Lowering Ones Garment Below Al Kabayn

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam mobarak I'm Amina Mohammed, while Ernie was

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the hero,

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the mama back. Now, the question that many people have been asking me so far, but it's bad. And it's bad, which means to lower the government to go all the way down until it passes and carbon and carbon these are the two actually

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bombs that second from from your feet, especially the ankles as they stick up to this other cabinet. What is the holding on lower in the garment for men and for women? For men? It's okay. But what is the role in for men to lower the government all the way to reach elecampane? The to the ankles, origin past the ankles to go on your heels? And for some sometimes goes all the way down on the ground? What's the fulcrum on this? And if so, are you allowed to wear pants that would go all the way down to the ankles insula, or should you follow them up? What do you do in this case? So remember, in our mo data, he presents this issue and that's why he brought many a hadith to explain

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almost in detail. And this is one of the chapters that he mentioned in details to explain the Huffman coding and this matter, which is gonna take us tonight to show to cover in detail. So he says over here, Bob will say for the total committee what to me what is already well thought of Hillary mammootty what a dream is Spanish a metallic RSA will

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work karate.

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He says chapter description of the length of the tummies and the sleeves, and the end of the turban. The prohibition of wearing long garments out of pride, meaning to go all the way down under the ankles. And that undesirability of wearing them without pride means to let them go down under the ankles without pride. So you see eliminar him a lot of data is given right now a summary of the ruling. It says it's prohibited to do it out of pride out of arrogance and would be McGrew this slide to do that.

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If it wasn't for RM especially just let them go down below the ankles. They'll become in this case would be mcgroove dislike. So what did they say the word I heard that you mentioned here Karana, snap etc Then I'm sorry.

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Jana Khumbu. camisa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam la casa Bella Buddha.

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As Marvin says, He said the commies the slaves of Allah messenger sallallahu wasallam reached down to his work to his wrists, meaning just like this, is it permissible to have a long longer than that? To cover? Let's say the thumbs and cover

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most most of the hand? Well, it was reported that a mathematical him about data he had.

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Yeah, but if it goes more than this to become very, very long that covers the entire hand that has become sign of a sign of artists, you know, when whenever we think of royalty, like kings and princes and so forth when they were slaves, or shirts, even to the shirts, the shirts, the sleeves will be very long, that will cover almost most of the hand. It's a kind of sign of arrogance. So that's why but if it goes to the rest of the some of the profits of us, Allah has to rest a little bit into the palm of the hand. should be fine, shall

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bs of Hollywood Santa Monica. Mangia Silva, hopefully Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah in his area stuffy in another

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room and then you can have him work on the line for Kerala Rasulullah, sallAllahu, wasallam in less than in my

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body, what are Muslims, tada,

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Rama, he said, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam said, Whoever allows us lower government to drag out of vanity will find that a lot would not look at him on the Day of Resurrection. It's a very dangerous punishment.

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So if they let it go down out of arrogance or vanity, that's very dangerous. So then our workers do a lot with that I'm here submitted and he asked jasola my long block might dissolve.

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My resolve keeps sliding down. Though I take care of it, care to put it up and wrap it and wrap it very well. So even even though I'm trying to hold on to it and keep wrapping it up, you know very well, but it keeps lying down for me. That's because of a cause of death for the world. He was 10 he was very tense. When he tied it up. It keeps sliding down that goes below the ankles. sakala salatu salam, the prophets of Allah semi acid, he said to him, You are not of those who do it out of vanity or arms. So these are specific excuses.

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One IV writer of the avant de la, la la la la la la, la yonder la dama dama de la manga is out of the bottom

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Adi, Allah, the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said, on the Day of Resurrection, Allah will not look at him who trails his lower government out of pride on the 31 Muslim. Now, what do you understand from this study, and the people

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that are here and emphasizing on the on the on the risk characteristics, the first Why is this person doing that four out of arrogance and our advantage, man general fear. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave the excuse, which is the benefit of doubt

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that you're okay, because you're not doing it out of arrogance or out of me, that happens, not because of union doing it out of out, I guess you should be fine. So from this dilemma, actually, they have three scenarios, talk about three scenarios, when it comes to lowering the garment below the ankles, these are the three scenarios number one, if a person does that are going to automatic meeting people, they like to drag them lower government all the way down. Like for them with the fancy pants, they want them to go all the way to cover even the boots and the shoes.

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And they do that out of sight of arrogance and self pride. They all agree. And they all agree that if anyone does that are against this is this is prohibited. And all the punishment you heard about it, that was applied to this person, one of these punishments that was the one the following headache or whatever the one mass per minute debate, email is already in now.

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He said a lot of messages, a lot of times said what is below the ankles of our government is condemned to the health to the fire of health

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will be unhealthy. So eventually, this is again, they say that this punishment would be applied to those who do that our advantage and our pride. The second scenario, if someone is doing it out of legitimate excuse, meaning, like overcast,

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is very thin immediately try to keep sliding down. Some people some harm, other sorts. And even if you have a belt, there was still a slide now.

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Now someone has some injuries, and they need to cover his feet, or that is fine. If someone lives in a in a in a water condition that does not allow them to keep their legs or their feet out. I think in cold conditions in this case, it is okay to cover. But so this scenario is an excuse they all agree in a person has an excuse for that. And it's absolutely permissible. There's nothing wrong with

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them. The third scenario, the person is not doing it out of arrogance. And he is not doing it because there's any specific excuse for them. So why is it difficult for

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it just because,

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you know, it's a kind of lifestyle saying, you know, they'd like it to be to cover all their feet. So eventually, if this person knows the garment all the way until it reaches the ankles, they're still fine.

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If it is the ankle is still fine. If it covers part of the interests of fun. Well, what becomes what now becomes a limited kind of violation. If it goes below them.

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Once it goes below, then that's what it becomes violation. However, what is the ruling on this violation is it prohibited the vast majority of development

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including the formatters Imam, Abu hanifa

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Imam Shafi in the foreign cinema they have, they say this is mccoo which means is this line

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so if someone does an outcry, that is,

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if someone has an excuse to do that, they should be fine. And if someone is doing good, you know, there are no specific excuse except that the government is wrong. So they don't want to take take a box of it. And if they therefore their pants up is not gonna look nice on them and so forth. So just want to keep it like anybody else. In this case, this would be considered mapu it is this light that a person does that or actually walks like this. Now that also includes by the way according to the Allah says Allah Allah, which means paths mean I know in our culture today pants, you know, they should cover the ankles go all the way down to cover part of the shoe and somehow live and I

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remember two years ago, I believe was actually part of a new men in fashion that appeared in New York that even suits they start making suits with with short pants, literally, the past would go above the ankle, it became fashion. And it's almost as if they were actually adding title for this a persona fashion

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eventually. So do you really have to wait for some of these

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big fashion companies to produce something like this for us to feel comfortable wearing the suit of the profits a lot of setup of course. Of course now, however, again, the fall under the role of mantle, there are some elements. However, there are some balama who still say that, even if the person does it,

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for no legitimate reason, even if you just do it because you just for whatever reason you doing it. It's still

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Concept unless there is a digital. So if someone does that because they just want to keep their feet their, their ankles covered, not out of Oregon's. According to some Allah, this person is still active meaning how much of a madman has him? Allah, Allah we have over 100 also mentioned something like that. This is actually it is it is conserved the vast majority of the LMR or the the mme they said it's considered. Now when it comes to the Salah when it comes to the song, does it apply the same ruling to it was

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because this is not considered d&d, as serious, serious violation, even if it's some of the other mother said that you should actually avoid keeping yourself

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in a dragon below that the ankles should avoid. So

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if you cannot get up, or maybe fallen from from below, then that's bad. However, if you pull your pants up, you will get into another violation, which is the fellowship pay the madness of the last alumna and QFD, for Salah. he disliked a for us practicing and kept for salah and kept was defined as folding the sleeves up, and you fold your sleeves up like this, and so on. And also if you fold your pants up. So if you follow the one below is also considered capped. So if you leave it covering the ankles, that's a violation. And if you follow it up, that also goes out of violation. Which one takes now priority? Should I avoid? I've kept or should I just you know live that the pants you

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know, any cover the ankles? Well, if you would have the options, I personally prefer actually to keep the ankles covered. Why? Because the Hadith about a nonionic cap for winning the calf, it's directly for the solid. Now you've kept for sa p for betters practicing cast insula. And if you consider the ankles, the cover and the actors mukou. This is not just that, that actually is not necessarily directly to the song. So if this is the case, if you keep an eye to the cover should be fine.

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One Love of God? And of course

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Question is, basically, I might not agree with the premises that you mentioned. Again, back then, in the past, from people that used to drive their governments below the ankles, this was like a sign of work, right? People because the reps will do that. So if the person was not rich, they would eventually they would fold around in the government because they don't have enough clothes to cover their their legs enemy. As a matter of fact, they don't even have to cover sometimes for their bodies. Now is that premise, first of all correct or right or wrong? I will disagree.

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Because even those who had the love, like overkill, so difficult.

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many of us will have on the amount of money, man. And so in this case, it was not a matter of work. It's a matter of how people really interact, or how do they show their pride in their art. It could be

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that I agree, it could be a sign of art. And so if the culture slips right now, meaning if you were short, your short garments, right now, you might become you might stand out in the crowd. So would that become a sign of arrogance? Would that be the wrong practice right now? So it happened after the template? So what are they about that I'm on that the process of a loss and his preference in terms of the length of the toe to be the middle of the soft time means to the center of the of your legs between the knee and the ankles. That's the sort of the profits of a lot

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of items time. However,

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they said and other

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custom rules, the custom rules, so we should we should take that in consideration. Whenever we establish the rules. The rule and the sooner the process of us to avoid dragging the toe

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below the the ankles. So anything between and below the knees all the way to the the ankles conception of the professor Alaska, which portion should we should we choose? Whatever the society actually follows us.

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So the committee goes a little bit above the ankles. Don't take it all the way up below them below the knees. And if your committee goes below the knees don't go

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All the way down above the ankles, let's say in some communities in Saudi Arabia, like in Yemen, for example, it's very common also, and so on, it's very common that people when they put the result, they put it all the way up, basically to push them to their knees. So that's their, that's an example if someone comes dragging it all the way down close to their ankles, that's not the preferable position. So I cannot say yeah, this is a sign of arrogance that switching the society, societies shifts culture will shift, but the outcome is to avoid practicing this.

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This time?

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Yes, you do.

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You have to do homework.

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It's not a matter of cutting it. But if you don't these days mean when you go to a tailor, and you make custom made you can, you can have control over how long the pants you need them to be right? In this culture, when you come to any store, there are they actually standardized labs, right? Still, however, still actually take the size. They give you options in terms of length, they give you one standard size for the waist, and then they give you options for them. Do you want this to be 29 3032 or 34, and so forth. So whenever you're going to buy make sure that you choose the shortest as much as possible in Charlottetown. And even with that, you can still take it to outside Taylor. I'm

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making this shorter for you. So I don't $7

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you still have choice. I would say you still have a choice. While long.

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I don't want you to cut it yourself.

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In this case, if it drags too long, if it drags it around to cover the shoe tennis shoes and goes on

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the floor. Now law Museum, you're gonna have to take the daughter up $7 they will make it shorter for you. So that's extra on the price.

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Yes. So if you ask my preference, yeah.

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Yeah, that's fine. If you are in a shipyard, for example, that you can form from the top instead of folding it from the bottom. Now you folded in from the top. Is that okay? Yeah, that's fine. If you're in a tub like mine, and it's kind of long dragging on your that's below the ankles. Can you just you know, just bring that that turns and

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underpants sometimes two, that's fine, but I don't think that you have to do that.

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What am socks to cover?

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No, the socks are fine. You can you can cover the ankle, the ankle, there's nothing wrong with them. I will talk about particular role, which is why people

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are just

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so basically you're saying if you have a short pants, and then you put on socks to cover the ankles. There's nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with

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your socks. Are you allowed to slide your pants down because they're covered anyway right now.

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It's not about showing,

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covering the ankles, as much as the top and the garment itself. mitigate go and slide below the audience that needs to be avoided.