Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J02-031B Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 228-230

Taimiyyah Zubair
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then it is said wobble ruler to Hoonah. And their husbands will rule is the plural of the word Bari. Okay, bye from the root letters by in lamb you can see the three letters over here. Now the word burl is used for husband, okay. And literally the word barn is used for a lord a master a possessor of something, okay. Now in the Arabic language, you know the word xojo is also used for husband and we actually see that word being used for the husband within these verses. Okay, but here specifically the word barn has been used. Why? Because the husband has the right to give divorce. Okay, he possesses the right to give divorce and also the right to retract the divorce. Okay, to

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give it and also to retract it, to revoke it. So what Marula to Winona Hoonah is referring to the MATA Laqad. The husbands are a Hakko more rightful a hubco meaning they have more Huck, they have more right, then who then their wives. So the husbands have more right than their wives in regard to what Billa Dena in regard to their blood. Okay, Hannah is referring to with a Laqad and Rudd is from the root letters or raw dal dal, Radha is to return. Okay. And here, what is meant by the fact that they are more rightful in returning the women to themselves, meaning the husbands have the right to do to joueur okay to take back there wife after giving divorce. Okay. So for example, the husband

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says to his wife, I divorce you. And now she begins her waiting period. Okay. And now what happens? She does not get her menses she finds out she's pregnant. Okay. And the husband, his heart changes in the fields. That was a bad decision. So he takes her back. Does he need her consent? No, he does not need her consent. If she doesn't want to return. That's a different story. And that has different due process, and inshallah we'll get there. But the point over here is that the husband does not need the consent of his wife to take her back to retract his decision to divorce. Okay, he has greater right he is a half Cobra. Deena, okay, in taking them back. Now, the question is, how is

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he going to take her back? Okay, how is he going to say that I cancelled the divorce. I don't want to leave you. There's different opinions among those callers. But the main thing is that he has to explicitly and he make it known that he is taking her back in the sense that if he just has the intention, and he keeps it in his heart, and He does not show anything does not do anything, that intention is not sufficient. He has to reveal that intention. How is he going to reveal that intention? Either with his words? Okay. So for example, He literally says to her, that I'm taking you back, or he uses some kind of words that reveal that he is canceling the divorce. So for

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example, he hugs her and he says I'm so sorry, you know, let's fix things. Okay. So what were Rula to Hoonah, a Haku, Bella de Hina. And their husbands are more rightful in regard to taking them back, feed Alika in that, in that that is referring to the time which time the waiting period which waiting period? Salah SATA Kuru okay. So during the waiting period, the husband has greater right to take her back. Okay. But this means that it's only feed Alika not after that. So, after the waiting period is over, he did not take her back during the waiting period. Now she's no longer his wife. He cannot say a year later, that you know what, I'm sorry, I'm taking you back. No way. That's not

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happening. You cannot take her back because she is no longer his wife. If he wants to take her as his wife then what does he have to do? He has to propose to her. He has to ask her what he he has to you know, give a new mother he has to have a new car. Okay. Sophie valleca This is only during the waiting period. But he should only take her back in Aurora do is la ha. Okay. In Aurora do is sulla one thing I would say is do not jump to conclusions right now. Okay. Don't say things like no equality. It is what it is. You know, because men have been given their rights and women have been given their rights

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and wait until the end of the lesson to jump to such conclusions. All right, so in Aurora do Islam if they intend reconciliation now in our audio, this is from the root letters raw well done. Road irida era is intention and the pronoun over here they this is referring to the rule the husbands meaning the husbands have a greater right to take their wives back. But this is conditional if they intend reconciliation okay, they should only take their wife back if they want to do is law if they want to make peace and if they want to put things right now the word is law is from the root letters solid love her and Islam is to reconcile to make peace to put things right so in simple words, if

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they're going to live with them in a nice way only then they should take their wives back. However, if they intend to start fighting the day after and then start yelling at her etcetera, then it's better for the husband to let the waiting period come to an end and the two part their ways okay. So, in order to do so, while a HANA and do to them them is who the women meaning it is their right myth Lu is same as a lady that witch or lay Hiner is do upon them Bill Maher roof in the recognized way meaning the women have the same rights Okay, as the husbands This is in simple words, while a Hoonah and do to them meaning the men the husbands or to their wives myth Lu same as Olivia I lay

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Hiner that which is do upon them them as in the wives meaning that which they all their husbands. So, both have same rights, same duties, okay. Bill maruf in the recognized way, now, what does this word maruf mean? maruf is from the root letters I entered offer, okay. And maruf is that which is recognized that which is well known, now maruf is something that is recognized, known to be good and known to be right. Okay, by what? By the Arkell, okay, by the intellect, or by the sheer era by the law that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, okay, by a culture. So Bill Maher roof in the recognized way, inshallah we'll talk about the duties, the rights, the obligations in the next session. Okay,

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well, I'm gonna Mithila de la Hina Brahma roof. And this is specifically mentioned over here, because, you know, it's been mentioned previously that the husband has the right to take back his wife, and he does not need her consent. But this doesn't mean that he has all the rights in marriage, and he doesn't have any obligations towards his wife, or that the woman does not have any rights whatsoever. No, the woman has rights while a Hoonah. And I lay, you know, they also have duties, right? So they deserve that their husbands give them something and our lay hinda. They're also obligated to give their husbands something. So the women have rights and obligations within the

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marriage. Okay, well, Lily dryly and for the men a region, this is the plural of the word Rajul. Okay, and Rajul means men. So for the men, meaning within the marriage are lay hinda over them over who over their wives. The Raja is a degree. Now the Raja, this is from the root letters, that rah Jean. And the Raja is basically a step or a stair. So the men have a degree a step above, above who above them above their wives. Okay. So both have equal rights and responsibilities. However, the men have just one degree above them, okay. And within this context, what is this referring to the right to divorce? Okay, the woman does not have that right. The woman cannot say that to her husband that

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I give you Talaq okay, but the man can say that to his wife. And secondly, within this context, this the Raja is also in the right to take her back. Okay, so the husband can say that okay, I take you back and he does not need her consent her permission for that. So we're literally jelly la Hinata Raja wala who and Allah or Z Zun is ever Almighty Hi

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Keep on ever y's are Aziz Allah is our Aziz, he is one of Riza one of Honor. Okay, from the root letters I in zay zay. So the name or disease can be derived from the word Riza. So one of Riza Allah is Ever honorable and Riza can also be understood as might and power. So Allah is powerful. Allah is the One who has might. And he is Hakeem he's ever wise. He has hikmah. So, you see here, some people have been given, you know, certain rights, greater rights than others. In certain contexts, they should remember that Allah is disease, that Allah has greater power over them. And why has this law been given? Because Allah is Hakeem there is hikma, right, there's wisdom behind this. Then it is

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said a Tala co medulla Thanh Okpala code the divorce is more than two times. Now what does this mean? You see, when a man gives the lock to his wife, okay, then she is in her waiting period for Samantha Kuru. Now, in the waiting period in there either the man can technically take her back. So what if this happens that the husband gives Talaq to his wife, okay. And right as her third, menses is about to begin, okay? He says, I take you back, okay. And he does not need her permission. So now they're living, okay, now what happens? Five months later, he gets upset over something. And he says again, I divorced you. Okay, now she's in her waiting period. Now what happens again, as soon as

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your waiting period is about to end, he says, I take you back. So now she is again with him. Now what happens? Six months later, same episode repeats again, three months later, same episode can repeat again. And the people in Arabia would actually do that. A man said to his wife that you are neither going to be my wife, nor will you not be my wife. Any I'm going to make sure that you stay stuck. Okay? And she said, how? And he said that, you know, I am going to divorce you. But as soon as your waiting period comes to an end, I'm going to take you back and then I'm going to divorce you and as soon as your waiting period is about to come to an end, I'm going to take you back and I'm

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going to do this on repeat for the rest of your life. Now, this is so wrong. Because think about it if a woman is you know, not being treated with dignity in her marriage, and now she wants to get out of that marriage. And she's stuck with this man who keeps divorcing her but then he keeps taking her back keeps divorcing her and taking her back. This is abuse. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed a Bala co mandala tan the divorce is two times only meaning a man only has two chances. Okay. And by medulla tan, it means Maura BARDA, Maura, okay, meaning for luck is to be given at one point. All right. And then for example, the man takes her back. Okay. And then he gives her luck at another

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occasion for the second time. Okay, that's her second divorce. Now if he gives her luck, a third time. Okay. Then what does that mean? The third divorce is final. So two times over here. This is talking about Tanakh that is revocable talaaq, in which the man has the right to take back his wife. Okay, here will be ruler to Hoonah ha Cobra de Nephi there Lika okay, this kind of Fallout is only how many times medulla tan two times Okay. Some people think this means, you know, the concept of three divorces, they say Talaq Talaq Talaq Okay, these are three divorces. No, this is one divorce. This has been one sitting you gave divorce even if you pronounced it 1000 times. Okay, you set the

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lock the lock the lock, the lock, the lock the lock the lock for an hour, you said that it will be counted as one divorce. Okay, so Attala Cammarata and the revocable divorce the divorce in which the man has the right to take back his wife is how many times it's only two times All right, then for him Sercombe maruf file then meaning following the divorce there should be m sack can be maruf out the city can be airson. Now, what does it mean by this M sack is from the root letters meme seen calf memes seen calf and M sack is the act of retaining something, okay, retaining something or keeping hold of something, okay, preserving something holding on to something not letting it go. So

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basically, this is referring to taking back

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All right, the reviewer. So, in the revocable divorce, the man has the choice to either take back his wife and that is him sack and how should he do that tomorrow Ruth in a recognized way, okay. And like I mentioned, he should let his intention be known, he should say to her, and if he wants to keep her, then he has to live in a way that is recognized in a way that is acceptable in a way that is decent and normal, like a husband and wife are supposed to live. So he should treat her with dignity. Oh, or the city home be your son, the city is from seen raw ha. Okay, scene raw? Hmm. And the three is the act of releasing something. Okay, letting something free. Basically, the word

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sought is used for letting free animals for pasture, okay, so you let them loose so that they can go and eat whatever they want, wherever they want. So the city home, beat your son in your son in a good way with excellence, meaning at this point, in the first two divorces, the husband has the choice, he can either keep her in a good way or he can let her go. Okay, he can let her go. But if he chooses to let her go, then of course he has to wait for the waiting period to end. Okay. And he has to do this with your son. Okay? Meaning he has to, you know, send her let her go with dignity with parting gifts without infringing upon any of her rights out the city Humvee. airson Well, I

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yeah hey Lulu calm and it is not lawful for you all. Now law calm this is referring to the men okay. It is not lawful for the husband and Todd who do that you all take Hamza Hodel. Okay. So, it is not lawful for you all to take mimma from what I take to Morgan No, you all give them che and anything I say to move under this is from Hamza

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Yeah. Now mimma from what meaning from that which, so, it is not lawful for you to take anything of which you gave them gave who? Who now refers to the women. Okay, then we'll talakad Now, at the time of marriage, the husband gives the MaHA to his wife, right. And then after the marriage, when the two are living together, the husband gives his wife NEFA, right, he has to spend on her food, etcetera, home, clothing, things like that. And then, besides that, it's understood that the husband gives different gifts to his wife. So, over the course of the marriage, whatever the husband gave his wife, whether it came in the form of mud, or gifts or anything else, it could be in the form of

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jewelry, it could be in the form of clothing, it can be in the form of a car, house money, cash, food, whatever he gave her he cannot take it back and shake ah, notice this is a noun, but it is an Akira noun, right there is for 13 at the end, and this means anything at all. So whether it is a little or a lot, okay, so even if he gave her a million dollars, he cannot take it back. Even if he spent on her 1000s of dollars or he gave her very little. Okay, he can still not take anything back. lair Hill Lulu calm, okay. And if he takes it back, that money is haram. Okay. So for example, sometimes it happens that the husband gives divorce, the woman leaves the house, she goes to her

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parents house, all her belongings or things are in the husband's house, the waiting period comes to an end. And what does he do he packs off some of her things and he sends them but her jewelry he keeps okay. Or some of her expensive things. He keeps them even though he is the one who gave them to her in the first place. All right. So whatever he keeps that is haram on him if he sells it and he uses the cash, you know, he buys anything from it. He gives it in charity, whatever all of that is haram. Okay, well, I your handler come and tell who Duma Tatum owner che. This is in the case where the husband gives the lock to his wife. Okay, but now there is an exception. Illa except there

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is an exception. And this is the situation where now the woman is taking divorce. Okay, so far we were talking about the husband giving Talak Okay, now, we have a situation where a woman is taking divorce and notice I'm not using the word Talaq, okay, because it's the husband who gives it the wife does not give it

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So the wife wants to finish the marriage and the technical term for that is a holder. Okay? And holder and a holder is when a woman takes divorce. Okay? And how does that happen? Okay, let's find out in that an accepting the case that your Hoffa day to fear you're horrified. This is from ha Wow for health fear. And sometimes the word fear is also used for knowledge to know something, right? You're afraid of something happening, that fear is not baseless, like you know, through experience. So a half a day to fear to over here is referring to the husband and wife. Okay, so what is it that they're afraid of? And lead that not? This is a combination of n and law that knot up man, they too

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will establish off while mean and a comma is to properly establish something? How do you properly establish something by fulfilling all the necessary parts of it? Okay, now, what is it that they're afraid of not establishing hurdled Allah, the limits set by Allah. hadith is the plural of the word head. Okay, how dal dal is the root. And the word head is used in different ways. Sometimes it's used for a legal punishment. Okay, sometimes it is used for a legal obligation. Okay, now here when we're talking about marriage, what are the hurdled? What are the limits set by Allah, any there are certain obligations that Allah subhanaw taala has imposed upon the man and also upon the woman

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within that bond of marriage. So when they're afraid that they cannot establish those commands, they cannot fulfill the obligations meaning they're afraid that this marriage is not going to work. Okay. Then in that case, what's going to happen for in his tomb, Allah you Pema who do the law then if you all fear and all over here now is referring to not just the husband and the wife but also their families, specifically the woman side of the family, Allah that not up ma who do the law, follow Juna Hara la Hema, then there is no blame upon them to upon who to the husband and wife, female after that be in regard to what she ransoms herself with it. Okay, there is no sin if she ransoms

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herself with something. Now the word if that is from fair, that year, fifth year, now what is fifth year? Fifth year is what is given in order to free someone. So what is this referring to? We're talking about holer like I mentioned to you and we're talking about when a woman is seeking divorce. Now we see here that first of all, let's go back to Allah and your Hoffa, Allah up Muhammad Allah, they to fear that they cannot establish the limits set by Allah, meaning a woman is afraid, she knows that she cannot stay married to that husband. Because if she stays married to that husband, she knows that she cannot fulfill her duties, okay. Like we learned about this woman who came to the

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Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. And she basically said that, you know, her husband was a good man, there was no problem with his piety, etcetera. But she did not want to, you know, stay in a situation where she cannot perfect her faith. Okay. And basically what she was saying was that she did not like her husband, and she did not want to be married to him. And the thing is that when you don't like someone, okay, imagine a woman who does not like her husband, she is disgusted by him. Okay. So what does that mean? She does not want him to touch her. She does not want him to be with her to sleep next to her. She does not want to be intimate with Him. Okay. Now, she refuses one day

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and then another day and then another day, she's constantly rejecting constantly refusing. Okay, now, okay, for some time, the husband understands that, okay, I'll give you space. Okay. But then there comes a point where it's not fair to the men, right that he is now married to a woman who does not like him who does not want to be with him, okay. Now, here we see that the ahava they to fear Well, the husband is fine the husband likes her, she does not like him. So how come the dual has been used? Because both parties are involved in this marriage, right? And sometimes the dual is used to refer to a single person. Like for example, we learned in total Caf about how NESEA who Tahoma

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they both forgot their fish. Now Musa alayhis salam did not forget the fish.

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If it was his servant who forgot the fish, right? He saw the fish going into the water. And he forgot to tell Musa alayhis salam about it. Right. But Nessie Yeah, they both forgot because both parties are involved even though one person forgot but both parties are involved. That's why the dual has been used. Okay. So here the woman fears that she cannot fulfill her duties. Okay she cannot give her husband his rights. And this could be you know anything. Okay, so Ilaria Hoffa Allah up Marula. Now in this case, like the story that I just mentioned to you, where a woman does not like to be with her husband, okay, she does not want to be with him. Now for the two to separate,

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okay, the husband gives Talak Alright, now if the husband gives the luck, what happens? He is not allowed to take back anything that he gave her. Correct. Now, is this fair to him? That first of all, he married a woman. Okay. And at the beginning, at the time of the marriage, she was perfectly fine with that marriage. And she took them. Uh huh. All right, let's say he gave her a piece of land. All right. As my HUD, she happily takes it, she marries him. Two days later, she decides, I don't think I like you. I don't think I want to be with you. And over the next few months, her resentment, her hatred, her dislike of that man only increases. Okay. Now she wants to end the

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marriage. If the husband gives her luck, she gets to keep that piece of land. Right now, the husband is in a lose lose situation, right? He's losing his wife and he's also losing his property. So in this case, where the woman wants to divorce, what's going to happen if that be she is going to ransom herself. And the word ransom has been used over here to make clear that she is going to return the property that the husband gave her okay. Now, what is that property going to be it is going to be something that both parties agree upon. So, for example, in the case where I mentioned to you about that companion, his name was sabotaged in place, okay, his wife came and said to the

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Prophet salallahu lucem that she did not like her husband, right that she did not want to stay with him anymore. And what happened the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam asked her that will you give back the garden which he gave you? And she said yes. So, she returned the garden the piece of land all right to Sabbath or the law Mourinho and the marriage was finished, okay. So, in this case, in the case of holer, it is permissible for the man to take back what he gave her at the time of marriage for legenda okay. So, there is no sin on them too. So, there is no sin on the husband in taking back the gift that he gave his wife okay. And secondly, there is no sin on the wife at this

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time to return to reject all right, what her husband had given her. So, this is the case of holer till Tilka who do de la those are limits of Allah meaning these are the limits set by Allah filata duha. So, you will do not transgress them later to do this is a prohibition. This is from the root letters, I mean, that Wow. Are they are do basically it means to go really quickly. Okay. And when you're going quickly, when you're moving quickly, then what happens is that you overstep bounds, right, you overstep the limits that have been set. So filata duha, do not go beyond the boundary that Allah subhanaw taala has set. So for the husband, Allah subhanaw taala has sets a certain

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boundaries, right in the matters of divorce, so do not transgress them, while may yet are and whoever transgresses her to the law, the limits set by Allah for Allah Iike then those homo Limone they truly are OLALIA own body mon is the plural of the word limb. And who is limb volume is the one who commit one meaning such a person is committing injustice only against himself. Right? And also, they're committing injustice against others against the other party. So they're guilty of sin for interlock haha. Then if he divorces her, now this is referring to the Talaq after Pollock mandala tan, okay, in other words, the third divorce, then if he divorces her a third time filata Hey, Lulu,

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who then she is not lawful for him. What does that mean? That now after the waiting period, you know that's it. You

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She is no longer lawful to him. He cannot be married to her he cannot even marry her with a new Nikka filata Hagen the human body after had her until 10 Key her she marries zolgensma Euro zoldan, a husband and a Euro, who other than him, what does this mean? So, for example, the man gives the third divorce to his wife, okay, now what happens she is forever forbidden to him, okay, meaning the two cannot be together anymore. All right. Now, after one year, the woman gets married to someone else. Okay. She gets married to someone else. And a month later, that second husband dies. Okay, that second husband dies, for example. And then she observes her waiting period. Now the first

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husband proposes to her again. Can he do that? Yes, he can. Can she accept that marriage proposal? Yes, now she can. But this is only because she married someone else. So basically three strikes and you're out. Right. So for into locka filata handler woman Bardot had that and he has a generator for interlock are hurt and if he divorces her, who divorces her the second husband okay. I gave you the example of death right where the second husband dies. And here in the IRA Talaq has mentioned that the second husband divorces her. Then follow Gina Harley, Hema there is no blame on them to on who to the first husband. All right, and the woman, a Ethel Raja, that they to return to one another?

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Yeah, thorough. Dara is from Roger ra Jeem. Iron Rujuta is to return. So both return to each other. And here shows that the woman's consent is necessary over here. All right. So in this case, what's going to happen a new marriage is going to take place a new Nikka is going to take place but this should only take place in London, if they are to know I you Kima who do the law that they will establish the limit set by Allah, meaning they should only get married again. If they know that they can actually stay married and they can live peacefully and they can give each other their rights. Okay. Now the word alumna they to think this is from the word lung, and lung is from the root

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letters a lot known known. And one is to think, but when it's followed by and it means to know to be sure to have the knowledge of something. What Tilka who do doula and those are the limits set by Allah Ubu her he makes them clear by noon LUCAM era Moon for people who know and lead lamb over here shows us that these limits are made clear for the benefit of people who know people who have knowledge who have knowledge of what of these who dude, they're the ones who will benefit from them, and yarn ammonius from mine, lamb me

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