Desert Rose – Part 4

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Allah subhanaw taala says, what God Oh yeah. You had Ladino Zilla you hit the CRO in NACA Allah imagino on and they said to Mohamed salah, listen him yeah, you hear Latinos zilara HC, O ye who had the remembrance revealed to him in that color image. No, you're crazy. You're a madman. This is the prophets that Ilana sent him who they only years before were testifying, that he was the most truthful, truthful amongst them, which they knew. They also used to cut the prophets of allah sallallahu. They set him off when he spoke. And so when the Prophet said a lot he sent him would begin speaking to people, and people would gather around to hear the verses of the Quran. They had a

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man who was good at storytelling.

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And so this man, every time the Prophet saw the lights, and I'm stood up, he basically stood up beside him, and went on a story of, you know, the Persians. And you know, 1000 nights in one night, you know, those kinds of stories, he would start going into fairy tales, he was the Arabian folk teller, when he would finish his story, then he would say that I'm telling stories. And Muhammad is telling stories.

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And the only thing that he's telling you is a self beautiful awakening is nothing more than the stories of those who came before. They're just folktales and fairytales. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, walk on

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here too early, they're here to

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And they say, a selfie rule a warning, and they say that it is folktales and fairy tales of those who came before him.

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He wrote it with his own hands, for here to LA LA, he is being dictated to him, book Ratangarh sila in the mornings in the evenings, meaning that he's a con artist that has some guy out in the mountain, that dictates to him the stories and then he just comes to you and he tells you the stories.

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The prophets of Allah Allah who was sending them.

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This began the name calling the emotional torture until about the fourth year of hijra, where the actual physical torture began. And so some of the prophets of Allah Allah you synonyms, closest family was tortured amongst them. Earth mammal, the hola Hi. Now if mama the hola Han who was amongst from the most noblest of family, why was he tortured? And the answer is that His own uncle tortured him.

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What they would do is even the noble I mean, obviously the the weaker of the Muslims were tortured, no one could defend them. But those who are even from a fluent families would still be tortured by their own family members. And so this is not some foreign person torturing them. This is their own blood. I find I've met him in our family behind who by his uncle, he will be placed on palm trees, and underneath the fire would be lit so that his back would burn. And so when you hear about the migration to Abyssinia, to Habesha, with my mother in law, who was part of that, you would say, why is why did he go

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and it's because of his own family's torture against North Mount of Milan was married to the daughter of the Prophet sallallahu.

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You'll see someone like most of them, no matter the Allah Han, who was from the most wealthiest families in Mecca, and who, you know, he had the finest clothes and the sweetest smelling perfumes, he was, you know, the coolest kid.

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But he believed in the Prophet sallallahu set up. And when his mother had found out, she boycotted him. She took everything away from him, everything

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until he went to Medina, and he was killed and one of the battle Shaheed and they didn't have enough clothing to cover his dead body.

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And he died as though they lie.

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And so they said that his skin that was so soft, before you know he had all those lotions and all those things that affluent families have. It wasn't like that when he went to Medina. And he did all of that for the sake of his smell.

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Not only the physical torture, but you can imagine that the prophets of Allah ani with send them

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has to see this by his own eyes and can't do anything about it. And so it's not only that you that someone's

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being tortured, but you also see it happening. And you can't do anything about it as well. And so of those examples was the family of yesterday.

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And the family of yes, it might have been the acid and his his. So I might have been the acid. His father was yes it but the Aloha no manage mine and his mother was so mad.

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And Samara De La Hoya and her and her husband. Yes, they were slaves. And they were being tortured to the maximum.

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But yet they wouldn't recant and they wouldn't say a word of COFA. They wouldn't say a word of disbelief. And so So may Allah the long line her is written in the history books, as the first woman to be martyred. The first woman woman to be killed Shaheed in the path of Allah. She was tortured to the point of death, torture to the point of death. And so the prophets of Allah and He sent them would pass by them. And they're being tortured to the point of death. They were both killed in torture,

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and Amato, and yes, it did Hijra to Medina without his mother and father.

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The Prophet said Allah Islam would see them being tortured. And who would say to them, somebody, say to them, be patient,

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be patient, it's not that they're going to actually get out of this torture in this life. It's like be patient because you have an appointment in paradise.

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And so they never recanted their faith until today. Our tears are for them, but actually the for us

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because they gave their lives for the sake of ISNA. They didn't recant sobre las intermodal como Jana, and you see below the Allahu Anhu. Beloved that everybody knows the story of Biller, the other one that they would pass by

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seeing biller it's not the biller was tortured. And then later on, they found out about him. They saw him being tortured every single day.

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They saw him

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and so they used to hear him say I had an underneath the rocks that he was being pressed into the ground for his back to burn. They heard him say 100 100 and Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu would say you in cheek and why is that the one that you're calling is going to save you.

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And so this is the torture that they went through.

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And so you'll see that they went through this. On top of that, you had one of the companions, who was also a slave, who was tortured her bourbon, Allah who I knew who was a great companion, but a great lesson was taught to him and all of us, above him an era of no arachova de la Juan, who he was once tortured.

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And he came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he was angry.

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And he said, Yeah, rasool Allah, Allah to Allah and

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he said, O Messenger of Allah, once you make dua for us,

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once you pray for us,

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and the prophets that Allah has said, he got angry.

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He said that there were people that came before you

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that they were buried in the ground.

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And their bodies, the skin of their bodies, they had metal combs, that they use to tear their skin, every part of their skin was torn away from their body, separated from the meat of their body. And they would be cut in half because of their faith in Allah.

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But that didn't make them turn their back on, on on believing in Allah. He said, Well, Allah can come to start, you know, to put your haste in your haste.

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And this was in Mecca, and the hub and a lot understood that it's an issue of patience.

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And so you'll see that the Prophet said a line is and this is all just Mecca, these are the beginning years. This is just the beginning. And they're not fighting back. They're not picking up hands and not picking up arms. It's just torture, punishment. mentally, emotionally, physically, they're just anything that they could think of any type of punishment that you can think of. The Quran did it to the prophets that Allah and he said