Medina say, You know what, we're not going to do anything with this battle. So they ended up with about 700 people on the battlefield with the Prophet Salah Salem against 3000. So the Prophet Salah Salem because they have the land, they take the advantage of the of understanding that geography of the land. So the Prophet assigned archers to stay on the mountain of aroma, the mountain, the archers mountain today, as it's called. He said, no

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matter what happens on the battlefield, he told them, he said no matter what happens in the battlefield, whether you see us winning, or being slaughtered, to not leave your positions, the very clear command from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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At the very beginning of the battle, the Sahaba della turn, were able to take advantage of the situation and they were winning against the Mushrikeen who start escaping running away from the field. Now behind somewhere in this orchard these gardens, there are about 200 horsemen

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with with Cardinal Walid and I'm Robin and ours. And they were they're trying to of course trying to take an opportunity advantage of the situation but they're unable to move on make a maneuver, because if they try to go from any side, what happens? The archers will target them and they will they will, they will hurt them. So the horsemen were out of the battlefield, they can't use them.

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When the Sahaba who were assigned to stay on the mountain, they started seeing their withdraw all of the machinery cane and the Sahaba you know closing on them. They start looking at each other while we're waiting for

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when it's over, harassers go Smilla. But Jumeirah della donna Verba who was the

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the leader of the archers, he said, Didn't you hear what the Prophet says? I'm saying, Stay where you are. Do

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Do not leave your positions, they will argue among themselves. And he was the leader, he says Stay where you are, stay where you are, unfortunately, they will not listen to him. And they went down to go and help you know, chasing after them sugar cane and collect whatever was poor they could get. They thought it was like better an easy one. So that's why maybe they just kind of went down to the battlefield Subhanallah as it will go and collect in the world spoils. That's one side of the world. And I'm gonna ask they saw what they sow, from the withdrawal of these archers, realizing that's the golden opportunity. So they came from around that mountain, into the battlefield behind the Muslim

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And as the mouth I want you to imagine that they're in the field right now collecting their walls for us and the Sahaba going after the Mushrikeen the Prophet came out of his camp, to, to watch in the center of the battlefield, what's going on, and he was excited and happy for the results. But then suddenly, they hear this thunder sound of thunder is behind them. The thought of the sound of thunder and that's when the Prophet Sam looked behind him he sees the dust he realizes the hooves of the horses are striking the ground knowing this is it. It's going to be slaughtered right now.

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So he immediately make an announcement God Allah so Allah Azza wa sallam Hello Maria Come, come to me. Just come here, come with me. And they were heading towards a herd. They can't go back to the to the archers mountain. It's over. They took it the machete cane that they took it and they occupied another standing on it. So the Prophet says some said straight to the mountain.

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So they were running as a running the horsemen. Obviously they tried to intersect and stop them and there was a huge battle there. Surrounding the Prophet Saracen was being the focal point of that of that battle. Eventually

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Rasulullah saw Selim successfully was taken up the mountain of course with severe injuries and many Sahaba lost their lives in the process of the hola Toronto more than it is that when ALLAH SubhanA wa revealed Surah Al Imran to the Sahaba della Han home with details of what happened. Even Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentioned call What is Allah Allah Dena Eminem Huckle caffeine, Allah will test the believers in these events, we will test the believers in these events. So Emma has saved me that whole agenda while I'm the RM Hola, hola, Xena Jaha domain como la Sabreen you thought that you're going to be entered in Jana without you know, being tested to see who's going to be truthful and

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who's not. And then Allah was talking to Sahaba about this. And when they were kind of like, worried about what happened in the validators panel with aka Welcome to my Nana multinuclear macabre and telco forgot that you've always wanted to have that battle for you always wanted to fight and die for the sake of Allah. Well, here it is, it came to you. You still human beings will get weaker sometimes on that. And he talks about the Prophet SAW so when Muhammad Allah Rasool wa Muhammad, Allah subhanaw taala Caballeros Muhammad was a messenger of God, like all the messages before him, if he dies, you're going to turn your back to Allah subhanho wa taala. So it's it was in that

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context that Allah azza wa jal spoke to the Sahaba or the Ultron that look No one dies before his time. What am I going to motor 11 nila no knifes dies except by the will of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then that's when

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an interesting observation from me Mr. O'Day said I never thought in that moment in life, he said I never thought any of the companions of the prophet would desire anything from the dunya until I heard Allah saying surah Allah Imran min Khamenei read the dunya Amin commercial Afra somewhere after the dunya wonder some after the after, he was like whoa, who's after dunya and that's the realize like we're like everybody else. Some people Subhanallah dunya took the worst out of them to go after the worst pours and that led to that kind of battlefield that loss. So when Allah subhana wa Taala reminded the Sahaba to repeat to be patient. And he says okay, you may be in Qatar Mr. Hora

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buna Katya like how many prophets from before many righteous people fought for them from our Halima Sabanci, Sybilla they never never felt weak for what they've been what they've received in terms of the the hurt and the pain that received on the path to Allah subhana wa they're like this will never discourage them from continuing on to the path, which means Allah is in currently the Sahaba della Tirana Mala fatwa for Mr. Khanna they never felt weak. They never gave up never called wala herbal Sabreen. And Allah loves those who persevere in patience. And now that the outcomes here were my Khurana Cola, but those who persevere in patients, those who stood still remain steadfast. What

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would they say got it either one I kind of colo but what they say is the following are banal for learner the lubaina Your Allah forgive us our sins. Were Serafina feminina our transgression and extravagance in our affairs with a bit of Domina keep our feet firmly on the ground when SORNA will come will caffeine and give us victory against the disbelieving people. So this is a draft that they say like Allah's reminding us look in there

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The face of atrocities in the face of hardships in the face of

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difficult events and hardships and orders and trials. That's what you make dua for when you say Robina Felina dooba Robina forgive us our sins was Rafi Amira being so extravagant in this dunya was a bit of Domina keep our feet firm on the ground mean facing all these difficulties and hardships when sunnah calm will carefree and give us victory against these disbelieving people. So that's the DUA and ALLAH SubhanA wa immidiately he says called for atta whom Allah Who soever dunya

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Allah has given them that award in this dunya and the best of it will be for them in the after our Lord had been mastering and I love those who are machining mela Mecca some of them are bribing. So let's make this dragon shallow Tara and remember that why you do in the face of difficult and hardships in life. That is to say Rabbanim for Lana.

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Robina elfa Lana de Luna

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was rough and a Marina

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was a bit of Domina

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one SORNA coal mill caffeine

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Robina Robina if Atlanta Urbana

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was rough, and AFI and Marina

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was a bit awkward Domina

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one Sona Coleman Catherine

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Robina elfa Lana de Rubina

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was rough and FE M Rena

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was a bit at the Domina

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one SORNA calm will Catherine

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Robina mana Bhima and Zelt.

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What Ivana Rasool

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facto VENA Masha hidden

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Robina Taco Bell Mina

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in Naka, Anta semi Darlene

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Allahumma in Nana avec

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was a retina Mina shaytan al rajim

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Rabbana have Alana min lagoon Kadoorie yet Anta Yeva

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in NACA semi

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Allahumma Mericle molk till vollkommen Tushar

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Wattens your Al Mulk amendment Asha

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what was the man Tasha?

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What are the low man Tasha?

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Be ethical higher.

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In a gala coalition Kadir

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to the July lesson na

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for tourism in the heart of a lion

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Otto cultural high MNL made

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photocurable May your terminal Hi

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waters Aquaman Tasha will be ready ASAP.

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Robina in mana, fell for Lana don't Obinna

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Burkina other Banagher

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Robina Latos of Kelowna

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but it had Atana

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will have Alana mill Doom Kurama

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in Tel Wahab

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Robina in Nica Jeremy on nurse laomi Laurie Buffy

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in LA to California had

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Robina Taco Bell Mina

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in Atlanta semi well Eileen

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Robina wa jal Jalna Muslimeen allOK

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woman the RIA Tina

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Omata Muslim at aluk.

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script as if you guys over here want to go back in sha Allah to do that was Rabbana Santa Ana Atlanta

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or Fran ACARA benna

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y equal mercy

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Robina LA to Hytner

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in Siena of Tanana.

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Robina, walla Malala

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Israa Kemah Hamilton.

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Alan Levine among Commelina

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Robina we're glad to have Milner

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man catalana

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worked for Anna worked for Lana. For Hamner Anta Maulana from SORNA

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Hola como Catherine

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Robina Afro Latina sobre

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was a bit after Domina

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one sunnah tone will Catherine

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Robina Tina dunya hacer una

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Well Phil Kurata Hasina.

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Okina other Banagher

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in that Allah we're in Iraq your own

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Allahumma Giordana famously Bettina

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work love Lana Hiram minha Rabbana Taco Bell Mina

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in NACA Anta semi will Aleem.

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Robina wa jal na Muslimeen aluk

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Women Darija Tina

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Omata Muslim at aluk

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Arena Mana xicana

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Or to ballerina in the web Rahim

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Robina wotja al Fina. My yet Lu Allah inna

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attic while you are live with Al Kitab al Hikmah

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while US Akina

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in anthologies will Hakeem

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Robina H al ha Alhamdulillah Bella the Amina

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was OpenAM in Assam Murat

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wha hoo man I'm Ana minhang

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Billa he will yo Malacca

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Allahu Medina Serato Mr. Him

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serata Latina and I'm Tara and

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viral Moldova him

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what a doll in

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summary from

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