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So Mr. Mr. Abdullah barakatu My name is zafer I just want to welcome all of you here tonight. Virtually we wish you could be here with us in the masjid but inshallah hopefully soon as I said my name is Xavier I'm the levy, Director of religion here at ACC I'm joined by our very own

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Director of Education and Outreach here at iccm and our community month shift

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and you don't need introduction for our show here. We have a special guest hop is the same some of you may know

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he will start off the program with recitation of upon shalom

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you sure you want a new ID

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which means

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that in your army

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order you're already back here

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for a

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on the bench me

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my office

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what do we

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Apple said and

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what that new app said

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in the

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App Store

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to Vini Jen

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What you

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mean is selfie oh

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no longer needed

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me like it that way Debbie. Have I stuck with

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again that

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was what Allah is

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when you're

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a love

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for ha

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ha he

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What are FLV

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well Elijah or you know you go eat I mean, are you above any good?

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Go on.

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Like in a short

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that means

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sir, all my servants who are friends themselves by sending do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins, indeed is the Who is the most forgiving and merciful

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in and returned interventions to your Lord, and submit to Him before the punishment comes upon you, then you will not be helped and follow the best of what was revealed to you from your Lord, I either before the punishment comes upon you, suddenly, while you do not receive

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this associate, say, oh, how great is my regret over what I neglected in regard to Allah, and that I was among the mockers.

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For let's say, if only Allah had guided me, I would have been on the righteous, let's say, when it sees the punishment, if only I had another turn, so I could be on the tours of good.

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But yeah, there had come to my verses, which you denied them and were arrogant, and you wrote the disbelievers. And on the Day of Resurrection, you will see those who died with their faces blocking is there not in hell, a residence for the ark

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and that will save those who feared him by their, by their attainment. Nobody will touch them normal degree. Allah is the Creator of all things. And he is over all things dispose of affairs, to belong the keys of the heaven and the earth. And they just believe in diversity of a lot. It is those who are the losers

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say on from it,

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is it other than a lot that you are really to worship or ignorant once

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and it was already revealed to you and to those before you that if you should associate anything with Allah, your work would surely become worth less and you would surely be losers.

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Rather worship only Allah and be among the Grateful they have praised a lot with true appraisal, while the earth entirely will be witness grip on the Day of Resurrection, and the heavens will be folded in his right hand exalted easy and high above what they associate with them.

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charges up low Hussein for blessing us with your presence to you good forestation. Allah subhanaw taala accept

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and Michel beautiful verses about the merciful panel data which are achieved and inshallah will, I'm sure they will elaborate on those verses

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and shall have over the next 10 days. This is just the beginning of today's inshallah, every odd night we will have a different reciter inshallah, to bless us with the beautiful words of the plot and their beautiful rest so inshallah We hope that you tune in on every one of the odd nights to the cello be a part of this program such as Mila spa Bless you, bless your family and happy to say Mashallah he leads us when the most is open obviously and they shall make do either domestic opens up soon, but he leads us for hf prayer everything night. So I love you can come and chill experiences recitation in person once again is up.

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So now I would like to pass it on to our show you to say a few words.

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So that was my little Haman handy little set up I said

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he was talking to a woman what

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my brothers and sisters said that morning with the volume of our capital. So tonight, I actually had requested shift to take lead on you know, our program, being the 21st night and being someone who we all look up to Moscow Boston had added to make it easy for all of us to work together in this community. And ask chef what he had to you know, kick it off these last 10 nights of Ramadan and have been, you know, seeking seeking blessings from Allah subhana wa tada and also giving as much as we can for the sake of pleasing the last panel with added to earn the ultimate goal, which is to attain the highest levels of Paradise and to see a loss of cannibal without it and alcohol. So I'll

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pass it over to check it out and smell out. And the last two summers let's

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head over to Kathy. It is in our culture, it's its color. It is not from the edit it is not good manners to give your back to who you are.

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So I have

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the father here now this year here. So I don't, I don't know what to do now. I'm stuck. Given the back here. I'll give you my back there. So please forgive me. I'm trying. And my dear viewers and brothers and sisters asked les pan out with data to to bless you all. honor you. It is indeed, blessing night, we have officially started the pursuit, the pursuit to allow the night

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Raider to cuddle, which could be any night within this last two nights of Ramadan.

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And just so you know, my dear brothers and sisters, the night of the other starts.

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From a lot of people, they make that thinking it's after a shower will come to fruition and making the other day forget about my time. In fact,

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it says most people lose it within the first portion of the night is the automatic time. So it could be from mother and father. And in these blessed nights that Allah subhanho wa Taala Swan with in the end, will formulate in action. This is a lot of, you know making that oath by first of all in the nights and nights. According to them. The 10 nights are the the 10 nights of Ramadan, the less than nights of Ramadan. And they some of them I said this is the first and these are the Asia. But there is no controversy between the two because both are correct. The most bit of the set of Allah or indeed the last and that's Ramadan, and the most bit of days in the setup are the first time.

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So here, what we need to do because my brothers and sisters these nights could potentially any of these nights could potentially change your life.

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So if you want to emulate Prophet Mohammed Ali, so Salah, you will look into his life and what did he used to do the most? He used to do the most throughout the year within these 10 nights. What did he used to do within this 10 nights first and foremost as Prophet Mohammed as I said, as important in behind Muslim and others had it really so hey.

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And also the ladies of Sarah, when this this, this 10 likes to approach you or used to come to us to either sit them shut them.

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We're actually Elena. I, Allah, the prophet Mohammed is to tie his belt.

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And he used to wake his family up, and he used to revive the night, make life of his mind, which means make love of his life. Yeah, I used to spend the whole night in an ice accident, whether it's whether it's liquor, whether it's dry.

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So the Prophet Mohammed used to spend whatever a buy that he used to do. He used to do the utmost of it in this month of Ramadan. I don't want to make it too

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long or too much all of us. I want to really just focus on one thing you haven't know, said

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Ghana, Alcala,

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earn Mr. Owner, he says all ancestors predecessors used to say, what a Jew and generosity when Zhu

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manaphy heard the Sahih, Mubarak post or some fee

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on our accident, and he was a seller for Sonic. And the whole tariff, you know, is to say at a zoo from all the actions that the Prophet Mohammed Nazism used to do.

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The ajou generosity is one of the most honorable action that the Prophet used to do in this month of Ramadan, especially in the last 10 days of Ramadan, especially in the less than this Ramadan. Why do we talk about generosity, there's two things I hope you're listening in person. This is because this is really gold. There are two things that can change the Divine Decree.

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We all know about everything and all those other other two, the three, the two things that can change that decree is one heading that says A Da Da can change a lot of people are making right now, especially in this final 10 days of people make that I'm sure you know that the artist needs to learn it when we're kids from school, the draw of the Prophet Mohammed that he thought I shall

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just say during the final 10 days of Ramadan, Allah ilica for one to ship we'll have one for everybody.

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is the love of minor cafo? What the heck would Africa for I know Allah you love, you are the partner and you love to partner so pardon me, pardon me. So this. So the DA changes the part of meaning that Allah has been prescribed by Allah subhanho wa Taala but that God can make certain changes to it. That's number one. A lot of people don't know that, that a setup may officiate later on Actually, there is nothing that extend your lifespan.

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More than seven.

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If you want to live longer, if others have to bless the lifespan of your kids to live longer, to worship Allah longer, there are some people that will show However, there are some people today

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who are down in the graves, you know, on Earth, they would wish to come out to pray one day with us or to one night with us or to fast one with us or to give some water. So if you want a lot of bless your lifespan,

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if you want Allah for you to live longer gifts.

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And this is the month of setup. I'm not gonna wait until the night of the 27th to give

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because some people they think it's the little puppy as the other could be it This is why the property is to make it tick up during this final 10 days, why not to take any chance to miss out what it could be potentially the night of the farm. So my dear brothers and sisters, this is your mission.

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This is your mission. And the mission has not still, you know like the SS O stands still a lot of messages have locked down and when they're locked out. We're done. We're locked down there's nothing to do. But this method, although it's been shut down, but the activities have not

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the true the activities of not a shift have been really very active online to stay in touch with the community analyzer and blessing and bless

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the members of this mission

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to practice stay in touch with all of you to tell you what's happening what's going on. But as you may know, this method cannot survive without the help of realization then you're

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so we need insha Allah who tada to put things into action, lots of data in this 10 days inshallah starting from the get married Don't wait until you notice that for mother enter for some Sharma, whatever it whether that you do this indorama in this final 10 days do more.

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Whatever they used to do in this final sentence, just do a little bit more

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of an salah and first and foremost

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solder condition. Don't forget

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they are brothers working I could do it online. I think they can do it online. It's just all they have to just click on a button and then automatically it comes directly to the machine help for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala tonight be the first one How about that? Asahi upon a saticon? Are they Sadie Oh, no Seto has to come whenever there's something towards good deed, Allah Subhana Allah says rush haston. So this is the time to rush and to be amongst to help in sha Allah and to give the southern part to support your message.

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received my money? Would you agree with that?

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So I come up with a lot here over the counter my brothers and sisters

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just like a lot of hate and shift reality and talk at the same, you know, this must be the other saying has not stopped anything other than the congregational prayers. Everything else has continued to run into function and to operate shift where they thought. And the other teachers have been working nonstop throughout the entire month of Ramadan as well. teaching the poor and classes, looking after our children and having good luck, making sure that the restoration of a quota and the learning men as well as the memorization and the preservation of accordion continues onwards. So my brothers and sisters, I just want to leave you with one very important message inshallah. Tada. I

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know, it's the first of the last 10 nights. But I also know that we should never let this opportunity go. None of us knows if we're going to live to see tomorrow or the 23rd or the 25th or even 27th night and I know that many of us as Muslims, we wait until the 27th night in order to give our southern no guarantee that the 27th First off is that night of learner to recover and there's no guarantee that we ourselves will even be living until then. So the simple thing that will leave you with inshallah to Allah is that Allah subhana wa Adana removes our sins when we do good deeds. Right, Allah subhanho data removes our sins when we do good deeds. And one of the things that we can

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do, that's the best that we can do in this life, as Jeffrey was saying, Allah Subhana with actions in the Quran that

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We would wish to come back to do one thing

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to give Southern for our sadaqa comnenus on to give sadaqa The only thing that we would want back for is to give sadaqa and tonight is our night tonight is the opportunity Alhamdulillah every Sunday is an opportunity. But we encourage every single one of you take advantage of this opportunity right now in sha Allah to add it. I know we've taken a half an hour of your time, but this is time that is well spent. I consider this time time a very bad learning for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, we're coming closer to Allah, we're linking ourselves to the masjid, we are basically securing a spot for ourselves under the shade on the Day of Judgment, because there's a category of people who will be

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shaded simply because they were attached to the massage. So my brothers and sisters we have you know, the team is outside of our Masjid, you can come swing by the masjid for the next hour, you're able to come by outside you can donate cash, check, credit debit. And one thing we really encourage as well is to bring back those on hold on sprint boxes. Actually, let's mine at home but there's a bunch in the back there you can see them against the wall, but I'm on sprint 2021 boxes, we gave them out to hundreds of families throughout the beginning of this month of Ramadan and even before the month began and we encourage every single one of you to try to bring them back in shot low to

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add it we will have this drive thru donation set up every single one of the nights until I read in sha Allah to Allah. So throughout this entire, you know the next 10 days and 10 nights please take advantage from 12 o'clock to two o'clock in the afternoon, six o'clock the evening and from nine o'clock to 11pm every single night in sha Allah, Allah you'll be able to sit I'll be outside sometimes I'm sure shift out will be outside yesterday for every now and then

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we'll step outside and we'll and you know what we'll make do for each other. And what more can we want coming to the masjid seeing our Muslim brothers and sisters and making glad for each other. So my brothers and sisters please do take advantage of that. And if anyone wants to bait from the comfort of your home. Well if you're on YouTube and Facebook, you see the details on the screen right in front of you. For those of you that are on Instagram, you can simply go to the mustard website which is www dot qcnet Knowlton. com that's www.namiltn.com or you can send an E transfer to iccm

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dot [email protected] you can get all the details from our my website and shot low data.com a little fight on my brothers and sisters. Anything else?

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Any last remarks? Nope. Because I've come a long way we'll see all of you on the 23rd night in sha Allah tada same same place Baraka lo fi comm so how to come up with the handy connection to the Internet. So if you look down to like, what is happening located in Santa Monica, what happened to LA he over cut