Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P01 006A Translation and Word Breakup Al-Baqarah 21-25

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The video discusses the meaning of "brink" and "brink bath" in the Bible, as well as the use of "brink" and "brink bath" in various situations. The transcript describes various popular English language phrases, including "verbal" and "come on," and touches on the meaning of "come on" in a woman’s language. The segment also touches on the drivers behind "na see" and "just do not" in English language sentences, and discusses the drivers behind "air" and "air."
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Muhammad Ali was salam ala Rasulillah hillclimb America or the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, rubbish La Jolla Saudi were silly MD wash ruler of that Emily Sani of ko holy probenecid In our Elma. Let's begin our lesson. Inshallah we will do the work to a translation first, then the word breakup and then that gives you are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Lesson number six Surah Al Baqarah ayah number 21 to 25 Yeah, Are you her? Or a nurse Sue? The people are boo you all worship will not become your Lord. And lovey the one who Hello welcome. He created you. What Lavina and those who men from cobbly come before you law

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law come so that you that the goon you all save yourselves or you all adopt the COA

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and Lady, the one who gyla He made Lancome for you. Allah the earth few Russian a bed was summer and the sky Bina and a canopy were unzila and he sent down men from a summer II The Sky man water for us Roger then he brought out b He threw it or with it mean from a some Arathi the fruits that is gone as provision. Luck home for you, fella. So do not that your aloo you all make you all set lillahi for Allah and then equals rivals were unknown. While you all there are no moon, you all know we're in. And if quantum you were fee in Raybin any doubt mimma from what? Nas Zelina we gradually sent down Allah upon Albertina our servant for two then you all come be so rotten with a surah with a

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chapter forget to be so rotten then you bring a chapter men from Mythri he like it. What the rule and you will invite Shuhada ACOEM your witnesses men from Duni besides Allah He Allah in if condom you were slotted in ones who are truthful for in then if lum did not differ, Lou you all do Wallen and never did for Alou, you all will do for the Oh then you will save yourselves and now the fire allottee which we're gonna do her its fuel a NASA that people will hijack or two and the stones were a that it was prepared. Lil caffeine for the disbelievers WA and Bashir give good news and Lavina to those who are Manu they believed what I may do and they did a Foley Hertie the righteous deeds and

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that indeed LA home for them Jannetty in gardens that Judy it flows men from

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the hair underneath it and how the rivers go lemme whenever ruzi ago they were provided men her from it. Men from some origin, any fruit. There is one as provision Palu they said, Heather, this Elodie, which Rosa Kona, we were provided men from Pablo before what we'll do and they will be given be happy with it. Muda Shabbiha one similar one resembling while at home, and for them, fee her in it as well. June spouses. Martha haga don't completely pure, completely clean clean. Were home and they fee her in it. Holly don't want to abide eternally.

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Let's go over the word breaker.

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Are we live in Lehi, Minnesota annual Jean Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim? Yeah. Are you a nurse or mankind or widower back home? worship your Lord? Who? Allah the Halacha? Come the One who created you? Who else did he create? What Lavina and cobbly? Come and those people before you? Why should you worship Allah? Because I'll look into the code so that you may become righteous. Yeah, you has a word that will come many, many times in the Quran. And it means Oh, oh, as in calling someone, a nurse, the people. And remember that L. Sometimes it also gives the meaning of all like Al hamdu. What does it mean their praise as well as all praise? So UNECE all of mankind, there, mankind, all

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of mankind, or boo, all of you worship. Now this is a command. If you notice in your just in the word torah translation, you will find an exclamation mark at the end. That exclamation mark is there why? Because the word obudu is a command. All of you worship and the wah wah at the end indicates plural. Brought back home your Lord. Rob Lord comm yours and calm is plural. It's the plural of cat. What does come in you one come you all plural. A year cat Naboo what a year cat Listerine. Over here, what do we say the word is rubber Comb. Comb you all a lady the one who holler comb Caulerpa he created calm, all of you will Lavina and those who mean from cobbly come before you cover means

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before and come you are La La comme la la mean so that perhaps and CO means you all see the repetition. There's so much repetition, isn't it? Like I look on the goon, that the goon, you all adopt the quad, you all save yourselves. Now the word that the goon Is there any other word that you have done that similar to this before? Mata Ki keen. Mata keen are ones who have Taqwa that the goon you all have Taqwa. Now, where do we get the meaning of you all from?

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The tag at the beginning, the tag at the beginning means you generally the letter ta when it comes with a Fatah, it gives meaning of you or she like for example, a noun that slit oppa Lavina and now that I lay him and under you favored that you that the cone you all adopt the Aqua I love the gyla Who's the one who made for you, I love your ocean the earth as a bedspread was summer abena and the sky as a ceiling were unzila Mina summer Eema and he sent down from the sky rain for UK Rajabi him in fMRI and brought forth there by fruits risk Allah calm as a provision for you fella that you're alluding lay under the saw do not attribute to Allah equals were uncontacted the moon while you all

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know. Allah the the one who gyla He made. Notice gyla He made halacha he created the words that sound like ferula what meaning do they give? He did something fair. Hola. Hola. Jha, Hola, Rafa. Rafa, he raised halacha he created Jana he made lecom for you. Allah the Earth. We have done this word before. Feel Roshan as a bed. This is a new word feel Rosh was summer and the sky. A summer is the opposite of

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a lot Earth and a summer sky. Bina and a canopy. One thing that I want you to notice over here is Bina and do you see two signs at the end Bina and Fatah into Fatah

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some words you will see the end with it and when what is then when the Buddha that will Castro or double Bama? If a word ends with a 10 Wien remember that it's a noun first of all, it's referring to a person a thing you know what a noun is. And secondly, when we translate it, we will translate it generally as a something like for example Bina earn a canopy. If a word begins with L, lf lamb lamb Tara leaf like L L. And NAS l hummed. L. That word is also a noun.

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The two signs of a noun then we need at the end or at the beginning, but remember that these two will never be at a time in a word. You will have

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find both of them together in a word you will either find a letter beginning or you will find that when at the end, clear. When there's a letter beginning you translate it as the, if it's the mean at the end and how will you translate it?

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There's a difference between words that begin with Al and words that end with the mean words that begin with other what are they a proper noun and words that end with and when they are a common noun. Well Enza Allah and He sent down and Zillah what does it mean to come down to Angela He sent down missoma E from the sky see a summer the sky map and water now over here we're not translating it as a water because in English, it doesn't make sense Oh water, I mean, water is water right for Raja then he brought out for what this firming. So, a kraja he brought out b He with it have we done B many times he What does he mean? It or he mean from a thermal rot the fruits why is it the because

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of the oil and why is it fruits? Because of the Lifta at the end which is a sign of plural. That is common as provision like home for you, fella. So do not that your aloo you all make See forlag That your aloo Do you see the exclamation mark at the end? It's a command. So lathered your aloo This is a prohibition don't make do not do this. What that flattered your aloo Lilla he for Allah and then equals and that n is also a noun and a verb. It's unknown and that an equal to or unknown. While you are taller moon you all know we're in quantum theory even and if you are in doubt me Manzella Allah or Medina about what we have sent down upon Our Servant, then what should you do to be Surah

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Timothy, then produce a surah like it, whether we should have come and call upon your witnesses, when doing Allah He besides Allah In Kuntum Saudi clean if you all are truthful, what in and if have we done the word in? We have done the word in don't confuse inna within India is indeed and in is if sometimes in also gives meaning of indeed but we will do that later. For now remember the difference? In na see there's Shuddha there enough Indeed and in F con tomb you all Where have we done the word Kano, what does scandal mean? They were gone Tom, what does it mean? You are You were Why is it you? Because of the tomb? Now remember, the just what does it mean? You single Doom you

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all plural just as single come plural, the Tom who home fee in Raybin any doubt me man concerning that which this is min and MA nuzzel. Now we have sent down why is it we because of the Nan Allah upon or the Drina, our servant? What does the OB mean? Servant our Bundeena our servant

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to then you all come for then and to this word that you see at the end. This is also a command to then you all bring which is why you see an exclamation mark over there. Be so rotten with a surah with a chapter main from Mythili he like it. Have we done the word methyl methyl newhome Kamath le submitter like similar to he it what the rule and you all call Why is it you all because of the wow we just kind of plural. And is it a command? Yes it is whether ru if you look at all of these words, that your eye Lu to what the root to the sound the same, they do. What the rule Shuhada come Shuhada witnesses come yours in if continue or worse saw the clean ones were truthful. So the thing is a

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plural of saw the Yamuna at the end is a sign of plural for elanda for a loop but if you do not do well enter for a loop and you will never be able to fit the canal then fear the Fire which fire allottee Waku Johannes will Fedora whose view is men and stones will read that little caffeine which has been prepared for the disbelievers for in then if

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Hey fermions so and in means if lum did not so far we have learned the word lair. What does love mean? Not an lamb also means not have you done the word lamb before in Alladhina Furusawa on our lay him and of the home lamp on their home. So Allah means not to follow you all will do learn to follow you will never be able to do for the EU then you all fear. This is also a command. The Arabic term for a command is a feral Amish. What does armor mean? Command imperative then you remember Mr. Ferrell?

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I left meme rock, that's armor and armor means command for the cool then you will fear a now the fire allottee which allottee is a feminine off a lovey, lovey. Masculine allottee feminine. What's the plural of a lovey I Lavina so Allah the Singular plural is Alladhina and the feminine of Allah V is allottee work who do have what could you have? It? This is new her her is the feminine of who? Not who but the Arabic Who? The Arabic Who What does it mean? He or it the feminine of that is her so a good to her it's view a NASA the people while hedgehog and the stones or it that it was prepared. Why is it it because of the threat at the end? Little caffeine for those who disbelieve

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Lee for the caffeine disbelievers. Why is it plural because of the yellow? Well why should we live in an airman who will slowly hurt and give good news to those who believe and do righteous deeds and none of them Jannette integrity human tactical and how that they will have gardens in paradise beneath which rivers flow cola Mousa Coleman Hammond summarize the response whenever they are provided with the provision of fruit they're in God who has Allah de Rosa Knapp and Kabul they will say this is what we were provided with before what will to be him with a Shabbiha and it is given to them in likeness, while a Humvee has waged Mata Hora and they will have their unpurified spouses

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will home feed her Holly dune and they will abide there eternally wobba Shit bus shift this is also a command but you might say it doesn't sound like the previous command. Why? Because it the CU ledger I Lu that is a command being given to plural which is why there is a while at the end you all okay, this word on the other hand is a command that has been given to one person this is why it is best shit. Now if you want to make it plural let's say you want to say too many people you all should give good news What will you say? But she rule server shift singular but she ru plural it the killer her it ducky you should have fear singular and it the cool all of you should have here

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understand but shit give good news to a Levina those who are new they believed what AMI Lu and they did a slightly had the righteous deeds. A slightly hats is plural Elif that at the end. And that indeed. Remember the word Inna. Inna is indeed Anna is that indeed is there a difference? Yes, it knows just indeed but um now you're telling somebody that something is such and such. And you're emphasizing it so unnatural that indeed when you memorize the translation, make sure you memorize the difference between the two the home for them Jannetty and gardens that Judy it flows Why is it it? Because there is either over here she or it? But generally that is either she or you obviously

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in English we don't refer to rivers as she so we say simply it men from that the hair that underneath her it and how the rivers Calama whenever have we done the word Cooley collegia encoded cool every right. So cool lemma whenever each time rules you cool. They were provided they were given provision. Why is it there? Because of the world was equal. Men have from it. Men from similar didn't fruit. Remember the word Semara

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somewhat is

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plural. And over here we see the singular form Semara it is an provision Carlu they said, why is it there? Because of the well what's the singular of CalU? Ka Allah, Allah. He said Carlu they said, What is it was said, peeler Sakala he said the law it was said Kalu they said and what does school mean? You say? What is it fairly?

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Cool? You say cool who Allahu Ahad and Kulu that's the plural of the Kalu they said Heather, this a lady that which Rosica now we were provided men from called Blue before what will do and they were given BE WITH IT muda Shabbiha one that is similar well to whom and for them fee has in it as well. June spouses Mata Hora tune ones who are purified will home and they fee her in it. Holly dune ones who abide eternally Khalid Khalid, one who abides eternally while donatien plural. We will listen to the recitation of these verses

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Yeah, you

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saw a Buddha will have been Kuhmo lady for the Conqueror modern lady in upon income

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Larry Jilin and

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I've been

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JB I'll put on JV mean they're not on you this one.

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he and

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don't feel even me.

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Ready to

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meet me. But to be so on Team meet Lee

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to saw the

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last one,

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or a deadly look at pyrene

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while but she really led in I

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saw you had

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the *

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with them, I want you to this call who has

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102 B imitatia.

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Wi Fi

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Wi Fi half Adi

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