Maintain Healthy Family Relationships

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What is “silaturrahim?” Best way to describe it is: maintaining good relationships between your kith and kin.

If there is drama between members of the family and extended family, to what extent do I maintain good relations with them? If they invite me, should I balance it by inviting them? What if there’s potential for further negative drama between members?

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. salata, Rahim maintaining a good relationship between your kin and your family. Now many people they asked me, every time I go to my uncle's house, my aunt's house, you know, we don't have that good relationship between between us. And sometimes because my mom has done in good terms with her sisters. So when I go there fair to my aunt's house, becomes some issues and so forth. I mean, to what extent Should I really maintain good relationship with my with my family? See, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lisa was a little bit more careful in the molosser lady. Yes, it is. So NASA takato the professor Sam said Lisa was Bill

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McAfee, the one who really maintains that a healthy relationship with his family meaning his extended family so that rahem is not the one who only rewards them by reciprocating their goodness and their visits. So if the visitor you visit them, if they invited you invite them back, and if there's something good to you, you do something good in return. He said no, this is not the true one who's doing salata. rahem the one who truly made them salata, Rahim is the one when they cut him off, that's when you maintain the relationship with them. So if they don't greet you either as you call them and you check on them, and if you don't visit you you go on your visit them okay, but to

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what extent What if every time I go that causes fitna and troubles, what if I go there and eventually, you know, I don't feel comfortable and so forth. The answer to this is that you need to continue with patience to maintain good relationship with your family, with your aunt's, with your uncle's with your grandfather and grandmother and so on. All those around you from your extended family. As long as there is no really great damage to the relationship. That's number one. Number two, and they don't tell you don't show up again, we don't want to see you come in again to this place. Other than that, you need to maintain a shallow shallow healthy relationship with them and

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even if they asked you not to contact them again. You still with a lot of patience and shallow data and compassion to them. You didn't ever and I wanted to check on them making sure everything is okay and shallow out about our data. There is so much reward in doing Salatu Rahim inshallah we're going to discuss that in detail as vanilla. So Joel, in my my new class, protect this house coming out to a city near you vanilla zone. Check it out was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.