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Handle means that a lot of cinnabar calm you know.

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Remember no more love to Allah. Yoku Fever, fever be a lot of them to eat at home. It says on the chapter on getting provoked or angry against the transmission of the transmission against the law, the last panel data. He mentioned the final heading. It could be a kind of maybe strange culture for us in this time. But this is something was common back then. So I don't want you to be surprised from what is going to be mentioned in this headache. That's number one. Number two, that shows that even things that we sometimes we considered we might consider insignificant, but for the profits of a lot of sellers is a very serious matter that needs to be addressed to the room, and things that

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happens maybe in domestic and like the cleanness of the message.

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Why do we have to bring this issue and the number of talks to the public about it because it's something really serious? So where is this headed headed us? Are they allowed that our home and an abaya Salalah Hollywood salon are on harmattan Phil Qibla the process of a lot of seller he noticed no harm atone for the universe no farmers you know

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it's actually the spittle

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someone's spit something spot something in the direction of the problem especially somebody was coming into the method for the Salah maybe running a little bit late and says the MR from sort of law has sort of lost and and back then was made of was furnished with pebbles and dirt. So for him it just like being outside.

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So he just spotted

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so profits or loss.

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For Mara and Aveda equity, he saw that in the direction of the fibula. Kala cachaca that Italia had feared

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that it was so difficult the profits and loss and they say that the signs of disgust were perceived on his face a lot.

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I'm sure if anyone who see that we'll be disgusted by this. I was able to imagine this method Mashallah fancy corporate political clean, and then you have somebody is a little bit of soiling under the carpet or even maybe the walls or something like that.

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So you just really get disgusted by this and then you get provoked and angry? How could someone do something like this in the house of Allah?

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Either someone do that in his own house, they won't do this. So how could they do this to the house of Allah subhana wa Tada. That's why the Messenger of Allah was very angry

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that someone dared to do something like this, and also falassarna what Allah when they would not do this in their own office. So when the prophet SAW some saw that for karma for hakobyan, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he went with his own hand, and he removed it. Now, that doesn't mean that he directed that what his own hands Allah said and directive, but maybe perhaps you grab a rock, or a pebble, or whatever, actually, piece of maybe for further input fine. And he just scrubbed it off, took it off, basically the wall of the method or if it was actually on the floor of the ledger, so he scraped it away with his own hand, some of it was settled. And then he said in

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his office a lot if no, in a job. He said, when you stand in salon, you hold communication with your Lord, You speak with the last panel that we're in now bobina movano problem. And then he said that your Lord is he is between you and the

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last panel then of course, not physically, but in a manner that suits His Majesty, he's married. And he's been with us panel with others there, as if he's between you and the direction of your turbulence. So he sets out a lot to set it up said I am suffering I had to contribute. I

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mean, there's no one therefore cast out your spittle in the direction of nothing.

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Now again, so what I do in this case in our masala nowadays,

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what do you do, then? How do you kill it? Basically, how are you going to control that thing? Let me just go to the head with a proper suggesting he suggested that caught our lacking unnecessary of data coding. He said instead, the person should, should do this to the left to his left or under his foot, meaning if you're standing and so on, and someone was overwhelmed, and he had to split it up. So in this case, he turns to the left and this person has left side provided and there is no one.

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So there is no your left side. What if there was somebody in the left side, in this case, look to the right side if basically there is no one on the right side on that direction, or under your foot. So basically the person as he stands, he would eventually raises one of his feet and spits it down there. And then he puts his foot on top of cover and good until the end of the song. I know you might say hygenic and all this stuff.

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And so on. I'm not saying to do that in the message.

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I'm saying what was what it used to be at the time of the Prophet. So the last element The message was made of dirt furnish was dirt and purples. So they will usually do that. Now that you have carpets of handelian of blasphemy, how can you control this the profit subtle loss of union suggests is something else. So Masada sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then the prophets of Allah, Allah tala faridah vasavi Sumatra Baba Mana modificar. Aloha, they were they did Salah la sala

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de vz, grab part of his government, whether it's a slave spool on the left slave, or we have something like an overcoat or something like that he grabbed the side of it. And what he did he spat into it. Then he followed and he folded up on top of each other. And then he said another person do like this, at least, if you couldn't control it anywhere else, then do it in that fashion handler today, at least we'll have a napkin, right?

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So if you feel overwhelmed, what do you do? And

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then just pull that napkin out of your pocket and spirit the spirit padding in your pocket?

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machine What am I couldn't find my napkin, right and the right part of what I do in this case. Yeah, look at the left palm.

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Whatever wasn't there, see was on your shirt top top pocket, what if it wasn't there. If this in this case, if you couldn't find it anywhere, you have a lot of solar, if you want to do it in your sleep, and then move on with your Salah. And then after Salah is gone, you wash it off. Or in this case you couldn't do it. Don't do the suddenness of spit underneath your feet. I wouldn't say to do it in this in this kind of masala. Instead you leave the Salah, go to the washing area. Basically rinse your mouth, your nose, blow your nose and then come back again. Start over. You don't resume, you don't just go over the third record. So I'm gonna start just from there. No, no, you lost. You

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start over with your song. So here's the see from this headache many things. Number one, the importance of the massage and the cleanness of the massage the profits or loss or I'm concerned that very significant that he got upset and angry. And you all know that sort of like a saucer is not easily provoked. He doesn't get angry easily. Unless something of the format in law was violated. So when he saw one of those of a law being violated, that's when it gets upset. So the law, something like this could be insignificant to us for so long. So awesome. It's very, very significant.

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Even the bathrooms

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in some cultures, it seems that bathrooms are meant to be dirty.

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No as human bathrooms initially supposed to be clean. They're supposed to be divided. They accidentally get dirty. You clean them. You clean after yourself. Now we just think that it senses bathroom bathroom that is it doesn't matter. It can extend the bathroom. It can be dirty as bathroom. Yes, no, because it's bathroom. And it's in the messy the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala you make sure that you clean after yourself. And I'm speaking to the young ones as well. Kids.

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What do you use the bathroom, you clean after yourself. You need to make sure it's clean. So when someone else come after you, they don't have to worry about you know, that adjust and dirt here and there and so on. And that also includes adults too. But I'm assuming you know what, unfortunately, kids you know, don't be careful with that. So we teach our kids to make sure that after they finish, they clean themselves, they clean the place that the use of the muscle. When you walk into the muscle you see a few things here and there to annoy Why don't just pick it up. Just pick it up so well but there's actually a napkin there. It seems to be solid napkin I'm not gonna touch that

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thing. I'm not gonna say to go under that hold your hand, just grab another napkin and just take it off and throw it away.

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And by doing that, you come to has an attitude towards agenda inshallah.

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Allah remember the woman who used to clean the message and she died the night before. And they buried her at night sort of sort of lie sauce and was and was upset a little bit with them said why don't you work now?

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They thought she was insignificant. So why would they call the profit zone for her. So the Messenger of Allah He asked him to guide him to this to her Greg, and he went and he did a lot of genetic for her. So auto la ceremonia de la la la. From this hadith We also learned that even if you were in Salah, and you had some urgent situation that you have to deal with, you can move

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you are allowed to like give yourself one accidently goes up

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and it starts changing for example, and don't act like marshadow most righteous right I don't want to break your Salah

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What about the gym?

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What about the man was praying behind you or you pray behind him as a matter of fact, and your cell phone as Marshall according to Dr. Hall microphones

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and it becomes a big sin. It is alright, if the cell phone goes off that you're going to reach out to yourself. And you turn it off, make sure you press until you make sure that's off. So it doesn't go off again and your salon, we learn from this had a reasonably solid salon. There they were these are etickets the issue of you know, spitting the left side under your foot, and these are advocates of that time. That's not the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam particularly done so well. I'm not sure that's a great sermon. hamdulillah No, it was not the exact sooner means just to be careful. And take the precautions that it's available for you to automate things can take yourself a shot

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ironically. So now that we have other means of doing that, we still can do this. So how about the music for example sanitizers, using

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other detergent to keep the place tidy and clean Of course, that men can make the house of Allah subhanaw taala clean and tidy. That's that's that's actually we should take that as the last thing we shall have other decorating them as too much should we decorate them as

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being all these huge, fancy martial law, you know, frames and that covers all the walls. The sun now is that you should not really put much effort in decorating the house of Allah subhanaw taala not trashing the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala should be decorated by the sounds of the believers and those who recite by the great congregation that comes to this method in Mr. Morrow who started a lot man ama Villa with him when asked that those are the true people who really occupy and rebuild and construct the hospital last panel from inside of them outside. So under promises and he mentioned that one would be from Allah Mata. So one of the signs of the Day of Judgment is that

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people will build you know, and put so much money into the massage when unfortunately not too many people perhaps won't be attending these massages. So my last pinata make us among those who attend the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala and honor the house of Allah azza wa jal.

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Any question

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while you can read it immediately.

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Yeah, in particular, the simplest direction in particular should be clear that people don't get distracted by designs, or for example, the names of Allah azza wa jal and you have an increase in the symbol of the people and so so people

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should not actually be doing that they're being that you know, if they're gonna have to do something like this would be actually in the hallways outside, not in the muscle. When we used to be in Boston I remember one of the city's one of these towns they built a huge mess and Mashallah, it was like the central method not to make it big and fancy what they did the entire front wall except for the entire front wall was actually made of glass windows

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completely from the top all the way down. So the whole front, the front was all windows.

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So when we were taking a tour, they were taking us into the tour to show us the method Mashallah one of the guests was actually one of the few came from marbling from some of these areas. So the the tour guide was telling him that this we did actually the wall the chef was surprised

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how come you keep the front of the machine like this? I mean, how do people are gonna he said, Well, the purpose we made it actually has a window because bosnia is beautiful place and the other side they made a garden would have Mashallah flowers and fountain and other stuff and so on. He said we would like the people as they make this a lot to remember Jin

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Shan she made a joke I don't know if it was actually proper or not. He said so Okay, then why don't you pick some ladies in there to make

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eventually there was a perception of making these windows for people to remember Jennifer and Sal. I should not have anything in front of it at all.

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No, no.

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If someone is basically sketching cold and

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and cannot control his nose basically, if any just always comes up and drops goes on his hand. It's considered filth. But not not just it's not not so solid. Okay, but of course, you are allowed to wipe it off. And if a person at that level should stay at home.

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This is their home. Stay warm and shallow. Tyler will come to visit

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Yeah. Yeah.

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From elements, basically the people that will be good busy.

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They couldn't have a massage, you know, and leaving the actual yeah the essence of the visit itself. Well on this ship for smaller items for community convenience, we have listed the advocates for the masjid and the policies on the bulletin board. If anybody's wanted any information, you can read more. That's a very good actually reminder right now, we have a list of etiquettes and procedures around the massage and also the last parameter on your way out if you'd like to stop by the bulletin board or shall not. And if you have a smartphone, because it's too long for you perhaps take a snapshot seated at your convenience and shout louder okay. At least if you have time you can stand

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there and salary these beautiful awards but the last

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one is microphone.

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They don't have the wireless microphone with them sisters. What are they gonna receive it so they can ask that question?

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the lady who died in May, even after she was born, yes, we can make a second gen. Now the question is about the lady who used to clean the message and she died the night before the Prophet Salah Salem realized that she was missing he went and he first saw the janazah for her when she was already buried. Does that mean it's okay to have second and third janaza a lot of the profit appear in this regard is that it's not an associate this is not exclusive for the profits of the Law Center. Rather, if someone was missing they are allowed to go and make the SATA janaza for them that's only once like it happened also was had inherit I shot a lot and Hannah she was on a journey

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when she came back to Medina she was informed that her brother passed away so she asked about his grave and she went and she did sarado jaza for him even though he was buried a long time ago meaning maybe a few days or weeks perhaps a lot I'm not sure. So it is alright to do that a normal so if you go second time third time fourth time people who have not into the first time they get those or not attend the first time they can make a generic agenda for that person. Some of the some of the hope are they make a limitation as they said as long as the you know when they finished usually in the traditional format after they've added a person they sprinkle water on top of the of the dirt so

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that it keeps actually solidified as it doesn't fly away. They say as long as it's still moist you can still make sort of generic one dries out that's it which means it's a few hours that's pretty much it that's some of the full power there's a lot but hey Alisha explains that it's the first time you know for you let's say for example you know a friend of yours relative passed away somewhere in Pakistan and in the summer you wonder you asked about and so on died two three months ago Can you go and make another button you can make another and that's it you don't go second time third time fourth time you go second third time to visit you can just make the offer

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about leaving this specific way that you have to break

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out and do

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something new if you if you want to leave the setup for emergency well if you leave the salon the different situation here Scenario number one if you want to leave the salon because you broke your room so if you lose your auto there is no meaning for you to give salon salon is invalid anyway. So eventually just just like the prophet SAW some suggested that you grab your nose pretending that you're bleeding although everybody know the trick right now.

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But anyway, you still can hold on to your nose and find which allows Allah to live without disturbing anyone. So you're going to make a little comeback

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if you're going to leave the salon because not because of an emergency meaning you are making salon some are saying help

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has an emergency

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so eventually eventually if something emergency like some are screaming or yelling and you hear something that's Can you just jump out of the salon just go and rescue that person of course. Because that's emergency right in this case you break your salon you go on your emergency but if it's not wasn't it wasn't that emergency but you need to leave the salon let's say you're praying and you feel your stomach is basically now is hurting you. You want to go to the bathroom, you still have all so that's emergency or urgent matters. So in this case, what do you do? That's when you give seller money you give Salaam in any position you have for example if you are if you're making

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the shirt, you give ceramic leave you are standing you make some outstanding and leave your record you come up, give salah and the only

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word we get that thoughtform has not had it in the face of law. Solomon that young man, he was praying behind modern gentlemen, when law decided to recite a lot in sort of robots.

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So the man after some time could not take it and you couldn't really bear that the hardship of that long song. So called fslm the Harris says for salami

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Sarah, and he went to the back of the masjid. He prayed by himself individually, and then he went home. So when they finished the salon, some people they told me what the young man did, by the way, Mr. At that time was in his early 20s. Like our youth, Mashallah follow the energy and zeal and enthusiasm. So when they told him that he left the salon, you know, basically he didn't he couldn't stand for a certain sort of baton. He was leaving his munafo.

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He just throw the word Morocco for a long time. Now as though his friends, they told him what happened so you don't match?

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That's an activity. What are you doing?

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He got very upset. So he complains to the profits of the last quarter. Also, Williams was shepherds. We take care of camels in the desert, and it's too hot and we're too tired. We come back again barely, barely opening our eyes because back then slotted maragos the end of the day, people sometimes asleep before I shine. So now we come for Satoshi and here's my other side and sort of the both of us. So on the COVID here that he caught my turn and Tamar, what's wrong with you? Because in fitna people to live their dream because of Salah. What is the city doing? And then he said, Man,

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if you have if anyone who's gonna be religious, a lot of people

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in it make it easy for you. If you decide for yourself, make it as long as you wish. The point from this hadith is this man before he broke the Salah, he gave salah and then he went to the bathroom

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has a call and want to sneak instead of spraying everybody around him

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like this, I heard that the Prophet

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is in his in his bosom as in his shirt.

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I'm not sure I don't know about that. But definitely if you're going to be sneezing and Salah you don't want to spray everybody around you. If you can control it by suppressing this with your left arm, or left hand if you have if you have tissue, you can catch it before. You know it's too late. You suppress that, then that's the best way of doing but about using your shirt a lot. I'm not sure about what law article 100