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Salah Hassan Baraka buna Muhammad Anwar Ali was cyber Salam Sleeman Kathira mama via Hadith number two from the other side the hand Bala one Omen what Mina Abdullah Aisha throw the alarm Tirana call it Allah Sula has sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yes zu Jason will kava fader count will be by that I mean a lot of the user will be awarding him or after him called quote unquote Yasser allah k for yourself will be a William will after him with him as well. Malay Salman whom call yourself will be a William Waikerie him through my advice una Alania Tim Connolly in this head is on the movement in Omar Abdullah Abdullah Anna, she reported back from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But before we

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get to this point here mominul Rahim Allah Tala use this phrase to as a title for Ma sha, Allah Allah, you know, You named her what? For me, Abdullah? That's a common thing in the Arab culture. Whenever you call somebody you don't call them by by their first name, especially for the of course for the elders, Danny, you call them by saying Abu Furlan Abu Mohammed Abu Abdullah Abu Hassan for the ladies that same thing on Mohammed Omar, Abdullah Hassan usually, they name the person is called Kenya in the Arabic system. So in this Kenya, usually the

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you name them after the oldest boy after the oldest boy. And if they didn't have boys, then you read them after you know the data on my blog. I will Fatima or even you don't even have to have a child to give you a nickname. So you can have any nickname you want. While it Kuhnian you want you could say like calling us up about the Rahman Mohammed Abdullah or whomever Qatar borderline was named what I would have had no children names House House means lion. So Ebola and basically an Ebola acid, right but called our house, so I never had children. Right. So how come she's called Omar Abdullah? So the Malema They say she was named after her nephew.

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Here Matthew Abdullah Edna Zubayr. He is the son of asthma, so he was dear to her. She was very close to her very dear to her. Like she she was called Omar Abdullah or the Allah Tirana for the hub. So she said call it Karla Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam the messenger of allah sallallahu sallam. He said yes, the zoo Jason will cover an army will raid the Kaaba

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Can you guys comprehend those words for a little bit? Did you hear what I just said? How many of you went wrong or this? This break? Raise your hand we went to Umrah

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Allah crypto Mira Bananaman. Did you do you see the beautiful side of the Kaaba, a day will come? When an army were re the Kaaba as a prophet Salla Samson like their destination is to go and go there to Makkah and read a cover for either cannot be by that I mean a lot of the prophets Allah semi said and when they reach a desert land, like an open field and discipline

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yourself will be a worldly him through him prophesized himself called all of them will be swallowed up by the Earth from the front from the back of William we're after him. So I shall de la Anna she was surprised kind of cool to her so Allah How come cave cave for yourself will be a William Walker him how he's going to be the earth is gonna swallow them all. We'll see him as well come on Melissa Minho. And among them. There are this

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will be just those people who just join for the sake of of trade and business. Like basically she was saying.

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And among them were those people who did not have the intention to fight with them. They were just, you know, they carried the loads. They were just running the horses are the camels. That's the job. So how are they going to be treated the same way? For Cara Salah Salem, Yosef, a William what occurred to him through my bathroom and Alinea team, all of them will be swallowed by the Earth. But then they will be raised on a day of judgment. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will judge them according to their intentions. Allah will judge them according to their intentions. What does this mean? First of all, he ever suggests you will care about what army is that the professor is talking about? And

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when is when will this happen? The alignment they agree this is one of the songs of the Day of Judgment. Sometimes in the future, it will happen. But what's the meaning of the future for us, after 400 D for 200 years ago, or later? Actually, from the time of the Prophet Salah Salem all the past is history for us. Right? But for the people of that time, they never expected life will was last this long. Therefore, there was an incident when this army came actually towards the Kaaba

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And that army, when Abdullah has obeyed the law and order, became the governor, and then eventually became the Supreme Leader of the Arabian Peninsula as far as I've been a sham, and then they sent him an army. Their army was the army of Al hijab and also photography. That vicious tyrant who came from Iraq, fighting on behalf of an omega, the Omega dynasty to defeat Abdullah Zubair. So his army went through. So when the people heard about the army of Al Hajaj coming through the desert, they all refer to this hadith he says, that's him.

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And they were always waiting for word

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for the army to be swallowed by the Earth. So everybody's happy. It's okay, they're not gonna they're gonna be finished. But what happened?

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Alhaji arrived in Mecca

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and he started destroying the karma. He cut Apollo the karma, Allah He of course is not intentional to destroy the Kaaba but he was throwing at the army Abdullah was aware but as of course you know, collateral damage the Kabul was was damaged badly and was later on the Abdullah was very fixed, the Kaaba built it, according to the foundation, Ibrahim Ali Salam, which was larger and bigger than the current active design that we have today. The idea is that that army wasn't the army that was mentioned this hadith. So the element they say, as part of the Al Hadith and other Suniti, in terms of their ways of dealing with a hadith will fit in and in a hurry that speaks about massive trials

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and tribulations of the future. You cannot specify one particular time generation incident because God knows Allah knows which one is the right one in regards definition that hadith, because we don't know.

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Similarly, the Muslims, they talk about the Day of Judgment when the manga was read Baghdad, and you talk about the Day of Judgment, one of the Muslims, they lost Spain, all these events, massive events that happen, they will kind of like reminding them okay, this is what the Prophet said in this hadith and that hadith, but as we can see, many years later, we're still alive here. Which means we cannot so which army is that? Allahu Allah?

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However, is this army, an army of Muslims or non Muslims? On the prophesy. Assam says here an army that will read the cover, and this army will be swallowed completely by the Earth. Is there a Muslim army or non Muslim army

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here doesn't specify, but there's other generations and so Muslim and also most of them have Madra mo louder in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one day he was asleep. He was sleeping, taking a nap in the presence of some of the Sahaba ColorFabb whatever, you know me. So the professor's they moved in asleep. They realize he was actually kind of like having a dream. And other narration. The professor sent me smile in his dream while he is dreaming while he's sleeping. They they notice that he was smiling.

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And then when the Prophet saw somebody woke up later they asked him Kalia Rasul Allah I've asked a phenom if you know we felt that you moved you another that you smile. What was that all about? He said I saw in my dream so an army Allah min OMA to mu j Sherman amati. So a group and army for my OMA which means what that army is Muslim army. Okay, where are they going? They're heading towards the cover. Why? Because there is a man law that will cover a man who will seek shelter in that cover or in Mecca is thermal and NASA lay people they kind of like nominated him to become the leader. So it refers to who admitted

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he will be taken seeking shelter there. So that army comes out where this arm is going to come from. Some they say actually from Medina. And some they say because the notion said from men, a sham

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men, a sham

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regiment was

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a sham. The headaches are a sham. What a sham is anything north for Maccha anything north from Medina, that's what they say. It could be from the book. Cover them, however, could be as far as the mask as a sham Philistine all these places. The idea is that that army will come in accurate in order to do what to suppress that. You could say uprising, and Allah knows what the circular political circumstance of that time would look like. On their way they will arrive at Bayda Aminul. Org albidum and org which is like an open land in the desert, a flat open land. Many of the Hadith they say it's somewhere between Medina and Mecca. Allahu Allah could be even before arrive in

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Medina. But Allah subhana wa Taala will guard this man, the god this man in Medina and Mecca, and that army will be destroyed Yossef will be a wallet him was like the whole earth will swallow that on which means what? Maybe earthquakes, maybe sinkholes open Llanos but the volume was good, which means that the army was massive

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Okay, when the Prophet says Build a wall in the front and the back, does it mean that those in the middle are going to be safe? No, that's an expression that is everybody's going to be destroyed eventually, that everybody from the front and the back to the back.

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And that's when I showed the alarm on her. She was surprised. She called you out. What about the Ahsoka? Some people, they were forced to come, they had to carry the loads, they run the

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camels and so on. So they're not part of it. And other people, they were just business people, because they know when you have everybody traveling, they bring with them traders and business people and everybody like families and so on. So why would they be taken accountable? Why would they be taken into this kind of massive destruction? Shouldn't that be forgiven or not? So the Prophet Solomon says Call yourself will be a William Walker and they're all going to be destroyed. And then he says to my veterinarian, yeah, Tim, and on the day of judgment that will be raised according to their intentions. Allah subhana wa Tada will judge them based on their intentions, those who had the

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ill intention of destroying the Kaaba or invading Mecca versus those who just came because I had to,

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I can't I have to follow orders. They're different right? So the dilemma What do they say we say look, be careful who you associate yourself with.

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If you associate yourself with those who are good chances for you to have that goodness Inshallah, in your life and also for extended time. But if you are associated with those who deserved the destruction or fitna, or trial or tribulations, even though you have nothing to do with it, but because these people who joined our army, Catherine Zawadi, they just, they just raise the number. They made them look massive and huge and big and obviously intimidating, even though they had no intention to fight, no intention to come in to begin with, but their presence was enough for them to deserve to be actually, you know, punished, or at least be taken by that. And on the Day of

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Judgment, Allah will raise them and he will surpass them based on their intentions. Similar to this is the iron circle and fat what ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, What taco fitment and lattice even dollar momentum Casa while I'm on Allah Shedra club, Allah Subhan Allah says in this pit taco fitna beware of a trial of a fitna LA to see Bonilla de nada momentum. Casa a wouldn't inflict on those who only

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committed the sin or transgressed the wrongdoers amongst you know, not just them, we're going to be punished. Everybody will be taken by that. Everybody will be taken by that. In the Hadith the Prophet SAW Allah Salah mentioned that.

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Allah subhana wa Taala sends an order to an angel to destroy a people. A village a town destroyed.

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So the angel goes and then comes back again to libre Alameen Subhana wa Karla Robbie, I wanted to destroy that village. But I found this righteous man among them. There was a righteous man owed. What do I do? Cora beef up the you start with him. Let him destroy furs. I said, How come

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in? No, he never let me tell my words will Allah got his face never change. Whenever he sees this obedience to Allah subhanaw taala ever. Like he was complacent he was just with the people enjoying this time with them. He keeps his his righteousness for himself. But it never bothered sent to the people talk Allah stop for life cannot do this or Oh, the biller never didn't bother, because behave that start with him first. So again, you associate yourself with the people of

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lamb Stein of sin, the dust of that sin might reach you and so be careful with that. May Allah Subhana Allah protect your Brahman but from this higher order we learn, we learn that intention can be a savior.

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The intention can be a savior. When there's a situation where you're unable to do anything, keep your heart pure and clean and keep your intention for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and LaPadula even if someone was taken by that destruction, still with their intention, hopefully it will save them with Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment May Allah protect us all

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Allah Allah any questions Mr.

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that's a good question. For example, the additive effect and for example the province has mentioned on the day of judgment whether the junk comes you won't be able to enter Medina for example. So should I act upon this and make the intention to go and travel and live in Medina, just in case of luck of the job

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comes in my time at this I'm safe insha Allah to Allah. I mean if you're capable and if you have an opportunity and you can live there in Medina, why not? It's a blessed place a blessed land. And the prophets Allah Salah may have even mentioned as the Congress was going it was going to happen in the future. He said, Yemen will be conquered and people start going into Yemen, Iraq will become we will go to Iraq, they go to a sham they go to Egypt and he says called well Medina to highroller Hello, can we animals and Medina will always be better for them if they just know also the prophesy some says and then Eman Alireza Eman started treating the Imam was retreating from the world until it

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lands in Medina back in Medina. So in terms of fit and alarms Tanya and Medina is a is a place of safety and shelter. However, not everybody is going to be safe because when the job comes what's going to happen to Medina is going to shake or Medina shades which means the earthquake what happens? Those are Mana 15 and an hypocrites and so on. They're out of it quickly, quickly, they run out of it. And when they run out of it, there'll be basically faced by the journalists people. So not everybody who can in Medina is actually is concerned actual Righteous One. May Allah make us among the righteous or banana. Allah ceramah according to labor