New Muslim Questions – Do I Need to Change My Name

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Salam alikoum Ali, consider moranto First question, do I need to change my name?

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Oh, come on this is this is a common question that when a person becomes a Muslim, that after that day being very joyous day, very happy day that everybody is hugging you and telling you what you should be doing, what you should be wearing, what you should be learning. And then somebody comes up to you and says, right, what Muslim name are you going to choose? Now however old you are, you may be in your teens or 20s or 30s your whole life, you've been called a particular name, and then suddenly says, What's your new name? This may be quite a surprise for you. Maybe you don't want to change your name, in SLM, do you have to change your name? The answer quite simply, is that no, you

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don't have to change your name. The name that was given to you by your mother or your father, both you can keep it but it is good. I would say that you have an Islamic identity that you've made that choice to worship Allah subhanaw taala to become a Muslim, that having a Muslim name, which identifies you as a Muslim is something which many brothers and sisters have done, and it serves to help them on their journey in Islam. It doesn't need to be done officially that you need to change your name or your passport or your certificate. But amongst the Muslims, you are known as Muhammad, Muhammad, Abdullah, or sister Fatima Maria, whatever name that you like. It is up to you totally.

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And you shouldn't feel pressured or forced to change your name. Whatever is comfortable for you. But having the option there is something good to do shout out Allah and Allah subhanaw taala and his best