How Muslims Treated Jewish People Throughout History

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In light of the current circumstances, as you're aware, for the last six weeks, I have been always speaking about something that is of benefit and of relevance to the current political climate. And so, continuation of that theme. Today, we will discuss a topic that I have mentioned many times in my lectures in passing. But today, we're going to shed a little bit of extra light. And it is especially relevant given the circumstances right now in Gaza, and for those slain, and that is our history as a Muslim Ummah, our relationship with the Jewish people for the last 2000 years before the creation of Israel for the last 15 centuries, because the fact of the matter is that it is truly

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sad, in light of our contributions to the survival and the flourishing of this demographics, that they seem to ignore and neglect all of the centuries of positive interactions. Because the fact of the matter once again, Christian Europe treated this demographics in a very different way than we did. And multiple times in history, the Muslim ummah, and the Muslim civilization played a vital role in protecting hundreds of 1000s of persecuted Jewish people. So we need to be aware of this. And we didn't need to know our own history. And again, only so much can be said for the history of 15th centuries. But as you're roughly aware, we went over this in detail, this earlier part and the

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number of lectures in the year 70. See, in the time of Jesus Christ after Jesus Christ, the Second Temple was destroyed. And so Judaism once again had its diaspora, they fled across the globe, so they didn't have a land for the next 2000 years. Where were the Jewish people under Christian, and then Muslim rule for 1500 years before 1947 1400 years before 1947? Where were the Jewish people, either in Christian lands or in Muslim lands? Okay, what is the difference between how the Jewish people were treated in Christian lands versus how they were treated in Muslim lands? This is the summary we're going to be discussing today. And of course, the goal is to pique your curiosity, the

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goal is to start you on the journey, obviously, in 1520 minutes, only so much we can do. We need to understand Christianity from its inception has been extremely intolerant of the Jewish people. Why? Because according to their theology, what did the Jewish people do to their own god to the Son of God? Well, according to their theology, what did they do? They murdered the Son of God. So from the beginning, there's a term that is found in Christian literature. I'm not inventing this term. It's called Christ killers. This is what they called the Jewish people, Christ killers. And that is why, generally speaking, in ancient Christianity, medieval Christianity, Jewish people were not treated

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as equal citizens. They didn't have the right to own property in most of European history, they were forced to live in special areas. The ancient term for this in Venice, the Venetian term is still used in English, guess what the term is? Ghetto, that term ghetto? Where does it come from? Now we use ghetto to mean what a very poor, very impoverished part of the city. Well, it was called ghetto for the first time in Venice in the 1200s. From a Venetian term to mean low class. It's literally a term that was used for Jewish people. The term ghetto in English comes from them having to live in a separate place of the city. Jewish people in Europe were prohibited from any noble profession. They

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had to take ignoble tasks, they were prohibited from owning land, they were prohibited from rising up in the ranks of nobility. In fact, the one job that they were not prohibited to do, and that's why they started to do this more and more was the job that was prohibited by the church. And that is lending of money. The church said, You cannot lend money on interest. And Christians, if they do, so they're gonna go to hell, they're going to be damned. This is Christian law. By the way, Jewish people were exempt because they're not Christian. And they couldn't work and so many other areas. This is not anti semitic. I'm teaching the history. This is a fact. Jewish people then took on by

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and large in Europe, the profession of money lending, charging interest, because they weren't allowed any other job. They weren't allowed careers. And this was prohibited by the church, you'd be damned. So what did they do? They became the proto bankers, the first bankers and so what's going to happen slowly, but surely their wealth did increase. This is not a antiSemitic, it's the fact of the matter is that they were involved in this profession and that is why rich died.

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As these from this group did begin to rise in the 15th 16th 17th centuries, but that's because they were the ones lending money. Eventually the church had to buckle under pressure and change their law and say it is now allowed for Christians to do otherwise Christians forbade Christians from a lending money with interest it was out on for them, the church would excommunicate you. That's why this group began to do this. In the 11th century, when the Crusades was announced in 1095 1096. The first Crusaders, they left England, they left Italy, they left France, and they made their way to Jerusalem, wanting to free quote, unquote, Jerusalem from Muslim lands. Do you know what happened?

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Before they reached Jerusalem? They started massacring Jewish people were in Europe. Why? What has that got to do with Jerusalem, they began to reason. If we're going to go to Jerusalem where Jesus walked, we should avenge his death before we get there. And so 1000s This is the first time where Paul Graham's happened against Jewish people, entire cities in Europe, entire cities in Germany, this is in 1096 1097. Entire cities were decimated from the Jewish populations. It is really pathetic what the Christians did, the women and children ran to the synagogues, begging for freedom. And they burnt the synagogue with babies in it. They burnt it who the Christians why? Because these

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are Christ killers. I say this because you need to know where is this anger? Where is this anti semitic coming from? It's coming from Europe, we Muslims had nothing to do with any of this hatred, the under you need to know the irony of how we can be accused when in reality, this notion of anti semitism come straight from Europe. In the year 2015. The church gave a decree that Jewish people could not live like normal citizens and the Christian land, they had to wear a different clothing. They had to live in different places of the city. They had to have specific professions. This is the Vatican This is the church normalizing the discrimination of Judaism. This isn't 1215 Don't be

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surprised and a few decades 1290 King Edward of England said I don't want any of these people in my kingdom. So he made a decree to expel every single member of the Jewish faith from England for 400 years. There were no Jewish people in England for 100 years. Why anti semitism? The King said none of these people are going to be here. And Shakespeare writes his plays during this time. But the stereotype the negative evil stereotype remains in the psyche of Europe. Go read Shakespeare's plays, go read how he writes about Shylock the Jews, this is Shakespeare, not me. Shakespeare is an anti Semite, in every sense of the term, the stereotypes, the negativity, and ironically, he's never

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interacted with the Jewish person because there are no Jews in England when Shakespeare's writing because of the decree only in 1680, or something that King relents and allows them back in. And that is why, by the way to this day in England, the Jewish population is very small compared to other places in Europe, because for four centuries, they were banned. And one of the worst manifestations of anti semitism took place in under Lucia but not under us. When Ferdinand and Isabella re conquered the conquest, when they conquered Granada, the Muslim land when they conquered Grenada, the first decree less than one week, or one month after they took power 1492 They made the decree

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it's called the decree of Alhambra because it was in the hambre Palace, there shall be no Jewish people living in under Lucia, hundreds of 1000s of Jewish people were forced to convert to Christianity, or were sent into exile, the entire population of Iberian Spain. And there were, we don't know three 400,000 Half a million Jewish people, they were either forced to convert under torture, or they had to flee for their lives. And this is one of the worst manifestations. Now you get to Hitler in the 1930s and 1940s, which is of course, the worst anti semitic outburst in all of human history. And this needs to be said bluntly, Hitler did not come in a vacuum. Hitler is tapping

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in to mainstream Christian notions of anti semitism, the term anti Semite, the birth of anti Semite, the notions of anti Semite, it has nothing to do with Arabs and Muslims. It is European and Christian through and through 100%. Even the term is invented by the Christians and used by the Christians. This is just a summary of Christian lands. Let's move on to Muslim lands.

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Subhan Allah, wherever Muslims went, and there were Jewish people, the Jewish people faced a type of flourishing, they were given a type of protection they could never find in Christian lands. And the when Muslims conquered what is currently Iraq, what is currently Iran, Iraq had a large population of Jews in Baghdad, from the time of the first expulsion, not even the second from 9500 BCE, because the largest group of Jews for the first expulsion, they went to Iraq. So Muslims found large groups of Jews in Iraq, in Iran is behind hundreds of 1000s of Jewish people again from the first and second expulsion, and the Muslims came and found them. And they gave them protection under the

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Treaty of Rome with Nahata Jerusalem, when Roman marched into Jerusalem, guess how many Jewish people were there? Zero. Guess how many synagogues zero. Jews were not allowed to worship in Jerusalem under the Christians. Guess who gave them the freedom to build the first synagogue after the collapse of the temple? It was none other than it would have been a hotdog Rhodiola one stop acting upon Islamic commandments acting upon prophetic guidelines, Jews and Christians are actually Kitab they have the right to live freely, they have the right to worship they have the right to build their synagogues and whatnot now modern, you know, liberals come along and they say, Oh, the

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conditions of Ramadan Mahatama are second class citizenship. I'm not going to claim that OMA or the Allah was condition is the same as secular America. It's not, but we're not comparing or murder, we'll hop off to secular America, secular America has a different notion where, where religion plays no role in the Islamic scheme of things. religion plays a vital role. So if you're a Muslim, yes, you get perks and, and and privileges, no doubt about that. And if you're 100 Kitab, there are certain things for example, you cannot convert people to your faith, for example, the the synagogue Minar, or the temple, the temple in the scene, the synagogue cannot be higher than the minaret of

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the mosque. I agree. These are conditions, but we're not comparing Bob to modern liberalism. We're comparing OMA top to the rest of the world. The fact of the matter, never once in all of Islamic history. Was there a policy to kill all Jews? Was there a policy to persecute all Jews? Was there a policy to expel all Jews, so everyone on the Hata rhodiola, who allowed the Jewish people to come back into Jerusalem, this is the first time they could come back and build the first synagogue under the hood of a rush you don't. And the rest, as they say is history that in bulk dad when the Abbasids made their basil hikma, you know the famous House of Wisdom, they hired the most competent

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translators, regardless of their background. And because Muslim people weren't studying ancient Greek and what not. Some of the best translators were from a Jewish background because they're the ones studying ancient Greek, ancient Latin. And so baichwal hikma hired the top Jewish minds to be in charge of the House of Wisdom and wonderful ultimates. And when the OMA yurts of Spain instituted their own banquet Hickman because they wanted to compete there three philosophers, they wanted to compete with one another. So they made their own institutes of publishing, they also hired the best and brightest minds regardless of their background, Jews and Christians were at the top of this

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list, you have to understand why Muslims weren't studying ancient Greek and whatnot, these civilizations were so the whole alpha and the soul fans hired these people and gave them the best salary so that they can work with them. And one of the most interesting examples in our own history and under Lucia was under the thought if a kingdom of Grenada and around 10 101,030 See like basically literally 1000 years ago, literally 1000 years ago, the prime minister of Grenada, the sultan was Muslim. The Prime Minister was a rabbi, and his name is Ismail Ibn in a thriller, thriller. It's my no thriller, and he was a rabbi. He was a learned man, he rose in the ranks until

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he became the prime minister of Puerto Toba. This is a Jewish person and the people loved and respected him the Muslim population loved and respected him. The books of history mentioned that when the Reconquista began because the conquest took 500 years right when it first began, Ibn knows Riddler this Jewish vizier was leading the Muslim army in jihad to defend kotoba against the Crusaders. Can you believe this? And because in those times everybody dressed up in a particular garb, they were Quranic, you know, talismans for the time Ibn Nadella it is said war the Quranic coat of armor verses of the Quran and he

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He's leading the Muslims in actual jihad against the Christians who are invading against kotoba. And he defends, and he wins and he protects Oct. So this is the reality of Jewish life under the rule. Now some people point out that 20 years later, a mini massacre occurs. And this you have to be careful sisters and brothers. When you read these types of things, do your research, do your research. It is true, a mini master Kircher against the Jews of Cordoba. But why? I'll tell you why you won't find this too often. Because people just want to say, Oh, the Muslims rebelled, and they massacred hundreds of Jewish people in Cordoba. It's true, but I'll tell you the story, this guy,

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Ibn noccalula, he died and he was buried with honors his son 21 years old, was given the next visitorship as an honor that your father was the vizier, you become the vizier, his son his use of Ibn Nadella use of turned out to be a traitor. And the first thing he does he writes a letter to the next kingdom. If you invade on such and such a date, I'll make sure you you win over the kingdom of distract the army and whatnot. But there's one condition you must make me the ruler and I'll pay taxes to you. Okay, so this guy use of he attempted a coup d'etat and he got his people to support him and obviously his people are but Jewish background The letter was uncovered the Muslims went

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wild mobs attacked the palace and literally shredded epinephrine the use of the son of the famous one they literally shredded him and and you know, tortured him to death. And then they turned on his core killed him them. And then it is true sad. The mobs turned on the Jewish Quarter because they thought this was a Jewish revolt against the city and innocent people lost their lives. But the point is, no soap on gave the command. No government instituted this. And the reason why it happened was not because they were Jewish it because it's because the notion came that the entire community is treacherous to us. That's why this happened. Then, things went back to normal and Jewish

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communities began to flourish within 150 years, the greatest Jewish mind in all of Jewish history was born and raised and studied in kotoba. Who is this person who can tell me

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more Musa Bnei Mamoon Rambam is what the Jewish people call him the holy Rabbi that M bomb memorize this name. That's a title honorific title Mu sub name a moon Moses Maimonides. In the entire history of Judaism, there is no theologian that is more respected and venerated than rom bomb. Rambam Moses Maimonides, born and raised in October, traveled the Muslim world died and is buried in Egypt in Cairo. He spoke fluent Arabic, he went through the mud rasa systems in those days if you wanted to study you want to the madrasa right and the madrasa is religious, so you study the sciences, along with Quran and Tafseer and Hadith and fiqh. So most of them a moon as a Jewish student, when he was

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not just given the freedom, he excelled in his studies, and his biographers mentioned this, I'm not making this up, read his modern day biography. He lived like a Muslim, prayed like a Muslim recited Quran like a Muslim, nobody forced him it was free, and the Lucia you could be who you are. But he was in such all of Islam, that some people say he secretly converted for a few years, Allahu Adam, but he lived like a Muslim in the dorms. And there was no pressure because in under Lucia, there was a type of religious freedom that was not found anywhere in Europe, you could be a Christian, you could be a Jew, Jew, you could be as a Rastafarian, you could be a Muslim, and everybody lived

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freely and under Lucia. But Rambam decided to act like and memorize the Quran like a Muslim. Eventually, he goes back to his rabbi, you know, a profession, and he begins writing. Now, this deserves an entire lecture. I don't have time to get into there, but it is one of my areas that I love to read about because intellectual history is my area. Moses Maimonides, listen, I'll just summarize it. He took Islamic concepts. And he Judah sighs them. Mainstream Judaism is influenced by Moses Maimonides. And Moses Maimonides is influenced by

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Islamic thought. Now, this is not a conspiracy again, look this up. In fact, there's an entire entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia I just saw this today is to make sure that I can reference to the Stanford Encyclopedia online which is one of the most largest online encyclopedias the Stanford Encyclopedia of intellectual thought has an entire article The Islamic influences on Moses may

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quantities, and of them his proofs for the existence of God, his concept of God is coming straight out of al farabi, al kindI his notion of prophethood. And what is prophethood? His notion of even theology pause here put note. Sounds strange, I know. But Judaism by and large, did not concentrate did not care about belief. Judaism cared about what

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what law, Judaism cared about how you act, it had almost nothing to do with al Qaeda. That's why they don't have any book on Aqeedah, the first book of, of Jewish theology who wrote it from Burma, the first book, and you read this book, and you are reading al farabi, al kindI you are reading Islamic mortality fought his conception of God of the attributes of Kadar his conception of Prophethood it is coming straight out of his madrasa training. And this is now mainstream Jewish belief. I'm not making this up. This is well known mainstream Jewish theology is coming straight out of under Lucien madrasa. He just changed it, you know, made it a little bit and so and he wrote a

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creed to this day, to this day, the righteous are the observant Jewish people, the first thing they do when they wake up, they read Moses Maimonides, one page creed, and it begins an amino I believe in I believe in just like a pinata how we just like other updaters it literally begins I believe in and there's 13 points. I believe in God there is one last Jedi kala types of literally coming out of Islamic thought he has no partner cannot be described in this literally goes through and it goes all the way and I believe in resurrection. I believe in the Messiah that's going to come one of the 13 points I believe in the Messiah. So this is coming from Musab, they may mourn. By the way. One

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interesting thing about rom rom Wallah he is so ironic so ironic. He became the best physician of his time because he mastered Ibn Sina. So he read Ibn Sina he mastered Ibn Sina now he's the best physician, he works his way up, guess who he becomes the personal doctor to none other than Salahuddin Allah up. Salahuddin Allah you will be takes him as his personal court doctor for a period of time he travels with Salahuddin he is the primary doctor of Salahuddin a UB nobody can accuse our religion of anti semitism. Nobody can accuse our soul pawns our whole affair of hating people because of the different fate. It didn't happen that way. If you were talented, you were the

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best doctor. And it's so ironic. Salahuddin is conquering Jerusalem, and Rambam is his main Doctor SubhanAllah. How can we not remind our Jewish brethren of this reality look at from where, to where look at the past. And now look at how that has flipped. Eventually, he went to Egypt, he lived in Egypt, by the way, he wrote most of his writings in which language Arabic, the chief rabbi of Judaism is writing his books in Arabic, this is well known. You can see them and looked at look at them online. And he has a book called the guide of the perplexed. And there are a number of papers about this, that this is coming straight out of this movement of badass. Literally, Imam Al Ghazali

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wrote a book called mental burden. And there is a book that he wrote for his people, the Guide for the Perplexed, and it has the same motifs the same notion. Again, it's not copy paste, because in the end of the day, he's an intellectual thinker, but he takes ideas he takes notions from Islam, and he Judah assizes them, which is what we expect to do. But where's the origin? What's the colonel from our faith tradition? It is true to say, it is true to say that never in the last 2000 years before the creation of this country has the Jewish people flourished as they did under Muslim Spain under Islamic under Lucia their greatest minds, their largest synagogues. You can visit their

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synagogues to this day in October in Granada, they still have their synagogues that were built not under the Christians under the Muslims were now in 1492 Ferdinand Isabella, come the first decree all Jewish people will leave or convert or die be killed. Where did these 500,000 Jewish people go? The sofar and Muhammad the second gave a decree. Anybody who flees from under Lucia shall be welcomed in our lands anywhere you are. And he said any vizier any governor, any businessman who impedes their settling, who stops them to settle in any city shall be punished by this will find himself Sovann met the second welcomed hundreds of 1000s of Jewish people in 1492. with open arms he

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literally saved them from Mexico.

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We should or forced conversion. And he was angry at Ferdinand and Isabella. And he goes, this is not a good policy. But he thanked them. He goes, but you are giving us your good minds. You're good workers. Don't worry, we will take them because of this sisters and brothers. Where did they go? They ended up in Morocco. In Tunisia. They ended up in Egypt, hundreds of 1000s of large Jewish communities were living in the Middle East in Yemen. They were living there because Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Jewish people, Muslims welcome them. And they said to Fidel, come and live here, and they lived here up until 1947. And by the way, before we even get to 1947, let's not

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forget another chapter in Muslim Jewish history. And this one, I was honestly surprised when I found out under Nazi rule, when you're all aware what Hitler did, he made a policy, all the people of that background shall be exterminated, the most inhumane barbaric policy in the entire history against the Jewish people was Hitler. He literally exterminated them by you know, gas chambers and whatnot. Guess who intervened where possible in multiple countries, Muslims, sometimes at risk to their own lives stood up and protected Jewish people and Wallahi brothers and sisters, I say to honestly, I have visited Auschwitz and to how I have studied this chapter in history, while law here I swear to

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you, if I were alive at that point in time, I would hope to Allah that I have the courage and bravery to stand up against the tyrant of tyranny of Hitler, and to protect innocent women and children, the way they were brutalized the way they were rounded up and just kill for no reason. innocent babies, we saw 1000s of toys and 1000s of shoes of children literally just piled up there killed for no reason, I would hope I would have that courage as well. And I was so happy to hear so many people stood up the Sultan of Morocco, interesting Morocco was under the French rule. And so technically, it was not independent. Yet when the French said, give us your Jewish people. So Vaughn

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Mohammed, the fifth said no way. These people are our brethren. They have lived with us for centuries, they shall not be handed over. So so far, Mohammed refused to obey the Nazi policies under the French rule of the Nazis. Tunisia as well refused. The Ottomans refused in Bosnia, the Muslims refused, and perhaps the most brave act of courage, because it wasn't a government was brave. In France, the Muslims who were under the Nazi occupation. So the Nazis if you remember your history, they invaded France and it took it over. So you have Nazi rule in France for a few years, you literally had Nazis ruling France before the liberation in 1947. So Nazis are in control.

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Muslims were allowed to live as second class citizens. The Imam of the masjid will Kadir, the Imam of the masjid the Grand Mosque of Paris, I visited it. It's a very beautiful Masjid built in the 1930s. It's still standing to this day. It's a beautiful iconic Masjid in Europe, the Imam of the masjid gave a secret talk to the Muslims, and he encouraged the Muslims. If you know any Jewish friends of yours, bring them in, we will protect them in our mosque. The basement of the masjid became a home for the Jews under Nazi rule in France. And this was engineered by the Imam, the chef. And some people weren't, didn't have space, he forged Islamic documents and told them to dress like

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Muslims. And it is said he saved over 1000 people by this policy. 1000 Jewish people in France were saved by the Muslim community who literally banded together, they didn't tell any secrets that there were families in the basement of the masjid and those that didn't have space, the Imam personally forged IDs that these are Muslims, because you know, at the end of the day, what did the Nazis No, they look different. They talk different, they dress different colors, they pretend to be Muslims. This is what you call Islamic rule. This is what is a crock of the Muslim. When this tyrant comes, you're not gonna allow him to do this, you will protect them. And so it is truly sad that all of

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this history has been completely forgotten. What happened, obviously, you're aware, in 1947 It is estimated there were around less than a million Jewish people living in Arab and Muslim lands less than him and maybe 900,000. That's a huge number. By the way, especially after World War Two. After World War Two, you had more Jewish people across the Middle East and Arab lands than anywhere in Europe, right. So almost a million living in Yemen, in Cairo, in Iran in Morocco. These are all people

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bullets of Jewish background, what happens in 1947, the country of Israel is formed. And they make a call a plea that if you come here you will be given perks and land if you come here, you will be given a better economic status. And so majority of them migrated. Why did they migrate? Put yourself in their shoes, it's their land. From their perspective, obviously, they're getting their own people, they're getting a citizenship, they're getting land that they feel is going to be safer for them. Some of them believe in Zionism. And yes, I'm not going to deny because of the atrocities in 1947. And the massacres against Arabs, it is true in a number of Muslim lands. For the first time in

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history, these types of sentiments that we now are familiar with, began to develop against the Jewish population. I'm not going to deny this. But why did it happen because of politics of Israel? Not because they were Jews, because Israel massacred 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of Muslims expel hundreds of 1000s of Arabs, well, then there's going to be a feeling of sentiment, why are you guys doing here go where you belong and whatnot. So all of this put together in the next five to 10 years from 900,000. Jews and Arab and Muslim lands. Currently it is estimated that are less than 15,000 across all lands 200 Here 500 Here, all of them have come to Israel. But one final point and with

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this, we conclude SubhanAllah. This is something you need to know all Muslims. This division of living under Muslim living under Christian it had and has and continues to have a profound impact on the demographics of the country of Israel. Judaism is divided into multiple groups, the three most important groups number one, Ashkenazi, number two Sephardim number three Mizrahi, these three divisions go back to whether they were living under Europe or under Muslim rule. And the most Europeanized Jewish people are the Ashkenazi Jews. These are the ones they never lived under Muslim lands. These are the ones that have a different cultural background. They're more European,

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generally they're more secular. Generally, they're the ones in charge. Generally, they're socially economically privileged, and they're the government's ever since the founding of Israel. Sephardim are those Jewish people that were kicked out of kicked out of under Lucia, and Mizrahi are the Jewish people who lived in outer blondes, Yemen, Iran, other places for many millennia, there are the smallest generally, Sephardim and Mizrahi are more pious, they're more orthodox, they're more religious, they're more believing in God. And a lot of you don't know this. In Israel, they are treated like second class citizens in Israel, because they can tell by your looks, they can tell by

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your name, they can tell by your culture, the Ashkenazi Jews who have a white skin color, or the superior class. And, of course, there's even a lower category that Felicia which are coming from Ethiopia, and you should see how they are treated in Israel. They are the lowest of the low, but above them are the myths and all he's done above them are the Sephardim, Sephardim and mizrahi's. They are ghettoized in Israel in the 40s and 50s. They were not given the land they were promised. They were not given the perks that the Ashkenazi Jews were given to. They were not given government positions. And this caused I'm not joking. You could look this up in the 60s and 70s political

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parties, some of them semi violent from the Sephardim from the Mizrahi were formed to fight against whom, against whom the Arabs no Ashkenazis to fight for their rights. And these days, there is a massive party in in Israel called the shots party, S H. A s the shots party, it is the fourth or the fifth largest party. It is a party that was founded to protect the rights of the out of Jews, ie the Sephardim and the Mizrahi Jews, so that they have equal rights as the Ashkenazis you have to realize racism is rampant in that group of people, even amongst their own, any Jewish person who lived in Muslim lands, who spoke Arabic who comes from an Arabic culture is not treated with the same respect

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as the Europeans. And this is well known, open secret, go look it up, go do your research in this regard. So this is one point and then want to conclude on this point, sisters and brothers and that is that we are not mentioning this Wallahi we're not mentioning this to remind them of a debt they owe us no, we did this because Allah told us to do it, not because of them. We did this because our profit system taught us this is how we treat minorities. We would do it all over again. But we just want to show the world this is Islamic law. This is Islamic Sharia the freedom

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them that they had the intellectual, you know, curiosities, the books that they produced, they couldn't produce a fraction of them in Europe in medieval times. And that is what we give to the world. It is truly sad. And we don't say this as a debt or a favor. We're just pointing out the facts. It is truly sad that the same descendants of those whom we saved those who were given refuge with us, they have flipped the script, and they are doing what Hitler did to them they are doing to the very people who protected them. And we just say this as a historical fact and record otherwise we complain to Allah and Allah alone. These are facts we should all know. And we are proud as

00:35:39--> 00:35:49

Muslims of our history, and we're proud of our *ty app and there's nothing to be ashamed of Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah and inshallah will continue in the same vein, Xochimilco said I'm wanting to log

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who use one Luna?

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water he wants to label this NEMA

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in Alladhina yo, Luna Allah

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dunya your auntie

00:36:26--> 00:36:31

mother. Molina. What levena You?

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Meanie now? Mina TV a while at MCC this phone call.

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Dad Oh, man movie