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Sooner Haman hamdulillah but I mean

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so Allah wa salam about I'm going to be in a Muhammad Ali he was a Jemaine about

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volume on Sunday for Rahim Allah to Allah Africa to heavy hitter yalla Salah Hain if he bad before live victory what Hassani

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yeah he should have been no,

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he should have been no, he says in his book entitled Riyadh the Sony,

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Intel, the guardians of the righteous in the chapter of the virtue of remembering Allah and encouraging others to do so.

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And I'd be heard I totally Allahu Anhu under La Silla lions and when there was no call, either to shahada a huddle calm fell yesterday bIllahi min. Or bang, your call Allahumma in the I will become mean either be Jahannam or mean woman either Kaveri woman, woman other debris or mean fitna? tilma Yeah, well Marathi Amin Sharif fits in Attila Merci de jelly.

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Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Anhu may Allah be pleased with him narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when any one of you has done his Tisha hood, during prayer, he should say he should seek refuge and Allah from four things. What is the Tisha hood? Done with the Tisha

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they call it the Yabba that's my first time here in a play Yeah, okay. How'd you theoretically explain it? If a new Muslim comes to you says what is this Russia thing that I hear in the masjid all the time?

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how would you explain it to someone they hear this when you're in the to show who part of the prayer and they're like What is to show what

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is it

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for a moment and then you recite

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what part of the prayer you speak to a new Muslim

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Okay, let's uh Raka.

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If you explain it to a non Muslim, a co worker, right, when you sit down on your second unit, at the very end of your second unit, before getting up and standing for the third unit, every pair

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you stay in a sitting position that is called the Tisha hood. Right and linguistically means what from Shahad? Tesh had to share hood networks he shadow Allah illallah wa shadow shahada, Tisha hood, right. That's what the Tisha hood is. So, in the Prophet SAW Selim, he said, when one of you go into Tisha hood, then you should seek refuge in Allah from four things.

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He said, when one of you go into Tisha hood, when he went to shut during the prayer, he should seek refuge in Allah from four things. The first of them being Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from the torments of hell Allahumma inni Lahoma in the I Will Lupica men either be Jahannam when other Abuja hindlimb Is there a name agenda?

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Is there a such thing as name who Johanna?

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No, yes. No, there's no such thing as name agenda.

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Agenda and stock for Allah No, say Johanna Ms. jahannam. And there's it and it's We seek refuge and Allah from jahannam. And he says from Abidjan and what are some of the punishments that take place in Japan and that person was mentioned?

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Nam Kali Dena fee Ha, right. Who's in the lowest portions of jahannam?

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The munafo And what's the 1/5? What is a monad?

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What is a hypocrite?

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But you don't you don't believe it? You pretend as if you believe in?

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Exact Exactly. There's a slight distinction. When the Muslim calls a Muslim, a hypocrite. One brother told me you're a hypocrite. The brother said stuffily. I'm a hypocrite. The brother that said you're a hypocrite. He was just simply meaning you didn't do what you said you were going to do. The brother understood I use you saying I'm McAfee.

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You see the slight distinction. There's the linguistic meaning or the colloquial cultural meaning and then there's the Islamic meaning. The colloquial cultural meaning is it you said you're coming in five o'clock. You came at 501? Yeah. For for a lot. So it's so hypocritical. Right? But the Islamic meaning is that you say that you are a believer, but in your heart is this is important. Content disbelief

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That's what the hypocrite is. Right? And this started during the town hall. So somebody came to make hijra, and there was a man

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by the name Abdullah Abdullah bin saloon from that mistaken

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and he was jealous of the province of Elijah was sending when he came with. And he started this movement of the hypocrisy of those that believe that they say they believe in Allah, but they have ulterior motives. Right? Some of them have ulterior motives, some of them just hate Islam. And they are jealous. And they say that they believe but in their heart is content disbelief. Right? And I want to say content we say disbelief but content disbelief now. So the promise of Salam he sought refuge from love, in love from the from the from the punishment of the Hellfire. There are many the process of missions, many different types of punishments for those. So for instance, the one that

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Subhanallah was to commit suicide, that person would be committing suicide content with the weapon that they use continuously. In Johanna,

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and Johanna. Right now that's $1 cure anyone that has any, any sicknesses and mental mental illnesses, there may be some type of exception within that Allah knows best, but someone that is displeased with the color of Allah to the degree that they kill themselves commit suicide, there is a initial punishment for that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive for serving our shortcomings. The second thing is where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, women either Gabri iserbyt will cover what's something from an IV cotton now that cover what does it cover?

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The grave? Now when we die, where do we go?

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The body goes to the grave, okay, until the day of judgment, where's the where's the soul?

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Barza right, that timeframe is called the Barossa.

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It is a grace period between the debt the time of the death or the death of the person. till the Day of Judgment, the Day of Judgment is when everything will become apparent. And everyone will be held accountable. There's a series of events there are numerous Hadith that speak about this and the prophets of salaam said that these events will follow one another like pearls falling off of a string.

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They'll follow one another different different types of job maybe we'll do a workshop on that Inshallah, on the day of judgment and what takes place. And what what happens to those I believe and those that that that the those that disbelieve for example, last month Allah mentions or a min Camilla were to do How can an Arabic herdsmen Maccabiah was what Allah mentioned that in men coming there will be from you laowai that you will approach it and he's talking about the slot where he's mentioning that the people the believers will be on they will be walking on a string that is thin as a hair but as as sharp as a blade, and there'll be walking on it and they will see the Hellfire from

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below them.

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When men come in there were some scholars mentioned where did you have mean that you will see and approach the Hellfire but you will not go in it? So there are numerous events that will take place on this the day of judgment on the day of judgment so the processes i mean i They're a bit of comedy and the cover is the grave and the punishment that happens in the grave. Some of the punishment is that they believe the disbeliever how are they How will their soul be taken out of their body? Who knows

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how did the promise of something describe it

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that speed isn't gonna be like

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he said it'd be taken out from the mouth with this true

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but what did you mentioned

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the writing to speak to a like

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dress, the prior to clean that one is going to be very close very close Michela

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Tormey tree and pull it out.

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Similarly the other close the Prophet saw someone said when this when the soul is pulled out of the body it is like a thorn being pulled out of wool.

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Have you ever tried wet wool Excuse me? Have you ever tried to pull Thorn thorn out of what wool very hard you'd have to drag it and pull it you may take it may fray right. But the and he also said that the soul will have a stench to it

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stench to it bad stench right but the believer out of the process some describe it

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close again.

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He said it is like water is slowly dripping out of the faucet. Easy, nice and easy. And it will be smell very pleasant. Right. So that's from the other

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from the other. But what are the three questions asked?

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To the believer when when the angel come to them with three questions

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that's the answer

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everyone Everybody said the airway said it over the right shoulder What about this what's what are they? What would they be asked? Will the believer be asked

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as one

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I remember when I was a new Muslim I say somebody could just lie and say that

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what do you say to that? I mean realistic if we have children you tell your children if I was to tell you right now what's he if he can itself okay but somebody could just lie

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What would you say?

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You have to live by it okay therefore

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you will not be able to you know, you know be slick and get your way out of this situation in the grid

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you won't be able to lie no no one knows what's in the hardest and it's mentioned that the person that does not have the belief they will say haha, let's do it. But smear to che un*able to who? They will say Haha, I don't know. I don't know. I heard one thing so I'm just saying how?

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I don't know. Now. So this is what will be asked Monroe book Medina commendably you that's why the answer are they to be les Robin. I'm pleased with the lives My Lord Oh Bill, Islami, dienen and real Islam my religion and be Muhammad Solsona be in motion an imam. So Salam is my messenger as a messenger and Prophet so here here the third thing of the process some says woman i That woman fits in it's in my head what am I mad and from the fitna of the life and death Okay, from the trials of life and deaths. What is the worst trial of life?

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Wealth who says wealth is worst trial of life

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what is the worst trial of life?

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Wealth Michelle, he must be undercover millionaire here. And he's he's opening up to us brother. We're here for you, brother. Anyone have to select you can't say I'm going to do this. Yeah, well, you know, let me talk to you I'm just you know

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okay, I'm your money or your and your children, anyone else? So now he has children. MashAllah DiVita cola.

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Death is the fitna of life

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as the end of life, yes.

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Okay, what kind of turbulence?

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What is the worst turbulence a human being can face?

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But what do we mean fitnah feeding?

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You believe that's the worst?

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That's the worst. And I asked the question because I wanted to see if we were going to talk about the tangible things which we as human beings who are so involved in this world, we're human, we're human. We're human. We have to remember the fitna of the deen is the worst.

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You may meet and I'm gonna be totally honest. You may meet some you know someone an interfaith right, Pastor great manners, great manners, but he says in Jesus name we pray. That's the worst fitna.

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That is the worst fitna. Make no mistake, shirk, saying that Allah has a son or daughter. And we see with our children nowadays not even believing in Allah or having doubtful issues. That's the worst fitna.

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They can have the best immaculate manners. This is good. This is good. We're not saying it's worth nothing.

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Nothing is worth nothing. But it is possible that it could be worth nothing if they have voluntarily content, atheistic beliefs, atheistic beliefs and a god that's the worst fit and our brothers and sisters to believe that God doesn't exist or that he is incapable of doing something. And that's when we look at our brothers and sisters in Gaza. The worst fitna is not them dying, Allah makes it very clear in the Quran.

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The worst fitna is if someone dies hopeless and Allah giving up on him, not believing in Him and maybe even cursing him. That's the worst fitna

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that's the fit that's in my hand. That's the fitness and the fitness and my mat is a match from it is when you know we say along Milady to a fatal Mina photographer who an Amen Oh Allah, the one that you have caused to die.

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cause them to die upon Eman. We say this when we pray in the Janessa for every individual. So that's how they're intertwined. There's many more here and the promise of some says woman Fitmin Chaturvedi fitness intimacy hit the gel. When mentioned, what is one of the worst fitna, the fitna of the gel can also

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can can somewhat be that what is the dijet was the jealous

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There's a similarity that we have with who,

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with Christians, right, they believe that there is an antichrist, we believe that there is an antichrist Inshallah, we're going to go we will have a will have a seminar on this inshallah on the day of judgment, because I think it's very, very important that, that the job is the one that Missy had the gel is the one and has characteristics that the Prophet SAW Selim mentions that he will come and he will Subhanallah be described as having that word, when I

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and he will be described as someone that will portray that he is someone that he is not and the gel is like the liar right. So, the Mercy had the jealous is another sign that the day of judgment is near the dear judgment is has come, when he comes and he will mislead the people. That is from the mercy of the job many characteristics inshallah Tada, but when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned this, this is what we should say, when,

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when should we say this? In our Tisha

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in Arusha, which is as follows Allahumma in there although Becca may either be Jahannam I mean either women fit into either Bill cover, woman fitness and Maria Wilmots. Woman, Miss Sheree fitternity Mercy had the jell O Allah I seek refuge in You from the torment of Hell from the torment of the grave from the fitna and trials and tribulations of life and death and from the evil trials of the Antichrist or we say the Jeff May Allah subhanaw taala Myka so those and we recite this in our prayer to remember these fitten these different types of trials and to protect us for verily in our prayer saying this in our phrase a strongest means of protection from these evil things may last

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month Allah protect our brothers and sisters suffering all around the world got a bit out of mean so the law was somewhat radical and it being a Muhammad wiener and he was happy Do you have a question

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because what you're doing here to the law he was about to tell you about your Santa Monica and to be what I happen to live but a catalyst and I'm Elena while I read in a solid I shared with the launch and then I'm hoping that also law allow me Aloma than this this when you said in the in the in the last worker particularly into to show who the first or second but primarily the second because you have time the fourth fourth or the third if it's

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the one that you just read the first one right then we do the door then we do the door, right?

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This is the one that we all supposed to read? Oh yes.

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There's numerous there's numerous mashallah, and all of them are fine, the more you can increase the better. But if it's in JAMA, there's the timeframe Yeah, he usually this will be recited in the fourth

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because you have time there's little more time than the second right because the the individual the Imam is going up for the third Yeah, but in the fourth record or the third if it's Muslim, if you have time to recite this then this is what is

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me just keeping the vision

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not sufficient instead of saying it

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instead of saying just given

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your memory or something shower throughout the prayer yeah and but if you don't have time hamdulillah but if you have time tried to memorize an essay and you receive the reward for even attempting shown

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any questions

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but one of the was in the YouTube thing that during the Prophets

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the prophets were showing very arrogant he said that he was at the

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without seeing his sword to kill him, and

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then you cannot kill him. So

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that's true. Is this true? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. He actually mentioned there is a sort of that I'm thinking of, you're sick of sort of to de Haan. So the young boy said a dog. Right? So

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now I'm this this hadith is it's authentic and ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah knows best. And he was someone that claimed he was a gel, and that he was somewhat useless as him being possessed, that some would say a must to make the proof that people are possessed because this goes into issue. Is it realistic that people can be possessed or not? You'll find some random guy that said that this really is not a reality. So yes, that hadith is authentic is not

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a time traveler? No, Michelle.

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I've never heard that before, but there's definitely going to be a time that he's going to come which is authenticator, Hadith. Martin described human living beings Yes. Human human living being Yes, yes, this will go well you know we need to go over the day of judgment and stretch your shoulders, it's gonna be very, very good inshallah.

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Jovic secret

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was shown during the process and I also had the joy