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The speakers discuss the historical and legionary importance of Islam, including its rise in modernity and its importance in modernity. They emphasize the need for people to learn and seek knowledge to become a scholar and winner, as well as the importance of learning to remove ignorance and be successful in learning. The speakers also recommend attending classes and sharing information online to increase knowledge and help people become more knowledgeable. They stress the importance of being committed to learning and offer guidance on practicing these steps. The importance of knowing and letting things happen is emphasized, along with the need for people to be aware of the consequences of their actions and visit the task force website to donate.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Allahu Akbar

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Allah like

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I said the one ina

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is all

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ash Edwin

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hola Hawaiian

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boy Cuba

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hamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to stay in who want to study he want to start Pharaoh on our villa him in Cerulean for cinnamon sejati I'm Melina Maria de la Havana. mobila who were my youth will further had the era. Why shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who the hula Cherie Kara wash Madonna Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad, WA Ernie he was Safi he was Selim Aloha Mata Sleeman kathira. And my bad my dear brothers and sisters have raised you to Allah and His praise and blessings be upon a prophet Muhammad sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is

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the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger

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la headman SNAM, one of the greatest scholars in Islam. He's Imam and know an Arabic grammars and he's an imam in the era art in the curato Quran. He is the last seven you know the famous seven double ra aka rot. He's the seventh one. His name is known as El Casa Rahim Allah Allah will Hassan.

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And emammal Casa Rahim Allah has an interesting story to be shared.

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He was It was said that he was old. And he's about in his 40s and early 40s. And he was at that time a shepherd camera on him.

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And one day a woman was with her son and she was telling her son that you have to go to the madrasa to the school to learn otherwise you're going to end up like this and she pointed to as Casaya Rahim Allah by the way, let us perhaps the right if you don't go and study

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and then Casaya when he said Kalyani I spoke to him honorable method Phil Jaha. I became an example for ignorant

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and also there was another started on that air two era where he was told by people who see sets with piloted this manner Paula Inuyama I eat for follow lion's mane and yell hand for Lola.

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Okay, if you been

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any tired you don't say I eat this is this is only if you're mentally tired. It's not linguistically Correct. Anyway, so they told him You told

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Sit with us anymore because you didn't know how to speak I need to speak properly.

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It was said that these two stories have been inspired that the man Kisara himolla to start learning, and he traveled around the Arab world at that time to collect and to learn the Arabic language. Until Imam Shafi Rahim Allah he's actually before the Shabbat. He said he if you think about Arabic language that is two schools, and any ABC knowing about the history of Arabic grammars and Arabic literature, there is something called Madras COFA and Madras Donald bustle. He is the founder of the murderous Donald Coover billionaires that's why he shabby Rahim Allah said, a nurse finesse er and Anil QSI is no one can bring anything better than what will catch eyebrow. I'm talking about

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somebody start his journey started his journey into this in a very late in his life, Rahim Allah tion Kenya call Quinta Mr. Coulomb comes from outside. Every day I collect 5.5 issues I learned and I started increasing my knowledge one day after another until became he is an ocean of knowledge. Today I would like to talk about what is your excuse? Not to be as someone who has learned

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not someone who's committed to learn his Deen why it's only when we talk about madrasah learning. We talk about kids and think of kids. What about us? What about parents? What about elders? Among our community who do not want to stay? You know, not learn. I'm not saying that to every one listening to my hope but today will become a scholar and move to another side. If it happened, I'm happy great. But at least everybody should seek knowledge and learn and be inspired to acquire knowledge.

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Today the axis is knowledge is so easy. Knowledge is so widespread, but unfortunately knowledgeable people are very few people who are serious about learning now many

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What's your excuse? I don't know if this is something interests me anymore. doesn't interest you to be among analysts. To be among those who are not ignorant, that Allah save you from ignorance

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and make your learner person go to hell yesterday Latina and a moon our leadin Allah and a moon. Allah says they will never be equal. Those who knows and those who don't play Sydney cathedra said a man came to El Medina. I would and that city was Damascus at that time Abu Dhabi that used to live there. A man came all the way from Medina to Nabi salam from the medina all the way to Damascus. And he said I only came here to ask you about the Hadith I heard that you narrate one Hadith of the prophets of Allah.

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But I magically had a you have nothing else to do in Damascus. He said now

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you only came all the way to our city just for knowledge, just to seek knowledge. He said yes. Oliver in nice America soda license and before I tell you, whatever you came here for let me tell you what the process I'm sorry. Man Celica Perea can you tell if he Elman Sahar Celica Allah Allah will be Talia canola Jana

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and an unreal narration Min internatia Berea anybody who was seeking a path of learning a way to learn,

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he is seeking knowledge, Allah subhanaw taala will make an easy path for this person's agenda.

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And he any man any knowledge, that is beneficial knowledge, any knowledge of Sharia, it's a verse in the Quran. It is you know, you come to the masjid for the chef to teach you how to read Quran properly, to teach you how to pray, teach you how the process or limbs pray, to teach you the Sunnah of how to fast to teach you this that whatever knowledge that is available for you to access and you learn, you listen to a lecture that will benefit you, you read the book that will benefit you. You put in your phone, you know recorded series of lectures in YouTube that are beneficial anything, any way any steps that you take to learn.

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It will provide you an easy access to join because it will increase your knowledge and collegial connection, your conviction, your trust in Allah Subhana Allah and His deen and the hadith is long the term is an eternity and you can look it up because there is a continuation of the Hadith, but also can be met in tembisa. Yanni was seeking any type of knowledge, even if it's very small amount. The hadith is so general that will get you an access and get

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To also you know, an easy way to go to Jenna don't you be among those who Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says in the Masha Allah him in regard to him that the true one who fear Allah subhanaw taala the one who truly fear Allah are the people of knowledge.

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My brother and sisters al Bukhari Rahim Oh life is I hid behind him in his book and a chapter of Lenin, Carla Babu little tiebout fill in me will Hickman you should envy in a right way. Those who have knowledge and wisdom. Then he mentioned the head the statement of Rama or the Allah and which is difficult who have learned to survive to be learned persons in your deen before you became in a position of leadership. In our community, I always seen people became in the leadership of massage, schools, charities, you know, activist, but they never learned they never really were learning people under the dean.

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So he said, make sure that you learn because before the time comes and you became in charge, you have to at least you're in charge of your family,

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too. So what I innovated at least. So you should be learning you should learn your deen what's interesting waterberry Rahim Allah says after that

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we're back down to Soweto

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alcohol. Allah said you should continue learning even after he became in charge or he became in a leadership position. You don't stop that's Rahim Allah said My alma about idle macabre. I'll continue learning until I die and amendment no robotic Rahim Allah He collected more Hadith than anyone in his time. In his lifetime no one have collected heading to like give them a robotic and these still seeking knowledge. I'm a mnemonic lived in a time where great scholars of Hadith so you have to appreciate that statement that mentioned by the scholar of his time. So he was asked, you have none Mobarak ILA meta textual in until one you continue to the looking for the Hadith and

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documenting the Hadith pile Allah Allah lady at Tubu young Pharaoh anyway, including in Jana la Makoto, but who knows which one that I'm going to write which statement I'm going to hear that will be the reason for me to go to Jana. I'll continue to seek knowledge, basically until the end.

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Another excuse that a lot of people cite, said I'm too old for this shuffling. You know, you can talk to your multiple students, you know, young people, but us we are old for that. We're not that young to seek knowledge. And I can't concentrate. I can't even focus anymore. It only takes me you know,

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two minutes to get distracted. I have a good news for you older and this community. If you think young people have the ability to concentrate You're completely wrong. You know, they'll much worst case. But in any case, you know what, this a lot of people have this excuse said I'm too old for this. You know, I'm like too slow for this. You know, one of the greatest scholars among the Shaeffer er Robinson a man I don't even say man, kind of ugly for him. Yeah. And is Sookie when he wrote his biography he said this man was slow. He's not like the smartest person

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blocking No Can you can little L but he used to repeat that what he reads. He read and revered and say man is one of the most important names and Chaffin he felt hands down.

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How can you say this about him? That he admitted that he used to read an OEM for Chevron 500 times He repeated it until he said I mastered

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this being not very many, the smartest the sharpest, doesn't need to be that way. You know Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah when you think of Hanifa men whom you have any tell me that the two students immediately everybody knows Abu Musa Muhammad Hassan Abu Hanifa one cent abusive, abusive. This is the Chief Judge Supreme Court of the whole entire Muslim world is not an Anna shock. Saudi is not just an individual. Abu Hanifa fell in NACA Bethuel fam, you're slow. You're not like very fast, lacking illogical. nwaba But your consistency, what made you smart, what made you able to succeed?

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Another people say, I don't want to be a chef. He thinking or she thinking that seeking knowledge is only about being a chef. No, that's the wrong intention. You seek knowledge because you want to remove ignorance from you. In normal l mute Lagerfeld Jehan and enough's. So you come closer to Allah. So you love Allah more.

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So you understand Allah more. So you come closer loved by Allah more. You seek knowledge so you worship Allah and the best way. It's not about being cheerful mature or anything of that nature.

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Some people said I don't know where to start from. Okay, I got excited about learning but I didn't know where to start from Who do I listen to? What I can tell you. Simple look for what beneficial knowledge look for people with the correct APA, with the correct believe. An M is not for arguing. Not for boosting, not for the duniya mentale lemma in malubay Venus Liuba Hebei 100 amount oh you daddy were you Maddie be his super hot. Oh yesterday forward to her Nessie li for who have Inara oh come up on a salary. 7070 magic said anyone will learn the knowledge just for arguing for showing off for being famous for more popular and use social media.

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Or to basically to argue with the scholars. That person should expect no place and they've judged me except hellfire.

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People said I have no time. I'm married her family. I'm old have work. You know? What do you think of Sahaba when they became Muslim? What's their age?

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You think they were like young 15 1718? No, Abubaker wasn't his 40s or Omar was in his 40s or late 30s When he became Muslim. That's when he starts his journey of seeking knowledge and learning the deen Yep, want to see what the Rahim Allah Hello Gemma and to devise it the scholar says you still have it is recommended for the person to start learning the Hadith Banda Salatin after the 30s in your 30s you start learning the Hadith an adjunct Mariah typical Josie Rahim Allah Josie Rahim Allah Allah, he starts looking for learning that element Korat? How old was it? No, Josie was 70 years old at that time. Do you know who he used to go to the hell hour to study with his son Yusuf? Who was

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what a teenager at that time?

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The Father and the Son. They go together to learn, you know, us but one of the greatest scholars in the Maliki felt Rahim Allah to Allah. He became interested in learning acknowledge in aid in late in his age. That's why he missed Malik Rahim Allah and the lathe and great scholars because he became interested in knowledge later on as he became older. And many scholars like that had been assigned to one of the great scholars and Hadith he started learning in his 40s You know, sign of having K son, the great scholars in the tambourine, who was the mentor of Ahmadnagar, ISIS and his children. You know, Rahim, Allah to Anna, they said, Karl, how can he start learning knowledge and writing

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Hadith in the age of 70s? In the age of 70s, if an athlete said, I'm in my 80s, and I still feel the same excitement about knowledge that I had, when I was young in my 20s, and my 30s or 40s, Rahim, Allah God,

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if new, have been has been one of the great scholars of our endeavors, he started in his late 20s 26 or 27. When he stopped learning the deen and he had an interesting story himself Rahim Allah to add he entered the Masjid. So he said, somebody said shows certainly don't pray to Raka.

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Okay, next time he came was all set after us. So He prayed to the Turaga somebody said, You shouldn't pray to rock I never said when you pray also don't. Don't pray. And tomorrow comes, said Hola. And on the Martha Haley, and what I do I pray that you guys criticize me. I didn't pray you guys criticize me? What's the deal of that? Then he said, I went to my chef, a chef that I know. And I said, Can you teach me? Then he told me what's the answer. Then he said, How can I learn what happened and just come in and walk by he gave me a copy from water. Or he told me about the copy from automatic and that's where he starts his journey. Rahim Allah Tada. So he will not be told by

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people do this. Don't do that. At least he understand. What's the deal? You know? And so many this is a challenge because I can tell on somebody walking in the street, and he saw this nice rope he put it on. So the guy said take it off. He took it off quickly. And he said he was told, you know, you're not allowed to put this on. So why he said this is for Scheffel Islam, which is a title at that time in Egypt. He was in he lived in Egypt, Rahim Allah. Then he said that time I decided that I would be Cephalus now so I can wear something like this. And he said I learned. You all heard about Shin Fifi, or him Allah the famous professor of the modern schooling was is also start late in

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his life. He didn't start even chin up. They're normally normally seeking knowledge early in the age and in early

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Ah but he was not his actually his will inspire him to learn is interesting. He met at a woman and he said I met her she knows more than me. She knows so much. And I felt shamed for whatever he said he left his hometown and he disappeared people look for her for years until he came back right here in mama tunnel and until he came back with a mama have I done it? So I don't think you have an excuse. So being old or being too busy or you have a family that's just give your excuse Blackeye and make that an inspiration day if you a day that you remember that you know what? I'm not any more going to be taking this unless I will take this more serious. As we go me I lost path to Allah. Give

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us a dean and give us the love for L for the authentic M for beneficial LM according to Simone, let's talk for a minute.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala manana Viva Hobart. So these are a common five excuses I found it. People always mentioned. And these are following my five tips that I recommend for you. If you want to start, you know what I want to change this number one, make a time and the daily basis or weekly base for learning

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is not going to work. If you said okay, I'm going to learn, okay. Shefali told us today to learn I'm going to be inspired, it's not gonna work. This mediocre type of you know, style lifestyle is not going to work. But put a specific time but once a day or a time daily or weekly, and said this is the time where I will dedicate either I read a book with a chef that I trusted recommended for me or I listened to someone online that I trust any can benefit me or I read a book that is recommended for me. So it doesn't matter what new whatever methodology or whatever means that you use but making sure that you have a time on a weekly basis on a daily basis. Also, another thing that I will do

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listen to a series of it's one thing to listen to general talk hear general talk, they're not gonna build you what's going to build you as something that is based comprehensive. So for example, you might take you know, a booklet, the other side of him to read the whole book a book like the 40 Hadith, no, and you take an explanation for it by a chef that is trusted, or there is a class here I come and attend class a whole Surah whole Jews are read the whole entirety of zero Quran, you know, that zero Quran not just random lecture here about Quran, London, Russia. But that's, that's not I'm talking about talking about someone who will build a good foundation and knowledge. You know, I want

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to learn, for example, a whole chapter and Philip, you know, I take that I listened to it or I attended, or I read a book if you're capable of reading a book that it itself explained. They also one thing that I would recommend that you make sure that every month a new book that you start. And it will be a good idea to have a book club in the masjid or a community or friends or family, it became something that it is important that every month I introduce myself to a book, you can do audiobook. You know, you guys I don't know about Birmingham, but in UK, a lot of people either stuck in traffic on the street, you know, or in public transportation. You know, get some earpiece put it

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in your ear, listen to something, a new book audiobook reading is an incredible important thing to increase your knowledge. Number four, I would highly recommend that you attend a class, pick one class, at least in your local mustard here hamdullah. This semester, it filled up weekly classes, daily classes monthly program, make sure that it's part of your program, part of who you are part of your schedule. Also, final tip that I can give you make sure that you look for friends who will help you to increase your knowledge. You know, a group of people when I was young, I remember one thing that benefited me personally the most, that I grew up with people who love knowledge, you know, and

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none of my family or share or none of my family members or Chevron or scholar have or anything like that. But I was surrounded myself with the young men at that time when I was young, who very committed to learn will sit a book like the other Salahuddin would read it hundreds of time, you know, and we'll repeat it a book like, you know, even books and film we used to set like 10 of us and it's the like everybody read like 100 pages then somebody else under and when one setting we will be finishing three 400 pages, you know, and just just in one setting. And that's the level of commitment and level of inspiration that we inspire each other. And we read a book and we said hey,

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I listened to the whole entire explanation of this book, and I'm going to teach it to you guys. I was in high school, then the other person, I read this but listen to this book, I tend this lectures to share and I'm going to teach it to you guys. And when you teach me that I know that there's not a Mufti but he's I know that his practice what you learn, oh, maybe he did a seminar there, this issue need to be reviewed, and we grow together.

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You know, so that's something that you know, not everybody can do that. But if you can find a friends like this will be great. If you can, your family, whatever class that you take, here, you listen online, come and tell people on your family, sit your kids, your wife, your husband and share with her the information that you learn, or friends, you know, make a questionnaire about the book that you read, and teach people anything that you can do to be able to observe this knowledge and to share it something that you should try to do. So with these steps, I can guarantee if you do slowly step by step next time Shala maybe next year when I visit Greenland messed it. I'll see a lot of

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people come and sit chef does that gonna look at you know what, I was able to finish the whole Quran Tafseer Quran I never read this from my life. You know what? Yeah, I never read like a chapter on Sahadi No, I did. And I listen to the explanation of advice. Yeah, axon. So just take your time and start doesn't matter how old are you how busy you are. All was there is a time for knowledge and there is no time for excuses. So when you die and you meet the last panel to Allah, you will be resurrected and gathered with the best of people, the people of knowledge. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah make us atman also their knowledge is for his sake, and will seek the knowledge that will

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benefit us in this dunya and the alpha and we ask ALLAH SubhanA Dawn, Arizona, we haven't been or any of Atlanta Denuvo and Johanna Wanniassa Yamaha for that on over dunya with Afia alarm offered Lenovo Lenovo toxicon If you help me gather generally where you can go further than our to Hammond and Mr. Sadhana Fe havior Okay, bad together generally car alarm and then sort of into Tocopilla cm and RPM and if you're on Movano sadhaka you know, man and aside you want to buy Nicola Nephi Hi Alhamdulillah Allah Minya so look up a snake and her snails if article earlier and tombs of Rama taco Baraka taka masjid, what Allah here they're generally where the Quran Allah Moines ultrametric

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Allah Juliet and if he had the ability other generally when it comes to dealing with Illuminati Yean Allah minion, a silica antibiotic will be led you will either the other generally when a Quran Allah minion is okay, I'll hammer him in and tell you the novel fitness your hobby Vayner Muslimeen Wantage my Karima Tom and it helped me when we want to only Allah him Fiala homage to him and will later who amerihome When I said okay, I'll tell you what a Koran Yeah, a human told me Allah Quran sunnah mean, when Tisha Marwan OMA LA home on Tarhana Mota and Omoto home one to Baraka we are here in our DNA other generally what a crab well honey you know and to react you know, and tepee and our

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young shot on cheetah and Mark Bahaman Helma baton one to miss Second Avenue Islam or sunnah had Daniel Parker and Turabian Anna Mara, I mean Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad Abdul Rahman Salatu was Salam ala if you had aluminum Mubarak, increase your salon service and I'm on the prophets of Solomon this blessed day as he ordered Rasul Allah Allah you audio Salam, I'm going to select your from your from Allah

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar shed on

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law and shadow Nima. Madame Rasul Allah, Jana Salah had

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got the karma to sign Attica the karma

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Allahu Akbar Allah Akbar

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ina number

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Allah Akbar

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Alhamdulillah your biller

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or Walkman or him the man or woman being here can do the kind of styling you know data center stopping set up on

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or you're even mobile

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either Zulu, Xena till all those things

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for Raja Tina.

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We'll all go for a

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young man being too handy to

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family on and before the rotting oily

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spawn on one shoulder ye

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Allah Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar

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Al Hamdulillah your build

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off man you're walking me man Nikki only been here can

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I can have

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a dinner set off on animal stalking him and loving

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him while you read him on boom era him one ball on

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oil also in Santa Fe was in

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water also will help be with our phone this

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Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar.

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Santa Monica Monica McCullough

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that MIT loves.

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Selected Janaza

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Can you give it to me for underneath?

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Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar

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hola Hola como

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Allahu Akbar Al

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Salam Adi kumara not Allah

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Jeff will lead will will also be delivering a talk tonight after maghrib entitled The grave and beyond. The talk will serve as an introduction to the one day course that will take place tomorrow.

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There will also be a special panel discussion with Sheikh Khalid tomorrow evening please make sure every please make every effort to attend and benefit.

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The community kitchen is back on after Juma This is a free weekly lunch organised by Islam wise and gives an opportunity for the community including new Muslims to come and meet and greet each other new Muslims please see Brother Ali in the partition hole after drama.

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There are no boxing squash or fencing classes this weekend due to the course with Sheikh Khalid These classes will resume next weekend.

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Task Force GLM have an emergency appeal for Sudan. airstrikes and grand battles are continuing in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. entire neighborhoods have become empty as residents flee their homes. The situation is critical and requires your immediate action please visit the task force website to donate Task Force glm.org

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on the bank holiday