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The moon

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in Mattila

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Kea, brothers and sisters, we come across a lot of Joomla, every single week, every Friday.

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And I know for some people's demand perhaps is the most precious time for them. Because for them, this is how they show their identity.

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You come to a lot of pleasure on a regular basis in the message, and you come to

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you do a lot of good things.

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You find yourself empty, and you don't feel that you benefited from what you do.

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I know monitor monitors were so eager to have their kids have their kids grow in

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and then memorize the Quran. And they said that they have a lot more data, and that they do every single

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day. I know that they try their best doing that. However, the most focus is on them, learn learning how to speak Arabic, or how to learn the Arabic or even

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until they go a little bit older, they the puzzle. Why, why did we fail? What's the problem? What exactly are we missing? That will not making us benefit from not making a benefit from our fasting does not make us benefiting from reading the book of Allah subhanho data when we recite the words of a man that makes the mountains have been crushed? Why are we benefiting from them? It's a very simple issue. And that is

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music purification of

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Allah subhana wa tada Mousavi Salaam was one of the greatest times in the history of mankind.

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A lot of sentences are our own was the message of most of the ground, we know that

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we know how

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how we bought all this magicians and we know all the medical

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we read that we decided that we heard that many many times. But for the last panel God spoke about the message

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was few words couple of words. This

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is such a such a great time.

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purify yourself purify it

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was a simple message

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on what you hear all the details of the story and

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the purpose of that is just to unify the heart and the soul of

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Ibrahim Allah is around he was

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and he has that vision for that city. The vision for the nation for oma for mankind he was posting the blueprint for the history of mankind to come up with the future of mankind.

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Yo, what's up prophet and messenger from among themselves, who decide you're worse than I am. And he will.

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And then he said,

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for the purpose of reciting and hearing the words of Allah azza wa jal and the purpose of learning and practicing

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all of this the purpose of that

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Why is it that they've unified themselves, that beautifying their hearts and beautifying their souls. That is the essence, the essence of the message old and beyond even what,

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what it is

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among themselves, what as soon as the messenger allows, also

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to purify. So the issue of purifying the soul on the heart is very, it's very, very important.

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He spoke about the issue, he was pointing to one part of the body, that is,

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indeed, the whole body, and the whole body is one organ, one piece of it.

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If it was a, it was good, all your teeth will be good.

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And it was bad, then everything that will come out of that wouldn't be bad. Everything comes from the body won't be bad. And one of

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them was referring to the fuel. And the energy of that is

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righteous as I'm feeling the last panel data is that

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you need to know the righteousness is here. And he was pointing to his chest.

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meaning to the heart practices indeed is in the heart. righteousness is indeed.

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Which means you salon, you fasting and all that you do, they're all superficial, unless you have that beautiful muscle.

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If you're Pro, your salon comes as an obligation to get yourself relevant. That doesn't benefit you much when it comes to shaping your manners.

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That will benefit you.

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But when you complain that I'm not feeling that peace that I'm supposed to have, when I pray when I met my salon, what I don't feel that, because it's not connected.

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It's not there.

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It is very crucial and important that we teach ourselves how to purify our hearts and our souls, more than beautifying our body.

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More important that we teach our kids, we teach our kids how to mend their relationship with a lot

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more than we just you know, made sure that they met through correctly, they use the bathroom properly,

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properly, it's much more than bound for them.

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Now they know there are lots of times

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that they know that everything in this world doesn't matter. Does not matter at all. When you have your relationship with Allah.

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Shannon, in this point, this point of this one important it was speaking about it says I wish the world was what is between me and you is I'm going to which means perfect.

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Complete destroy, I don't care.

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I don't care about

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the creator of all these things.

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the last hour, what matters to you, if some people get upset with you?

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You're something different than some is your relationship with your heart, pew.

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Online, a lot of that will take you

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to the people towards you. What you need to fix the relationship between you and the last panel. That's why

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they were talking about the purification of the heart. This is an obligation, it's obligatory, because that's the essence of the message.

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What does that mean? That the purify themselves that you care about what's in the heart? And

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the thing is that we read so many books, we have so many programs

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that will teach us how to perform salon and pass a workshop for Hutchinson. But how many workshops? Do you remember that you've attended that will teach you how to fix your one?

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How many programs that we attended, that will tell you what are the matters that you need to let yourself off from the heart first, and then do something good. How many books you've read about that subject? It seems to many people because the effect is not immediate. It's not tangible. It's not as important as moving

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So what does this?

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What does it mean? Exactly? We're talking about just, you know, how exactly should why should we care about

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quality. And

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you know, all these travelers,

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those who take the path of

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finding an exercise in a spiritual exercise the power of controlling themselves,

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all their efforts came all the way down to the master one skill

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they deliver. But they found that the heart of all these filters and one skill to master one's

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self control, if you can control yourself, means controlling your heart,

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and will help you control your tongue that will help you control your hand. Many of us are just completely out of the Spirit trying to master so many skills, trying to please so many people trying to do so many things. And we just forget about the most important thing.

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And that's the master the skill of controlling and controlling.

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Now, my heart doesn't go away from

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my heart competition over my heart.

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it's only one a lot.

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And that is the essence

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of testing. When it comes to purification of the heart, the essence is to simply and truly believe in the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it fills your heart, not just

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that you're indeed, you fill your heart with the essence of Allah, that Allah has one and only one. And I have shown for level one to show that you feel them, you feel them, unless

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you give them a new line

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of everything.

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All those tablets, they all agree.

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Regardless of their backgrounds, and their ideologies, they all agree on one thing, and

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that they all agree that this is the way it is and the desires and these towels and all these things that we have in regard to this dunya is the obstacle is the barrier that holds between your heart and your body.

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That's the problematic thing. And if you can control it, and if you can control

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access, the ultimate access to

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your arm will be protected to a loss.

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And how can I control myself? They get three things. Number one, they said

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that the first unit worry about this, you always roll with justice, even if it was against the

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law, or this is one of the hardest thing in the universe.

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How many marriages were destroyed our people.

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And just because the man doesn't want to admit

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you after you uttered the words of divorce, you did what she made me

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who I don't know you blame. No one can make you

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admit that you made a mistake.

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Sometimes it's so hard to relatives due to your parents to children, that would hurt them so much.

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How do you do that? Admit that you made that mistake. And that's what human imagine with a loss of

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imagine when you make a mistake, and you

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want to learn somebody else and so forth.

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Even living here,

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living in the US, people they say that it's in a Muslim society and to have this excuse to fool around and live and all that stuff.

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That doesn't give them justification to do that.

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It doesn't give a justification to do that you have met your mistakes and you You're wrong. Regardless with whom you're dealing with it was wrong, then it's wrong. That's the first thing that you need to work on to master yourself master the art and master lesson is

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that you have met your parents and you mistake and you always move justice. Number two.

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He said that he thought altruism,

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altruism, even though even though they might be wrong, now it's basically taking it to the next level. They might be wrong.

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But what is better for you, you take a loss and

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take it to the next level. And that is the level of

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the highest level of perfection is that

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meaning altruism. He thought you prefer these things over your personal needs. Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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that you always respond almost reply without

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They become devoted friends and beloved allies.

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This is not easy.

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This is not easy. mastering this skill is not easy. He says woman in law.

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No one, no one can master this except for

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And no one will master that skill.

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So mastering this, he thought, and that level of perfection is so great. The first one is justice. To be fair, and just the second one go to verge

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higher than

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an even with, even with murder, Allah

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Subhana. Allah also believes

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that the difficult

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answer is one

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that you feel you you forget, even in marriage, and despues says if you forget, that's closer to righteousness, that's closer to righteousness. So let's take this to the next level, how many people can really master that skill? When someone wrongs you, and now your love is boiling

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down, and you just forget about

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it's not easy. That's

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one minute.

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And those were genuine about it. Those are the greatest good in themselves. The third thing he said

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us always abuse yourself, which means never over praise yourself. What does that exactly mean? is even when you do good, even when you do good to people, never ever expect yourself doing it ever. Never, ever think that you didn't want anything, then on good enough. That was

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and also the last

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one, you got to pray on your

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job, don't compare yourself to those who do less, like many people do.

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And then when you say what you're not doing, you know, listen as much as I can, this is great. But take yourself to the next level. Never ever settle that one level, you have to always advance. And one of these ways of that you always you always accused yourself meaning you always consider yourself under when it comes to data.

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And you need to do more that you're not helping you is not assisting you to reach that level of excellence.

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what is that exactly? What do I need to start with?

00:18:42--> 00:18:52

regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the number two, not just justice, you need now virtually to get to the next level altruism and preparing other

00:18:54--> 00:18:59

people need over yours. And the third will let you know that you will never do enough in terms of time.

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You'll never do enough and that's whenever all overpaid yourself or whatever you do. And then you move on to the next level. Now how what should I do?

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The thing that we always say you begin with

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since we know that is all coming from the heart. So as we all know that now this is the energy it's in the heart. That's basically your your power is in the heart over here. So what do I need to do?

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And the meaning of the word which means to evacuate the heart from all these bad manners and attachment to these bands.

00:19:39--> 00:19:45

Such as the reaction with human beings in the 21st century, people they love to buy fancy cars and

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not like to show them close their Panzer, their even their managers. They're wearing helmets all about

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just reposting Lee brown

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Think about what

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this is all about this, you need to take it out.

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Also, given Oregon's take this out completely, democracy

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should be associated with a loss of

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reading and loving people to that level out of that loss. So don't take this out, you have to clean, first of all, flush out all these things. And then you come to the next level.

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Now basically, that's when you fill it without just word

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of mouth. And number one is that you feel

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that you fill your heart with meaning and the meaning of law, the law in the law,

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that there is no emotion.

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Indeed, the Messenger of Allah,

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Allah, you start from inside from the heart, once the heart is fixed, once the heart is fixed, then you will see how you act, how your body will react to that everything will fall into place, once you finish your

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So a lot of us have a lot of

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whatever it is, books, and listen to lectures and gatherings with regard to maintaining it,

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and so forth, how

00:21:50--> 00:21:53

many of the speakers are many of them, and also,

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they always emphasize things such as

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that you do not have

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to do

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that you do that you do

00:22:04--> 00:22:26

some of the things. But we fall short on really focusing on the main and the most important regard an act of worship that matters at this point. Since the issue is really to the heart of the issue is related to the heart, the most important exercise is to exercise the value of the heart, the work, the actual motion, that emotional actor

00:22:30--> 00:22:32

was watching over you all the time.

00:22:33--> 00:22:35

We don't think this as an actor.

00:22:36--> 00:22:39

But it is indeed one of the greatest actors that you always know.

00:22:42--> 00:22:44

That's one of these simply

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that when you do things, you don't want to do it for the sake of Allah.

00:22:51--> 00:22:53

It's hard to exercise.

00:22:54--> 00:23:03

Now the devotional acts of the heart. We also when we talk about being grateful, gratefulness is not just on the tongue, it's not just by saying,

00:23:05--> 00:23:08

it doesn't matter if you say thank you, 10 times of the heart is full of

00:23:09--> 00:23:15

animosity and so being grateful and the gratefulness of the goodness of the heart.

00:23:16--> 00:23:31

And then, also tomatoe, humbleness, humility and humbleness, you might be the richest person who might be the strongest and mighty person, in this world, you can be whatever you want to be. But if you have humbleness, and

00:23:32--> 00:23:40

if you have that humble will love you become much more stronger, and much more than anyone. Because that's all

00:23:42--> 00:23:46

that you have is humbleness, humility of the heart, it will reflect outside.

00:23:47--> 00:23:51

So yes, indeed, starting with a model like fasting

00:23:54--> 00:24:02

is important to going on and working on it. But at the same time, you have to focus and exercise the devotional acts.

00:24:03--> 00:24:04

How do I do that?

00:24:05--> 00:24:16

salons five times a day. Fasting Mondays and Thursdays. I know how to figure it out because I can calculate this but what should I do? How can I exercise this devotion?

00:24:17--> 00:24:19

It's hard for me to measure this.

00:24:21--> 00:24:30

How can I measure this? You measure this divided by practicing one thing is that you spend some time alone between you and the last.

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00:24:35--> 00:24:38

when you wake up, you sit down and start making you know in

00:24:40--> 00:24:41

your salon,

00:24:42--> 00:24:44

then you sit down and start reflecting.

00:24:48--> 00:24:54

That's the command what was going on with our reflection and having that follower that

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

this is one of the most important places

00:25:00--> 00:25:00

He's active,

00:25:01--> 00:25:05

you can come to the public because it is as good

00:25:07--> 00:25:10

as when you do it alone and you know that you

00:25:12--> 00:25:15

monitor condition for years from now until this next

00:25:17--> 00:25:19

try to exercise many of these devotionals

00:25:20--> 00:25:28

try give it a try today is fine if you're off tomorrow make a plan that this evening tonight inshallah you spend at the

00:25:29--> 00:25:32

end of the week then you have the next week

00:25:33--> 00:25:36

or the weekend throughout the weekdays

00:25:37--> 00:25:39

trying to practice

00:25:41--> 00:25:53

try to practice being grateful for you inside the heart not just by saying go claiming try to be humble Humble yourself right now and watch your love and your manner and focus on this devotion

00:25:57--> 00:25:58

a scale

00:26:01--> 00:26:02

and this

00:26:05--> 00:26:05


00:26:07--> 00:26:11

us to say a lot of what was it

00:26:14--> 00:26:15

here's the system

00:26:19--> 00:26:20

Give me

00:26:23--> 00:26:27

the right to make make the pious and righteous was that

00:26:29--> 00:26:35

Allah purify my soul group by minus purifying purifying me and the vitamins that are the best.

00:26:37--> 00:26:39

So you're asking a lot to help you

00:26:40--> 00:26:41

make this

00:26:43--> 00:26:43

a lot

00:26:45--> 00:26:45


00:26:47--> 00:26:48

a lot of fun.

00:26:52--> 00:26:53

A lot of magic

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was there

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00:27:01--> 00:27:02

a lot of magic

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again, welcome