Omar Suleiman – Meeting Muhammad PBUH #29 – The Pain of His Death

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallama is described as a smile and face, with a smile on his face and a flower on his head. He is also seen alone and anxiety-driven, and describes himself as a woman with a flower on her head and a smile on her face. The loss of the Prophet's body and the disership of his children is also discussed, with a reward given to his loss.
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Everything we read about, about how you should die applies most to the profit slice, that when a person dies, either they are relieved of this world or the world is relieved from them. When Allah talks about an evil person, Becca, Daddy, he must say that well, that the heavens and the earth did not shed a tear for them. And even I bustled the A lot of times.

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He says that for the righteous person, the heavens cry when they die, because the gate of the heavens that their deeds used to ascend from is no longer open. And their place of such that the earth cries the place of such the frustration cries. And you think about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in that regard,

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a person that everyone longed for when he was alive, and a person that everyone would grieve when he would die. So Allah honey was

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if you're in Medina, at that point, your entire life revolves around the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is not a moment that you're not thinking about what he's doing. And if you can get his attention, and if you can have his companionship, and at this point, it's been that way for over a decade. The day the Prophet slicin came to Medina is like giving birth to a child, it brought light to the entire city, it gave new life to everyone. And there's a scene even in the Battle of boyhood, right where

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it was shouted out, just suggested that Mohammed slicin was killed. And people put down their swords and put down their armor and just started to cry, not feeling like they had any reason to live anymore. And that's only with being with the profit slice of them for just a couple of years. Think about it now.

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You're in the situation where you're sitting in the masjid.

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And there's all of this anxiety about whether or not the profit slice and I'm going to come out and inside of yourself, you feel like

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he's not really going to die. You know, it's, it's inevitable. He's a human being sallallahu it was something but he's not really going to die. He's going to make it out of this because he has healed so many people sallallahu wasallam how many people were about to die in the profit slice that I made for them? And they lived? He's not going to die yet. There's still so much more to go the story still has so much to unfold in front of our eyes. And how fitting is it that the last sight of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is a smile. He's in his room sallallahu wasallam and I saw the allow to Allah and he describes the scene. We're praying. And you see the prophets lie, some draw his

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And he smiles to us some Allah he can. He smiles and he laughs meaning you can see all of his teeth sallallahu wasallam. And his face was like the page of almost half meaning his most beautiful smile, was the last smile he gave to this oma when he came into Medina, of the lagna Salaam embraced Islam because of his smile. And he's leaving Medina and he's leaving this world with a smile sallallahu wasallam and your insula, and you're looking at him and you're so excited, because the way he's smiling, that means he must be recovering, he's going to come back out. And the Prophet slice alum says, keep on praying as if to say, keep on going. I fulfilled my mission. I did what I was supposed

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to do, I conveyed the message. Now you're in prayer, I'm good. I fulfilled my mission. Keep on going, not just keep on praying. And he closes the curtain. sallallahu I knew he was alone. And at that point, you're in the masjid and you just have a lot of anxiety, what's happening in his room sallallahu wasallam is that this time it's not you shouldn't be alone and has heard in his lap. This time, it's his head in her lap.

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And he saw the Allahu taala and he

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is describing the severity of the fever of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he's saying La ilaha illAllah in a little melty, sachertorte La ilaha illa Allah Verily, the closing of death, the coming of death, and the last moments of this world are difficult. Nevertheless, there'll be a lot of time I know he said that the fever of the Prophet slice alum was hotter than anything he had ever felt. And while he's in her lap, the prophets lie some sees her brother of the diamond and he has a celiac and he saw the Allah and her nose that the Prophet slicin was looking at it so it showed the Allah on her says, Do you want me to get that for you? And the profit slice lm he nods. So she gets the

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celiac, and she chews it. She gives it to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brushes his teeth for the very last time,

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used to use the sea wax sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for every prayer for every single Salah to prepare himself for his conversation with his Lord. And he uses that sea wax sallallahu wasallam. And he looks up, and his face lights up as gibreel at his Salaam enters into the room. And gibreel alayhis salam gives him that choice to either live with eternity in this world, as long as this world exists, or to be with the highest companion, and he chooses sallallahu wasallam rafiqul Allah He chooses the highest companion, and he continues to look up and he continues to say, rather I choose a rafiqul Allah the highest companion, until he shall be allowed to Allah and he says that

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the hand of the Prophet slicin comes down, and his soul leaves his body sallallahu wasallam and she says that this beautiful scent, filled the room immediately known the righteous soul is being taken away. The angels come with a coffin

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with a shroud of perfume, how would it be the angels and the Shroud of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that scent, and so the perfume of it filled the entire room and it was the most beautiful scent that they had ever smelled.

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And I saw the alonside on her cries out at this point as you're sitting in the masjid.

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And you hear you saw the Allah on her shout

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and you hear ma total sudo Allah. Matt is a little alma mater Rasul Allah. The Prophet slicin has died, that the prophets lie some has died, that the prophets lie some has died. And you're sitting in the masjid staring at that curtain, wondering if he's going to open it again. Or if this is all just a hoax, or if it's like a hood, where we thought he was dead, but he wasn't really dead. We've been through things like this, he's going to come out now. This can't be real.

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And every single person is looking at that curtain and looking around, and some art coming to terms with it at different points and they're crying at different points. Some are still in disbelief.

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You're looking around and you're seeing it all the time. I know so eloquent and it can't speak. You're seeing earth model the law of Thailand Who on earth man can stand up and Amaro the Allahu taala and who are saying, who said that the prophets lie, some lie. You're lying. You're lying. You're causing fitna This is not true. Of course the prophets lie Selim is not dead, the prophets lie some is going to come out your hypocrite don't cause fitna he couldn't come to terms with it all the time.

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Those words might tell us a little law, that the Prophet of Allah is dead. They stung every single person in the masjid.

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And then apobec kill the law tada I know stands up, and I will Beckett or the law tada and who reminds the people

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whoever used to worship Muhammad Sallallahu it was said I'm done Mohammed slicer is indeed.

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And whoever used to worship Allah,

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in the law, you name What Allah is alive, and Allah is Ever living.

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The sentiment

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if you could imagine every single person in a community losing the most beloved person in the world to them,

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and what that would do to them.

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If you imagine an entire community of people and everyone's child died at the same time,

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the most beloved person in the world to every single person in that message just died.

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And they all have to come to terms with their individual pain. And everyone has to now go to the house where they had the profit slice on us I guess they have to pray in the masjid with the profit slice I'm no longer leading them they have to celebrate without him they have to every single occasion is going to stink. Subhana Allah,

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that pain of losing a child.

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There's actually a hadith where the Prophet slice alum says, as he's talking about the reward for the parents that put forth the child and some of the Sahaba say to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Yasser Allah, as you're talking about this reward, what about those who have never been tested with the loss of a child and the profit slice and I'm sad. Then they have the reward of my loss because languor sob will be Nestle. They won't be tested with anything harder than my death.

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