What Should A Wife Do If Her Husband Is Earning Haraam Income

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Answered by Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim


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The speaker discusses the importance of providing for oneself and others, even if one's source of income is questionable. He warns of the consequences of a stolen or misrepresented income, and suggests that individuals should not be too focused on their own source of income and instead focus on the source of the income they are making. The speaker also encourages viewers to donate to a worthy cause.

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What should a wife do for husband is earning from income

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at 100, level salatu salam ala rasulillah. Now, that's a very contentious question because saddam is at various levels and what you might consider how long and what might he believe is haram within the Sharia might be of different levels. What I will say to you, my dear sister, is it's your husband's duty to provide for you and what he provides is helpful for you. Even if it is not something even if it's something that you believe is questionable, as long as you are not sure it is taking from the rights of others, in appropriately so money that he's stolen his forearm for you, if you know that it has been stolen money that he has taken from someone unjustly has taken it with aggression is

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hold on for you, if you know that that is the source of that wealth, but money that has come from questionable means and investment, for example, in a company that is unethical or that deals with, you know, interest rates, or you know, whatever it is that you find as being questionable. And from the moment the money is transferred from his position towards your position, it's now a halau process between him and knew there is that buffer. So that secondary transaction is hallen, even if the primary one is held on, so if he went to a gambling place, and he earned a lot of money, and it's held on for him to have earned that money, if he gets into a taxi, and he pays the taxi driver

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with that money, the taxi driver doesn't say that money is from the gambling house, it's from the taxi is being paid for the service that he's provided, irrespective of the source. In the same way, the halau that is enjoyed by you, irrespective of the service of the place that it was earned, as long as it was not from aggression and usurping the rights of others should be acceptable to you. The consideration of course, is that you want to lead your husband away from that which is sinful, you want to bring them into that which is halaal you want to ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless your home. So don't be excessive in the wealth that he has taken. Don't go out and buy

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yourself extra special things with something that you believe is questionable. make do with the limited and if you have your own source of income, prefer that to what he has brought. Well, Allahu taala Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.