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And this is the V hubbies of this V. I said this is the same as the three hundreds this V from all the habits of

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the doctor that this religion is build on, build on. And this is the first one it's no advice at all anymore. You're going to open your seats up number one

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which is in

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your deeds, mighty deeds are judged by being touched. There's a lot of discussion about it meaning, the way it is accepted depends on the near on the intention the way it is rewarded the event depends on the intention in our mind when you when you when you query a man or another human being as his own intention, you do whatever you want. You want to us as for Allah, you want to ask for what it's up to you. And who knows the intention

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I have that I will say this to myself and to other humans. I have no idea why you're here today. I cannot assume Oh, of course. Suddenly she doesn't have anything so she came I don't know this and I can't judge I can't assume let alone act on it. Right? Oh, she came and visited me because she wants this on how do I know the intention? Only Allah knows Yeah, and I'm super Allah The one who knows the secret and the one that is not even secretly so this is number one. The other hand is which is also the pillars of this D is that 100 when when

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lawful x is clear and unlawful how x RP

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Okay, okay, now one more

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time so the knee. Okay.

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The question here this is important now we're talking about pay attention.

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You need to make clear the night before.

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Whether you're going to do the knowledge or formula you're going to say I am fasting or the one

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whether you woke up for support. That's your medium while you're waking up at four o'clock to eat, that's your need, but you cannot not have any monlam you will need a car for now so yamana This is a horrible concept meaning it is strongly so you need to tell yourself the easy one is of course and if you put the the calendar you know like an Islamic Society of August and the calendar and you put it there and you go and look at it that should be but it needs to be in the night. That's the whole idea before fragile. And again, we can go for support when you're having for support you put the woman next to you even if you slept but you put them on next to so when I wake up I'm gonna drink

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that's your time.

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You can do the homework most of them said it is valid unless you break the past in between meaning the woman got a period with trouble someone gets sick and you broke the fast Yanni you broke the chain of the past. When you start trusting again you need to have

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a lot of the scholars tells you one knee is enough for the whole month. You want to do it every night. That's why but everyone agree. If you did it one for the whole month I knew rules that fast in between for whatever the reason, when you resume the first day the number to be

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clear, please pay attention because that's the validity of the argument. So